Transformers: Corruption

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    This is a new fanfiction I'm doing, it is mostly focused on the Decepticons. You will learn more about the background later. Hope you enjoy it!

    PROLOGUE Part:1 Philosophy and History

    Inside a Decepticon dark energon mining complex on one of Cybertron's moons, a conversation is underway....

    Miner 82-86: Hey, sixty-two sixty-one.

    Miner 62-61: Yeah eighty-two eighty six?

    Miner 82-86: Do you think there's any chance we can beat the Autobots?

    Miner 62-61: The way things are going now, no. But we may have a chance if we use this dark energon right.

    Miner 82-86: You're right. I wish they would tell us what they're planning to use this stuff for.

    Miner 62-61: The only reason the Autobots are winning is because Galvatron is a terrible leader. From the stories I've heard, if we still had megatron, this war would be over.

    Miner 38-56: (walking over from his post close by)I was around back when Megatron was still leader, if we still had him, this war wouldn't be over, but we would at least be winning. Back when Megatron was in charge, the Decepticon motto was "peace through tyranny". Nowadays, I think we're just trying to control the universe because of some hunger for power.

    Miner 82-86: I joined up with the Decepticons because I realized the only way to achieve peace was through the rule of one empire.

    Miner 62-61: Same here, I think Galvatron has corrupted the Decepticon ideals.

    Unknown voice: My thoughts exactly.

    The three miners turn around, instantly recongnising the voice, but shocked to hear those words coming from it.......
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    Interesting start. I assume this takes place in a G1 based universe/story.
    That said, good start.
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    hm...........i like

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