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    so I am a GI Joe collector and hasbro had a Mail in Supercharge thing going back in January. My 1st choice was GI Joe and my second was star wars or transformers and this is what I got in the mail yesterday. 4 boxes of this stuff so if anyone has gi joe stuff that they got in this supercharge mail away maybe we can help each other out. The speed stars look like hot wheels but underneath them have a transformer. again i have no idea about transformers but these toys i got seem to be for young kids. the difficulty is a 2 out of 5 and i guess they rumble when you push a button.

    Transformer Toys
    Transformer Rally Rumble Bumblebee x3
    Transformer Rally Rumble Optimus Prime
    Transformers Speed Stars 5 of 6 Jetfire & Megatron x2

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