Transformers Complete Movie Lot For Sale!

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    I am selling my entire Transformers Movie collection in one lot! Perfect for a new Transformers fan!!!

    You will be getting the following figures all in mint Out-Of-Box condition ( unless noted )

    All are first edition releases of the toys that corresponded with the first Michael Bay Transformers film. I even made some custom work on a couple of the figures; namely Megatron and Barricade. See below!

    - Leader Class Megatron w/ Custom Silver Paint Job; red "wings" removed; still available and included in case you want them re-installed!!
    - Leader Class Optimus Prime

    - Voyager Class Starscream
    - Voyager Class Blackout
    - Voyager Class Ironhide
    - Voyager Class Ratchet

    - Deluxe Class Barricade w/ custom light kit installed, NOT glued for easy removal!!
    - Deluxe Class Bumblebee "Classic Camaro"
    - Deluxe Class Bumblebee "2008 Concept Camaro"
    - Deluxe Class Jazz
    - Deluxe Class Scorponok
    - Deluxe Class Arcee
    - Deluxe Class Brawl (broken plastic gear that interferes with auto-transform of head; can still transform just fine)
    - Deluxe Class Bonecrusher

    Fast-Action Battler Frenzy

    I will accept reasonable offers only; I also will only accept PayPal or Money Order as payment!

    Please PM me with offers and your zip-code; you will be responsible for shipping.

    Pictures available upon request!!

    I hope that these can go to a household that they will be appreciated! The only reason I wish to part with them is to help pay for my return to school to become a Music Therapist.

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