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    (Author's Note: Firestorm: Spotlight is a five-part prequel to the Firestorm Fan-Fiction series. Each Spotlight is a collection of short stories told by one of the Transformers to a human ally (Optimus Prime, Jazz, and Prowl), or personal data files (Megatron and Stunticons [data entered by Motormaster]).

    The Firestorm Universe is a modernized Generation 1 style universe with influences from the various other continuities.)

    Universal Stream: Primaxium 611.30 Zeta
    Universe Title: Firestorm
    Universe Backstory: Transformers. They are large sentient robots that can shift their bodies into various forms, ranging from cars to jets, and even into weapons for others to hold. Their home planet, Cybertron, had known peace for many millennia.

    When the soldier Megatron rallied Decepticon forces together, they hit Cybertron hard. Megatron claimed that they were gods in the universe, and deserved to rule. The Autobots opposed them, led by the mantra, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” A civil war like no other began.

    Unfortunately, the Autobots weren’t prepared, and Cybertron was devastated. Deciding they couldn’t fight any longer, Optimus Prime, supreme commander of the Autobot Military, as well as commander of the Firestorm Task Force, ordered an evacuation of Cybertron. Most Autobots escaped, though some stayed behind to continue the fight. Optimus promised that they would return someday to take it back.

    Optimus himself left with a crew of Autobots to take refuge on an unknown planet they had just found. Little did he know that they were being followed by squad of Decepticons led by Megatron himself.. When the Autobots landed on the unknown planet, the Decepticons found out that the planet was rich in energy.

    At that moment, the battle for Earth had begun.

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    Spotlight #1: Optimus Prime
    Written By: Galvanitro ​

    January 7th, 2011
    3:30 P.M.
    Santa Cruz, California

    Thirteen year-old Laura Turner laughed as she climbed into the passenger side of an old-style red and blue tractor-trailer cab. Her friends’ faces were hilarious. She had told them she was friends with the Autobots, but they hadn’t believed her.

    “Hello, Optimus!” Laura said cheerily to the hologram in the driver seat as the truck pulled out of its parking space. A deep, worn voice resounded through the interior of the cab, “Hello, Laura. Did your day go well?”

    She nodded, “Yeah. Thanks for driving me home.”

    “You are welcome. I promised you that the Autobots would protect you and the others since the Decepticons know of you. And your parents couldn’t avoid their engagements.” Optimus Prime replied. Laura shrugged, “They could, they just didn’t want to.”

    “They have jobs, Laura, and sometimes, you just need to do your job.” He paused, then quietly added, “No matter how much you’d rather not.”

    She nodded sadly, “I suppose.”

    Optimus pulled into the driveway of the Turner’s beach-side house. It sat on a small cliff, only a short walkway and stairs down to a beach. It was a nice house, very comfortable for a family of five. Their family consisted of: Laura, her mom and dad, and her older brothers Bobby, age fourteen, and Peter, age seventeen.

    He parked and opened his side door, letting Laura get out, before he transformed. In Laura’s opinion, he was the coolest one. He was one of the most powerful Autobots, and he could become even more powerful if he combined with his trailer. Her brothers liked Dion and Jazz, but her favorite was Optimus.

    Looking around, she asked, “Where’s Peter?”

    She knew Bobby was going to band practice with Jazz, but Peter hadn’t said anything about going out. Optimus looked around, “I believe Dion took him and Tracy down to the docks for a…date.”

    Laura gave Optimus an exasperated sigh. Tracy Sanders was Peter’s girlfriend. She also was one of the ones under Autobot protection, and Laura hated her. Not because she wasn’t nice, but because Peter never spent anytime with her anymore. She dreaded the day when Bobby would get a girlfriend. She had always been close to her brothers.

    “I’m going down to the water. Is that okay?” Laura asked.

    “You aren’t dressed for doing that, are you?”

    “I’m not going to go in! Just sit next to it.” Optimus looked down at the water and sand and nodded, “Oh, that’s fine then.”

    Laura nodded and ran down the walkway and stairs onto the soft tan sand. She heard a small rumble of rocks, and turned, seeing Optimus carefully sliding down the curved side of the cliff. There was light puff of sand shot into the air when he landed.

    “Do you mind if I join you?” He asked her. She laughed, “You are the guardian…”

    He gave her a short nod, and walked up next to her, carefully sitting down. He was quiet for a couple minutes, so Laura decided to just sit down next to him.

    Looking up to him, she asked, “Is something wrong, Optimus?”

    He didn’t seem to hear her for a moment then turned his head, “No…no, not at all, Laura. I was just admiring how beautiful your planet is. Cybertron used to be just as beautiful…in different ways, of course.”

    She nodded, “Do you miss it?”

    Looking back out at the ocean, he replied, “Would you miss Earth?”

    “Yeah…I guess I would.”

    “Then that is your answer. Earth is wonderful, and an amazing place to be…but Cybertron is home.”

    Laura nodded again. “What did you do before the war?”

    Optimus continued looking out at the ocean for nearly a minute, before laughing, “I can’t remember the last time I’ve been asked that, Laura.”

    “Well, before the war…I wasn’t Optimus Prime. I didn’t even know that I was destined to be a Prime. I was merely Orion Pax, a simple starport worker.”

    She laughed, “You’re kidding, right? You, a worker?”

    “Yes, it may seem odd now, young one, but back then…I was happy with how things were. I had two great friends, Dion and Arial.”

    “I know Dion…but who is Arial?”

    “I…believe you humans would have called her my girlfriend.”

    “Really? What happened to you…and her?”

    Optimus looked back out at the ocean and growled slightly, “Megatron.”


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    4 Million Years Ago
    10:20 A.M.
    Iacon-Polyhex Border Starport - Loading Dock

    Orion Pax laughed running beside an orange and blue dock worker named Dion. “I’m going to beat you this time!”

    Orion was tall and cleanly built, with a bright red and blue paint job. Dion ran through a hanger opening only seconds before Orion did. Dion turned and looked at him, “Ha! I’m still the fastest.”

    “And you’re both late anyway.” A fembot with various shades of pink walked up to them, giving Orion a quick hug. Orion hugged her back, “Sorry, Ariel. Dion here wanted to watch those exciting new Seekers fly around Iacon.”

    Dion nodded, “Yeah, sometimes I wish I could fly!” Orion moved his head as well in agreement, “Me too.”

    Ariel shrugged, looking up at Orion, “I think you are both perfect the way you are.”

    “Am not!” Dion complained. Orion laughed and let go of Ariel. He walked to a console and hit a few buttons. “Okay, guys, we’ve got a huge shipment of energon coming through here in about a cycle. It’ll be a big job.”

    Dion nodded, “Got it. Come on, Ariel, let’s go get the supports ready.”

    Orion waved at them as they walked away. Being in charge of the starport’s cargo services department filled him with so much pride. It was a great job to have, and he couldn’t ask for better coworkers and friends.

    Orion’s thoughts then turned to the new Decepticons. Sure, they were kind of rebellious, but weren’t they all to a degree? He thought that their flight capabilities were awesome, and their designs were obviously the designs of the future. Deep down, he wished he could upgrade his body, but it was too expensive for him.

    Preparation for the cargo went quickly, and soon he and Dion were operating the landing lights. The transport was huge, several hundred meters long. After all, it did carry nearly ten-thousand energon cubes. He was about to leave his position to greet the pilot, when a voice surprised him. Turning around, he saw one of the new Decepticons, Megatron to be exact!

    He had said something, but Orion hadn’t heard. He quickly began making his way down the stairs beside the ship supports. Dion called out to him, “Where are you going?”

    Distracted, Orion replied, “To see someone, go greet the pilot for me.”

    Approaching the larger Decepticon, Orion just stood in awe. He was a shining grey and black with red accents. Since he was a member of the military, he turned into an new style advanced tank, and it showed in his bulky body. In addition to the size of his body, he also had a black cannon on his arm and a grey one on his back.

    “How may I help you, Commander Megatron?” Orion asked him. Megatron merely smiled at him, “I need the energon transported to my carriers outside.”

    Orion leaned to the side, looking past Megatron. There were three large green flight carriers with enough room for the energon with a few drones driving each. “But…sir…the requisition was for the Autobot Mega-Carrier, not the military’s carriers.”

    Expression unchanging, Megatron responded, “The requisitions were wrong, it appears.”

    Orion nodded in reply, “Yes, sir. I shall correct that immediately.”

    Turning, he shouted up at the ship, “Dion! We’ll be putting the energon into the Decepticon military carriers not the Autobot Mega-Carrier!”

    Dion appeared from the other side of the ship quickly, looking perplexed, “Why? This is for Doctor Ratchet’s medical division!”

    Orion, confused, turned back to Megatron, “I’m sorry sir, but it appears you have the wrong energon transport.”

    Megatron shook his head, “No, I’m afraid your friend is too smart for his own good. Decepticons!”

    Before Orion could respond, he saw more than a dozen drones jump up out of hiding on the carriers. Megatron began raising his gun arm at Orion, and Orion acted. He spun around and began running, “Everyone! We are under attack!”

    He didn’t understand why. They were all united. Sure, the Decepticons weren’t all huge fans of the council, but they tolerated them. He was about to shout again, when he fell to the ground. The sound of Ariel screaming his name surprised him. Why couldn’t he get back up?

    He raised his head and watched dozens of laser blasts shooting out at the supports and the various drones. Trying to tell them to run, he realized he couldn’t make a sound. He watched as Dion got shot multiple times and fell from the supports, landing in heap on the ground about ten meters from him. Out of the corner of his optics, he saw Ariel running for him. The edges of his vision were beginning to blur.

    With all of his strangely fading strength, he slammed his hands down, propping himself up. As he did so, he watched in horror as multiple laser blasts went straight through her. He tried to get up more, but only ended up falling onto his back. He watched as Megatron stepped next to him. He stared up at the now cold and calculating face. Orion tried to talk to the traitor, but again his vocal processors failed him.

    He barely heard Megatron as he said, “Pathetic Autobot. I shall never be denied.”

    He aimed his gun arm at Orion, and fired. Everything went black in an instant. The last thing Orion saw was Megatron’s smirk. The image would be ingrained in his spark forever.

    Eight Days Later
    2:54 A.M.
    Old Laboratories - Secret Location

    “Okay, lad, you can reactivate your optics. Lad?”

    Orion activated his optics. He was in a dull-bronze and silver colored laboratory that looked like it had been around forever. He leaned up slightly, but the same voice from before quickly said, “Slowly, don’t strain your new body too much.”

    New body? Orion questioned himself. Looking down, he didn’t see himself. He saw red and blue like he had before, but now he had a stronger, larger body.

    “How? I know it’s a lot to take in, but if it weren’t for me, you’d be dead.” Orion turned his gaze to the direction of the voice. Standing, partially cloaked in shadow, an old Cybertronian stood there. He had a white fu manchu mustache with a long, pointed goatee. His body was a soft purple and deep crimson-red in color with a lot of detail taken in his design.

    He stepped forward, a little more into the light, “I am Alpha Trion.”

    Orion mumbled, “An ancient Prime…”


    Orion finished getting up, swinging his legs around the medical table he was on. “Careful when you stand up, it may take a few minutes to get used to your new strength.”

    Orion stared at Alpha Trion, “Megatron?”

    “He has declared war on the Autobots. The Autobots are falling apart at the seams, Zeta Prime can barely fight back. They need you.”

    “I…I’m not a fighter.”

    “You are now. Here is your weapon.” He handed Orion a large rifle. “You also have an energy axe built into your arm. Hence forth, you are no longer Orion Pax, starport worker. You are Optimus, warrior.”

    ‘Optimus’ looked at Alpha Trion hard. He had always had a strong sense of duty…but his duty had been being a worker. And there was… “Ariel and Dion?”

    Alpha Trion nodded simply, “You mean Elita-1 and Dion…yes, they are alive. They are waiting for you outside my laboratory. Are you ready to fight the Decepticons?”

    Optimus looked down at the rifle and was about to respond, when he remembered the smirk on Megatron‘s face, the pain he had felt as Ariel/Elita-1 and Dion had been shot down…

    Looking Alpha Trion directly in the optics, he nodded, “Yes.”
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    3.4 Million Years Ago
    12:30 P.M.
    The Vault - Central Iacon

    “So that’s when you became Optimus Prime?”
    “No, Laura, then I was only Optimus. Elita-1, Dion and myself immediately joined the frontlines, leading a new age of Autobot warriors.”
    “How did you become Optimus Prime, then?”
    “It was some time later…a very sad day for the Autobots indeed. For a new Prime to rise, an old one must fall.”

    “Move, Elita!” Optimus shouted as he ran across the balcony of the Great Vault. Elita-1, a few meters in front of him, nodded, “Got it, Optimus!”

    She rolled to the side, under the cover of a statue. She reloaded her laser rifle as Optimus rolled to the side and joined her.

    “How many energy packs do you have?” He asked.

    “Two, you?”


    Elita-1 nodded glumly. “It was good to know you, Optimus.”

    He nodded, “I feel the same, Elita.”

    She put her right hand in his left. He looked sadly at her and said, “Let’s go out fighting, we need to give Zeta as much protection as we can.”

    The nodded to each other and stood up, spinning around. They began firing their guns at the hordes of Decepticon drones below. Suddenly they heard a loud scream of excitement from the left. An orange and blue Cybertronian muscle car burst over the edge of the railing of one of the small buildings nearby. Transforming into robot mode, he began firing two cannons at several drones.

    Elita shouted, “Dion!”

    Optimus smiled and began providing cover fire for his old friend. Out of the corner of his optics, he watched a destroyer float down the road and transform. He looked to Dion and realized that the Autobot’s back was turned.

    Quickly, he pulled the energy pack out of his rifle and tossed it to Elita-1, “Cover us!”

    Elita-1 argued, “Where are you going?!”

    “To save our friend!”

    He stepped back a few meters, placing his gun on his back and transforming it into his body. He got ready to sprint. As soon as his back finished transforming, he launched forward. He ran until he got to the edge of the balcony before jumping as high as he could. He somersaulted through the air. As he did, his right arm transformed, an energy axe coming out, replacing his hand and activating.

    He hadn’t seen Dion in a long time, and he wasn’t going to let him get hurt now. The three of them had continued to be the best of friends, but the war had them splitting up for various missions a lot. He and Elita-1 had risen to the rank of Commander, while Dion pursued a career as an Elite Guard soldier, a very good one at that. They still enjoyed kicking Decepticon tailpipe together though.

    The destroyer drone targeted him and began firing its double gatling gun weapon arm at him. Luckily for Optimus, he missed completely, and Optimus landed on the ground in front of him, sliding. Optimus jumped up grabbing the gun arm with one hand, and slicing the axe down into the destroyer’s chest. He embedded the axe in so far and hard that he couldn’t pull it back out. He swung from his axe arm, as the destroyer tried to grab or shoot him.

    Gaining enough momentum, he flipped over his arm, kicking the destroyer in the face. Finally able to pull his arm out, he sliced up through the destroyer’s chest, before slicing across the drone’s face. He suddenly heard the sound of blaster fire, and felt the destroyer’s body rumbling. Someone had shot into the drone’s chest. Optimus backflipped off of the destroyer drone as his chest caught on fire and exploded.

    Optimus landed and watched as the drone fell in a heap. Turning around, he saw Elita-1 and Dion walking toward him. Dion saluted when they got to him.

    “Thanks, Commander.” He said lightheartedly. He called Optimus and Elita-1 ‘Commander’ when on the job.

    “No, thank you, Dion. We wouldn’t have made it without you.” Elita-1 was about to say something when her communicator began beeping. Stepping back from them, as to not interrupt their coversation, she pressed the button.

    Optimus and Dion watched as a look of concern then sadness crossed her face, and watched her shoulders slump. She came back to them with sad optics, “The mission was a success, Ratchet was able to get away with Omega Supreme…but…Zeta Prime is dead.”

    Optimus shook his head, “No! That’s impossible!”

    Dion put a hand on Optimus shoulder, “Calm down, sir, there is nothing you could have done…”

    Optimus bowed his dead then shook it. “Yes. There. Is.”

    He transformed into truck mode and drove straight into the vault. He navigated through the destroyed halls until he found Omega Supreme’s launching platform. Transforming to robot mode, he shouted at the squad of Decepticons around Zeta’s dead body. “You’ll pay for that Decep-”

    One of the Decepticons to turn from the body to face him was…Megatron.

    Megatron stepped in front of the squad and laughed, “Optimus…is it? What were you going to say? We shall pay?”

    Optimus remembered the day he had met Megatron and looked away. He heard the sound of engines behind him. Elita-1 and Dion stopped next to him, one on each side. They transformed into robot mode, pointing their guns at Megatron and his squad.

    “Decepticons, retreat!” He waved in the direction of the other door. He and some of the others ran for the exit, while the rest, who appeared to be drones began firing at them. Elita-1 and Dion sprang into action, fighting the drones…while Optimus just stood there and watched as Megatron ran. Megatron was almost through the doorway when Optimus made his decision. He couldn’t let the Decepticon leader kill again. He began running for the Decepticon leader. “Stop, Megatron!”

    Megatron and the others got through the doorway, and pressed a button, causing the doors to start closing. He ran as fast as he could, but only made it just before the doors closed. All he could see was Megatron’s face…that smirk…as he said, “We’ll meet again, Optimus.”

    Same Day
    5:22 P.M.
    The High Council Building

    Optimus kneeled before the lifeless body of Zeta Prime, who he himself had laid on the table in front of him. He then looked up. He was in the dark room belonging to the High Council. He saw the many council members sitting around them. Out of the shadows, two Autobots approached him. One was Alpha Trion, and the other Optimus didn’t recognize. He was mostly white with some blue and burgundy. Alpha Trion placed a hand on Zeta Prime’s chest and it transformed. Optimus slowly stood up.

    “Optimus, the Council has watched your for a long time. We have known you were the next Prime for quite some time now.” Optimus looked at them in surprise, “Me, a Prime? But I’m only a warrior…I’m not worthy.”

    Alpha Trion gave him a sly smile, “You will be, Optimus, you will be.”

    Alpha Trion waved his hand over Zeta’s body, and a gold and silver object floated out. In the center was a glittering blue crystal. The white and blue Autobot placed his hand on Optimus’ chest and it glowed, transforming like it never had before. There was now a place in his chest chamber for the object Alpha Trion had pulled out.

    “Vector…would you like the honors?” Vector nodded and waved his hand over the object from Zeta’s body, it floated between him and Optimus. He began speaking, his old voice, like Alpha Trion‘s, full of wisdom,

    “I…Vector Prime grant you the legendary ‘Matrix Of Leadership’. May you use it to light our darkest hour. Until all are one.”

    He waved his hand and the Matrix floated straight into the chest cavity. Optimus gasped loudly as the surge of energy, power, and knowledge burst into his spark, body and mind. He fell back onto his knee as his chest retransformed to cover the Matrix. Vector Prime pulled a silver and gold sword from his back.

    Gently tapping each shoulder on Optimus with the sword, he stated, “Arise, Optimus Prime, supreme commander of the Autobot military.”


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    Very well-wrriten, Mr.Nitro *claps*

    Quite a cool Optimus backstory, a improved version of his G1-Backstory.

    "Your" Optimus brings Animated-Optimus to mind, any chance you based one on the another? [actually, the whole tone of the story brings Animated to mind for some reason].

    Keep writing.
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    Thanks, Overlord. I've never really seen you. I think. Here's the next part for your consumption...eyesumption...agh, I give up.

    The Burden of Leadership:
    2.7 Million Years Ago
    7:44 P.M.
    Autobot Headquarters - North Iacon

    “What was it like becoming leader?”
    “It…was never easy. I made mistakes, but I learned from them.”
    “It must’ve been hard to just start leading a whole army into battle.”
    “Yes…Laura, it was. Harder than you know.”

    Optimus Prime stared at the computer console. He had never wanted the burden of this. He never wanted to be the last Prime. Alpha Trion and Vector Prime had both disappeared within the last few hundred thousand years…the High Council had been murdered half a million years ago, when most of Iacon had been taken so he was all that was left.

    The computer communicator started beeping, pulling Optimus from his thoughts.

    “What is it, Prowl?” He asked.

    “I’m sorry to report, sir. But Trailbreaker and his squad of rookies haven’t called in for over a cycle now.” Optimus frowned, “That is strange. Usually Trailbreaker calls too much.”

    Optimus thought for a moment…who’s bright idea was it to stick Trailbreaker with a bunch of rookies, he had low confidence issues as it was. “Prowl, why was he out with a bunch of rookies?”

    “I thought it best for him to get out of the base more and actually pull some weight. Primus knows he has enough of it.”

    Optimus sighed. Prowl didn’t have many faults…but one of them very well was he couldn’t see the circuit board for the transistors. “Prowl, he’s not in any condition to lead a squad. Especially not a squad of rookies.”

    “Why not? His body’s physical readouts appear in tip-top shape.”

    “Yes, that may very well be…but he’s not equipped mentally. At least not right now.”

    “Er…yes, sir. What should I do, sir?”

    “Give me his last location, I’ll find him and see what the trouble is.”

    “Let’s just hope it isn’t because of a battle.” Optimus nodded grimly, “Yes, let’s.”

    The Next Morning
    5:00 A.M.
    North Iacon

    Optimus drove along the streets of North Iacon, also known as Old Iacon, pulling his new trailer behind him. It was a mobile base and repair bay, perfect for rescuing a group of rookies who may need one or the other.

    He looked around as he drove. It was amazing to think that this was once the pinnacle of technology on Cybertron. Now, most of the buildings were rusting and coming apart, and most if not all of them had crumbled in some way. The only exceptions were where the Autobots had been staying, but even those buildings had needed repairs and many coats of Chorostop.

    Optimus stopped at one intersection, and transformed. It had taken him a moment to realize but…this is where he had lived. Back before the war, this where all of the starport workers had lived, if they lived in Iacon. Optimus had been proud to live in Iacon then, it was the capital city, and the shining star of Cybertron. He walked to one of the buildings, and touched it gently, “My old home…”

    Pulling his hand away, he brushed the small amount of rusted metal off of it, and stepped back to the trailer. He took one more minute to look around.

    The memories were strong. This was where he had met Dion for the first time. He had just come from the Academy when he and Dion had met right in this very section of town. He thought back to that day. He had just gotten expelled from the premier Autobot Academy for supposedly cheating on an exam…he had done no such thing…but sadly was unable to prove it.

    It had been his last year too, he was going to be working in the Council Building! But instead he had been framed by someone else and gotten expelled. He had been so depressed.

    When he had been walking through Iacon, through this very intersection, a bot came up to him and asked him what was wrong. His friendship with Dion began there and then. Dion even introduced him to Ariel back then…

    As Optimus transformed back into truck mode, hooking up to the trailer, he decided to give Elita-1 and Dion a communicator call when he got back. He missed talking to them.

    He engaged his engine and drove off in the direction of the coordinates he had been given. Once he got close enough, he activated his local communicator, “Trailbreaker, respond.”

    There were no responses. Making a sharp right turn, he drove up onto the skyway Trailbreaker’s team should’ve taken.

    The skyway was the last innovation Old Iacon had. It was a series of interconnected tunnels with their own gravity system, so you could drive upside down or straight up, without falling. They were also suspended nearly fifty meters above the ground, as not to interfere with the normal roads.

    As Optimus drove through it, he noticed that it had also fallen into a state of disrepair. “When the war is over, I shall personally come back here and lead the taskforce to rebuild this part of Cybertron. History shouldn’t be lost…not like this.”

    He raced through it, trying his communicator again, “Trailbreaker, can you hear me?”

    This time he got static as a response, meaning he was near another communicator. Issuing a command to his trailer, he stated, “Roller, track that signal.”

    He heard some beeps from his trailer, and a new beacon showed up on his scanners. “Boost my signal and their’s as much as you can.”

    A few more beeps, and Optimus tried again. “This is Optimus Prime, are there any Autobots in the area?”

    After some crackles and static, a voice came across the communicator, “Optimus P-p-prime, SIR! This is Unit 097-Delta. We are pinned under fire from Decepticons.”

    Optimus drove as quickly as he could, “I’m on my way! Who’s your officer?”

    “Trailbreaker, sir!”

    “Get him on the communicator frequency immediately!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    A few moments later, his communicator crackled, “Optimus Prime, sir! How ya doin’?”

    Hearing the older Autobot’s voice made Optimus feel better. “Been doing better. You haven’t checked in with Prowl yet. He’s worried.”

    “Ya mean he’s concerned with losing another man.”
    “Fine…I was worried.”
    “Now that’s better! Don’t worry, lad. Got everything under control.”
    “Really? Because…”

    Optimus had stopped at a destroyed part of the skyway and was looking down at a firefight below him.

    “It sure doesn’t look that way.” He finished. He could see three full squads of ten Decepticon drones and two Brutes each, but all he could see for the Autobots was Trailbreaker, seven soldiers, three brutes, and two medics, most a little worse for wear. “We took down one squad already!”

    Optimus drove forward at full speed, dropping from the sky. He unhooked from the trailer and transformed into robot mode. “Roller, transform the trailer after you land.”

    He heard some beeps as they fell downward. Hitting the ground hard, Optimus activated his laser cannon and began firing at the drones as he walked to the place where Trailbreaker’s squad was entrenched.

    Getting behind some debris, he shouted, “Medics, pull any bots who need medical attention over to my trailer-base!”

    The medics, three of the soldiers and two of the brutes began running to the trailer, as Optimus, Trailbreaker, and the others provided cover fire.

    Optimus rolled between an open spot, and exclaimed to Trailbreaker, “Why didn’t you retreat?!”

    “Can’ta. Nowhere ta run to…sir.” Optimus looked around, and nodded to himself. Trailbreaker was right, it was too open.

    Optimus fired a few more times, picking off a couple more drones, before slumping back down behind the debris.

    “I’m sorry, sir.” Trailbreaker told him, “I really didn’t mean ta get ya inta this mess, lad. I really am useless and wasteful.”

    Optimus sighed, “No you aren’t, Trailbreaker.”

    Optimus had no idea how he was going to save the squad though. “I don’t know how I can get all of you out, Trailbreaker.”

    Trailbreaker nodded sadly, “I do. And it’s my fault…so it’s fitting. I’ll go out protectin’ the next generation…just like I always wanted.”

    Optimus watched as he got up and hurdled his large bulky black and red body over the debris.

    “Trailbreaker, no!” Optimus yelled. He stood up and watched as Trailbreaker got inbetween the Autobots and Decepticons, before raising his hands over his head.

    “Trailbreaker!” Optimus screamed as Trailbreaker activated his force field. “Get them outta here, Prime. And tell Prowl…tell ‘im…sorry, I’m another number for the statistic.”

    Optimus watched as the soldiers and brute who were still in good condition ran and transformed.

    This was…a command decision. A ‘Prime’ decision. One of the ones he hated making. If he went, it would guarantee the death or capture of Trailbreaker, but if he stayed, the rookies on his trailer-base would probably get killed.

    Voice choking, he replied, “I’ll tell him, Trailbreaker. Goodbye, my friend.”

    He transformed into truck mode, speeding over to the trailer.

    “Any who can transform, get out and drive. Space is limited!” The medics and the brutes jumped out, but the soldiers stayed in.

    “Roller transform the base back into trailer mode.” As soon as it transformed, he hooked to it, and began driving away, flanked by the medics and brutes.

    As he drove away, he could hear Trailbreaker’s struggle to keep the force field up over the communicator. Finally, he heard Trailbreaker say, “Ya wanta piece of me, ‘Cons? It’s clobberin’ time!”

    Optimus could hear him stop using the force field. He heard metal grinding against metal.

    Just before they were out of range, Optimus spoke the last time for the drive, “Thank you, Trailbreaker.”

    6 Months Later
    5:21 P.M.
    Autobot Headquarters - North Iacon

    Optimus saluted the statue of Trailbreaker in the hallway leading to the command room. He had it made shortly after the battle. The six months had passed quickly for him, and he never forgot Trailbreaker’s sacrifice. As he stared up at him…Optimus wondered if he could make that kind of sacrifice for the future.

    He walked away from the statue silently, and into his command room. Prowl was leaning by the computer, arms crossed, “You called?”

    Optimus nodded. “Yes. I am transferring new recruit development to Ironhide.”

    Prowl stared at Optimus, mouth agape, “Sir?”

    “You are a great keeper of the peace Prowl, but not a good judgement of personality.”

    “If this is about the Trailbreaker incid-”

    “It wasn’t an incident!” Optimus shouted at Prowl up close, “It. Was. A. Mistake. A mistake Ironhide won’t make.”

    Prowl frowned, and spoke sharply and sternly, “Yes, sir.”

    “You’ve been reassigned to SpecOps Command.”

    Prowl nodded, “Yes, sir.”

    Sighing, Optimus walked to the computer console, rubbing his face with his hand. “You are a good bot, Prowl. I just feel you are better suited for SpecOps than New Recruit training.”

    He couldn’t see Prowl, but he could almost hear the bot thinking about what to say in response. “I understand, Prime. I did make an error in judgement…one that may have cost Trailbreaker his life. I formally apologize.”

    Optimus nodded, “You are a great strategist, but not a good people person. Maybe you should open up more, loosen up.”

    He looked back at Prowl. Prowl was no longer looking at Optimus. “I understand, sir. I shall attempt to ’loosen up’. May I be excused, Prime?”

    Optimus simply nodded and turned back to the computer console.

    As Prowl left, another bot came in. When Optimus turned to face this bot, however, he smiled under his face plate, “Elita, so glad to see you once again.”

    “And I, you, Optimus.” She hugged him like she used to back in the old days, and he did the same.

    “I’m sorry about the loss of Trailbreaker.” Optimus walked over to the balcony, outside the headquarters and gazed in the direction of the old skyway system. “Elita…everyday…more lives, Autobot and Decepticon, are lost in this war. Sometimes we are at the frontlines…sometimes back here. Everyday, the job of leading get harder. I fear the day when…I won‘t be able to handle the job anymore.”

    Elita-1 came up beside him and nodded, “I understand, Optimus. Command is difficult…but if anyone can handle it, you can. Just…remember one thing.”

    Optimus’ gaze shifted to her, “What is that?”

    She placed her hand in between his right and left chest windows. “No matter how good at this job you do get. No matter how hard you become, how jaded. No matter how many of your friends and fellow Autobots you lose…never lose yourself. Never lose your values. Never forget why they died.”

    Optimus nodded, and gazed up at the stars. “I will not, Elita. Until all are one.”

    She whispered to him as she came closer, “Until all are one.”
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    Prowl is officially a douchebag [Poor Trailbreaker], hope Barricade arrive to kick his tailpipe sometime along the fic.

    It's strange to see Optimus so emotive, he used to be so stoic and borderlining cold, weird thing [interesting,though, very interesting].
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    Sadly, no Barricade...and just wait for Spotlight: Prowl...*hint, hint*

    Double shot! I'm on a roll!

    The Enemy of My Enemy (Part 1 of 2):
    1 Million Years Ago
    Unknown Time
    Unknown Planet

    “That’s so sad…were there any times where something good happened?”
    “War has rare moments, but there is one in particular that I’ll never forget.”
    Laura yawned, stretching. It had gotten dark not too long before. “Oh? Who was the person?”
    “Of all of the people in the universe…Megatron.”
    “Megatron did something nice?!”
    “It was advantageous to him…but yes.”

    Optimus Prime groaned loudly, turning on his side. He had been taking a small starfighter to the neighboring system for exploration purposes, and on his way back, he collided with another ship.

    He had crashed on some unknown planet a good distance from Cybertron. It was a dark planet, with the only light coming from the various plant life that was glowing. Studying the ground, it was very hard, dark purple in color, and the plants around him were a bright glowing green.

    He doubted anyone lived on the planet, but knew something must’ve been flying the starship he hit. Looking around, he spotted smoke floating up. Transforming into truck mode, he raced for the smoke.

    Optimus hadn’t seen what faction the other ship had belonged to. He did know, however that while his personal ship’s engines had been utterly destroyed, the rest of his ship was okay. When he reached the other ship, he gasped, transforming into robot mode.

    It was a big engine model, so it had actually sustained the opposite damage. The cockpit was in many pieces all over the clearing, but the engines looked sufficiently intact. The ship was definitely Cybertronian in design…but he didn’t recognize anything else about it.

    “Hello!” He called out. He heard some angry shouting, then saw several large purple laser cannon blasts shoot out of the roof of what was left of the cockpit. What he saw shocked him. Pulling himself out the ship was Megatron.

    They locked optics, and Megatron screamed, “Optimus Prime! You hit me?!” He ran toward Optimus and was about to punch him when suddenly, there was a loud pulsing sound and everything went black.

    “Wake up, you moronic excuse for an enemy!” Optimus groaned, Megatron shouting at him was not what he needed. His whole body strained and creaked as his optics reactivated. He couldn’t move at all. Looking down, he saw energy clamps around his arms and metal clamps around his waist, chest, shoulders, thighs, and lower legs. But that wasn’t all.

    “We’re clamped to each other!” Optimus exclaimed. “Our shoulders and waist are clamped to some sort of metal pole…but otherwise, yes.”

    Optimus shook his head, “What is going on?”

    Megatron growled, “You asking me, Prime?”

    “It just doesn’t make sense. What did we do?”

    “This is why we deserve to rule, Prime!” Optimus rolled his optics, mumbling quietly to himself, “Here it comes…”

    “We are the strongest, most powerful, most intelligent race in the universe. That’s why the Decepticon race is right and just. We need to claim our birthright.”

    A smooth and creepy voice replied, “Hehe. That is a matter of contention, Megatron. How can you control others…if you cannot control yourself.”

    Optimus and Megatron turned their heads to face the voice. A being about their height, and about half Optimus’ width walked in. His skin was half-white and half-black. He had four spindly arms, two powerful legs, and a long elongated insectoid style head, with four large eyes: two were white with black pupils, the other two black with white pupils.

    Megatron shouted, “Who are you? Where are we?!”

    “Megatron…Who am I? That is of no consequence. Where are we? We are on the planet of light…and dark. White…and black. Righteousness and ruthlessness.” Optimus attempted to meet the creature’s gaze, “Good and evil?”

    The creature made a sound resembling a laugh, “There is no such thing.”

    Optimus glanced at Megatron and scoffed, before asking, “Why are you holding us?”

    “Because…you have been deemed interesting. We wish to study you. You will be released within the next thirty minutes or so. Then the studies shall begin.”

    Megatron growled again, “Is this some sort of test…some sort of game?”

    “This is not a game, Megatron. But it is a test. A test to see whether light or dark is stronger. We have repaired your ship, and placed it at the center of the planet, where the light side and the dark side meet. You will find something to unlock your energy bonds in the opposite direction.

    In yet another direction, there is a village of innocents that will be harmed if you don’t save them. And finally, I can take you to the leaders of this planet. last thing, there is also a bomb planted inside of each of you. If you’re lucky, you can visit three of these places before the bombs go off. If you don’t leave the planet before the bombs go off, you will die.”

    Optimus interrupted, “How does this prove whether darkness or light is stronger?”

    “Because, dark versions of you and Megatron were created the moment you arrived on the planet, and they are attempting the same things. But they don’t have the bombs you do, nor do they have bonds holding them together. That is the fifth challenge.”

    As Megatron began trash talking the alien, Optimus talked to himself. “Saving civilians…that’s Heroism. Destroying evil…that’s Protection, meeting captors in a friendly way, that’s Peace, and escaping is the planet, that’s Freedom…they are all virtues…”

    The alien nodded, and by the end, Megatron had grown silent. “You are forgetting, Optimus…letting the civilians die, that’s Selfishness, letting our opponents survive is Cowardice, meeting captors in an unfriendly way is Revenge, removing the bonds is Greed, and not escaping the planet is Death.”

    The alien nodded again. Optimus glared at creature, “No matter what, both good and bad happens!”

    “Exactly. Every positive has a negative. You have thirty minutes to make your plan. You’ll be able to do three of the five things.”

    The alien left, and the two remained quiet. “We win and lose either way.”

    Optimus said, breaking the silence. “I wonder what would happen if I killed you, Prime?”

    “Then you would lose…Megatron. The every positive has a negative statement was a hint. I’d bet our bombs are connected. If one of us kills the other, we’d both blow up.”

    Megatron nodded grimly, “That means…we have to…”

    “Work together if both of us are going to get home to Cybertron.”

    Suddenly, the clamps holding them came undone and began folding into the pole between them. The pole then slid into the floor. One of the energy bonds came undone as well, but Optimus’ right arm and Megatron’s left arm were still connected. “Our dark selves will also be trying to get to the ship as well.”

    Optimus stated. “We can’t let them do that.”

    “We have to defeat them.” The two stood face to face. “We have to save the innocents as well. We can’t let them die because of us.”

    “Such sympathetic drivel, Prime.”


    “Besides, we need these bonds removed as well.” Optimus looked to his arm. Megatron was right…if they didn’t remove the bonds, then they’d need to go to a HQ together when they got back to Cybertron…meaning that one of them could kill the other.

    Optimus came to a sudden realization, “If our dark selves are going to do something before they leave, then that would be to take revenge against their captors, right?”

    Megatron nodded, “Yes, that’d make sense. I’d do it if we weren’t in such a predicament.”

    Optimus sighed and replied, “Of course you would. Then that’s where we need to go first. We know exactly where they’ll be.”

    Megatron thought for a moment, then nodded again. “Right.”

    The dark room lit up, and the exit door opened. They began running down the hallway. When they came to the end, they were outside, back on the planet’s surface. Sitting there was the alien that had talked to them, sitting on top of a creature with room for the two of them.

    “Are you ready?” Optimus nodded, but Megatron argued, “Where are our guns?” “Ah, yes! Thank you for reminding me?”

    He snapped his fingers loudly. Out of the shadows a smaller, and obviously younger alien walked up, two hands holding each of their guns. Optimus picked up his gun. The alien then grasped Megatron’s cannon with all four hands and plugged it onto his arm.

    Minutes later, they were on top of the creature, and on their way toward a greenish-silver palace glowing in the distance. Optimus sat backward behind the alien, with Megatron facing him. They glared at each other most of the trip. “For two of the most outspoken idealists…you are much quieter than I had anticipated.”
    Megatron growled, “No sense in talking to my enemy.” Optimus looked away.

    “You can learn much from each other.” Optimus thought to himself, he knew everything about Megatron that he needed to know.

    When they arrived at the palace, Megatron scoffed. “This is where your leaders’ live?”

    “Not all of us steal from our elders, Megatron,” Optimus retorted.

    They walked down the great hall until they reached the throne room. Sitting at the throne was a white-skinned male creature, and a black-skinned female creature sat on thrones. “Are these the Cybertronians?”

    “Yes, my Lord.”

    Optimus bowed, but his right arm hung in the air as Megatron failed to do the same. “Bow, Megatron!”

    “Megatron bows to nobody!”

    There was a loud evil laugh that didn’t belong to the royals, the alien who brought them, or Optimus or Megatron. Turning to the side, they saw another alien just like the one that brought them, except his colors were reversed.

    Standing next to him were what Optimus assumed was their dark selves. Their dark selves were much more old Cybertronia in design then they were, but they were unmistakably Optimus and Megatron. The dark Optimus was black with some red, and the dark Megatron was mostly black with some grey, and a little purple. “Optimus Prime, Megatron…meet Nemesis Prime and Darksyde.”

    Optimus and Megatron glanced at each other for a moment. Another difference was that they were exactly between Optimus and Megatron in height…but Darksyde’s gun was nearly as long as his height. Optimus could tell that this made Megatron angry.

    Nemesis raised his gun pointing it at the royals. The female royal screamed. Optimus immediately sprang into action, Megatron barely keeping up with him. Regaining his composure, Megatron began firing his gun at Darksyde, as Optimus did the same at Nemesis. Their doubles ran at them as well, and met fist to fist.

    Suddenly breaking the stalemate, Nemesis kicked Optimus hard just as Darksyde charged up and fired his arm cannon. The resulting blow knocked Optimus and Megatron across the floor. Megatron roared, smoke coming from his chest. Nemesis pulled what appeared to be a long staff from his back and, surprisingly, the top transformed into a large axe blade.

    Seeing this, Optimus had a sudden spark of inspiration. “Megatron, hold your hand away from me!”


    “Just do it!” Megatron moved his hand carefully to the side. Optimus groaned, transforming his arm. His energy axe replaced his hand and immediately broke through the energy bond that held him and Megatron together. Megatron rubbed his arm, but smiled. “That is the smartest thing I have ever seen you do, Prime. Now, let’s rid the universe of these…imposters.”

    Megatron jumped up and ran at Darksyde. Optimus watched as Nemesis continued barreling right for him. Just before Nemesis swung down with his axe, Optimus rolled out of the way, slicing Nemesis. Nemesis’ axe slammed hard into the part rock, part metal floor. He growled, trying to pull it back out. Optimus jumped up and with a spinning kick at Nemesis, knocked him back.

    Nemesis shouted, “You heroic piece of scrap. Die!” His right arm transformed into a gun, and began firing at Optimus. Optimus jumped into the air. As he flipped over Nemesis’ head, he transformed his right arm back to a hand, and grabbed his laser rifle from his back. He fired a shot into Nemesis’ side as he landed.

    Nemesis screamed loudly, spinning back around, spraying laser blasts everywhere. Optimus, hit by multiple blasts in the chest, fell down.

    “I will not let you replace me in this universe!” Optimus shouted, kicking up with both of his legs straight into Nemesis’ torso. Nemesis fell backward, still firing his gun. Using the momentum of his kick, Optimus rolled forward onto his feet. He put his rifle on his back once again, and ran forward, hitting Nemesis with a flurry of punches.

    Nemesis coughed, “You’d fight to protect the people who are allowing such things to occur? You are crazier than Darksyde!”

    His gun transformed slightly and he fired several slower, more powerful blasts across his chest right at the royals. Optimus watched as they flew straight at them. He began moving toward the royals, yelling at them to move. The blasts continued to get closer and closer.

    To Be Continued In "Spotlight: Megatron"
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    Nemesis Prime! How good is to see that somebody prefers the awesomeness of Nemesis Prime over that...pathetic repaint character that I am unable to utter.

    Megatron is strangely nice on this fanfic, it's kind of disturbing.
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    so darksyde is supposed to be megatrons more EVIL counterpart
    thats not good
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    Thanks, guys!

    Destination Unknown (Part 1 of 5):
    July 20th, 2010
    5:30 A.M.
    Abandoned Starport - North Iacon

    “So, then I…” Optimus trailed off. Laura was asleep. Optimus smiled behind his faceplate, and gently picked her up. After climbing up the rock face of the cliff, he set her down in the grass by the house, and sat down next to her, waiting for her parents to come home.

    Looking at Laura made him think of the day the Autobots left for Earth…

    “Are we finished loading?” Optimus called out. He and the rest of the Firestorm Task Force were taking out the crown jewel of Autobot space technology, the Ark. Jazz called out, “Yes, sir…wait!”

    Optimus turned his head and walked to the back of the ship. “What?”

    Prowl had just arrived with a carrier, “The guys over in R&D have one last gift for you, Prime.”

    Sitting in the carrier was a brand-new trailer. “Just like you had asked for, Optimus.”

    Jazz called up into the ship, “Hey guys, check out Prime’s new trailer.”

    Hound and Dion ran down the ramp. The three of them moved in closer, inspecting the trailer.

    “This is pretty cool.”

    Optimus stepped close to Prowl, “Who developed it?”

    “Wheeljack.” All of the Autobots except for Prowl looked at each other and took two giant steps backward. Uneasily, Optimus replied, “That…is…great, Prowl. Er…load it up.”

    Within the next twenty minutes, they were all in their seats in the cockpit, and had finished flight diagnostics.

    “Okay, we just need Elita, and we are ready.” Optimus told the others from his command seat in the center of the ship.

    “Uh, Boss, she’d better hurry. This is from the rear cameras,” said Hound.

    Optimus looked up at the screen and watched as a dark purple Decepticon warship was approaching their position.

    Optimus looked at a lower camera that showed Elita-1 just coming out of a tunnel and running for the ship. “Start the engines, I’ll get her.”

    The whole ship rumbled as the engines engaged and began to start, pushing the ship forward. Optimus ran quickly through the ship and stopped when he got to the side ramp door. He pressed the keypad and the door opened.

    “Elita!” He called out. Elita-1 was just barely keeping up.

    She stretched out her arm, and Optimus did the same.

    “Jump, Elita!” He shouted. She kept running. “Jump!”

    She looked at him, and jumped as hard as she could, “Optimus!”

    Her body flew into the air, and her hand stretched for his. They just barely brushed fingertips. She fell back down to the ground as the ship picked up speed.

    Optimus shouted, “Elita!”


    The ship picked up too much speed and left the platform. Optimus sat in the doorway, lost. The door closed in front of him and locked. Optimus stood up, and walked sorrowfully toward the front.

    He sat down in his command chair, and said, “Elita-1…will not be joining us for…the evacuation.”

    Dion turned suddenly and stared at Optimus. He shook his head glumly. Jazz replied, “I’m sorry, Optimus.”

    The rest of the flight was uneventful. Via hyper speed travels and some tight turns, they appeared to have lost the Decepticon warship, and were heading for their destination.

    A planet called…Earth.

    “We are landing, Optimus.”

    The Ark flew down straight toward the planet.

    “Where are we going?” Dion asked. Hound answered, “I have put the coordinates into the screen.”

    They began flying over land, “The United States” according to Hound. They landed in a clearing in the middle of a very large forest.

    Hound punched another few keys, and vehicle mode schematics for all of the Autobots came up on the screen. “Time to scan, guys.”

    Minutes later, they were exiting the ship. Jazz looked around, “Wow, this is so cool.”

    Hound smiled, “I told you that you’d like it.”

    Optimus drove out of the starship in truck mode, pulling his new trailer. “Autobots! Transform and roll out! Hound has someone he wants us to meet.”

    They transformed, and began driving out of a path in the forest. Turning they pulled onto an old beaten up road. After driving for a few minutes, they passed a sign that said:

    San Diego: 30 Miles

    July 25th, 2010
    2:25 P.M.
    San Diego, California

    Optimus looked around as they drove. It was a very pretty planet. In some ways prettier than Cybertron, and in other ways not. “We are in the city of San Diego now, guys. Just a little farther.”

    Hound was leading them to a human contact he had made, Agent Oliver Young. To keep them from being attacked, Agent Young had explained their story to the various United States government organizations, and in turn, the organizations were allowing secret asylum for the Autobots as long as they didn’t do anything that would be considered hostile.

    Since Hound, by far the weakest in weapons out of them, had destroyed one of their helicopters in seconds when he had first arrived, Optimus wasn’t at all worried about them reneging on the deal.

    They pulled into a very large, old, abandoned warehouse, where Agent Young stood next to some other men. Agent Young smiled widely, and said, “Hound!”

    Hound transformed into robot mode. “Hey, Ollie. May I introduce: Dion…”

    The orange and blue, sleek muscle car drove forward and transformed. “Jazz…”

    A white car drove next to Dion and transformed, spinning around a couple times.

    “Prowl…” A black and white police car drove up next to Hound and transformed into robot mode.

    “And finally, our leader, Optimus Prime.” Optimus disengaged from his trailer, driving in between Hound and Dion. He transformed into robot mode, becoming a little taller than the other four Autobots.

    Agent Young laughed, “Wow, Hound…you weren’t kidding. Nice to meet you all, I am Agent Young, your liaison with the American government.”

    Optimus knelt down, “Agent Young, I thank you for the aid you have been providing Hound, and now my team. Team Firestorm, and the whole of the Autobots thank you.”

    Jazz nodded, “Yeah, man.”

    Agent Young was in his late twenties with short black hair, wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He took off his sunglasses as soon as the other agents, mostly in fear, had left the room. “Sorry about them…they aren’t used to giant machines yet.”

    “So, would you like me and Hound to show you guys around town?” he asked.

    Jazz nodded, “That’d be cool.”

    Dion transformed, “Let’s get this party started!”

    Optimus and Prowl simply nodded and transformed. Optimus decided to leave his trailer there for now.

    As to not attract attention, Optimus, Prowl, Dion, and Jazz all created holographic humans inside their driver seats. Agent Young climbed into Hound after he transformed, and the group of five Autobots left, Hound in the lead and Optimus bringing up the rear once again.

    As they drove along, with Agent Young talking about Earth, the United States and various parts of San Diego when appropriate, Optimus simply listened. It was all very interesting. Apparently they wouldn’t have to worry about energy, the humans appeared to have it in excess. Good thing Megatron doesn’t know about this planet, Optimus thought.

    Suddenly, Agent Young’s cell phone began ringing. He pulled it out of his pocket, answering. “No. No. It is impossible. Yes, I said impossible.”

    His tone got steadily more concerned as he listened, “I’m with them right now. Oh, god.”

    The Autobots all heard this via Hound’s communicator. Agent Young put a finger over the cell phone’s microphone and asked, “There didn’t happen to be any others of you…”

    Dion groaned, “Oh no…”

    Jazz added, “That Decepticon warship…”

    Optimus quickly asked, “Why, Agent Young?”

    “Because, apparently a large, dark purple starship carrying some of you guys just crashed in San Francisco Bay.”

    Optimus and the other Autobots each turned sharply at the next intersection. “Autobots, roll out, I’ll catch up. I need to get my trailer!”

    Optimus sped back down the road toward the warehouse.

    To Be Continued in Spotlight: Jazz
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    At that moment, a car drove into the driveway of the house. Optimus looked up and saw Mrs. Turner get out of the car. He put his finger to his faceplate, signaling to be quiet, and stood up. He walked down the driveway as Mrs. Turner watched him in surprise. As soon as he felt he had gotten far enough, he transformed into truck mode, and drove off. As he drove away, he passed by Mr. Turner‘s car.

    Optimus sighed, happily. It had been good to get those things off of his mind. And it really had passed the time well. As he drove down the road, he said one last thing. “Good night, Laura.”


    And that's the end of Spotlight: Optimus Prime. Keep checking back for Spotlight: Jazz, and the first episode of Transformers: Firestorm, "Heavy Metal".
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    Quite cool ending [all the "Autobot Introducing" thing reminded me a lot of TF1, you NEED to read that part with Arrival to Earth at the background, it's awesum].

    We followed with the common routine: Elita takes the worst, Autobots come to Earth, Megatron ruins the party, the usual. The AWESOME usual.

    Now let's body up for the next part, Spotlight: Blues.
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    The following is a preview for Episode 1 of the main series: Heavy Metal. Product and colors may vary. This is to give you all something while I'm working on Spotlight: Jazz, and my various other projects.

    “Yes, Megatron.” Starscream replied, turning off his communicator. He was standing in the middle of a hastily built Decepticon facility in the side of a mountain. Rain was coming down steadily, which was why Starscream was on a platform above the working area, which had an overhang to protect the computers. He watched as drones lifted pieces of metal and tossed them into a large vat underneath a separate overhang.

    Smirking, he watched as Skywarp and Thundercracker each dumped a pile of metal into the vat as well. After doing so, they walked up to Starscream.

    “Starscream! I’m not doing that again. Next time, you’re doing it!” Skywarp yelled at him. Thundercracker glanced at the black and purple seeker, grimaced, and added, “What Skywarp meant to say, Starscream, is that it would be great of you if you could help us, next time.”

    Skywarp turned to Thundercracker, “Suck up.”

    “Enough!” Starscream said, angrily. The drones stopped moving and turned their heads to the three Seekers.

    “I am your commander, you will obey my orders!” He told the other two, unaware of the drones’ gaze.

    “Megatron wants this done in the next forty-eight hours. Thundercracker, go with the next raiding party! Skywarp…go carry another load of metal!”

    Skywarp glared at Starscream, “But-”

    Starscream put his forefinger on Skywarp’s chest, “You will follow my orders, or I will make sure Megatron gets a bad report!”

    Skywarp growled, but didn’t say anything. Starscream turned as the two Seekers walked away. He saw all of the drones staring at him.

    He stared back. Then glared. Then, he walked right up to the railing, and tapped his fingers on it. Some of the drones seemed frightened and got back to work but most continued looking up at him. Starscream’s vocal processor screeched as he yelled, “Get back to work!”

    He turned away and walked back into the command area. Some drones worked at monitors, but the area was empty otherwise.

    Starscream wished he was in command of the Decepticons. If he were in charge, the Decepticons would’ve defeated the Autobots a long time ago. They wouldn’t have escaped the Battle of San Francisco with heavy injuries. They would’ve triumphed! He scowled. Megatron was old news, yesterday’s best. And though he wouldn’t dare say it…Megatron appeared to be losing his sanity slowly day by day.

    Not that Megatron couldn’t lead, Starscream conceded. But, Starscream thought, with the new superweapons that they were building here, he might just have his chance to take command.
  15. Overlord Balder

    Overlord Balder Voices Slugslinger!

    Jan 1, 2011
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    Starscream is a backstabber..WHAT A TWIST!

    Thundercracker and Skywarp are weirdly remembering me of myself and my brother [that's a good thing...I think].
  16. Christiankid7

    Christiankid7 Christianbot

    Mar 23, 2011
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    So Thundercracker and Skywarp don't like each other
    aaaaaand Starscream's wanting control over the Decepticons, did not see that coming :lol 

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