Transformers: Extinction

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    In 2025 an alien craft was discovered in the atlantic ocean deep in the abyss. The ship contained stasis auto bots, we brought them to the U.s. Cared for them, gave them careers in our government we were wrong. They sent a beacon summoning a huge fleet of decepticons to our atmosphere. We stood up to them fire with bigger fire there ammo was so powerful our crust began to become unstable. Now no one was safe no one could hide from the wrath of the decepticons. In 2070 85% of earths population died out, by 2075 we were abandoned by our government. Only ones who stayed to defend our home was the remaining autobots and a few humans. Those who were left wanted to win our earth back! only one hope lies for us. If we manage to find the remaining prime, Optimus's brother earth will be ours nothing will stand between us and finding Utratron,

    Rest Coming Soon...

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