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    ===Transformers for sale + Group Buy + Masterpieces + Reissue + Others and more - Cybertron.CA - Canadian Transformers News and Discussion

    Hi All,
    I have these extra for sell
    They are all sealed (except mark otherwise) -> If you see nothing mark then its sealed never open.
    Deleted = sold
    General Info

    Shipping is extra
    Paypal is extra 4%
    Items are in Montreal - Qc - Canada
    All prices are in Ca dollar
    Pick up is cool n yes its FREE =)

    2 x Masterpiece Starscream sealed USA version ...asking 90$ both on hold more are coming
    Last one Masterpiece Ultra Magnus second run double tape by Takara box is ok condition MP-02 ....asking 138$
    More MP Megatron coming no Orange

    2 x G1 hybrid Optimus Prime THS-02 sealed, box condition has dent... asking 95$ - one sold one left
    Im selling these 3 hybrids - box are open but I think everything is complete - I need to doublecheck (Please note that I dont have the double head or double gun from the Ths-02B - since I exchange the box with someone for a Ths-02 red box and give him the extra head n weapon, But I do have the rest that THS-02 has for Ths-02B)
    Ths-01 + Ths-02 + Ths-02B black = 330$ If you like hybrid, here's your chance to have all 3 at once....They are kinda rare! I can send you pix since I have couple of them....very nice

    Encore or reissue

    Skylynx encore 75$
    2 x Ultra Magnus Reissue G1 sealed, box condition is very nice .... asking 90$ each
    2 x Encore Skywarp and thundercraker 68$ one sold one left
    2 x Encore Jazz 35$ one sold one left
    Optimus Prime G1 black reissue KO 90$ last one
    Encore Omega Supreme 95$

    Optimus Prime leader class Movie Costco 50$
    Movie G1 color Jazz exclusive 25$ - sold

    2 x Classics Nemesis Prime classic 55$ one sold one left
    Shadow commander KO open to check last one 70$ - sold
    Dia Commander

    Transformers Alternity Blue Megatron last one 64$
    Transformers Alternity Red Optimus version last one - sold


    Revoltech 059 full metal panic ARX-8.....asking 39$


    Disney Mickey mouse label red 63$

    Music Label

    Red Optimus Prime ipod label mp3 125$
    Soundwave black mp3 58$
    Soundwave blue mp3 78$

    World smallest transformers WST

    WST Green slag 40$
    WST Sidewipe loose to check item 15$
    WST trust loose to check item 15$
    WST Alert loose to check item 15$
    WST Skywarp custom box only 10$
    WST Sideswipe custom box only 10$


    1 x GX-01R Mazinger Z asking 100$
    Transformers Generation guide / book volume 2 ... 38$
    Transformers Botcon 2009 wing of honor boxed ... 380$
    Stands 25$ for 2.5"
    Ultra Magnus Nike asking 110$

    Titanium series

    Fallen 6'' 35$
    Starscream 6'' 35$
    Soundwave 6'' 35$
    G1 Magnus 6'' 60$
    Optimus Optimal beast wars (or beast machine) never transformed but loose 15$

    Coming soon

    Coming soon... Shadow Commander from Fansproject 100% Authentic 135$
    Coming soon... Dia Commander
    Coming Soon... Alternity Silver Convoy 60$
    Coming... Alternity Megatron silver 58$
    Coming... MP Grimlock 170$

    Group Buy

    -> Mainly for Montreal area but if you are willing to pay for shipping no problem!
    -> Please if you intend to be in the group, pls dont back me off - I wont back you off so pls dont back me off from the group
    -> I try my best to give any updated on group buy ASAP - But pls be patience since sometimes can take a while.
    -> You can send me a msg or put yr name under the thread its up to you - I have a spreadsheet at home.
    -> Please note Im not 100% always online so sometime might take 24h to respond - rarely, but it happens, pls be comprehensive

    -> I dont mind shipping to Canada or USA only - Please dont ask if you are from another country shipping is crazy expensive here to overseas.
    -> I go in Toronto around 2 to 3 times per year and yes I might bring some small pieces for you to save shipping = next time in Toronto would be around Mid October 2009 - to be confirmed
    -> Please note Qty are limited.

    -> Please note date are always APPROX - it can be change - I have no control on that as you all know probably
    -> If the supplier decide to cancel or anything that happen out of my control - I will let you know ASAP - Please understand i'm doing this more as a hobby and help all TF fans! Like us!

    Coming group buy... Alternity Black Megatron 54$ - 3 more left (approx Nov)
    Coming group buy... 2 x MP-04 Optimus Prime 260$ - 1 left (approx Sept)
    Coming group buy... Encore 17 cassettes Group buy 47$ - 4 left (Approx August)
    Coming group buy... Alternity Bumblebee Yellow 54$ - 2 left (Date to be determined)
    Coming group buy... Alternity Bumblebee Red - CliffJumper 54$ - 3 left (Date to be determined)
    Coming group buy... Encore Brutucus 88$ one left - This group buy is close (Approx August)
    Coming group buy... Disney device from Donald Duck...price to be determine...need a group of 6 to start it for this
    Coming group buy... More to come, come n see
    I can start any pre order from Takara or Hasbro TF but I need to have a group of usually 4 or 6 to start them - I have these price only if I take entirely a case and I don't want to have too many spare on hand.

    Shipping to Quebec or Ontario as example, usually start at 10$ and wont go over 20$
    Let say you order 4 masterpieces Tundercraker or 6 Alternity Convoy- shipping should cost around 16$Ca to Quebec or Ontario
    A bit more to other Provinces


    Im looking for (wanted)
    2 x Ultimate Bumblebee sealed pls
    1 x black disney mickey mouse optimus prime
    1 x WST black dynorobot set ( Dynobot )
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