Transformers Binaltech: Plunge into anarchy

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    Well i am been juggling this story about the binaltech line around for a bit. Then what made me go back to this was an episode of Galaxy force.


    The sky was alit with fire, like the planet it's self was angry. Shards of metal and rock flew from the sky like some kind of strange offering to the planet's anger.

    Then Darkness.....

    The sky had turned into a cold and dark room. The sounds of computers and other technological operations could be heard. The sound of two beings could be heard as they came into the room.

    "What is he?"

    "We do not know yet sir"

    "Well at least do we know his alliance"

    "From what our sensors indicate he is from cybertron but not from our time peroid, he is ancient but still advance,"

    "This is very strange, I hope Ravage's meddling with the time line has not taken to the worse"

    "But could it get any...."

    The voices fade and soon darkness returns.

    The earth it's self through an autobot's eyes was not a pretty sight. The planet its self was becoming more a wasteland then a paradise. The spill of cosmic rust over the planet had created a glint from space. itt was like earth was becoming a new cybertron itself. The flag of the EDC was the new glory for the planet earth, the moon colony had been up and running for five months now, it had been the main reason why the Decpticons had been driven to their offline space station which had been sent into a orbit round Saturn when it was deactivated by Prowl and his Enigma team.

    The Autobots themselves had been changed through earth's progress. They were no longer aliens to this planet they were now weapons of the humans.
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    Chapter one​

    "What had we become"

    That was the question that was going through Smokescreen's brain. He walked along the edge of Autobot city reflecting what had became of everyone, either turned into a binaltech transformer or locked away in stasis.

    "Smokescreen I need you back at the assembly hall, this is very important" said Perceptor

    "Roger that," Smokescreen responded, he transformed and drove back to the main assembly hall. Perceptor had found a way to stop the cosmic rust infecting transformers, but he could only use the corox ray on transformers who hadnt been infected but had been put away in stasis lock to protect themselves. This was a great success but but only a few were able to have this process done. Something the Binaltech Autobots thought was too little, too late for themselves to be put back the way they were.

    At the assembly Hall everyone had sat down ready for Perceptor's report and findings. Perceptor walked onto the stage and turned to his comrades.

    "My friends I do believe that we will soon be able to win this war, my findings show that the decpticons have pulled themselves into a trap" said to Perceptor, he turned to a data projector and turned it on. "As you can see thanks to Prowl's assault on their Space station a few months ago they have trapped themselves in orbit around the planet saturn"

    "We know this already, so what now?" interupted Tracks, Perceptor looked at Tracks angryliy, "What it means is without energy the spacestation will power down that will mean our main attack force could go in and capture Ravage" replied Perceptor.

    "That's all very well in writing and plans Perceptor" said Ultra Magnus as he entered the hall

    "Ultra Magnus how was the EDC meeting" said Perceptor, Ultra magnus nodded "everything is fine, just some more earth forms to sign" said Ultra magnus and sat down.

    "Also I have noticed that a certain number of energy readings has been found around saturn and its rings, it seems they are time anomalies, i cannot analyise well enough because of decepticon defences"

    "So what are you suggesting" said Ultra magnus, "What i am suggesting is that we send a team to take out the defence systems of the decepticon space station, then quickly but surely I will set up a spy satiellite to scan the planet" said Perceptor.

    "Fine Perceptor we will sort this out soon as we get the report from Windcharger and Wheeljack" said Ultra Magnus.

    Deep beneath the ocean the remaining decepticons on earth had been hding their operations for some time. Although the larger scale of remaining decepticons had boarded the space station Holocaust, a small group lead by Swindle and Deadend had stayed behind to ambush the Autobots when they least expected it.

    "Damn Shockwave, why did he have to reveal the space station's location to the Autobots!" shouted Swindle as he slammed his fist on the computer panel. He turned to see Runabout and Runamuck,
    "What do you two want" said Swindle
    "Sir we have some information," said Runamuck
    "The biggest, it seems that the autobots have found a way to stop that cosmic Rust to released" interupted Runabout, Swindle smirked and turned to the computer screen,
    "Blitzwing I want you to take the insecticons and treasds to the binaltech lab in japan" ordered Swindle, Blitzwing went off the computer screen.

    "Soon the decpticons we regain the grip on the galaxy laughed Swindle

    "Why do you believe that Swindle?" said a voice, Swindle turned around and looked at Runamuck and Runabout.

    "Hey dont look at us"
    "yeah we didnt say anything" they both said. Then Swindle looked up and saw on the rafters a figure. He jumped down and turned to Swindle,
    "Long time no see" he smirked
    "Deadend" luaghed Swindle to himself, "For a second there I was worried",
    "You should be worried about what they have up at holocaust" replied Deadend,
    "What do they have then" said Swindle
    "All in good time" said Deadend "For now I hope your plan willl work", Deadend looked over at Runamuck and Runabout.
    "I think you two should go with Blitzwing" ordered Deadend
    "Yes" replied Runaamuck, they both left the room and went towards the transport platform.
    "Now all we have to do is wait" laughed Swindle as he looked from his observation deck.
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    I had so much fun writing this chapter, I believe it was the mms and the fact I got you write about some of my favourite characters, any way enjoy.

    Chapter Two​

    Wheeljack walked out of the Binaltech lab and looked behind him, he saw what had his race an individual being created from parts humans can easily find in their backyard.

    “Cheer up Wheeljack we get to go back to Autobot city now” said Windcharger, as he said his sensors activated, he turned on his micro-binoculars, it was two race cars speeding through blockades and destroying them in their paths, behind was a green earth style tank. No doubt it was Runabout and Runamuck with Treads and they were heading for the Binaltech lab.

    “Decepticons” said Wheeljack, he turned to Windcharger, “Contact Autobot city I will create a diversion”, Wheeljack transformed into vehicle mode and speeded towards the Decepticons. Wheeljack crashed right through the barriers of the Binaltech lab. Runabout and Runamuck sped up to catch up with Wheeljack. As they were about to catch up with Wheeljack, Wheeljack transformed, skidding on his knees and took out his Pulsar blade and laser gun he blasted Runamuck on the left and sliced into Runabout on his right. The Decepticon cars fell on their sides as their transformed, their injuries made by Wheeljack had damaged them slightly as they got up. Wheeljack fell has he skidded forward on his knees. Runabout and Runamuck walked over to Wheeljack, laughing to themselves as Treads was approaching them.

    Ultra Magnus ran into the Autobot city communications room, Blaster and Hubcap were at the console.
    “What’s the matter Blaster?” asked Ultra Magnus
    “We just got a signal from our buddies in the land of the rising sun but it just cut out“ said Blaster
    “Patch it through again“ said Ultra Magnus, the message was played again
    “It looks like the Decepticons are targeting this Binaltech lab send help...”, the transmission was cut, Ultra Magnus turned to Blaster and Hubcap. He left the room hastily and went into the armoury where a group of Autobots were reloading their weapons.
    “Ok Autobots we need to get to Japan fast, I hope I can count on you”
    “Don’t worry sir, the Genesis strike force shall prevail”, and with that the genesis strike went off to save Wheeljack and Windcharger.

    Back at the Binaltech lab Windcharger was on the floor, above him was Blitzwing and the Insecticons, Blitzwing picked Windcharger up by the neck and saw the communicator, he crushed it with his hand and threw Windcharger into the Lab. This created a giant hole in the lab’s main entrance. The lab’s auto defences came online, the Insecticons blasted all of the security defences away and entered the lab.
    “Steal what you can, no mercy ” shouted Blitzwing, he walked other to the surviving humans and picked one up,
    “What do you want” replied the scared and injured scientist,
    “You will take me to the central computer in the lower levels of this lab” ordered Blitzwing, the human complied and Blitzwing let him down.

    Runabout and Runamuck both kicked Wheeljack, Wheeljack got up and punched Runamuck, Runamuck fell on the ground. Runabout grabbed Wheeljack and put him in a headlock and chucked him to the ground. Wheeljack was exhausted from the little stunt he did earlier. Treads had finally caught up with them he transformed and ran over to Wheeljack he blasted him in the back till he fell to the ground. Runamuck picked him up and balanced him on some rubble.
    “Ready to blast him sky high” laughed Runamuck
    Treads transformed and reversed, “Now say goodbye Autobot scum” shouted Treads with glee.

    At the Binaltech lab Windcharger got up and saw that the Decepticons had got into the lab, what was once the best protected lab in Japan had become a junkyard. All the defences had been trashed, Windcharger saw that his gun and communicator had been destroyed by Blitzwing.
    “Wheeljack!” shouted Windcharger, he was about to find him when he felt something behind his head
    “Not so fast Autobot” said a voice he turned around it was Bombshell, but then Bombshell was blasted into the outer wall of the lab.
    “Better watch out Bombshell” shouted a voice, Windcharger looked up it was Dogfight in the sky and from the ground was Chromedome and Chase.
    “Dogfight, that means the Genesis strike force” said Windcharger, Dogfight transformed and landed,
    “Don’t worry about Wheeljack the rest of the team is taking care of that now lets go stop those Decepti-creeps” said Dogfight with that said they ran into the lab.
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    Ok here is Chapter three, will wheeljack be saved, and what are the decepticons after at the binaltech lab

    Chapter 3​

    Wheeljack was in big trouble, the Decepticons had captured him and he was about to be blasted by Tread’s Plasma cannon. Treads was ready to blast Wheeljack,
    “Say good bye Autobot” laughed Runamuck, then Runamuck was blasted. Runabout and Treads turned around it was the rest of the genesis strike force. They all transformed and started to shoot at the Decepticons. Wheeljack leaned over and started to move away from the Decepticons, he had taken heavy damage from Runamuck and Runabout and he was about to fall over when he was caught by one of the members of the genesis strike force. Wheeljack looked up,

    “Pointblank we need to get to the base”, Wheeljack went into stasis lock, Pointblank let him down, “Chromedome, I need to contact the Protectorbots, Wheeljack is badly damaged from his fight with the Decepticons”

    “Ok, They will be here soon , I’m coming over now Windcharger has lead the others into the lab,” replied Chromedome

    “Crosshairs speed this up we need to get to the base”, Crosshairs turned around and blasted Runabout and transformed into vehicle mode and crashed into Runabout. Crosshairs then transformed and blasted Treads with his dual phase blasters. The blast from the two blasters caused the ground below Treads to collapse. Treads fell into the hole, Crosshairs ran over to the hole.

    “Pointblank, come look, I think Treads has found something” laughed Crosshairs, Pointblank walked over to the hole, Crosshairs jumped in, Pointblank ran back to Wheeljack,
    “Don’t worry I contacted Autobot city the Protectorbots will be here soon”,
    “Where does it lead?” said Crosshairs, he looked up and saw something familiar on the walls of the tunnel. He pointed to the right wall, Chromedome and Pointblank turned and saw it too.

    “This means, that everything we have known”, Sureshot ordered the other two to follow him, they transformed and sped down the tunnel.

    Windcharger lead Chase and Dogfight down the halls of the Binaltech lab. Then they passed a door that Windcharger hadn’t noticed before.
    “That hasn’t there before me and Wheeljack had this place view over a thousand times”, Windcharger looked over at Dogfight,
    “My scanners say that this leads to a central processing computer, looks like the earthlings haven’t been telling us about everything” smirked Dogfight. The door itself was locked and blast coated, Chase walked up to the door and accessed the security codes .

    “The codes of this lock have been randomised a number of times, this must mean that the earthlings have been changing the code each time they enter it,” said Chase, he opened the door. Windcharger sent down one of his scanner drones .
    “It seems the passage way is protected by a number of security systems”, Windcharger, Dogfight and chase entered the passage way. It was dark only lighted by a number of spotlights. Then the entire walkway was lit, Chase stepped back, he saw the auto-guns coming out of the walls.
    “Everyone find cover” shouted Chase, Dog fight and Chase hid behind a containment unit and tried to blast the auto-guns. Windcharger how ever did not have a gun only his system reader.

    “I’m going to try and access the security system” shouted Windcharger, he punched into the wall and tore out wires and circuit boards. The auto-guns went haywire and exploded, Dogfight got up from the containment unit and walked over to Windcharger.

    “Ok all we know is that Blitzwing and the other two insecticons have gone down this way shouldn’t we contact for reinforcements” said Dogfight, Chase walked over to Windcharger and Dogfight.
    “We cant contact anyone a jamming signal has been activated, and if i know what is happening we are being trapped here” said Chase, The door s behind were shut immediately, Dogfight ran over to the end of the room. The vents of the walkway opened up and bauxite fusion start to fill into the room, the Autobots were trapped.
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    Well here is chapter four, if anyone likes this please say so,

    chapter 4​

    Back at Autobot city, Perceptor and Ultra Magnus had been trying to contact the team at Japan but was having to avail in doing so. Then a message was received,
    “Autobot city this is Chromedome, we need the Protectorbots here now Wheeljack is in bad shape and I am unable to contact team at the lab and Pointblank and Crosshairs have gone missing”

    “Send the Protectorbots now” ordered Ultra Magnus, Perceptor looked out onto Autobot city and the sun set that was just above the city. Perceptor turned back to Ultra Magnus he had the face of a fallen comrade. “I do believe we should face the humans after we get our teams together” said Perceptor, Perceptor walked out of the room and back to his lab.

    Wheeljack woke up he found himself still among the rubble but he saw someone above him, it was Chromedome.
    “Where is everyone?” said Wheeljack
    “I have been unable to contact any of them, Crosshairs and Pointblank went into the hole that leads to a tunnel” said Chromedome
    “What about the Decepticons?” said Wheeljack
    “Well I think Treads fell done that hole, and for Runabout and Runamuck they have disappeared” said Chromedome, Chromedome looked up and saw a shuttle coming towards them.

    Deep within the Binaltech lab Blitzwing, Kickback and Shrapnel had arrived at the central computer. Blitzwing had the human activate the security systems,
    “Good the bauxite infusion will trap the Autobots” laughed Blitzwing
    “why are we here again Blitzwing” said Shrapnel
    “Simple to break in,” laughed Blitzwing

    Blitzwing started to type something into the computer. Two doors opened up, Blitzwing walked over to the door and planted a bomb.
    “We have the information we need we must go now” ordered Blitzwing, Blitzwing activated the bomb,
    “we have two earth hours before this places blows up”, Blitzwing and the two insecticons ran out of the room. The scientist that had lead them to the central computer tried to deactivate the bomb but he could do nothing, he had helped the enemy and now all the research they had been researching would be gone.

    Dogfight had half his torso in bauxite infusion, he looked over and at Chase, he threw Chase a smoke bomb. Chase threw the bomb and it exploded at the main vent. The rest of the bauxite fusion was dried in the vents. Dogfight changed his hand to a buzz saw and cut himself out of the bauxite, he jumped over to Chase and freed him.

    “Where’s Windcharger?” said Dogfight
    “Other there” pointed Chase, Dogfight jumped over to Windcharger and released him. Windcharger coughed up some bauxite that had found it’s way into his mouth.
    “Ok Windcharger after that little snack lets get into the central computer room” laughed Dogfight. The three Autobots ran to the door and started to pull the doors apart.
    “Nearly there,” grunted Windcharger, and the doors were open, what they found was very weird. The room was empty. Everything looked fine, Chase ran over to the computer
    “The computer’s mainframe has been wiped” said Chase
    “I read some human signatures in this room but it is empty now wait” Chase ran over to a containment unit, “Its a bomb”, the bomb’s timer was set to one hour left, Chase turned to the exit doors.

    Crosshairs and Pointblank had been speeding down the tunnel for some time now and still did not know where it lead. As they were turning a corner they ran into Blitzwing and the Insecticons,
    “Autobots get them” shouted Blitzwing, Blitzwing threw Shrapnel the data disk, Shrapnel transformed and flew past the Autobots.
    “Ok Decepticons time for you to surrender” said Pointblank, Crosshairs tapped Pointblank on the back
    “I think we are out number buddy”, Pointblank turned around it was Treads. Crosshairs was right they were out numbered.
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    Chapter 5​

    Pointblank and Crosshairs were surrounded by the Decepticons forces lead by Blitzwing, Shrapnel had escaped with the computer memory bank disc and now Crosshairs and Pointblank really needed some help. Blitzwing walked towards the two Autobots.
    “Drop your weapons now” ordered Blitzwing, Crosshairs and Pointblank dropped their weapons, and stepped back. Kickback and Treads stepped in closer with their guns aimed at the two Autobots. Pointblank turned to Crosshairs,
    “Ready for a miracle?” said Crosshairs, Pointblank nodded, Crosshairs released two blasters from his back and blasted Kickback and Treads, Pointblank rolled over and grabbed his blaster he turned towards Blitzwing when he felt something sharp, painful, it was Blitzwing’s sword dug into him. Blitzwing grinned hysterically as the blade went in deeper.

    In the central computer room Windcharger was scanning the bomb. It couldn’t be moved or it would explode. Windcharger started to dismantle the bomb.
    “It’s too late with only one hour and thirty minutes” said Dogfight, he ran over to exit doors “I’m going to get the Decepticons, my sensors tell me they went this way” and with that Dogfight ran out of the central computer room. Windcharger was not able to stop the bomb but he was able to lengthen the time before the bomb exploded. Chase and Windcharger sent a message through the main computer to evacuate any people left in the building, then they went after Dogfight.

    Crosshairs turned watched in horror as he saw his friend being sliced by a Decepticon. Pointblank fell to the floor Blitzwing turned and look straight at Crosshairs, Crosshairs aimed his blasters at Blitzwing when Treads blasted Crosshairs in the back.
    “Good work Treads now lets catch up with Shrapnel” ordered Blitzwing, as he said that Dogfight, Windcharger and Chase came up the descending tunnel. Dogfight saw what Blitzwing had done, he transformed into jet and crashed into Blitzwing he transformed and rammed his fists into Blitzwing face. Blitzwing however was not to easy to defeat, he grabbed Dogfight and lifted him above his tank turret and blasted him into the ceiling and breaking through the tunnel’s walls.

    Windcharger and Chase were shooting at Treads and Kickback as they flew out of the area. Windcharger ran over to Crosshairs and Pointblank. Chase started to scale the tunnel to get to the opening made by the Decepticons. Windcharger helped Crosshairs up,
    “We need to get out here quick” said Windcharger, he called out to Chase and Chase let down a net to carry up the injured transformers. Windcharger looked down the tunnel he saw light,
    Chase are you out of the tunnels” shouted Windcharger
    “Yeah Dogfight in bad shape” replied Chase
    “Contact the Protectorbots I am going down the tunnel” shouted Windcharger, Windcharger transformed and sped down the tunnel.
    “What is Windcharger doing?” questioned Chase, he looked up into the sky, the Protectorbot’s shuttle was hovering above him. When Chase looked across the land he saw that he was fifth teen miles away from the Binaltech lab.

    Still inside the tunnel Windcharger was nearing towards the light he saw. He reached the light it was nothing he had seen before it was a factory. Windcharger walked over to the conveyer belt, it was a chassis for something. He walked other to the main computer,
    “What I haven’t seen these since”, Windcharger stopped and remembered the time on the bomb, he could only delay the bomb’s explosion by twenty minutes, he had to get out quickly. He saw a door and ran to it, he didn’t know where it lead all he knew he had to get as far away from the bomb as he could.

    Above ground Chase with the Protectorbots were hovering over the entire area which had been destroyed by the Decepticons then the explosion happened. Fire and smoke engulfed the whole area, the shuttle shook from the explosion as it rose into the air. Blades lowered the platform and scanned the whole area, Windcharger’s signal could not be read.
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    Chapter 6​

    The Protectorbot's shuttle landed in autobot city, Crosshairs, Pointblank, Dogfight and Wheeljack were taken to the CR chambers. While Chromedome and Chase had to report to Ultra Magnus, as they entered the main building they could hear ahuman voice shouting. Chase ran up to Ultra Magnus' office to find EDU representative placing the whole blame on Ultra Magnus.
    "Thousands of dollars worth of damage, research that took months to study, we have lost a great deal thanks to your sloppy organisation of an army" shouted the goverment rep

    "We were unable to contact much of our group thanks to a jamming signal in your base, what have you been doing there" replied Ultra Magnus

    "It is none of your concern" the goverment rep stormed out of the room and saw Chase and Chromedome,
    "This is your fault Autobots!" he walked past them muttering. Chase and Chromedome entered Ultra Magnus' office, Ultra Magnus looked over to them.

    "We have opened a parandora's box of human lies" replied Chase, Ultra Magnus looked down to the floor.
    "We have made some mistakes, believing the decepticon threat was over, now half of the Genesis Strike force is down, Wheeljack will only need a couple of days in the CR chamber, but Dogfight, Crosshairs and Pointblank are another story, what happened down there"

    "Windcharger was on to something just before the bomb went off, we havent heard from him since" reported Chromedome

    "Yes, we need to find out what was in that lab, but now the humans have blocked off the whole area, no civilians or even autobots are allowed to go in, but I have another idea, in the mean time I am putting you two on another mission" replied Ultra Magnus

    "Another mission?" said both of them, just then the doors opened

    "Why didnt you call me sooner, me do better job then them" said a voice, it was Grimlock. Grimlock walked over to Ultra Magnus

    "Yes you two and Grimlock are going to find out what the strange energy readings are from Saturn's rings" ordered Ultra Magnus

    "But isnt half of the Decepticon force on a space station near saturn?" asked Chase

    "Don't worry Prowl and the Enigma team will be joining you, they know more about the area then most of us" answered Ultra Magnus

    Grimlock, Chase and Chromedome left the main building over to the shuttle area where the Enigma team were waiting for them. The Enigma team lead by Prowl were the only group of Autobots that had got into the decepticon spacestation the Holocaust. In which they were able to shut it down and keep almost half of the remaining decepticons forces up on the derelict floating space station. The team was lead by Prowl who had recently gone through having his binaltech body being built. But the role of leader to a small group became a hard task as during the final assault on the Holocaust Hosehead had been killed by Horribull. This has caused Prowl to rethink about his role as leader.

    At the shuttle bay Grimlock and the others boarded the Enigma shuttle. They were greeted by Nightbeat and Getaway as they were taken to the briefing room.
    "Right this will be a simple research mission, we have been brought into this mission as a way to protect Cosmos and Chase when they scan the readings of the energy signature" replied Prowl to the group "We will be taking off soon so man your stations". Prowl walked out of the breiefing room and sat in the main cockpit of the shuttle.
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    Chapter 7​

    Windcharger was dead, that was the offical statement made by Ultra Magnus and the EDC. But Hound knew that not to be true. He knew that Ultra Magnus had simpliy gone along with what the earthlings said so that he could start his own investigation into the incident and Hound was just the autobot to look into it. Along with Swerve he had tapped into the human's comunications line and had been listening to what they had been saying.
    "We should move in quickly under the cover of night" said Hound "Get Seaspray, Broadside and Tailgate together"
    With that said Hound and Swerve waited till night fall to start their investigation.

    On the Enigma shuttle they had just reached the Moon base's final defence line when they were stopped. The view screen came up and before them was an EDC scientist located on the moon.
    "Autobots, here are the reports which have been given in by our scientists they report the engery readings to be some sort of time field" stated a EDC scientist
    "Thankyou, remember we ight need you if the decepticons attack" replied Prowl and he turned off his view screen. Nightbeat started the shuttles engines and the shuttle took off to Saturn's rings.

    Cosmos got out of his seat and went over to the air hatch,
    "I will scout ahead for any lurking decepticons" stated Cosmos and he jumped out the shuttle and transformed into his spaceship mode.
    "Remember Cosmos report any decepticon acvitivity no matter how small" ordered Prowl, Cosmos rogered him and flew ahead of the shuttle.

    Back at the Decepticon's HQ on earth Swindle was researching the data Blitzwing and his troop had collected. Blitzwing entered the room, Swindle turned around and looked at him.
    "This will proove to be in our advantage, I can show that no good Ravage there are more inventive ways of getting rid of the Autobots then playing with the time flow" said Swindle, he activated the data's main codes and multiple screens came online around the room.
    "Now with this program I can monitor every single Binaltech lab on earth, and control the very machines themselves" laughed Swindle, but then the screens overloaded and went offline, Swindle turned to the main computer screen, it sounded like it was laughing at him.
    "Blitzwing looked around the room, it was like the entire room was laughing at them. Swindle started to get angry and threw a computer screen across the room.
    "STOP LAUGHING AT ME!" shouted Swindle as he walked around the room, Blitzwing lef the roombeing freaked out by Swindle's rage.

    Moments later Deadend walked into Swindle's computer lab, there found Swindle looking at the computer screen.
    "So I see you took care of some business" joked Deadend, Deadend turned Swindle around,
    "Listen you no good piece of slag we are the commanders of the earth fleet you need to start to think about how we are going to defeat the autobots, not make us into more of these abomanations we call bodies," Swindle looked at at Deadend and saw a image behind him. Swindle got up and looked at the screen.
    "You but I thought Jazz had..."
    "Clearly there has been some mistake making you two leaders, I will resuming control very soon" then the screen exploded.
    "Who was that?" asked Deadend
    "Trouble, big trouble, but for now assemble all the Decepticons, we have a war to win" ordered Swindle and he ran out of the room.

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