Transformers: Enter Chaos

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    Based on Classics, it's my own personal transformers storyline. Not so much a redux as it will feature characters from almost all the storylines and settings as shown even in this first episode. Here's the cast list so you know who's who.


    Megatron - Titanium War Within Megatron/Classics Deluxe Megatron
    Soundwave - Titanium Soundwave
    Bludgeon - Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Bludgeon
    Demolisher - Energon Demolisher Armada Redeco
    Sandstorm - Energon Cyclonus Armada Redeco
    Starscream - Classics Starscream
    Thundercracker - Titanium War Within Thundercracker/Cybertron Thundercracker
    Ramjet - Classics Ramjet
    Octane - Universe Classics 2.0 Tankor
    Astrotrain - Classics Astrotrain

    Optronix - Titanium War Within Optimus Prime/Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime
    Prowl - Titanium War Within Prowl/Universe Classics 2.0 Prowl
    Ironhide - Universe Classics 2.0 Ironhide
    Ratchet - Universe Classics 2.0 Ratchet
    Bumblebee - Classics Bumblebee
    Sunstreaker - Universe Classics 2.0 Sunstreaker
    Sideswipe - Universe Classics 2.0 Sideswipe
    Mirage - Classics Mirage
    Hot Rod - Classics Rodimus
    Hound - Universe Classics 2.0 Hound
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    Episode One - The Battle Begins!

    Earth, a planet that has seen golden ages of peace and bloody wars of planetary strife has been left alone by the better part of the universe. That is, until now.

    A race of sentient robotic beings from a distant planet known as Cybertron have risen from the end of a millennium long civil war. The decepticons, led by the nefarious Liege Maximo have been routed and fled the planet. One such group, let by the devious Megatron has since discovered a small blue Planet in the Sol system that shows some promise.

    “What a pathetic species of organic creatures.” gloated Starscream, the aerial commander of Megatron’s group as he crushed the smoldering rubble of an F-22 Raptor under his heel. “They didn’t even put up a decent fight!”

    “Quit your sniveling Starscream!” sneered Megatron, still in his Cybertronian form. “Have all the troops scanned an alternate mode yet?”

    Starscream chuckled, “Heh, that loser Thundercracker can’t seem to make up his mind. He’s scanning the database now.”

    “Hurry it up, Thundercracker!” barked Megatron. “We can’t wait around all day for you to pick which form you like, just pick one!”

    “Sorry Megatron,” the cybertronian seeker replied. “I need to find the right vehicle mode to accommodate space for my sonic amplifier technology.”

    “You should’ve just used an older model like the one I picked.” Starscream interjected. “It may look outdated but it’s certainly a lot more stylish then that newer garbage!”

    Megatron examined the rubble of the military base. He still needed an alternate mode for himself. The small shadow of Laserbeak darts across his face as the recon decepticon landed on his partner and commander Soundwave to make his report.

    “Laserbeak reports enemy units sighted, Megatron.” said Soundwave.

    A croaking voice interrupted, “Yes, there are three of them. They’ve been watch us for some time.”

    Megatron cast a sideways glance at his new recruit, Bludgeon. He wasn’t aware that his sensory equipment could be so precise, there’s no telling what else the enigmatic Decepticon might be hiding. “Perhaps you would be willing to do the honors, Bludgeon?” taunted Megatron with a slight smirk.

    Bludgeon didn’t answer. He took a moment to assess his surroundings and then collapsed into vehicle mode. He aimed his top mounted .50 caliber machine gun at the ground and fired several rounds to kick up a large cloud of dust. When the wind cleared the cloud, Bludgeon was gone.

    Half a mile from the base, Bumblebee and Hound huddle at the edge of a cliff.

    “So what are they up to, Hound?” Bumblebee inquired.

    “Near as I can tell Bumblebee they’re just gathering Intel and scanning for vehicle forms. There’s no mentioning of their plans.” Hound focused on his control panel built into the top of his forearm.

    “How many do you think there are?”

    “At least eight by my count. Too many for us to handle. Better call the commander.”

    “Right, I’ll get on…Ack!” Bumblebee’s voice cracked as he barely dodged a glowing blade. He didn’t even have time to gather his wits as a dark green leg with a brown foot spun into the middle of his torso chassis and knocked the little Autobot for a loop.

    Bludgeon looked up at his targets with a cold glare in his optics. “Two, where is the other one?” He croaked, but didn’t wait for an answer. He immediately targeted hound who was still stunned by the sudden appearance of the Decepticon. Raising his left arm he fired a laser from a canon just under his wrist. Hound haphazardly dodged the blast but as he fumbled to target Bludgeon, the Decepticon disappeared again.

    “I think we’re out of our league here, Bumblebee.” Hound scanned the area, and converted power to his proximity sensors.

    “No kidding. Where did Mirage go?” Bumblebee tried to scrape himself off the ground.

    Hound chuckled a bit. “You’re asking me where the invisible Autobot is?”

    “Mirage, eh?” Bludgeon’s voice crawled from just behind Hound, who found himself in a strong rear grapple hold. “Thanks for the ID. I can handle that nuisance easily enough!” Bludgeon deploys his second blade from his left wrist, severing Hound’s missile launcher from his shoulder. The master of Metallikato quickly shifts his weight and blocks the back of Hound’s feet, allowing him to toss the Autobot over the edge of the cliff with no effort. Hound catches the edge as Bumblebee rushes to the rescue.

    Bludgeon goes on the attack, slashing and swiping with his energy blades in unpredictable and indescribable patterns. Instead of directly harming the small Autobot he cuts at the ground and boulders nearby to keep Bumblebee at bay long enough to lure out his true target. A precise blast scratches the edge of his helmet as Bludgeon’s proximity sensors barely manage to detect the incoming energy discharge with enough time for the Decepticon to avoid being scrapped.

    “That’s it, come out Mirage. Let’s see if your skills have improved.” Bludgeon provokes his enemy as his advanced logistics processor triangulates the source of the blast. Narrowing his target with a ten meter area, he takes a leap, and ignores his original targets in favor of his new prey. Several more precise energy blasts are deflected by Bludgeon’s blades as he dances in mid air to redirect the attacks. These new attacks allow the Decepticon to get a precise measurement of his target as Bludgeon lands on the other side of the cliff.

    The moment he touches the ground Bludgeon spins around, dodging more laser fire. He kicks up more dust, which catches the armor of the previously invisible Mirage, making him a visible target. Bludgeon brings his blades up to the Autobot and slashes at Mirage from various angles from the edges of his feet to the sides of his shoulders. He maneuvers his target back against a large rock before changing his style mid swing to combine both of his blades on his right arm into a large spinning double sided blade. He comes down hard on Mirage, who’s great speed barely allows him to catch his assailant’s arm. Mirage deactivates his optic camouflage and the two lock optics as they struggle against each other.

    “You always had bad form, Mirage.” taunted Bludgeon, “As always it’s only your speed that saves you. But you won’t be able to keep up with me.”

    “As always, Bludgeon” retorts the Autobot, “You spend too much time talking!”

    Mirage trips up Bludgeon’s legs and turns his own momentum against the Decepticon and pushes him toward the boulder while the speedy Autobot puts some distance between them. Rather then blocking himself Bludgeon spins his blades and cuts the boulder in half. He turns his attention back to his Autobot target and the two engage in combat. Bumblebee has managed to pull Hound back up from the edge of the cliff and the two of them watch as Mirage manages to just barely stay one step ahead of Bludgeon. As he does Mirage lets off a few rounds of laser fire to force Bludgeon to slow down and dodge or deflect the blasts as he does.

    Hound does a quick diagnostic of his systems as he gazes on at the battle. “I think this is our cue, Bumblebee. We’re not meant for heavy combat like this. We’d better retreat for now and report to base.”

    “But what about Mirage?” asks Bumblebee as he looks on at the duel being waged across the cliff face.

    “Don’t worry about him, Mirage is the fastest Autobot on the ground, and he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve. He’s buying time for us to escape, otherwise Bludgeon will catch us again.”

    “Well alright, I guess that makes sense.” Bumblebee hesitates, but soon transforms into his vehicle mode along side Hound. The two of them accelerate to maximum speed as they ride towards the setting sun. Meanwhile Mirage gets some extra distance from Bludgeon when he leaps into the air and fires a volley of rounds at the Decepticon while upside down in mid air. The master of Metallikato deflects the blast by spinning his blades over his head.

    “You can’t catch me, Bludgeon.” says Mirage after he lands. “As long as I keep my distance you’ll never reach me with those blades.”

    The Decepticon laughs in response, “You really think I haven’t made any modifications to my systems since the last time we fought? Metallikato is only one of my many weapons!” Bludgeon stands up straight as a powerful blast of energy discharges from the large cannon in his midsection. A massive cloud of dust kicks up from the impact of the blast.

    Moments pass before the dust clears. Bludgeon examines the field only to find a set of tracks leading off in the direction of the other Autobots. Bludgeon scans the distant horizon before he transforms back into an armored personnel carrier and heads back to the base to meet up with his Decepticon allies.

    “So, did you scrap the spies, Bludgeon?” Megatron demands a response as his soldier returns. Having scanned and taken the alternate form of a tank, the leader of the Decepticons has finished his business at the base.

    “No” replies Bludgeon as he transforms back into robot mode. “They manage to elude me. It was a scouting unit. They were unable to learn of our intentions during the time they observed us.”

    “So in other words, you failed!” Starscream gloated with his trademark grin.

    “You are hardly one to brag over the failures of others, Starscream.” said Megatron as his optics turned to his aerial commander. “It’s unfortunate that the Autobots were able to track us here, and for them to be gathering reconnaissance must mean that they also already have a base set up here. Perhaps the Autobots detected the potential of this planet even before we did.”

    Octane, another Decepticon flyer interjects. “Does this mean we can get out of here now? There’s nothing left to destroy here.”

    “Yes, Octane.” proclaimed Megatron as he snapped out of his trance. “The humans will return soon with more forces. We must leave before they discover us.”

    “Flee from humans?! Why fear such an inferior species ‘mighty’ Megatron?” asked Starscream with his usual sarcastic tone.

    “They are not nearly as advanced as us, Starscream.” began Megatron. “But they do have technology that can harm us, not to mention the damage they are capable of inflicting to this planet. It would be best for us to leave now. A direct confrontation with the humans will have costly results. Now Decepticons, return to base!”

    Activating a short range teleportation transmitter each Decepticon teleports back to the hidden base at the bottom of the pacific ocean. Across the planet, hidden underneath the ruins of an ancient castle in Europe, the Autobot recon group returns to base. Inside Optronix, leader of the detachment of Autobots awaits their findings. Along with him is the head of Security and second-in-command Prowl. Currently they scan through various Earth vehicles looking for appropriate forms to take. Bumblebee, Hound, and Mirage all enter the room with their report prepared.

    “Autobot Reconnaissance Team returning from duty sir!” announces Hound, the leader of the group. “I’ve filed the report on this electronic chip for you to view at your own discretion, Commander Optronix.”

    “Good work, men.” answered their commander who turned around and claimed the chip. “Were you discovered?”

    “I’m afraid so, Commander.” replied Hound. “The Decepticon warrior Bludgeon was dispatched to deal with us. It was only with the aid of Mirage that we were even able to escape.”

    “Is that so?” Optronix looked at the speedy Autobot recon agent. Mirage showed no enthusiasm for the Autobots over the years, but he has proven exceedingly useful at times. At the moment Mirage appears to be deep in thought. “Very well, you all did good to make it out with this data. I’ll go over it immediately, once I’ve found an appropriate form to reformat to. You have each earned some time off so you may do as you like for the next six Megacycles.”

    “Thank you commander!” Hound salutes as the three autobots turn and leave the room.

    Meanwhile Bludgeon returns to his own laboratory where his various experiments take place. Something of an outsider to the other Decepticons due to his past as a priest of Chaos, Bludgeon relished in his exclusivity. It allowed him a degree of discretion he would not otherwise have. Such is the case when he enters a hidden compartment in his lab that takes him to a secret room he built some time ago. There he activates a long range one way communication device.

    “Master, the Decepticons have set up base and begun their operations in the Sol System.” croaked Bludgeon.

    A deep, unnatural voice on the other end of the line answers back, “Excellent work, Agent Bludgeon. Did you retrieve the data?”

    “Yes, Master. I have completed a thorough scan of Megatron’s new form formatted to the planet’s standards. It should work well for our plans.”

    “Excellent!” bellowed the voice. “Begin the experiment as soon as possible. Contact me again when you have results.”

    “As you wish, Lord of Chaos.” Bludgeon bows his head as the transmission ends and the scene fades to black.
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    Optronix never expected to need the war room to actually discuss tactics. For the first time since he was put in command of the exploration vessel, he has to discuss matters of war. He stood there with his second-in-command Prowl and trusted companion Ironhide, who’d known the Decepticons better then anybody else on the ship.

    “This is a bad situation Commander,” Prowl spoke in his usual cold, stiff voice. A chief of security back on Cybertron during the War, Prowl had an advanced logistics processor. “I strongly recommend we contact Cybertron immediately to appraise Sentinel Prime of the current situation.”

    “I have to agree with the kid on this one, Optronix” Ironhide added. “We aren’t equipped for full scale combat against a desperate group of Decepticons. Megatron’s got the best of what’s left of that faction.”

    “I’ve already sent message to Prime. He hasn’t gotten back to me yet.” Optronix reflected on his situation before he continued. “We’re on our own out here. Our mission was just to observe the evolution of the species on this world. The appearance of the Decepticons makes no sense.”

    “They must have a reason,” Ironhide said. “There aren’t enough resources on this planet to warrant stationing themselves here. They must be after something else.”

    “I’ll look over the records,” interjected Prowl. “I’ll see if there’s anything of note. If we can find out why they are here, it will make it easier to avoid them until help arrives.”

    “If what they are going after is that big, we might not be able to wait.” stated Optronix. “There’s no telling what they could be after. What can we do defensively to increase our chances?”

    “I already maximized the defense grid” acknowledged Prowl as he punched up some figures to display the outer perimeter defenses of their hidden base. “It isn’t the most reliable security system, since it isn’t designed for class 5 level combat. We didn’t prepare for that much since the threat level of the planet is only class 3.”

    “Ratchet and I know some tricks to help improve outer defensives, old war tricks from our more desperate battles during the War.” noted Ironhide. “It won’t help much, but we’ll need every advantage we can get.”

    “Sounds good Ironhide,” said Optronix. “What about those sensor relays patrol team A is installing? Will those help?”

    “They will,” answered Prowl. “Though that’s assuming those men can install them properly. Knowing the three of them that’s a stretch to say the least.”

    “Give them a chance, Prowl.” responded Optronix. “They’re still young and inexperienced, but they’ve got strong wills. The three of them can take care of themselves.”

    “I disagree, Commander.” stated Prowl, as he glanced at Optronix with a hint of frustration in his face. “Those three have a good chance at blowing this entire mission by exposing us to the native race of humans. They may not be as advanced as we are, but we don’t want to start a war with them all the same. Especially not with Decepticons hanging in around.”

    “Give the boys some slack, Mr. Security.” cut in Ironhide. “I remember a certain soldier who used to work under Megatron in the days before the war who made more then a few mistakes that I had to bail him out personally for.”

    Prowl doesn’t respond to Ironhide’s statement. Optronix decides to close the issue himself. “As Commander of this ship it’s my responsibility to divide the work load among the available units. Those three are the fastest ground units we have, on top of which one of them is one of the only member of this crew equipped for flight. Should they encounter any enemy units in their mission, they are better equipped to deal with the situation then any of us.”

    The center display flickers as the three dimensional holographic display shifts from the outer defense grid to an image of Sentinel Prime (Armada Powerlinx Optimus Prime).

    “I just got your message Commander Optronix,” announced Prime, his coagulator crackling over the long distance transmission. “Give me an update of the situation, what do you know about the Decepticons?”

    “Our information at this point is somewhat limited Sentinel Prime” answered Optronix. “we know they are being lead by Megatron. His commanders include Starscream, Soundwave, and Bludgeon.”

    Sentinel took a moment to scan his memory banks for the names mentioned. “Megatron was a high ranking soldier under Leige Maximo, but they had a falling out near the end of the war. Megatron and his brother Megabolt split with their own team, leaving Maximo and his unit alone.”

    “Can you send us any back up?” Optronix asked Prime.

    “No, we’re still trying to deal with Maximo himself. We’ve got him backed into a corner and we’ve help him under a siege for several stellar cycles, but we haven’t been able to disable the threat just yet. For the moment my men and I must stay here until we can defeat Liege Maximo once and for all.”

    “Very well, sir.” responded Optronix who lowered his head. “We’ll hold out for as long as we can.”

    “Do your best soldier.” said Sentinel Prime as he tried to reassure his troops. “That’s all I can ask of you.”

    A somber silence settles over the three autobots as the transmission cuts. At the end of which Optronix speaks without looking up. “We need every advantage we can get. Prowl, keep on alert for communications from unit A. Ironhide, I want you to find Ratchet and tell him to meet me in my quarters.”

    “Sure thing Commander,” replied Ironhide. “What for?”

    “We have to get Grimlock back online. We’re going to need a good soldier like him in this desperate hour.”

    Prowl and Ironhide salute their commanding officer as all three autobots leave the room to deal with their various tasks.

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