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    >>>UPDATES<<< 9/25/06 7:00 PM EST

    >Working on a new fan fic. Same universe so, this will be more of a reference page from now on. Comming Soon: Transformers: X

    >PLEASE: if you like it, hate it, or know something that would make it better, please post it, IM** it, PM it, or E-mail it to me!!!!!!! If you read it, please give me feedback. It would be greatly appreciated, Thank You.

    >FYI:If you hate C1, skip to C2, it will still make sense.

    >Newest Chronicle: This is my fourth installment, Unison. "Powerlinx!"

    >Next Chronicle: The Great War

    >>Posting it: Long time from Now

    >There are links to pictures in the story. When a character first appears, if it has and underline, it has a pic. Click on it to See the Picture.

    >PS: Please if you have any origanial tf names, Prime names (like Optimus), or story ideas, please E-mail them, PM them, IM** them to me or just post them here. Thank You!

    And Posted Reviews or Comments are requested!
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    Chronicle 1: Creation

    Chronicle 1: Creation

    1.)In the beginning, the Source created a pair of twin robots and named them Primus and Unicron.
    2.)Both were given the power to destroy matter and create matter, but both could not be creators or destroyers at the same for it would cause an imbalance in the universe.
    3.)To prevent an imbalance from occurring, Primus vowed to only create and Unicron vowed to only destroy.
    4.)At the time the Source had a two current projects he was completing:Earth & Heaven.
    5.)The Source created Primus & Unicron to fabricate the rest of the universe around his planets.
    6.)Primus would attempt to create perfect planets, but the mess ups were destroyed by Unicron.
    7.)Every few galaxies, the Source would give life to a planet.
    8.)Unicron enjoyed to terrorize the inhabitants of the planets, he found it amusing.
    9.)Having the power to destroy, Unicron began devouring planets that he did not like.
    10.)The Destruction to Creation ratio was unbalancing.
    11.)An enormous black hole appeared and started sucking planets into it, which worsened the problem further.
    12.)To even out the scale, Primus pushed his twin brother, destruction, into the hole.
    13.)The flow reversed, bringing planets from Unicron’s new dimension to Primus’ dimension. And it continued on until the planes had evened.
    14.)Primus and Unicron were separate now and could switch powers. Both chose creation, temporarily.
    15.)Primus created 13 robots and Unicron created a whole race of miniature robots and one larger one that housed Unicron’s consciousness.
    16.)The larger one was to be a slave driver to the smaller robots, the Minicons. He had amazing abilities. He could shape shift and move freely through dimensions.
    17.)Primus scanned a near by planet and transformed in to it. Now his creations could live upon him.
    18.)Unicron scanned a moon with a ring around it. He became that moon and his inhabitants lived within him making him strong enough to one day destroy Primus.
    19.)Primus’ robots were made to perfect his planet form. He released them on to the middle of his Western hemisphere.
    20.)But before that took place, Primus created a computer to hold all information that his children would learn and what he already knew, it was named the Vector Sigma. It was given a spark, but not the ability to transform. It was built in a room, called the Library, above the Well of Sparks. There it could retrieve sparks and release them in to the space in Cybertron’s gravitational field.
    21.)The Well of Sparks was a cylinder shaped hole to the Core Room, where Primus’ spark resided. There, he could break off a small fragment of his own spark and send it up a tube and in to the well.
    22.)The tube came out in front of the computer.
    23.)It released the First 13 Sparks that traveled to the empty shells of the bots.
    24.)Once it found the Spark Case, what a spark is held in, of the robot, it could not continue moving through space, it could only breath life in to the lifeless body it had landed in.
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    Chronicle 2: A Severed race

    Chronicle 2: A Severed Race

    1. The names of the 13 robots were: Prima, Victory Saber, Alpha Trion, Fortress Maximus, Maximo, Primon, Straxus 00100h22101201hs01hj10fs……. DATA CORRUPTION …
    2. They also, like their creator, had the ability to transform, but it was not utilized to begin with.
    3. They were released in the middle of the Western hemisphere.
    4. Primon lead half the group of robots to the most suitable Northeastern region of the hemisphere.
    5. When they reached there, time stopped, but Primon was unaffected. There a red white, blue, and gold robot appeared before him and handed him an odd gold orb with silver handles with a smaller blue crystal orb in the middle of the gold one. He said to Primon, ”This is the AUTOBOT MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP, the leader of the Autobots will hold this in his spark, thus giving him extra strength, energy, and knowledge”
    6. Then the robot disappeared in a flaming double helix of red and blue, and the robots began to function again like nothing happened.
    7. This colonization was named Iacon.
    8. However, the androids that followed Maximo went dead west and settled on the Equator. They stopped there because so their lubrication would be optimal.
    9. When they reached there, time stopped, but Maximo was unaffected. There a red white, blue, and gold robot appeared before him and handed him an odd silver orb with gold handles with a smaller blue crystal orb in the middle of the silver one. He said to Maximo, ”This is the DESTRON MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP, the leader of the Destrons will hold this in his spark, thus giving him extra strength and knowledge”.
    10. Then the robot disappeared in a flaming double helix of red and blue, and the robots began to function again like nothing happened.
    11. The robot that had appeared to the Leaders was none other than Primus in his Astral Robot Form.
    12. They formed a democratic dictatorship, where the people would choose a ruler that lead under his own laws, in which Maximo was ruler and declared the village to be called Kaon.
    13. The Iaconians & Kaonians built new robots and the Vector Sigma was delighted to fill the bodies with sparks. They based the bots on their own make-up.
    14. After a while, the robots began to find a glowing yellow substance. When one would touch it, the energy from the substance would transmit into the mech’s body, causing status lock. Because of the massive energy the substance housed, it was named Energon. Robots blessed with a lot of intelligence, would study and experiment on the energon. However the scientists in Kaon were devolving a way to channel the energon into shooting weapons. The weapons were to be for defensive purposes only
    15. Iacon was ruled by a Prime Minister.
    16. All the inhabitants of the city of Iacon were to be called Autobots, and those of Kaon were to be called Destrons, to coincide with the names of the Matrices.
    17. Primon decided it would be easier to colonize the planet if there were maps to show the best places. Thus, Prima, Primon, and Victor Saber set to map the rest of the planet. Before departure, Primon set Alpha Trion in charge of creating a Senate to lead the Autobots while he was gone.
    18. The population in Iacon had breached 50, 000 and the city had become overcrowded, thus Vector Sigma was reprogrammed by Alpha Trion to only allowed to produce 4 new sparks a day.
    19. But accidentally, he programmed a bug into Vector Sigma.
    20. He released 4 sparks, but they were very different from any other spark that had ever passed through the gate. They had infinite strength and fire blast. And the worst of all, the spark had been slit into 5 separate parts each.
    21. The sparks found a warehouse in which completed robots’ bodies were stored. Twenty bodies were brought to life. The 20 robots raced out into the open. There they combined into their Powerlinxed forms: Superion Maximus, Bruticus Maximus, Constructicon Maximus, and Combaticon Maximus.
    22. Then time froze all over Cybertron, Primus appeared to them and said,” Follow me.” He lead them down a staircase, to the depths of Cybertron. There in a room, above the Core room, was a pool of Super Energon. Primus had built a platform for five robots. He then instructed, ”Stand on one of the four corners.” Then he took his place in the middle, and said,” Your existence is a mistake. You were never supposed to be alive. You will stay here forever, frozen in time.” “But why must we stay here, sir?” questioned Superion Maximus. “Because you all are too powerful, and if unleashed on a city, you could level it in a matter of minutes. It is not because I hate you, it is for the safety of your brethren. Good bye my Children.” As Primus stepped off the Center platform the entire room turned to stone, including the mechs.
    23. Primus returned to the Library, and deleted the bug. And then time proceeded on. The only way to awaken the Maximus’ would be for Primus or Unicron to step on the Fifth platform.
    24. That day, during the dilemma, Alpha Trion invited some of the more intelligent robots to a interview to be apart of the I.S.( Iacon Senate).
    25. He found several candidates, but he only wanted 7. But after much deciding he chose the following robot to fill the spots: Silverbolt, Sunstreaker, Ratchet, Clank, Skydive, and Cloudburst.
    26. They began to debate laws for the community and displayed the ones they decided to enforce on a large screen on the face of the building.
    They are as follows:
    • No Killing
    • No Theft
    • No Lying
    • No Bearing Weapons of Any Kind
    • No Leaving the City without Permission
    27. On the other side of the world, the Destrons had all agreed abolish their Direct Democracy and allow their honest leader Maximo to lead them solo.
    28. Maximo, the ruler and judge, executed all who were found guilty of wrong doing in his opinion in his courts.
    29. The mapping team found Kaon 20 years later.
    30. They were not aware that other robots existed on the other side of the planet.
    31. The team asked a local who was the leader, little did they know that the mere utter of the name of Maximo was now illegal.
    32. The small army and their general, Kilosus, came to arrest the team because Maximo commanded them to after he heard their question over the microphone system he had installed in town. One was placed on every corner of every building.
    33. After speaking to the team, he brought them in as told. He told Maximo that there were robots from another village here. Maximo went to the underground prison he had constructed to see them.
    34. “Ah, illegal aliens in my city!”, Maximo yelled. “Sir, they are here to see our village and make a map of the planets surface. They have never been here sir, they did not know of our laws here,” Kilosus stated. “Ignorance of the law is no reason to break it. Execute them at dawn Kilosus”, Maximo commanded. “No, sir, I will not kill innocent people!” Kilosus said firmly. “Well, for that I will execute you and your subordinates along side them! What fun, well for me that is! Ha….HAHAHAHAHA” Maximo snarled and walked out of the prison and once he stepped above ground the prison went into lockdown mode, with all exits sealed air tight.
    35. That night, Kilosus and Primon devised an escape plan for when the doors were opened in the morning.
    36. A few weeks ago an evil force had regenerated on the surface of Unicron.
    37. That force was taking random robots to the Chaos Bringer, Unicron, to study them.
    38. To study them he sent them into status lock. Then ripped them open. Occasionally the mechs would wake early and suffer great pain before Unicron devoured them.
    39. On one trip, the evil force captured Maximo
    40. The Unicron knew that he was the leader of Kaon and he could be used for a project and revived him from status lock before experimentation.
    41. Unicron told him that if he were to bring him both Matrixes that his wildest dreams would be realized.
    42. Maximo declined their offer because that would mean giving up power, and he would not have that.
    43. The Chaos Bringer was not pleased with the decision, thus he filled Maximo’s spark with power & visions of his own spark.
    44. Maximo, now containing hardly any of his original spark, did as he was instructed.
    45. Instantaneously, he handed over the Destron Matrix of Leadership to the darkness as instructed.
    46. Once in his grasp, it began to glow black. The handles turned a dark titanium color, the larger sphere became onyx black, and the crystal orb became a dark crimson.
    47. The Anti-Matrix had been born.
    48. “Now go back to Kaon, the Autobot Matrix should be arriving there shortly,” said Chaos Bringer. ”Deceive everyone you know, all are that you are about to meet, no one can’t ever know that you are working for me, understood?” “Yes, my lord,” replied Maximo.
    49. To retrieve the Autobot matrix, he would have to take it from him. Now with his treasonous army in jail, it would prove to be a difficult task.
    50. He went straight to the jail went he arrived on his home world. When he opened the door, he was greeted by laser fire and blows being dealt by cell bars.
    51. Unicron spoke to him and said,” use the power I have given you!”
    52. Then Maximo’s optics began to glow green red and he blew back all the robots but Primon by just looking at them.
    53. Stunned, Primon stood there as Maximo stabbed his hand through his chest panel and grabbed his spark. And then from Primon’s chest, a blue ray of light shot in to space. When it subsided, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership had been revealed and fell to the floor along side Primon. Maximo leaned over and picked it up.
    54. He turned around to head for the entrance of the prison when he was shot in the back. He dropped the matrix to attend to the wound on his back.
    55. The matrix fell, and rolled palms of Victory Saber’s hands.
    56. It had a strange effect on him as both he and the Matrix started to glow.
    57. Victory Saber was transformed into the first Prime, Vector Prime.
    58. Time stopped all around Cybertron, but Vector Prime was unaffected. There, in Astral Robot Mode, Primus appeared to him and said,” Greetings, first leader of the Autobot armed forces. You are the first Prime. You now wield an object of great power in your body, the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Protect it from the forces of evil.” Then in a double helix of red and blue, Primus disappeared and the time stream continued on.
    59. Maximo, injured, grabbed Kilosus, and 2 of his lower ranking officers, Soundbyte and Shockwave, and ventured back to Unicron.
    60. There the evil force told Maximo that he was done.
    61. He pleaded with the darkness to spare his life.
    62. It agreed.
    63. But he was to be banished from robotic civilization forever.
    64. And the Captives were transformed into Kilotron (Kilosus), Shockblast (Shockwave), and Soundwave (Soundbyte).
    65. The darkness was proud of his new robots and decided to keep Soundwave to use in the future.
    66. “Kilotron will be the leader of your people. Seeing how you deceived me, your people will be cursed with the title, the Decepticons,” the darkness told Maximo.
    67. The trio returned to their home world and banished Maximo like instructed.
    68. Kilotron took control of the city and repair the wounds to the community that maximo made.
    69. “Please come back with us to Iacon, our city! Our Senate would love to meet with you I’m sure!”, Prima said
    70. Before he left, he gave Shockblast, his new second in command, temporary control and left him in charge of making a castle to honor Primon.
    71. Maximo went to the dark side of the planet where he found the counter opposite of their greatest energy source, Energon.
    72. The new substance was to be called the Nucleon, much like energon but is more powerful and its atom’s divide like cells.
    73. Maximo cut himself and infused a large amount of the Nucleon into his Energon blood stream.
    74. There he underwent a grueling transformation into a metal oozing monster and was given the name Liege Maximo by Primus.
    75. He shot of the planet to release energy and was never heard from or saw for many years.
    76. Prima, Vector Prime, and Kilotron ventured back to Iacon to unite the cites.
    77. There they entered the newly constructed Decagon, home of the Senate.
    78. Vector Prime had adopted the responsibility as Supreme Commander of the Autobot army to be.
    79. The Senate & Vector Prime meet with Kilotron and decided to call the planet Cybertron.
    80. Seeing how the city of Iacon had a larger, more powerful, and was in the process of organizing an army, the Senate had decided to either allow Kaon to become under rule of them or be conquered by them.
    81. Not having much of a choice, Kilotron declined the offer to surrender to them thus he declared war on the Autobots.
    82. Not wanting his friend, Prima, to be tainted by the evil Autobots, he asked him to join the Decepticons. Prima agreed and followed Kilotron out of Iacon.
    83. One night on the trip to Kaon, they decided to camp out be one of the Sonic Canyons on the surface of Cybertron.
    84. Prima Leaned over the edge to look down into the Canyon, slipped, and fell.
    85. Kilotron jumped to grab him before he fell but it was too late.
    86. Kilotron blamed him self for Prima’s death and never showed any emotion but hatred and anger from that point on.
    87. When he returned to Kaon, the locals said his spark had hardened to pure Titanium, and he was to be known as one of the fiercest commander in history.

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    Chronicle 3: Freedom

    1. Unicron’s children had completely stabilized and had a massive amount of energon compressed within them.
    2. The small robots were named, Minicons by the evil force.
    3. On the planet of Unicron, the evil force, Sideways, had forced them to be his servants
    4. They all over threw Sideways and built a spaceship.
    5. Their leader, Over Run, also holder of the Minicon Matrix of leadership, lead them on to the ship to find some way to escape from the evils of Unicron.
    6. About the time of departure, Sideways had co0mpletely recover from the wounds he received during the revolt. He demanded,” All of you, get back here now! Nobody said you had free will!”
    7. Over Run told them,” Ignore him, we have almost escaped from Unicron! Pilot, put engines to full throttle!”
    8. Sideways started shooting the ship.
    9. Sky Blast, Payload, and Astroscope powerlinxed to create the Requiem Blaster, one of three highly developed Minicon combinations.
    10. Over Run commanded “Requiem Blaster, FIRE!”
    11. Nothing was left of Sideways but a small fragment of his body.
    12. Sideways would regenerate one day to try to stop his brethren from having a life outside of serving him.
    13. The Minicons navigated for 10 years in space before reaching a worm hole.
    14. They went in it and after about 2 days, reached the other side. There was a large planet with a blue ring around it and what seemed like a silver star in the far distance. They were in the universe of Unicron’s brother, Primus.
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    Chronicle 4: Unison

    1.) The Minicons ship successfully landed on Cybertron’s closest moon 2 months later.
    2.) Within 4 years of their arrival, the Minicons had established Moon Base 1 & 2.
    3.) Eventually, the Minicons landed on Cybertron in the cities of Iacon and Kaon.
    4.) About a month after they landed, the Minicons proved their importance by constructing the Cites of: Nova Cronum, Polyhex, The Tagon Heights, Hydrax Plateau, and Tyrest.
    5.) The Minicons also taught the Cybertronians how to transform.
    6.) By the time the combat of the Great War had begun, the Cybertronians and Minicons had learned to powerlinx together to produce amazing abilities and massive power.
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    Wow, great story telling...keep it rolling

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