Transformers Empire: Arise- A 4 part miniseries

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    Please note: Optimus Prime is Gen2 Laser Rod and Megatron is Gen2 tank. Scourge is based on the RID character Black Convoy.
    All others are there original Generation One format.
    Also note, this is the beginning, so many Transformers will be out of character. Don't worry, they'll become the heroes and villains we all love.

    Transformers Empire
    Alpha Trion stared at the council before him, wondering what he should do next. “You see,” he started. “Trade with the Gobots is important to the Autocon Empire, you all should know that. We will see the end of our Golden Age of Cybertron if we don’t start to leave our isolation.”
    One of the men said, “But sir, every time our ships enter their space, they open fire on us, some never even return. You can ask your son about that.”
    Alpha Trion sighed. “My son, Megatron, has tried several military tactics. I’m going to try some diplomacy this time.”
    “But, Alpha Trion…”
    “My mind is made up! I shall return within a few days if all goes well.” With that, he left the room, leaving many confused council members.

    Optimus Prime walked through the Autocon War Academy halls, heading for the commandant’s office.
    He knocked on the door, and it slid open. “Optimus Prime, it is good to see you. I am impressed with your with your performance this semester.”
    “Thank you, Commandant Defcon.”
    “I know you didn’t want any special privileges, but I’m afraid you’ll have to accept this one. Your father is leaving the planet and he wants to see you.”
    “Oh, yes. Scourge wrote me and told me about his plan to go to Gobotron.”
    Defcon said, “You understand that I have to ask you to do this.”
    Optimus Prime nodded. “I shall leave immediately, but first I want to say goodbye to Elita-One and Prowl.”

    “Listen my sons, I am proud of you all.” Alpha Trion stared at his two sets of twins before him.
    The first set was Optimus and Megatron. Megatron had taken command over the military after Defcon took over the academy. Optimus Prime had actually gone to the academy to train to be a fleet admiral.
    The next set, Ultra Magnus and Scourge, were the youngest in the group.
    Ultra Magnus had sought an artistic and literary path. He looked like Optimus except he was white with a blue face-shield. As for Scourge, the youngest in the group, he followed Megatron everywhere, seeking to become a great strategist. It was strange because he looked like Optimus, except he was black.
    Alpha Trion continued, “I will be gone for a few days on a diplomatic mission. I should return very soon.”
    Megatron folded his arms, and said, “What if you don’t return? Who should take over the Autocon Empire and rule over Cybertron and its colonies? Who will receive the Matrix? Have you thought of that?”
    Alpha Trion laughed, and said, “That shouldn’t be a problem. I have great faith that I will return. All of our tactics with the Gobots have been military action, I think it’s time we approached a more casual tactic. Goodbye, my sons. I shall return soon.”

    Optimus Prime raced through the Autocon Palace. One of the council members had contacted him and told him that there was a problem. Before the councilor could finish, Prime was out the door. He knew what was going on. Something about Alpha Trion’s mission had gone wrong, terribly wrong.
    Prime entered the communications center. His three brothers had beaten him there. He braced himself for the bad news. “What happened?” he demanded.
    Megatron shook his head, and said, “The last contact we got from our father was that the mission was successful. He was returning with a diplomatic convoy from Gobotron, but then he said a meteor shower was approaching. The communications went blank, and I went to investigate.”
    Optimus Prime glared at Megatron and asked, “What did you find?” Megatron hung his head and said, “Nothing, no debris, no residue from the engines, no nothing. They simply vanished into thin air.”
    Prime eyes narrowed as he said, “There is no air in space. Something had to have happened. Meteorite showers should have left some debris behind! What of the Matrix? Did you find any trace of that?”
    “No, we didn’t. I wish I could’ve done something more.”
    Optimus Prime was speechless; he could not believe how calm Megatron or any of his brothers could be.
    Megatron said, “I shall assume command of the Autocon Empire. With my leadership, this Golden Age will expand far beyond our wildest dreams.”
    Suddenly, Ultra Magnus blurted out, “Wait just one minute! Prime emerged from his status pod twenty seconds before you did!” Ultra Magnus paused and then continued. “Not only that, but our father didn’t pass the Matrix down. So, the decision falls to the council!”
    Megatron gave Ultra Magnus a cruel look, then looked at Scourge who offered, “But don’t forget, Megatron has more command experience than Prime…”
    Megatron interrupted and said, “No, Ultra Magnus has a point. We will let the council handle this matter immediately.”
    Prime was feeling dizzy from all of this. He went from an orphan, to a could-be-ruler in a matter of seconds.
    He wondered what would happen next.

    Megatron and Optimus walked through the halls side by side. Both were totally silent. Finally, they arrived at the door at the top of the councilor tower, but before Megatron could open it Optimus Prime stopped him and said, “Megatron, I think you would make an excellent leader. I am more than positive that they chose you as the new leader of the Autocon Empire, for you have been trained by the best. Although we disagree on some things, I know you will do excellent.”
    Megatron grinned and said, “You seem so positive that they will not choose you, the older brother as the new leader of Cybertron. Why?”
    “You have more command experience, Megatron. I haven’t even finished my years at the Autocon War Academy. No, I am most positive that you will be their first choice.”
    “You don’t know how much that means to me, Optimus Prime.”
    Optimus touched the keypad and entered the Autocon Councilor Chamber. Megatron said, “Well, let us have it. Who shall take our father’s place on the Throne of the Autocon Empire?”
    The Councilors looked at each other. Finally, one stood up and answered,
    “We have decided through much discussion and debating that Optimus Prime holds the right to take his father’s place. He is the oldest and is held in the highest esteem by many Councilors.”
    “What!” cried Megatron. “It took you three weeks to decide which one of us two? Why didn’t just come out and tell us?”
    Another got up and said, “Well, another candidate came up. Head of the Autocon Seeker Forces Star Scream put his name in. We’re very sorry, Megatron, but your disbelief in the power of the Matrix and your Decepticon philosophy cost you. Optimus Prime retained the Majority of our votes.”
    Megatron slammed his fists against the table. “How could you betray me like this? This isn’t about my Decepticon beliefs! It’s about your power!”
    Megatron looked as though he would strangle them all, but Optimus Prime held him back from striking. Finally, Megatron calmed down. He knew he could not threaten the Council of Cybertron.
    Meanwhile, Optimus was watching in shock. He could not believe what he had just heard; he was indeed the new leader of Cybertron and the Autocon Empire. Could he run this society? Of course he could, all was at peace. They were in the Golden Age of Cybertron.
    As they left the room, Prime said, “Megatron, I had no idea. I would have said something, but I have this feeling that I’m suppose to lead or help lead Cybertron in something new, something beyond this Golden Age.”
    Megatron stopped in his tracks and asked, “Optimus, do you think you can handle this responsibility? Is there something you don’t think you can’t handle? If there is, I want to help.”
    “The pressure, but that’s why we have the Cybertron Counsel to help me with that.”
    “I see. Well, congratulations, Optimus. I know Alpha Trion would be proud of you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment.”
    Optimus noticed that Megatron did not address Alpha Trion as their father.

    The Councilor walked through the quiet tower, when suddenly a shadow fell over him. “Wait, Councilor Octane, I have something to ask you.”
    Octane stopped his pace and turned to see Megatron behind him.
    “How many people voted for me, old friend?”
    “I can’t tell you that. It’s confidential!” he answered.
    Suddenly, Megatron’s hand grasped his throat and slammed him against the wall. “Come on, Octane. Surely it had to be quite a few the way you announced it to me and my brother.”
    Octane swallowed, and said, “Actually, Megatron, you only had one vote.”
    “What!” demanded Megatron as he tightened his grip.
    “Don’t kill the messenger,” said Octane. “I’m just telling you the way it is.”
    “There are fifteen of you, and I only got one vote!” Megatron shouted.
    “Yes eight voted for Optimus, six voted for Star Scream and I voted for you,” offered Octane.
    “I’m touched,” replied Megatron with fire in his eyes.
    “I’m telling you the truth. I’ll never forget what you did for me. The others have, I didn’t.”
    “You mean, this is all some power play?” Megatron asked.
    “Yes, in fact tomorrow they’re voting to replace you.”
    “With who?” Megatron leaned in closer.
    “I don’t know.” Megatron let go of Octane, who said, “It’s over. The Decepticons will never get their vengeance.”
    Megatron said, “It’s never over.”
    “What do you mean?” asked Octane.
    Megatron answered, “Is Soundwave ready with the troops?”
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Then let us report to the Nemesis. It is time.” Megatron smiled.
    “Are you saying rebellion?” asked Octane anxiously.
    “Not rebellion,” replied Megatron. “A revolution.”

    Optimus Prime was walking through the halls, when suddenly a red Autocon ran toward him. “Sir, we have a problem!”
    Optimus asked, “Who are you?”
    “I’m Ironhide, your new advisor.”
    “Ah, I see. Well, what’s the problem?” Optimus liked his rough accent.
    “It’s your brothers, Megatron and Scourge. They’ve rallied several Autocon soldiers and have threatened to take over Cybertron!”
    “What?” Optimus followed Ironhide, and they arrived at a screen with Megatron’s face on it. “Attention, Transformers! Whoever remains loyal to the Autocons will be crushed! If you want to survive, join the new Decepticon faction! Only then will you be safe! To prove my power, I am going to destroy the Energon storage tanks today at 200 hours!”
    Optimus Prime turned to Ironhide and said, “That’s just a few hours away! Get down there and post extra guards!”
    “Yes, sir!” In a moment he was gone.
    Optimus looked out the window and whispered, “What is wrong with you Megatron? You’re going to destroy the Golden Age!”

    The council gathered together and one said, “This wasn’t suppose to happen! Megatron was suppose to be out of our way! We should have been the rulers of Cybertron by now!”
    Another said, “Hey, where’s Octane?”
    Suddenly, a face appeared on the screen. “Megatron!” said the first.
    “Yes, my disloyal minions. I used my influence on my father to get you where you are. Now, you shall know the price of disloyalty!”

    Optimus Prime opened fire on the incoming Seekers. They now wore the old Decepticon symbol, when the clock hit 200 hours exactly he heard an explosion, but not from the storage tanks, but from behind. He turned to see the Cybertron Councilor Tower in flames.
    The storage tanks exploded as well, but Optimus did not seem to notice.
    Ironhide walked up next to him and said, “Sir, most of our men are militia forces and castle guards. What’s going on?”
    Optimus answered, “Pressure.”
    “I beg your pardon?” said Ironhide.
    “Ironhide, do you know what happens when the Council is destroyed?”
    “Well, to be honest, Prime, I never thought about it.”
    “The current leader takes full command of the Autocon Empire, but were not an empire, are we?” Ironhide remained silent. “Answer me!”
    “I suppose not,” Ironhide said quietly.
    “Exactly, and from now on we will be known as the Autobots. Our top priority is to stop Megatron and the evil of the Decepticons.”
    Optimus Prime watched as more energy tanks began to explode. The power of Cybertropolis soon began to fade.
    Optimus knew the Golden Age of peace and prosperity had ended, not only for Cybertron, but for its colonies, and for the entire Autocon Empire.
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    Arise Part 2


    Ironhide ran as fast as he could.
    A voice yelled, “Give up, Autobot, you can never escape from Sky-Warp!”
    “Somehow I think you’re right!” Ironhide replied as he spun around to open fire on Sky-Warp.
    “Ha! You’ll never catch me!” shouted the Seeker.
    Sky-Warp came around for another barrage, but just before he could open fire, another Autobot appeared out of nowhere and fired a missile from his shoulder that knocked Sky-Warp out of the sky.
    “Thanks, Mirage!” said Ironhide.
    “No, problem,” replied Mirage. “Did you get the Energon?”
    “Nope, there’s none left.” Ironhide said. “It’s hard to believe that this planet was once rich with resources.”
    Mirage sighed and replied plainly, “I guess no one expected Megatron to come out of nowhere and betray his own brother.”
    “Yeah well, I guess we ought to get back to headquarters and tell Prime the bad news,” Ironhide said agitated.
    They transformed and sped off, not knowing that evil, prying eyes were watching them. When they arrived at the base, they transformed back into their robot modes, Mirage typed in the code, and the door slid open, to the once great capital of the Autocons.
    Optimus approached them and asked, “Well, Ironhide did you find any Energon?”
    “Negative, it turned out to be trap. I was ambushed by Sky-Warp, but thank goodness Mirage was in the neighborhood.”
    “This is getting us no where!” said Prime. “We are at a deadlock in our war with the Decepticons. We need some sort of edge.”
    “I imagine you have plan,” said a voice from behind.
    “Indeed, Jazz,” answered Optimus. “But, I have a feeling that you are not going to like it.”
    “What is it?” Mirage dared to ask.
    “Assemble every Autobot we can spare in what’s left of the lecture hall.” “Yes, sir!” replied the three Autobots
    Soon, a crew of sixteen Autobots was assembled.
    Optimus Prime stood on the platform. He looked out over his Autobots. He was about to ask something hard.

    “Thank you for coming,” he started. “As you know, this is a missions briefing, but it will take courage. We are at a deadlock in our war, and we need an edge. So, I have decided that we are going on the Ark and head for Gobotron to gather reinforcements.”
    Everyone looked around and one asked, “How do we even know that they are friendly?”
    “The last communications from my father was that the diplomatic mission to their planet was a success. I know that this is a surprise to all of you, but we cannot win this war without help. I am not going to force you to go. Whoever wants to go may stand, if you do not, you will not be considered a coward or a traitor.”
    One by one, all sixteen stood, and Ironhide yelled, “We’re with you Prime! We in this together, so let’s gather those reinforcements!”
    Jazz yelled, “If we die, we die with honor! ‘Till All Are One!’ That was the ancient Autobot battle cry, now it is ours.”
    The crew shouted, “Till all are one!”
    Little did they know that a lone, mechanical surveillance unit was watching them.
    It flew from the battle-damaged palace, and across the blackened expanse of Cybertropolis. It entered a faster flying pace and then landed into the chest of its waiting master.
    “Buzzsaw, your information is most vital. We must return immediately.”
    Soundwave transformed and raced to Decepticon Headquarters, Darkmount.
    He arrived there, and a voice said, “Who goes there? Answer me, or your scrap metal!”
    Soundwave replied mechanically, and said, “It is I, Thundercracker.”
    “Oh, Megatron is waiting for you,” said the Seeker.
    Soundwave just nodded.
    Meanwhile, Star Scream was having an argument with the very one Soundwave was suppose to see.
    “Megatron,” he squeaked. “This is war is being fought without honor. It is getting us no where! The Autobots should be wiped out!”
    Megatron sighed, and said, “The key is fear, Star Scream. Only a select few our chosen to lead.”
    “One day I shall command the Decepticons! And even the great Optimus Prime will fear me!” Star Scream shouted.
    “Maybe so, Star Scream,” Megatron replied. Then suddenly, he grabbed his neck and said, “But not today!”
    Shockwave interrupted, “Soundwave returns, Megatron!”
    Megatron turned and said, “Welcome, my loyal soldier. Did you get anything?”
    Soundwave said, “Buzzsaw, eject, and playback!”
    Buzzsaw linked to the computer and Megatron witnessed the whole mission briefing. “Excellent, Soundwave, you shall be rewarded.”
    “Thank you, Megatron.”
    Buzzsaw transformed and hooked to Soundwave’s shoulder.
    Megatron said, “Now, we must think of someway to stop the Autobots. For if there is only a slight chance that they could receive help from Gobotron, we could loose the war! Decepticons, board the Nemesis, Shockwave you have earned the right to take command while I am away!”
    “Cybertron shall be as it is when you return, Megatron!” replied Shockwave.
    Megatron shouted, “Star Scream, rally the troops! We must board immediately or the Autobots will have a head start.”

    Optimus Prime looked at his crew on the bridge of the Ark. They were taking a big risk for his intuition. Soon, he found himself overwhelmed by pressure, but then he remembered what Jazz said, “Till All Are One!”
    That was the battle cry of the first Autobot leader A-3. He prophesied that an Autobot would rise from the ranks, and ‘Light the Darkest Hour.” It was a term that many scholars had studied. Could it mean that the Decepticons would build a weapon that only the Matrix could stop, or would something much worse come upon them? Either way, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership was gone, and only the decision of the Autocon Council remained.
    Jazz interrupted his thoughts, and said, “We’re ready to get under way.”
    Optimus stood and said, “Launch!”
    The Ark went through Cybertron’s atmosphere, then broke through its gravitational field, heading for the unknown.
    Suddenly, Mirage said, “Sir, I’m detecting a Decepticon vessel.”
    “A war ship?” asked Optimus Prime
    “Worse, sir. It’s the Nemesis!” shouted Ironhide.

    “Open fire!” ordered Megatron.
    “Sir, their shields are down!” said Star Scream. “It would be dishonorable. Besides, if we capture the Ark…”
    Megatron grunted. “Fine, get a tractor beam on them!”

    “Sir, they’ve got a tractor beam on us!” shouted Mirage.
    Optimus looked around and asked, “Suggestions?”
    Jazz said, “We might be able to send a back feed loop through it!”
    Bumble Bee shouted, “That’s too dangerous! We could be effected with our shields down!”
    “Will it shake them off?” asked Optimus.
    “Well, yes,” came the reply.
    “Do it, Jazz!”
    Jazz slammed his finger down on a button that made the ship jolt.

    Suddenly, the Nemesis shook with a vengeance.
    “What’s going on?” demanded Megatron.
    Soundwave reported, “They are doing something that is causing the tractor beam to back feed. We have to release it.”
    Megatron said, “We have to stop them. Release the tractor beam and open fire on them!”

    “Optimus, they’ve released us, but the ships been damaged!” Jazz said.
    “Continue to head for Gobotron!” Optimus answered.
    Ironhide shouted, “Navigation is down, Prime, I can’t tell where in the blazes we’re headed!”
    The ship suddenly shook. “They’re firing on us!” shouted Mirage.
    Sparks flew everywhere this time.
    “Can we fire a torpedo?” asked Optimus
    Jazz said, “Yes, I believe we can!”
    “Then…” Suddenly another blast hit the ship. “Then return fire!”

    The Nemesis shook harder than ever this time.
    “What happened?” demanded Megatron.
    Star Scream answered, “They’ve fired some sort of torpedo. We’ve lost weapons and navigation.”
    “Keep following them!” ordered Megatron.
    “But, Megatron…” pleaded Star Scream.
    “Do it!” yelled Megatron.

    “Optimus, we have to land this thing!” said Mirage.
    “Any habitable planets nearby?” asked Optimus.
    “One,” said Ironhide. “I think we can make it, but I have to drive the ship in manually without the system.
    “Then land us!” ordered Prime as the Ark headed for the planet, but the ship suddenly jerked incredibly strong.
    “What happened?” demanded Optimus.
    “We got caught in one of its moon’s gravitational field. It’s slinging us toward the planets polar region,” replied Jazz.
    “What of the Decepticons?” asked Optimus.
    “They’re not on sensors!” shouted Bumble Bee.
    “Get propulsion online and land this thing!” ordered Optimus.
    “We can’t,” replied Mirage. “Our momentum is too strong! We’re heading for a continent made of ice!”
    Optimus sat in the captain’s seat, and held on. “Brace for impact!”
    Suddenly, the Ark crashed into the ice continent, the force jolted every single Autobot into stasis lock.
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    Arise Part 3

    Part Three: Activation​

    “Hey, Spike!” called someone’s voice over the harsh wind. “Mr. Witwicky wants to see you!”
    “Thanks,” replied Spike.
    He trudged through the snow in his thick boots, though they barely helped in the treacherous snow. His dad David Witwicky, often referred to as Sparkplug because of the name of the company, founded this exhibition to the Southern most region of Alaska to see if they could strike oil. Nothing had come up so far.
    Spike entered into the compound and said, “Hey, dad! Someone said you wanted to see me.”
    “Hey son, I did want to talk to you. You’ve been a big help to my company. You’ve served as a handyman, a vice-president, and much more. This business barely gives you anything in return. Why don’t you go back to Arizona and spend some time with Carly. I understand if you want to leave and strike your own oil.”
    Spike thought a moment and said, “Dad, I believe that my destiny is to strike oil here with you. I’m not going anywhere.”
    “Dad, please you have to understand this. This is my place. I will stick with you no matter what. Carly knew she would have to wait on me when I first left to come up here with you.”
    “Thanks, son.” Suddenly, a boy slightly younger than Spike burst into the room and said, “Mr. Witwicky, we found something! We found something!”
    “Did we strike oil, Chip?”
    “No sir, we found something…uh…different!” replied Chip.
    Sparkplug threw on his jacket and followed Chip with Spike not far behind.
    “Down there, sir. Our laser drill found it.”
    Spike looked down and saw what looked like a giant ship, caught in the ice.
    Frozen in place for, who knows how long. “Get me a rope, and lets get down there!” Spike, Sparkplug, and Chip were soon tied to ropes and climbing down the hole.
    When they reached the bottom, Chip said, “Those things look like rockets of some kind. Cool, dude.”
    Spike chuckled and said, “Anything techno impresses you huh, Chip?”
    “You bet, sir!”
    “Hey boys come over here!” called Sparkplug.
    When they arrived he said, “Look at this red symbol.”
    Spike looked at it and said, “That’s incredible.”
    “That’s what I was thinking,” said Sparkplug nodding. “What could it be?”
    Chip answered, “Maybe it’s extraterrestrial.”
    Sparkplug said, “Chip, I am a man who was taught that that stuff was nothing but a hoax, but this, I have to say that maybe you’re right.”
    “Look in the ice, you can see burns on the side, it defiantly was in a battle.”
    “Get that laser drill let’s try to dig it up some more up.”

    MEANWHILE, somewhere in the arctic circle…
    “Slow to three quarters.” The first officer of the Submarine USS Searcher repeated, “Slow to three quarters!”
    “Captain, I’ve got something on sensors.”
    “What is it?” asked the captain.
    “I don’t know. Whatever it is it’s huge.”
    “A pod of whales?”
    “No, sir it’s too big for that.”
    “The shape is a little odd,” the first officer noticed.
    “Interesting. Suggestions anyone?” asked the captain.
    “It could be an iceberg,” said the first officer.
    The officer at the radar said, “No, I don’t think so. It seems hallow on the inside.”
    “How big is it, exactly?” asked the captain.
    “I can’t get a definite readout, but it is definitely bigger than an aircraft carrier,” reported the officer.
    “Can we send the experimental probe out to see if it matches?”
    “I think it worth a try, sir.”
    “Alright. Commander Hooks, see to it.”
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Helm get us closer, one quarter speed ahead,” ordered the captain.
    “Sir, we’re ready to launch the probe,” reported First Officer Hooks.
    “Set the coordinates and fire away!” ordered the captain.
    Soon, the probe arrived within visual range. “Sir, we have the thing on the monitor. You might want to see it,” reported the helmsman.
    The Captain walked up to the screen and nearly fainted. “What in blue blazes? It’s a ship!”
    “It appears so, sir,” said the shocked First Officer.
    “I’ve never seen one like that. Post the probe in a position where it can scan the alloys, immediately!” ordered the captain.
    “Yes, sir,” came the reply. After a few minutes, the officer reported. “It appears that it is made from an unknown alloy. Sir, if I may say so, it appears to be a UFO.”
    “Lieutenant, I think your right,” said the captain. “Can you tell its age?”
    “Judging from the amount of mold and seaweed that the probe is reading, I’d say several thousands years old. Not only that, sir, but I think it was under fire when it crashed. You see the burn marks? It was hit by something strong,” the Lieutenant said.
    “Can we get close enough to board it?” asked the captain.
    “I believe so, sir.”
    “Then that’s just what we’re going to do!”
    “Sir, shouldn’t we call for reinforcements?” asked First Officer Hooks. “For all we know, that thing have something in there that doesn’t want to be disturbed!”
    The Captain replied, “Concerns are duly noted, Commander, but we only get one chance at this. Besides, this could make us famous! Extend boarding track and prepare to latch on!”
    The officers did as they were told, but they had suspicions that they could not shake.
    Within moments, it was too late to argue, for they were attached to the gigantic vessel. The Captain and five other men put on oxygen suits and were inside soon enough.
    “There doesn’t seem to be any water in here,” said the First Officer. “The walls aren’t even wet.”
    One guy said, “It appears that there is an energy field protecting the vessel from being affected by the water.”
    “How did the Searcher get through?” asked the captain.
    “Apparently, the field is low enough to where we didn’t even feel it.”
    “I wonder why these corridors are so large. I mean, this is as big as the Grand Canyon,” commented the captain.
    “Sir, around this corner!” shouted First Officer Hooks.
    The Captain did as was suggested, but somehow he wished he had not.
    “What are they?” he asked in awe.
    “They appear to be robots, sir,” said First Officer Hooks.
    They did look like robots, but none like he had seen before. Almost all of them seemed to have a purple symbol, on their chest or somewhere.”
    “They look bigger than the Sears Tower!” shouted the captain. “Are they alive…uh, I mean online?”
    “It appears not, but they seem to be registering some sort of energy from under their chests plating.” said one.
    “Amazing.” As the Captain said this, he accidentally backed into something.
    Suddenly, a female voice came online and said, “Emergency system online! Deploying warp probe to scan for durable transformer modes!”
    Lights and buttons began to flash.
    The Captain exclaimed, “It spoke English!”
    One officer said, “I suggest we get out of here, now!”
    “I couldn’t agree more!” the captain said.
    They raced for the boarding latch and when they were inside First Officer Hooks said, “Sir, a probe just launched out of that thing and scanned us.” “What’s going on?” asked the Captain.
    “It just came to life!” shouted someone.
    “Sir, I’ve got another sub on my scopes!” another shouted.
    “What?” demanded the captain.
    “It came from that thing!”
    “It’s launching torpedoes!” shouted First Officer Hooks.
    “All hands, brace for impact!” the captain ordered.
    That was all the crew of the Searcher would ever marvel at again, for this torpedo came from something giving off a maniacal laugh.

    The warp probe streamed through the air shouting, “Repair! Repair!”
    Over and over again. It scanned jets, cameras, trucks, and a special green tank.

    Inside the Ark, something was awakening. A computer screen came online and said, “Tele Tran One reactivated. Detecting durable energy source, preparing to transfer energy to probe launcher.”

    While outside, the ground started to rumble.
    Sparkplug yelled, “Shut down the laser drill!”
    The person managing the controls responded, “I can’t! The energy from it is being drained!”
    Suddenly, a giant cord came loose and started to fall toward Sparkplug. Chip ran as fast as he could and called out “Mr. Witwicky, look out!”
    Spike turned to see Chip push Sparkplug out of the way and take the hit. “Chip!” he called out. He ran by his side and held his limp body. “Dad, he’s unconscious!” Suddenly, a strange probe shot out of the ground and headed to…who knows where.

    “Are all Decepticons online?” asked a newborn Megatron. “When I call out your name, transform!”
    The Decepticons got into position and so, it began…
    “Star Scream!” Star Scream came out of his new improved jet mode.
    “Very nice, Star Scream. The probe did you a nice improvement.”
    “Thank you, Megatron,” Star Scream said with a sarcastic bow.
    “Now, I shall continue…The Seekers Sky-Warp, Thundercracker, Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet. My other minions Soundwave, Reflector, Lens, Film, Scourge, and last Reaper!”
    The last did not reply. “Soundwave, find Reaper on the scanners.”
    Star Scream commented, “Perhaps he was killed when we landed. Good riddance! He was dishonorable anyway.”
    “Silence, Star Scream!” shouted Megatron. “Reaper is the biggest soldier I have on this squad. Losing him could cost us a disadvantage.”
    Soundwave said, “He is using his communicator, Mighty Megatron.”
    “Put him through!” ordered Megatron.
    “Hello, my fellow, Decepticons! This is Reaper here reporting for duty!” “Where are you?” asked Megatron.
    “I am outside the Nemesis with a destroyed water shuttle. I have scanned it to use as my body,” said Reaper.
    “Have you patrolled the area?” asked Megatron.
    “Indeed sir, I only found this certain shuttle, but indeed there are several primitive radar stations. Our scattering field should shield us from them.”
    “Did that shuttle have any energy we could use to bring the Nemesis back online?” asked Megatron.
    “Yes, sir. I salvaged some sort of reactor that uses radiation as a power source. It can easily be converted into Energon.”
    “Then get back inside, Reaper. We must begin immediately before we alert the Autobots!”
    Star Scream blurted out, “How do we know that the Autobots even survived the crash?”
    “Always expect the worst, Star Scream. Besides, I know my brother will elude even death to stop me.”

    “Everyone get aboard the planes now! We’re leaving this place!” yelled Sparkplug. He was not sure what else to do.
    One person came up to him and asked, “Sir, what about Chip?”
    “When you arrive in California, take him to a hospital. Tell his parents that I’ll pay for his bill. I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t pushed me out of the way.” The man did not hesitate.
    Spike came up to him and said, “Dad, all the planes are loaded we have enough room in our private jet to get out of here.”
    “Then go,” Sparkplug said.
    “But, what about you?” Spike asked.
    “This is my property. I need to stay here and stabilize the equipment.”
    “I’m not leaving you Dad! Not for the world!” Spike said boldly.
    “Thanks, son. I’m glad to have you at my side!”
    Before they even got to the strange crater, however, the laser drills just stopped. Only to lengthen their shock and amazement a strange looking oil truck came driving out of the hole.
    It drove beside them and, to their surprise, it said, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but Tele Tran1 was acting on its emergency systems. Was anyone seriously hurt?”
    Sparkplug shook off his shock and said, “Uh, yeah. A kid no younger than sixteen was hit by falling beam! He could have been killed!”
    The truck seemed silent for a moment. The silence almost seemed to be remorseful. Both father and son did not know what to do.
    The figure suddenly shouted, “Optimus Prime, transform!” The front of the hood split in two, then the trailer separated and a being emerged. It was huge, almost as tall as the Sears Tower. It bent down and said, “I am sorry about your casualty. If we can assist in his recovery we will try. Might I have your names and the planet we are on?”
    Sparkplug shook his head and said, “Yeah, I guess, if you were hostile you’d kill us if we gave you our names or not. I’m David Witwicky, but everyone calls me ‘Sparkplug.’ This is my son, Spike. The planet you’re on is Earth and I own the area were your spaceship landed.”
    This Optimus Prime looked down and said, “I doubt we can move the Ark right now. I’m afraid I have to ask you if we can take up permanent residence here.”
    Sparkplug asked, “Why?”
    Optimus looked down and said, “I’m afraid that our enemies the Decepticons followed us here. We were on a diplomatic mission to Gobotron when they attacked us. Our sensors have just detected their warp probe, thus meaning that they are alive. We need our ship to find them so we can port were they port just in case they try to steal energy from this planet.”
    Suddenly, a high pitched voice yelled, “Prime! We have the specs you wanted. It appears that most of this planet is water, and the beings here are organic.”
    Optimus pointed down, this new robot looked down and said, “Oh, hi, the name’s Jazz! I’m third commander of the Autobots.”
    Spike looked befuddled and asked, “Autobots?”
    Optimus said, “Oh, forgive me. That is name of our race. I am the leader of the Autobots. Megatron is my…the leader of the Decepticons, the race we’re trying to defeat in our war.”
    “Oh, I see…” said Spike still confused.
    Jazz, suddenly shouted, “Prime, look up in the sky!”
    Optimus did as much and asked, “So? What’s up there?”
    “There’s only one moon!” Jazz said excitedly.
    Sparkplug said, “It has always been that way.”
    “But, remember, Prime, when we first crashed here our sensors said that there were two moons!”
    “Jazz don’t get excited,” said Optimus. “For all we know, we’ve been gone for millions of years and some stellar phenomenon destroyed it.”
    “I don’t know, that moon seemed awfully big, but maybe your right.”
    As this was being said, another Autobot ran up and said in a deep voice,
    “Optimus, Jazz, We’ve just detected the Decepticons! They’ve exited a warp gate somewhere where there’s a bunch of oil!”
    “California!” exclaimed Spike.
    Optimus asked, “Where is that?”
    “Off the West Coast of the United States.”
    “No,” interrupted the new Autobot. “This place is connected to water, but it’s not connected to a large ocean.”
    Sparkplug looked at Optimus and said, “Texas!”

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