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    have tons of figures that i want to trade off if you want pictures on any of them give me ur e-mail and ill get back to u.ill trade for anything if the trade is good, but i also have my wants. updated

    new haves

    Universe 2.0 Cyclonus and nightstick x2 ( boxed and opened complete )
    classic Bumblebee opened complete
    univers 2.0 Hardhead misb
    Generation Cliffjumper


    loose figures

    G2 Grimlock blue ( figure only )
    G1 Devastator ( all 6 figures) complete
    Energon Downshift complete
    G1 re-issue sideswipe Complete
    G1 Blitzwing complete
    Animated Skywarp complete
    universe 2.0 Acid Storm complete ( 1 is traded )
    TFTM Bumblebee complete ( old camero)
    TFTM Optimus Prime complete (voyager G1 Re-paint )
    Genertaions Drift complete
    ROTF ice cream truck twins complete
    G2 Swindle complete
    Titanium Soundwave with Laserbeack complete
    Machine wars Mirage complete
    TFTM Barricade complete

    Other Transformers MISB

    Classics Grimlock
    Transformers 07 movie poster ( Prime) -
    Transformers Poster ( 80's movie poster ) -
    20th Aniversary Prime -
    25th Aniversary Prime -
    Titanium Scourge -
    Universe 1.0 Prime vs Megatron 2 pack -
    Generations Thrust
    Generations Dirdge
    Generations Drift

    Transformers (Movie 07)

    Optimus Prime -
    Dropkick -
    Cliffjumper -
    First Encounter Barricade -

    Transformers ROTF

    Armorhide -
    Skids -
    Mudflap -
    Skids/Mudflap ( icecream truck) -
    Jolt -

    Transformers Monopoly MISB

    Re-issue Key chains

    Bumblebee -
    Cliffjumper -


    Ro-tor ( box is badly damaged)


    mini Devastator

    Want List

    DC Batman
    DC Joker
    DC Hal Jordon Green Lantern

    Classic Prime
    Wal-Mart Masterpeace Skywarp
    Animated Blackaracnia
    Animated Arcee
    Fanproject warbot defender (Springers)
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