Transformers CLassics - Selling the Last of My collection

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by MrBigFeathas, Mar 27, 2010.

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    I have to get rid of the last of my Transformers as I no longer have the room to store them. They are mostly Classics but I have some WSTs and a couple other auctions. Please see below.

    Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus & Skywarp MISB Targe - eBay (item 220579751909 end time Apr-03-10 12:39:55 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Optimus Prime MISB Universe - eBay (item 220579755681 end time Apr-03-10 12:47:57 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Megatron MISB Universe - eBay (item 220579757600 end time Apr-03-10 12:51:10 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Constructicon Devastator MISB - eBay (item 220579759854 end time Apr-03-10 12:55:57 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Jetfire MIB Universe Never Opened - eBay (item 220579761415 end time Apr-03-10 12:58:57 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Rodimus MOSC Universe - eBay (item 220579764894 end time Apr-03-10 13:05:31 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Mirage MOSC Universe - eBay (item 220579765485 end time Apr-03-10 13:06:21 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Bumblebee MOSC Universe - eBay (item 220579766308 end time Apr-03-10 13:08:00 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Astrotrain MOSC Universe - eBay (item 220579767023 end time Apr-03-10 13:09:16 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Cliffjumper MOSC Universe - eBay (item 220579767810 end time Apr-03-10 13:10:40 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Grimlock MOSC Universe - eBay (item 220579768752 end time Apr-03-10 13:12:08 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Ramjet MOSC Universe - eBay (item 220579769371 end time Apr-03-10 13:13:11 PDT)

    Transformers Classics Starscream MOSC Universe - eBay (item 220579769779 end time Apr-03-10 13:13:59 PDT)

    Transformers WST Worlds Smallest Lot of 11 Figures Mint - eBay (item 220579775238 end time Apr-03-10 13:24:11 PDT)

    Transformers Cybertron Primus RID MISB - eBay (item 220579777147 end time Apr-03-10 13:28:15 PDT)

    Transformers Optimus Prime THS-02 Hybrid Style Convoy - eBay (item 220579779257 end time Apr-03-10 13:32:51 PDT)

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