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    Hi, I'm selling part of my collection. I live in Holland and accept Paypal and European banktransfer. Prizes are in Euro and are without shipping.

    Any questions, or want to see some pics? I'll try to awnser them a.s.a.p.

    Unicron MIB with cartoon accurate decals €75

    KO LD Golden Lagune Starscream MOSC €20
    Predacon Bruticus €20

    Exclusives en 3rd Party
    Hercules version 2 MISB TFC €520
    Knightrider Headrobot MOC Japanese store exclusive €49
    Myclone wave 3 (Jazz, Sideswipe, Trypticon, Metroplex, Ramjet, and Thrust) €40
    Night-Bird TF Con exclusive MISB €49

    Blitzwing MIB (Japanese, no instructions, no bullets) €99
    Devastator Giftset 309
    Hot Rod MIB takara reissue €39
    Fortress Maximus (BONEWHITE, Japanese, misses swords, cerebros gun, cog gun and big barrel gun is damaged. Comes with reprolabels) €699
    Octopunch €60
    Menasor (misses 1 small gun, 2 pins of motormasters feet are broken) €79
    Seaspray €9
    Sideswipe MIB Bookreissue €39
    Silverbolt MIB (misses ramp) €39
    Smokescreen (yellowed) €12
    Superion (yellowed, misses ramp en small guns, 1 wing small plane broken) €60
    Sunstreaker MIB 175
    Sureshot MIB (no inlay) €99
    Swerve €9
    Swoop MIB €175
    Tracks €27

    Optimus Prime parts (1x yellowed trailer, 1x gun, 2x banden, 4x rollerwielen, 1x roller, 1x gaspump, 1x raket) €15

    DOTM Leader Bumbelbee MIB €39

    ROTF Ice cream twins €10
    ROTF Leader Optimus + Leader Jetfire (misses cane of Jetfire) €99

    Movie divers Legends MISP €10

    DVDs, Boeken en Comics
    Metrodome DVDset Masterforce €40

    Transformers All fall down (Marvell 69 - 74 TPB) €15
    Transformers War Within TPB Vol 1 €15
    Transformers War Within the dark ages (complete serie loose) €15
    Transformers Stormbringer TPB €15
    Transformers Infiltration TPB €15
    Transformers Escalation, Revalation en Devastation (complete serie loose) €39
    Transformers All Hail Megatron (complete serie loose) €39
    Transformers Heart of darknes #1 €2,50
    Transformers Spotlight Arcee, Blaster, Blurr, Cliffjumper, Galvatron, Hot Rod, Kup, Metroplex, Mirage, Nightbeat, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ramjet, Soundwave, Ultra Magnus, Wheelie (16 comics) €39
    X-Men Origins €25


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