Transformers: Beyond The Series S1E6

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    Transformers: Beyond The Series

    Season 1 Episode 6


    It was a nice day out in Jasper, Navada. Iceanna was hust enjoying a lisurely drive through the calm streets. A car drives beside her, it was her young son, Bumblebee. She dirves a bit ahead of him. "Biip brrrr beep," Bumblebee asked. "Yeah Bumblebee, it is a beutyful day." Iceanna replied while making a turn. They drove a couple more miles. Iceanna thinks to her self. I need to fix his vioce box, while I'm at it I might as well build Starscream a new t-cog. They drove another mile and then turned into a doorway. The doorway was to their base on Earth, Autobot Omega Outpost One. They transformed to their robot modes. "How was your drive?" Ratchet asked in a calm manner. "It was very nice. Earth is amazing.' Iceanna said with awe. "I couldn't agree with ya more cuz," Cliffjumper said in agreement. Megatron and Optimus walked into the room while talking with each other. Iceanna walked up to Megatron and tapped his shoulder. Megatron turned around and seen Iceanna. "Hey there," He said as he hugged her. "Hey Megatronus." Iceanna said in reply, she was the only Autobot who still called him by his origional name. Megatron took a look back at the monitors. "Um, Megatronus, can I have a talk with you and Ratchet alone?" Iceanna asked politeley. Megatron and Ratchet looked at each other and nodded. "Can I come with, I have a feeling about this conversation." Arcee asked. "Yeah," Iceanna replied. The four bots walk into one of the medical bay's offices. Optimus looked at the closed door with concern. "I wonder what they are talking about,' Starscream said. "Biip beep," Bumblebee said in reply. "You sure about that? I mean mother hasn't been moody lately." Starscream said in response. Miko and Jack looked at each other blushing and laughing. "You think Iceanna is pregnate?" Miko asked while laughing. "It's a possiblity." Starscream said while trying to stiffle his own laughter. Optimus looked at the two and smiled. Jack looked at Optimus with a shoked expression. "Optimus, you smile?" Jack asked amused. "I do when I feel like it Jack." Optimus said in reply amused.

    Meanwhile in the medical base. Arcee, Megatron, Ratchet, and Iceanna all stood around a table. "I have an idea of what to do medicaly for starscream and Bumblebee,' Iceanna spoke to break the silence. "Which is?" Ratchet asked in concern. 'I want to build Starscream a new t-cog and I want to fix Bumblebee's vioce." Iceanna said with confidence. Arcee's optics widened. "Wait, do you even know how to do it? I mean it will take a week for a new t-cog to be built and tested." Ratchet said with a concerned tone. "I know how, I always knew. I know many medical terms. Even my mother knew a lot." Iceanna said in defense to her case. Ratchet cringed, he knew Iceanna's mother well. "I know Iredecca was a good medic. I should know, she IS my daughter." Ratchet said in sorrow. "So, you'll help me?" Iceanna asked eagerly. 'Yes, yes I will." Ratchet said with happiness. "Thank you grandfather!" Iceanna said as she hugged Ratchet. 'So, how do we build this t-cog?" Megatron asked. "I already have one built," Iceanna said as she took out a t-cog. "Tested and everything." She added. Ratchet looked at the biomech and smiled. "Let's go get Starscream and prepare him for surgery." Ratchet said as he and Iceanna walked out of the office. Starscream walked into a operating room and looked around. "Are you sure about this, mother?" he asked with concern. 'I am sure Starscream." Iceanna said reasurringly. Starscream laid on the medical bed and was put under. Iceanna started to work on his side. Two hours later, Starscream woke up and looked at his sealed side. "Try to transform now," Iceanna said as she cleaned the last of the medical tools. Starscream got up and transformed with no problem. "I am healed! Thank you mother!" Starscream said as he transformed back to his robot form. "No problem, now go get your brother and tell him to come in here." Iceanna said with glee.

    "Will do!' Starscream shouted as he ran towards the recreation room. Bumblebee comes in shortly after. "Biip beep bip?" Bumblebee asked. "Prepare for surgery son." Iceanna ordered. Bumblebee did as he was told. He laid on the medical bed. Iceanna put him in a deep stasis. She sighed heavily. Here it goes, she thought to herself as she made the first incision. She worked at some of the damaged chords. She grabbed a chord and replaced the end of it. She picked up a scraper and scraped off some of the residue off of some of the chords. She fixed a few pipes and screws and veins. She closed his viocal processor and sealed his wound. Now for the waiting game, she thought to herself as she cleaned up and sat down in a chair and read a data pad. A few hours passed, Bumblebee stirred and sat up. He rubbed his head and neck. 'How are you feeling Bumblebee?" Iceanna asked him. "I am fine...." Bumblebee said as he covered his mouth in shock. "I- I can talk!" Bumblebee said with happiness. "Yes you can 'Bee." Iceanna said with happiness that matched her young son's. "Thank you, mom!" Bumblebee said as he hugged Iceanna. Iceanna hugged back and smiled. She was proud of her work. Iceanna and Bumblebee went into the energon storage room to get Bumblebee something to soothe his pain. Megatron walked into the medical room and looked at Bumblebee apologeticly. "I am so sorry for what I've done to you in Tyger Pax. I didn't know you back then and-" Megatron said and was stoped by a hug from Bumblebee. 'I forgive you father, you were only doing what you thought was right." Bumblebee said reassuringly. Iceanna smiled at this.

    Bumblebee, Megatron, and Iceanna all walked out into the rec room. Raf looked at Bumblebee worried. 'Are you okay 'Bee? They said you were having surgery." He asked concerned. "I am okay Rafael." Bumblebee replied. Raf, Miko, and Jack all gasped at Bumblebee's vioce. "Whoa," Raf said with awe. Bumblebee smiled. A few hours later, Iceanna was in her room getting ready for bed. She took out a data pad and wrote to Jazz. "Dear Jazz, Today I have made two very importaint bots in my life happy. I fixed Bumblebee's vocal processor. I even built Starscream a new t-cog. I am just happy to see everyone here happy, well except for grandfather Ratchet. That mech is always grumpy. Heh, but anyways my time here on Earth has been great! I sure miss Iacon and Tyger Pax those two cities were a beauty. Optimus Prime said that he may have gotten news from the Dinobots that they are comeing but I don't know yet. Megatronus is doing fine as an Autobot. He was even made the second in command. I hope that everyone accepts him for who he is now. He is one of my best friends and my love of my life. Oh, and the human named Miko Nakadi told me to tell you she said "Hello!" Heh, she is a good kid. She reminds me of Arcee when she was 15. Hopefully Miko will grow into a great soldier and partner for Uncle Bulkhead. Well, it is late here and i have patrol at dawn so talk to you later cousin. Sincerly Iceanna Magnus." Iceanna hit send and headed off to recharge.

    The End

    All meantioned TF's belong to Hasbro.
    Iceanna & Irredecca belong to me.
    Have a nice day! :) 
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