Transformers Classics: Universe (Devastation sequel)

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    The Sequel to Devastation begins, Last time we left all the main heroes had been killed, Ravage and Optimus survived and the mysterious head of sector 7 summoned 4 warriors. I recommend you read Devastation first:

    Earth, Texas. Universe: 1. Year: 2011
    Optimus sits on the top of a large building. Ravage is next to him
    Optimus: We don't have much of a life
    Ravage looks at him
    Optimus: We live like criminals. Hiding from the world
    Ravage looks at the floor and walks over to the edge of the building
    Optimus: What's wrong
    Ravage arches his back and jumps
    Optimus: RAVAGE!
    Optimus runs up to the edge and jumps after him
    Two figures stand looking at Ravage. One has a sword. The other has a human in his hand
    Optimus: Who are you?
    The figures look at Optimus and the one with the human squeezes his fist shut
    Optimus: Ravage
    Ravage looks at him. Ravages weapons fold out of his sides and Optimus pulls two guns off his back
    Figure 1: Ramjet; Kill them
    Ramjet flies at Optimus and pulls his wing off and fashions it into a sword
    Optimus: What the hell?
    Ramjet disappears
    Optimus looks around confused
    Ravage jumps up
    Ramjet: BOO!
    Optimus turns his head and sees Ramjet
    Ramjet hits him round the face; sending Optimus spiralling into a building
    Ravage looks at Optimus and fires four missiles
    Ramjet: Like that'll hurt
    Ramjet holds his sword in a offensive stance
    The Missiles turn and go the other way
    Figure 1 is taken off guard but still stops the missiles with his hands
    The Figure flings them back at Ravage
    Ravage is hit by the missiles and flies back; landing next to Optimus
    Ramjet: Finish them off
    Figure 1: No; Leave them
    Ramjet: but Bludgeon!
    Bludgeon: No, trust me
    Ramjet: Sometimes I dont
    Bludgeon hits Ramjet with the back of his hand and Ramjet falls back
    Bludgeon draws his sword and holds it at under Ramjets chin
    Bludgeon: *laughs* You have no choice
    Ramjet: Sorry sir
    Ramjet lowers his head as if he's been defeated
    Bludgeon: We have to report back
    Bludgeon and Ramjet teleport back to S7 HQ
    Amazon Rainforest, Earth. Universe: 1. Year 2011
    Two transformers rummage through the wreaks of the Transformers battle
    Thunderwing: Why do we have to do this?
    Nova Prime: Because ??? told us too
    Thunderwing: In that human body he poses us no threat
    Nova Prime whips around and picks up Thunderwing by the throat
    Nova Prime: When ??? conquers the Universe: I'll tell him of your treachery
    Nova Prime throws Thunderwing back and he hits a tree snapping it in half
    Nova Prime: look at all this destruction, Its amazing
    Thunderwing stands behind Nova Prime and gathers himself
    Thunderwing: Why does ??? need these bodies anyway
    Nova Prime: Because by using the Dead Matrix we can revive them
    Thunderwing: Why don't you do it here?
    Nova Prime: Because ??? wants them first
    Thunderwing: Is it true that only Optimus and Ravage survived?
    Nova Prime: Yes, Ultra Magnus and Megatron where directly absorbed to reawaken us.
    Thunderwing: I'm still not convinced
    Nova Prime: Then shut up and keep it to yourself.
    Nova Prime picks up Prowl's body
    Nova Prime: Useless
    Nova Prime puts a device on Prowl's body
    Nova Prime and Thunderwing proceed to put these devices on all the transformers
    Thunderwing: Is that all of them?
    Nova Prime: Yes.
    Nova Prime pulls out a controller and flips a switch
    The bodies teleport to S7 HQ
    Nova Prime: lets go
    Nova Prime and Thunderwing teleport to S7 HQ
    High on one of the trees a figure sits, surveying the area
    Jetfire: Shit; It was true

    To Be continued

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    May 13, 2006
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    Earth, Amazonian Rainforest. Universe: 1. Year: 2011
    Jetfire: Damn, They're all dead
    Jetfire opens his hand and flips out a communicator
    Jetfire: Cosmos; I'm coming back
    Jetfire transforms and flies off into space

    Space Above Earth, Autobot Ship: Vanquish. Universe: 1. Year: 2011
    The hatch on the side of the ship opens up and Jetfire walks through
    Jetfire's head in hung in shame
    Jetfire: They're all dead
    Cosmos: All of them?
    Jetfire: The Harbingers where there
    Cosmos: All four of them?
    Jetfire: No, just two of them but I got the impression the others where somewhere on Earth
    Ironhide walks forward
    Ironhide: Shall we go back to Cybertron
    Jetfire: No, They spoke of Optimus and Ravage.
    Ironhide: Alive?
    Jetfire: I think the other two could be tracking them down
    Cosmos: I can easily do that!
    Jetfire: Fine, set a course
    Jetfire sits at a control pannel
    The Ship is a crew of the Autobots: Powerglide, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Treadbolt, Blades, Blaster, Ratchet, Ironhide, Silverbolt, Bluestreak and Jetfire.

    Earth, Texas. Universe: 1. Year: 2011
    Police Officer: What the hell is that
    He takes off his hat a rubs his head
    Ravage twitches and the crowd that had gathered around the Transformers flinched
    Optimus starts to regain conciousness
    Optimus: Wha.....?
    The crowd move back even more
    Optimus: Do not be afraid humans, we mean you no....
    Optimus stops and notices that he has a tazer on his leg
    Optimus Stands up
    Optimus: Ravage!
    Ravage springs to his feet and Optimus transforms
    Ravage scans a nearby car and transforms
    The two drive down the street and off into the distance

    Just a small part. Not a complete part but thought I'd just wrap up Jetfire's and Optimus' storys
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    Me Grimlock were is me?
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    Him Grimlock dead; Deal with it

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