Transformers Comic releases for 4th March 2009

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    After a quioet week for some, Chris Ryall, IDW Publishing's Editor-in-Chief has updated his blog RyallTime with the Transformers Comic release for this Wednesday the 4th of March 2009.

    Due this week are 2 individual comics, and a Trade paperback:
    - Transformers: Defiance #2
    - Transformers: Best of UK: City of Fear #2
    - Transformers: Best of UK: Time Wars TPB

    Transformers: Defiance #2 expands on the pre-history of the Transformers Movie Universe, set in the distant Past of Transformers and Cybertron itself (as well as other planets). A 5 page preview has been released for Defiance #2.

    City of Fear #2 is a reprint of the Marvel UK series, written by Simon Furman, featuring the Wreckers facing off against a legion of Transformers Zombies.

    And finally The Time Wars trade Paperback, also penned by Simon Furman, and also part of the Marvel UK series, running from issues #199 to #205, and features a Time travelling Galvatron teaming up with the present day Megatron.

    Due out next Wednesday the 11th of March 2009 is only one Transformers comic.

    Thanks to From the Tip, the blog of IDW's transformers Editor Denton Tipton, we can confirm that Issue #8 of the All Hail Megatron series will be the lone release.

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