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    That's right -- the popular idea of creating a new fanfic circled around the storyline of TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED is back! The storyline is below.


    The AllSpark has been destroyed, pieces of the all-giving life force of the Transformers spread out amongst the planet Earth. Megatron is alive, his voice broadcast across the cosmos to bring his scattered forces together for a massive strike on the Autobot forces.

    The Autobots, scrambling to keep their footing during this dark time, have stepped in to areas unheard of - using Decepticon technology stolen from the infamous Starscream to create new alternative modes for their Autobot Academy students.

    Their forces stretched thin, Ultra Magnus sends two groups of Autobots out to try and secure vital areas. One group is heading to the planet Chaar, a burnt out husk of a planet where many Decepticon refugees are believed to be stationed. The other group heads to Earth, as a secret back-up group to Optimus Prime.

    But unknown to the Autobots, a group of Decepticons have landed on Earth as well in hopes of finding their missing leader, while the refugees on Chaar aren't as helpless as the Autobots believe them to be...


    Thread closed until the first chapter is posted! Watch this thread!
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