Transformers G1 - Current Lines and 3rd Party Sale

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    Hi all!

    **March 27 2013 update

    Have a look below to see if there is/are things you need!

    All prices are in US dollars - but will accept Canadian of course.

    Shipping and Feedback

    I live in Canada so I'll be shipping via CanadaPost - for those of you in the US please keep in mind shipping via CanadaPost is more expensive than USPS. Shipping to US and Canada generally runs about $15.

    After you let me know what you want, I'll investigate how much shipping will cost. You will pay actual shipping charges - I'm not out to gouge anyone! I will ship with a tracking # and insurance if you request it.


    Just Added
    Fansproject Code MIB: $90
    Fansproject Assaulter MISB: $95
    Perfect Effect Eject and Rewind MIB: $70 - pending
    WST Dinobot set, loose and complete: $95
    Arms Micron - 3pc sword guy - don't know the names! put together, stickers unapplied: $20
    Alternity Prime Red (Mib): $40
    First Edition Arcee MISB: $15

    Third Party
    Fansproject Code MIB: $95
    Fansproject Assaulter MISB: $95
    Super Alloy Wheelie MIB: $41
    PE Arcee (Blue) MIB: $75

    Transformers United
    Wheeljack loose, complete: $25

    Transformers Prime
    First Edition Arcee MISB: $15

    Generation 1
    G1 Defensor with box for Hotspot (no Groove but two Streetwise): $105

    Other Lines
    Titanium Soundwave $10 - loose, complete except for the plastic stand


    Movie 1 Premium Optimus Prime - $10 loose missing sword
    ROTF deluxe bumblebee $2
    ROTF Human Alliance Bumblebee $20 loose with extra hand
    HTFD Leader Starscream complete: $35

    Non Transformers
    Lego Tie Fighter 9492 MISB: $40 can sell w/o box to save on shipping
    Micro-machine? X-wing and Tiefighter: $10 each
    SDCC Ghostbusters Egon Spengler $15 - never opened
    Classics He-man Battlecat $30
    Revoltech Batman complete: $15
    Revoltech Sabre complete: $15

    Fansproject Steelcore
    United WFC Prime

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