Transformers: Beyond The Series Season 1 Episode 4

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    Transformers: Beyond The Series

    Season 1 Episode 4

    Revelations Part 4

    The bridge closed as the Autobots, Starscream, and Megatron rolled in. "Why is MEGATRON and STARSCREAM here?!" Asked a man in a suit. "Because Agent Fowler he is now an Autobot, along with Starscream." Optimus Prime said with slight happiness. Fowler looked at prime with an annoyed tone. "Well, to be honest I am a bit scared to even be here." Starscream said with fear. Iceanna looked at Starscream with concern and sighed. "How are you Iceanna Magnus?" Ratchet asked concernedf for Iceanna's health after her trip. "I am fine Ratchet. I was always fine." Iceanna answered. "Very well then," Ratchet said as he walked over to the monitors. "Who are you!?" Miko masked Cliffjumper. "My name is Cliffjumper, Arcee's former partner." Cliffjumper replied. "How did you come back?" Miko asked more. "I was revived by my cousin's son," Cliffjumper said as he looked over at Starscream who was talking to Optimus and Megatron. Miko caught Cliffjumper's optics and looked at Starscream who then looked back. Miko looked at him with slight anger. "I still don't know why he has to be here." Miko said in anger. Cliffjumper got down to her level. "I know we all don't understand why the cons are here but atleast they are willing to make a diffrence now. Plus, Iceanna over there is one tough negotiator." Cliffjumper said as he pointed to Iceanna who was talking to Arcee. The montor beeped as a transmission came in. A male voice spoke. "Calling the Autobots! We need back up, the cons have us on the run! Sending corridnates now!" The transmission said as it ended. "Autobots prepare to groundbridge!" Optimus said as Ratchet opened the groundbridge.

    The Autobots drove and flew through the groundbridge. They all transformed. Iceanna levetated off the ground by her jet pack to give an eye in the sky. "There!" She shouted and pointed north to a riverside. The water was being held back by a damaged ship. There was a red and blue figure on the ground beside it moving a bit. Iceanna rushed over to the figure. "Are you alright?" Iceanna asked softly. "I-I am it's my leg." The figure said with agony. Iceanna looked at his severed leg. "I can fix that, what's your name and where are the others you came with?" Iceanna asked the figure who was slowly getting up. "My name is Autobot GarciaBlast or you can just call me GB. My brother Kaji is still in the ship. He was knocked out." GarciaBlast said in a worred tone. "I'll get him out just sit tight.” Iceanna said as she tore off the door to the ship. She entered the vessel, there was weapons all over the floor and some guns and cannons on the wall. She looked at the one wall, it had a first aid kit. “This might come in handy,” she said as she took it off the wall. She heard a groan, and walked over to the cockpit. She seen a bot who was bleeding energon from a wound. “Are you okay Autobot Kaji?” Iceanna asked. “I-I-I am... where’s my brother? Is he hur-rt?” Kaji said as he winced in pain. Iceanna tore off his seatbelts. “He is fine,” Iceanna said as she lifted Kaji carefully out of the ship along with the first aid kit. Iceanna began working on the bots’ wounds.

    Mean while in the forest area the rest were exploring the area for any unwanted Decepticons. “I hope we don’t get any attacks that are bad,” A blue and white bot said with boredom. “Who knows Smokescreen, maybe we get to fight Soundwave and Knock-Out.” Bulkhead said in amusement. “Oh ha ha, very funny.” Smokescreen said in reply. They heard a sound. “Autobots, be on your guard.” Optimus ordered as he drew his guns. The rest did the same. Arcee walked around a corner and seen a few fingures standing around. “Vehicons,” She said quietly as she advanced slowly. Bulkhead walked towards a cliffside and looked over to see the ocean below. He wistled, “Long fall, might make a huge spash if I were to jump.” He added. Cliffjumper walked up beside him and said “Then you’ll be a ‘Cliffjumper’,”. “Heh,” Bulkhead laughed a bit. Bumblebee and Smokescreen walked into a patch of trees.They seen a tree leaking something. “Burrrr?” Bumblebee asked. “No not sap, some form of liquid.” Smokescreen said as he touched the liquid. Just then they were hit with something. “Ah Ha! I knew you Autobots would appear sometime.” A red bot said. “Knock-Out!” Smokescreen shouted as he pointed his guns at him. ‘Oh no, I am here to get my leader back. This new guy seems like he knows everything.” Knock-Out said as he brushed some dirt off his shoulder. Bumblebee and Smokescreen looked at each other with odd looks.

    Meanwhile over at the crash site. “There, you two are all fixed.” Iceanna said with happiness. “Thanks!” Kaji said as he moved his arm. “Yeah, hwo did you even know how to fix us? I mean you’re not a medic.” GB said. “I am related to a medic.” Iceanna said in reply. “Oh cool,” Kaji said. “Um what IS your name by the way?” GB asked. “My name is Iceanna Magnus. I am one of the last Magnuses alive.” Iceanna said with honor. “Oh,” GB said with awe. Iceanna put some of the unused medical supplies away. She looked at the ship. “Sorry about your ship,” Iceanna said aploageticly. “Ah that old thing? It was our father’s when he was alive.” Kaji said modistly. Iceanna looked at it again. “But a thing like this isn’t old. It’s timeless. Surely you miss your father?” Iceanna said with a soft tone. “Well, we do miss him but we don’t really talk about him.” GB said. “Yeah, prowl has been dead sence the late war.” Kaji said. Iceanna cringed at the name ‘Prowl’. She knew him sence she was a teen and ever sence then she hasn’t seen him. “I knew your father. Prowl was a great warrior. But remember this he may be gone in body but never in spirit.” Iceanna said reassuringly. The boys smiled at her words. “Thanks,” GB said. ‘No problem,” Iceanna said in reply. Just then there was a blast. It was Clockworth with a cosmic rust cannon at the ready pointing at Iceanna. “Say goodnight Iceanna,” He said as he fired up his cannon.

    To be continued.........

    Disclaimer: All meantioned TF’s belong to Hasbro.

    Iceanna, Kaji, & GarciaBlast belong to me.

    Have a nice day! :) 
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