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Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by Slimshadow457, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Just finished the damn game and I gotta say it's not the best, folks... What did you guys think? Here's my sort of... Review, I guess lol

    The Good:
    -Very nicely made levels, that are somewhat challenging.
    -Scaling difficulity: Easy-> Easy, you practically never die. Medium: You die a couple of times. Hard-> Pretty damn hard!
    -You can transform at anytime! They even threw in "Stealth Force" which is a fun mechanic to deal a bit more damage (Nothing like the video game Stealthforces which are basically tanks that can go in every direction).
    -Controls are fairly nice, pretty intuitive. You have a left "Wheel" for movement, a right fire and aim button, a rool button, and transform button, and a special attack button/switch. If you tap the fire button, you do a melee attack
    -Okay models, you fight hundreds upon hundreds or Crank Cases and heavy Decepti-drones...
    -Very cool weapons, which you can unlock with Energon collected in-game.
    -Nice Upgrade system, which allows you to upgrade both your character and the various weapons you get.
    -Nice achievement, though a bit too easy to come by... :p 

    THE BAD....

    -ONLY TWO ROBOTS (Bee. Prime). Three, if you count Sentinel Prime in the tutorial, but he can't transform, and it's not really the game. This is, in my opinion, the worst part of the game. It's a top down shooter, which doesn't really require much engineering on the modeling side, so why couldn't we have Ironhide, Sideswipe, and all those guys?! UN-ACCEPTABLE. The game was too rushed. It's also pretty short.
    -Only an Autobot campaign. C'mon... It's our only action oriented Transformers game on the iPhone/iPad, couldn't we at least get a half decent one at that too?
    -It follows the story of the movie, so, if you're like me and you haven't seen it yet, be prepared for Spoilers...... RAAAAAAGE!!!!! :banghead: 
    -Very repetitive. Again, referring to that lack of characters... If we got to see Ironhide, or whoever, it would've varied things a bit! Also, the environments, though not bad looking, are certainly very repetitive as well...
    -Just right out annoying, at some points... Some enemy will talk trash, then call in renforcements that will most likely kick your ass on the hard difficulties...

    Honestly, the game's saving grace is that it's cheap and some levels are real fun! I'd say if you have a few bucks on the Appstore, then it's a good fun entertainment, and it's got a bit of replay value

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