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    I've really got to trim my collection. I'll be listing a lot of stuff here, and adding over the next couple of days. I've got a lot of Cybertron, Titanium and first movie stuff that will take me a while to list, so if you've got any specific requests for that stuff, feel free to shoot me a PM asking. Don't be afraid to PM me asking to cut a deal on stuff, especially on multiple items. I'm not really looking for anything in trade right now; I pretty much just need cash. I prefer payment by PayPal but I can take it by mail if you need to. All prices are without shipping unless is says it is a shipped price. I'm not currently interested in shipping outside the US.

    MISB - All of these are brand new with no significant shelfwear on the box.

    Cybertron Galvatron $100
    Deep Space Starscream $15
    Legacy of Bumblebee (Wal-Mart Exclusive) $30
    KO Alternators Prowl (Chinese Lettering) $25
    Universe Voyager Inferno $20
    Universe Voyager Treadbolt $18
    TFTM Voyager Incinerator $15
    TFTM Voyager Evac $18
    ROTF Deluxe Skids $6
    SDCC Blaster $60
    Titanium War Within 2 Pack (Optimus and Megatron) $30
    Titanium Megatron (GI Joe Tank) $18
    Titanium Thundercracker $24
    Titanium Sunstorm $30
    Universe Aerial Rivals Legends 5 Pack (Target Exclusive) $25
    Universe Special Team Leaders Legends 5 Pack (Target Exclusive) $25
    Dreadwing and Smokescreen (Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive) $60

    TFTM Screen Battles Capture of Bumblebee (Bumblebee) $15
    TFTM Screen Battles Desert Attack (Scorponok) $15
    TFTM Screen Battles Final Stand (Longarm) $15
    TFTM Screen Battles Freeway Brawl (Optimus Prime and Bonecrusher) (Target Exclusive) $20
    Take all four Screen Battles for $60 shipped.

    Loose - Unless noted these are complete with all accessories and weapons, but probably not instructions. All are in great, near mint shape, having been displayed only by an adult collector (unless noted)

    Alternators Ricochet $25
    Binaltech Tracks (Yellow) $30
    Cybertron Leader Optimus Prime $30
    Cybertron Leader Megatron $45
    Cybertron Deluxe Hotshot $20
    Cybertron Ultra Wing Saber $50
    Cybertron Voyager Evac $30
    Cybertron Voyager Leobreaker $45
    Cybertron Voyager Vector Prime $20
    Cybertron Voyager Quickmix $20
    Cybertron Ultra Menasaur $20
    Cybertron Deluxe Override $20
    Cybertron Ultra Scourge $25
    Titanium The Fallen (I still have the box and instructions for this) $30
    TFTM Voyager Starscream $10
    TFTM Voyager Starscream (G1 Colors - Target Exclusive) $18
    TFTM Voyager Thundercracker $10
    TFTM Deluxe Jazz (G1 Colors - Target Exclusive) $12


    Masterpiece Voltron - This is the die-cast 20th Anniversary Voltron in the bookstyle box, complete with certificate. The proper title is Voltron Lion Force Collector's Set. This thing is perfect and it looks great! $250 shipped.

    Legend of Zelda Action Figures - These are the Legend of Zelda figures made in 2000 by Toy Biz. Each figure came with a few accessories and a horse. These are complete and stored in their bubbles, though I no longer have the card backs.
    Link with Epona $50
    Gannondorf with warhorse $40
    Take both Zelda figures for $80 shipped.

    Mighty Muggs Snake Eyes (GI Joe) MISB - $9
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