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    I started writing this, and indeed posting it about 6 years ago in 03. Back then it was called Transformers: Fatuus Eternum, simply because at the time somone else had 'Final destiny' already. I'd been wanting to pick up where i'd left off for some time, and Kickback bringing back his FANimated work spurred me to dig this out and update it somewhat, this is the prelude, I'll dabble with the other sections I have pre-written in the next days and weeks and see if I can't take this all the way to the end this time! All comments and crits greatly appreciated!


    Pale stars flicker across the canvas of a night sky, an empty, shallow sensation hangs over the landscape of a far forgotten planet. In the far future a war torn Cybertron is now devoid of life, the last Transformer having given its life to the great struggle long ago. Bodies lay strewn across the planets surface, the legacy of a brutal conflict that has waged for years immemorial.

    A low buzz filled the air in one of the many ruins, as a light grew into existence. The light thrown from this anomaly silhouetted a figure, a being made of cylinders and spheres arranged in geometric fashions, empty but baring an anthropomorphic form, barely discernable in the midnight darkness.

    The light grew brighter still even as a shadow grew within it, and a vague form became apparent. The light dissipated leaving behind a hunkered form where once there was nought but air; a being hunched over from its abrupt deliverance unto this world. It raised its head and pulled itself up to full height, cutting a regal figure in the dying light of the embers falling before its feet.

    'Where am I?' the being uttered slowly, surveying the scene of desolation before its optic sensors.

    'Cybertron.' The shadowy character replied in deep monotone.

    The form only so recently gracing this desolate world responded in complete refusal, 'This is not my Cybertron.'

    'No, and yet Cybertron it is.' The emotionless voice replied.

    'Why, why am I here?' It said with a struggle.

    'That shall become apparent in time, Optimus Prime. I have a mission for you and your followers.'

    'My followers?' Questioned Prime narrowing his optics to scrutinise the form that odd monotone flowed from.

    'Yes,' as the looming creature continued, gesturing as more lights broke the darkness of night, ‘Grimlock, your lieutenant.' The light closest to him broke, revealing another mechanical being of a form only so familiar to Prime. 'Hot Rod, Dinobot and Ratrap your troops.' The remaining lights dimmed to reveal the last bots.

    'What the slag?' Rattrap said looking around at his new surroundings.

    'Cybertron, but how?' Dinobot snarled.

    'Prime, what is all this? Who are these little bots?' Hot Rod questioned his leader, eyeing the two Maximals suspiciously.

    ‘Who you calling little there, flames?’ Rattrap piped up.

    'I don't know Hot Rod, but I intend to find out, but first...' Prime walked towards the being made from spheres and cylinders, 'This is Cybertron, but not the one we came from. I believe this being brought us here; perhaps it will enlighten us further.'

    'I have few answers for you, Prime.' The hollow creature now facing him spoke up.

    'What are you called?' Primes said spreading his arms slightly, facing his palms towards the alien form in a peaceable way.


    'Did you bring us all here?'



    The strange form remained silent for several moments, before bowing what Prime took to be its head, towards him in a mannerism he recognised from the humans he had known so well, as a patient parent would with a child.

    'The Universe is made up of many galaxies, filled with planets and stars. And all of reality is made up with an infinite number or parallel coexisting universes.'

    'And what has that to do with us?'

    'At the very beginning of time only a single universe was created. Infinitesimal moments after its creation, the first decision was made; the universe began to expand in one way rather than another. This of course left one option for expansion unexplored, to cope with this, a new universe was created in which that unused choice became the chosen one. With each new set of choices, more and more universes were created to account for all the possibilities that the other universes did not use. In a short space of time this lead to the infinite number of universes that now coexist.'

    'But what has that to do with us?'

    'This is the very first universe, and this is the Cybertron of the original timeline. Because this timeline is the first, if something catastrophic was to happen here, it could ripple into all the other universes and thereby destroy all realties. And now, after so much time, there is the possibility for this to happen. There exists on this world, the pieces of a device that when unified have the very real potential to destroy this reality and all other ones in turn along with it. Unless it is stopped.'

    'And you have brought us here to do that?'

    'Indeed, you are the necessary sparks.'

    'Who is trying to unify this device?'

    'I do not know exactly, I only know that forces are at work, under a great misconception, to bring about the end of all things.'

    A movement at the corner of his eye made Prime look down, it was Rattrap, who barely came up to his knee.

    'Whoa, whoa, whoa. Everything everywhere might just go kaboom, and you think that me and Choppaface here,' Ratrap indicated the only other bot in the vicinity that he actually knew, 'Are somehow 'necessary' to stop it?'

    'Yes.' The machine identifying itself as Construct bent ever so slightly to address the robot he dwarfed.

    Rattraps laughter echoed about the surrounding ruins.

    'Quiet vermin, ' Dinobot knocked him to floor, 'You should feel honoured that you were chosen for such a glorious task. Though why a rat like you was brought for what is obviously a warrior's quest, I do not know.'

    'Hey! Who you calling vermin, lizard lips?'

    As the two began to square off, Grimlock, who had remained thoughtfully silent until now, stepped forward.'

    'Me Grimlock not understand, how you know all this?'

    The Construct turned ominously to the slow speaking bot.

    'Before Cybertron was, I was…'

    ‘Wait, I’ve heard that before, are you…?’

    'Greetings, Prime.' A voice from the shadows cut him off.

    Prime squinted into the darkness, his ocular sensors straining to discern the newcomers form. His optics widened as his vision registered not one, but four familiar shapes barely hidden in the darkness, 'No…'

    'Yes, Prime,' Out of the shadows stepped Megatron, starlight flickering across his gunmetal gray chest, 'You'll never escape me, Decepticon's transform!'

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    Great start man:D  I like how panned it out as somewhat the Autobot equivalent of the Unicron-Mega/Galvatron scene from the movie. Can't wait for more.

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