Transformers: Collective Universe

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    Note:I'm making this up as I go along so be gentle...

    Note 2:I'll use swear words for humans/Cyber-swears for Bots/Cons

    Note 3: Pitch in ideas if you think it's lacking, Constructive Criticism FTW!

    Transformers: Collective Universe

    Chapter One
    Not So Simple​

    It truly was a dark day in history, the day that the new exploration craft, the Ark was to leave Cybertron to parts unknown. Crowds had gathered at Axiom Nexus' to celebrate the shuttles departure. Calculations were made deca-cycles in advance and updated to the klik. There couldn't be a single mistake. At the base of the mighty craft stood Optimus Prime. His 30-foot metallic body hailed in comparison to the monolith before him, but he didn't care. There was no awe in his optics, no joy or astonishment. He knew the truth of the Ark's intent, and a heavy truth it was.

    "Optimus! Optimus! care to make a statement?"

    Optimus came to face Rook, Cybertrons most revered and respected news reporter.

    "Do you have any idea how long you'll be assisting on this voyage? What systems you plan on visiting? Discovery of new planets and species?"

    The small gray and silver robot breemed with trademark enthusiasm.

    "Well..." Optimus placed his hand on the microphone, "Off the record I'm really not looking forward to spending the next few deca-cycles with a bunch of frag-ed up protoformic grease stains cooped up in that thing, I'm RETIRED FOR PRIMUS' SAKE!"

    The later comment sent noticeable shivers down Rook's back, obviously regretting asking.

    "Well um....okay then....forget the interview then, heh"

    Rook began to run away in terror. Optimus was a war veteran, he didn't need any more publicity, only privacy. He had no business being here, or around all these people. The truth was that he was merely a publicity stunt. Everyone on Cybertron knew of "Optimus Prime", but they didn't know Optimus Prime.

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