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    The Pax Cybertronia has been broken. The year is 8051 A.D. Under a series of severe reparations following the assassination attempt on Maximal Elder Bucephalus Prime, the Predacon Alliance seceeds from the Great Cybertronian Republic.

    A reborn Decepticon, Starscream, establishes The Imperium Separatus (The Empire Separate), and dictates total control over government. The young new empire quickly conquers eight planets and gains complete control over local energon markets. Displaced inhabitants are either enslaved or used as energy for the Predacons' biotechnological bodies. A complex system of boundaries, provinces and sectors are created as the I.S. competes territorially and economically with the G.C.R. Tensions increase, meanwhile civil war erupts on Cybertron. A confederacy of anti-organic nations attempt to split from the main body of the republic, resulting in military conflict. The I.S., seeing oppurtunity, declares war on the G.C.R. A Maximal known as Dynamo (Dinobot) emerges a great military commander and leads the Great Cybertronian Republic into the Second Great War against the new generation of Vehicons, and Imperium Separatus...

    Who will claim victory?

    CHAPTER ONE: Honor

    Few Maximals ever understand what true honor is.
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    Awesome idea! Too many big words for me though. I know most of them because i took World History last year, but a lot of people might not know what they all mean, try to "dumb" it down just a little. Like change governmental apparatus to governmental system*.

    *i hope that's what you meant by it:) 

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