Transformers/G.I.Joe Writer Spotlight: Michael C. Hill

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    Transformers/G.I.Joe Writer Spotlight: Michael C. Hill

    Transformers/G.I.Joe Writer Spotlight: Michael C. Hill


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    Transformers/G.I.Joe Writer Spotlight: Michael C. Hill - Screamer's MySpace Blog |

    I've spotlighted many of the voice actors in the past..but haven't brought out many of the talents that actually wrote the episode or produced them yet. There were so many great talents behind the both cartoon series that most fans never even think of.

    Recently after I had showed a few spotlights on facebook. A gentleman contacted me by the name of "Michael C. Hill" Telling me how my projects caught his eye and how he had worked on so many cool episodes, both in the G1 Transformers and in the original G.I. Joe cartoons. I found it so cool and interesting I had to look him up.

    It not only turns out that he worked on some really great episodes of both G.I. Joe and Transformers, but he also worked on: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jem and the Holograms, Sailor Moon, C.O.P.S, Dragon's Lair and many other great cartoons of both the 80's and 90's.

    As you can see..he's worked on quite a few projects that most of us eighties fans remember, but there are a few I'd really like to point out and then maybe give a images of the cartoons he had worked on.

    Personal Thoughts: I must say it was really cool chatting with Michael, hearing what it was like to work with Peter Cullen, Michael Bell, Chris Latta, Charlie Adler, Frank Welker and of course many others. He's a wonderful guy that's brought fans much joy through the episodes he's written.

    Some of my Favorite Transformer episodes he's worked on are..

    Starscream's Brigade: Which was always one of my favorites :) 


    The Gambler: Which followed right after the episode "Child's Play" and it introduced us to the Autobot bounty hunter Devcon.


    Then in Season three he wrote more favorites such as..

    Ghost in the Machine

    The Burden Hardest to Bear

    Return Of Optimus Prime: Part 1 and 2

    He's worked on several different Joe episodes, but the one that really caught my eye was "Cold Slither" He actually wrote that episode and the song the Dreadnoks sing in it. Now I found that very cool :) 


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