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    This is my review of Transformers Bot Shots Optimus Prime Launcher Figure.

    Collect ‘em all, Crash ‘em all! Introducing TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS, a whole new way to play out TRANSFORMERS battles. Available in favorite characters, fans can choose their power, crash into battle and defeat their opponent. TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS automatically convert when you crash ‘em!

    Transformers Bot Shots are auto transforming figures released by Hasbro which coincides with the release of their online game. These figures are released via different assortments: Singles, 3-Pack, Launcher.

    The Transformers Bot Shots Optimus Prime Launcher Figure comes with its own launcher which you can use to... uhmmm... launch your figure to "crash" into your opponent's Bot Shot figure. Since transformation is spring loaded Prime changes into his bot form upon impact. There is also a Prime released in the Singles assortment but has a more metallic looking paint paintjob.


    This Bot Shot Prime is packaged with his trailer in a clamshell packaging. The front of the package shows super deformed artworks for both Prime and Megatron, as well as their alt. modes. It seems that Megatron will be utilizing his tank movie alt. mode for this line. Also, it seems that the artist just uses the same base body for all the artworks. I would rather see different poses per bot.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The back shows Optimus Prime's Attack Strength attributes that players will be using for the game (more on this later). There are no bios in the back only pictures of Primes' alt. mode as well as showing Prime and Megatron's trailers in launcher mode.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Alternate Mode

    Prime's alternate mode is reminiscent of his Transformers: Armada incarnation: a super-deformed long-nosed cab. Unlike his Armada design, however, his vehicle mode has its own trailer already mounted at his back. The figure rolls effortless on its wheels (2 out of the 6 wheels are fake though). For a figure this small I was surprised that the designers still managed to include a small autobot hood ornament.


    Prime's trailer launcher is in its G1 colors but unlike the G1 cab the shape is not just a rectangular block but is designed to have an aerodynamic feel to it. Just like the Prime figure some of the wheels are fake but could still roll smoothly when attached to the cab. The launcher button is designed as cannon attachments at the back of the trailer. When pressed the trailer opens up to its launcher mode which reveal 2 more guns that you can fold forward. I was only expecting a plain looking trailer interior but it was nice to see some sculpted design.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The launching mechanism is not that strong but is enough to propel the cab forward gives it enough force to activate the spring loaded transformation upon impact. You can also mount Prime inside the trailer giving it a base mode look.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    BTW, the bottom of the trailer now says "Made in Vietnam" not "China". Did Hasbro already set up shop there?


    Robot Mode

    Prime's bot mode has a cute and super deformed look which I dig. Bot mode is unarticulated and his arms just stick out at his side. Prime's head is G1 in design. Bot Shot figures are generally shellformers with all the alt. mode kibble attached to the bot's back. The figure is very stable and would take a lot of effort to knock over thanks to his feet and back kibble.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    His chest has a triangular barrel that you can rotate to choose the attribute that you want to use for the fight. The attributes are represented by symbols: Fist, Blaster, and Sword, and comes with a number that represent the "power ranking" of the attribute... which brings us to the rules of the game:

    1. Playing Bot Shots with your friends is just like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Fist beats Sword, Sword beats Blaster (whuuut?), and Blaster beats Fist.

    2. If there is a draw (same symbols is shown by both bots), the power ranking determines the winner.

    3. Players should choose their bot's attributes before the fight. Then they crash their figures together to activate the transformation. If a figure doesn't transform the owner loses by default (I think that the player loses also if the figure transforms but does not stand upright).

    You can adjust the sensitivity of the launching mechanism by tweaking it using the screws in the bot's chest. For display purposes I recommend displaying Prime with his Blaster attribute to give him a window-like design in his chest.


    Sadly, I left all my Transformers back in the Philippines. All I have is my flatmate's lighter.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Sculpt and Articulation (4/5) - For a figure this small he sure has a lot of sculpted elements. Articulation wise he's like a brick! But I think adding articulation might just be a hindrance in the auto transforming mechanism of the figure.

    Price (5/5) - Got him for MYR 39.90 (around USD 12.73/ PHP 546.34). A relatively cheap price for a transforming figure.

    Fun Factor (5/5) - This figure is fun to play with. You can play this game with your kids as well as with your friends (can be used as nice drinking game with them).

    Overall (5/5) - Cheap transforming figures with a very easy game thrown to add more playability... I think Hasbro got itself a winner with this line!

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