Transformers Classics: Devastation - Second Edition

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    All Characters are as they appear in the Classics and Universe 2.0 Universe, for everything else I want you to use your imagination!

    Transformers Classics: Devastation

    001: Dawn of Destruction

    In a serene corner of the Earth the wrecked carcass of the Decepticon Flagship, Nemesis lays, broken and fused with a mountain range, the rocks around the crash-site are burnt and melted, showing the power of the sheer impact from the crash. Three jets can be seen coming towards the mountain range, the noise from their engines screaming, echoing around the mountain range. One of them is flying slightly behind the others, a grey and red jet, blackened by marks from sabot-missiles and cut up from gun fire. The other two, one black jet and the other a blue jet tear across the sky, starting to pull down towards the ground, the grey jet copies their movements, only slower and more shakily. The black and blue jets start to slow, transforming mid-air and landing softly on the ground in front of the Nemesis, using their thrusters to slow their descent. The grey jet, however, isn’t so successfully and half-transforms during his flight and crashes into the ground next to his partners, kicking up dust as he does. The blue robot cackles as the grey one fails to land. With this an arm splits the dust in half, grabbing the blue robot, Thundercracker by it’s throat.

    Starscream: Know your place, Thundercracker!

    Before the grey jet, Starscream can finish he falls to his knees, his injuries too severe to even move, Thundercracker stays in a state of shock, slowly moving his hand to his throat. The black robot, known as Skywarp moves to Starscream and helps him up, resting the majority of Starscream’s weight on his shoulder. Starscream grunts as he finally realises the extent of his injuries, his attack on Thundercracker only making them worse. Thundercracker slowly walks up to Starscream’s arm-cannons, rubbing his throat with his hands as he does.

    At the entrance of the base awaits Megatron, his Fusion cannon attached onto his arm, the cannon itself has obviously seen a lot of battles, the rust on it covers almost all of it, giving it a dull-bronze tone. Megatron sneers as Skywarp presents Starscream to him. Thundercracker walks up behind Skywarp and looks up at Megatron, holding Starscreams cannons in each arm.

    Thundercracker: The humans are getting far more wise to our tricks, Megatron.

    Skywarp chuckles to himself, looking up at Megatron with a almost cocky smile

    Skywarp: Thundercracker can speak for himself, they’re still only apes, their bodies crush easier than a protoform’s.

    Thundercracker shoots Skywarp a dirty look as he says this, furious at Skywarp’s change of heart, turning his back on his fellow seeker just to look more powerful in front of Megatron.
    Megatron shakes his head and takes a stop forward to Skywarp, threatening Skywarp with his mere presence

    Megatron: The cockiness you’re displaying is similar to Starscream’s idiotic cockiness! He underestimated these humans and because of it he’s been put into Stasis lock!

    Skywarp looks down at Starscream, unaware at the time that Starscream had gone into stasis-lock, Skywarp looks down at the ground, ashamed that he had angered Megatron.

    Megatron turns around and sighs, walking back into the dark base that is the Nemesis, Thundercracker smiles victoriously and follows Megatron, throwing Starscream’s cannons aside as he enters the base. Skywarp follows suit and walks into the Nemesis but goes into a different direction, heading for the CR Chambers.

    Megatron walks into a large control room, computer screens hang all over the walls, a chair is perched in front of the main control panel, as Megatron walks in he takes off his Fusion-cannon and places it at the entrance to the room, walking over to the chair and pushing out of the way, still annoyed by the seekers failure. Megatron taps at the keys and soon a video of a large, white shuttle appears on every screen in the room.

    Megatron: Astrotrain, Report.

    Please let me know how it matches up to the original, after all I did write it over two years ago.

    Though, I've had this on my hard-drive for a while and finally decided to post it.

    Thanks for reading :) 
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    That was fantastic my friend. I love your work, as you know, I always do! Great job!
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