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    Any one want to trade. im up for all trades, just PM me


    loose figures

    G2 Swindle complete
    G2 Grimlock blue ( figure only )
    G1 Devastator ( all 6 figures) complete
    Energon Downshift complete
    G1 re-issue sideswipe Complete
    G1 Blitzwing complete
    Animated Skywarp complete
    universe 2.0 Acid Storm complete ( 1 is traded )
    Universe 2.0 cyclonus w nightstick
    Universe 2.0 onslaught complete
    Genertaions Drift complete
    ROTF ice cream truck twins complete
    Titanium Soundwave with Laserbeack complete
    Machine wars Mirage complete
    TFTM Barricade complete
    TFTM Bumblebee complete ( old camero)
    TFTM Optimus Prime complete (voyager G1 Re-paint )
    Classics Bumblebee complete

    Other Transformers MISB

    Classics Grimlock
    Transformers 07 movie poster ( Prime) -
    Transformers Poster ( 80's movie poster ) -
    20th Aniversary Prime -
    25th Aniversary Prime -
    Titanium Scourge -
    Universe 1.0 Prime vs Megatron 2 pack
    Universe 2.0 Sideswipe
    Universe 2.0 Hardhead
    Universe 2.0 Cyclonus w Nightstick
    Generations Cliffjumper
    Generations Thrust
    Generations Dirdge
    Generations Drift
    RTS Jazz


    Warbot Defender
    Animated Bllackaracnia
    any type of Arcee
    custom L.E.D RTS Jazz
    TFX-04 Protector Trailer

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