Transformers: Beyond Season 1 Episode 5

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    Transformers: Beyond The Series

    Season 1 Episode 5

    Revelations part 5

    "No, you say goodnight!" A vioce rang as a shot was fired. "Megatronus?!" Iceanna asked shocked. Megatronus flew over Clockworth's head shooting at him with his cannon. Iceanna looked at GarciaBlast and Kaji with a concerned look. "You two retreat you need to recover." Iceanna ordered as she got out her guns. The two bots did what they were told and ran. Megatron landed beside Iceanna. "Let's do this," Iceanna said as she fired up her guns. "Let's bring this 'Con down." Megatron said as he fired. Clockworth missed every shot. "Is that the best you two can do? You two were such a team back then. What happened, the war get to you two?" Clockworth taunted. Iceanna ran and shot him in the sides. Clockworth dodged her everyshot and shot Iceanna in the right ankle with his regular cannon. Iceanna let out a scream of pain, she looked down and seen energon comeing from her wound. Megatron's eyes glowed deep red, no one harms his partner and gets away with it. He goes after Clockworth with his sword. Clockworth stoped Megatron's sword. "Give up Megatron, you will never beat me." Clockworth said with a merderious look. "I will never give up, not while energon still flows through my veins." Megatron said in response as he shot Clockworth in the chest and face. Iceanna crawled over to the crashed ship and got out the first aid kit. "I need to get back out there." She thought to herself as she fixed her broken ankle. Megatron ran towards Clockworth to deliver another blow to his side. Clockworth stoped him and looked at him evilly.

    Meanwhile in the forest. Kock-Out looked at Smokescreen and Bumblebee. "What?" Knock-Out asked. 'Oh nothing it's just that we know where Megatron is but he isn't your leader anymore." Smokescreen said in reply. "Burrr bip beep." Bumblebee added onto Smokescreen's comment. "So, Megatron is an Autobot now and he is Bumblebee, Arcee, and Starscream's father? Okay then, I don't want to be on his bad side so I defect two." Knock-Out said as he tre off his Decepticon insignia and smashed it. Optimus drove up to the trio who were talking amoungst themselves and transformed. "Autobots have you seen where Arcee is?" Optimus asjked with concern. Bumblebee shook his head. "No," Knock-out said in reply. "Haven't seen her sence we bridged here." Smokescreen answered. Just then they heard a shot. "Arcee!" The four shouted and ran to find her. Knock-Out drove up to a rockside and seen Arcee surrounded. "No," He said scared for Arcee's life. He fires up his cannons and runs to save her. He shoots a Vehicon in the head and another in the chest. Arcee looked on as knock-Out shot the Vehicons. She smiled and got to her feet. "Thanks Knock-Out I owe you one." She thought to herself. Knock-Out shot the last Vehicon and walked over to Arcee. 'Are you alright?" He asked her with concern. "I am thanks." Arcee replied.

    Optimus, Bumblebee, and Smokescreen drove and transformed. "I see you already got here Knock-Out," Optimus said as he looked at the aftermath. Knock-Out looked at Optimus smugly. "I always help out a friend." Knock-Out said in a smug tone. Arcee smiled at the comment. Just then they heard a loud shout. "It's Megatron!" Optimus shouted. The bots drove to the scene. Iceanna fixed up her ankle and stood up. She walked over to Megatron with a limp. "He is powerfull," megatron said as he winced in pain. "I know," Iceanna agreed. They looked at Clockworth who was closing in on them. There was two shots fired. "Come on brother!" Kaji said as he shot Clockworth. "I'm on it!" GarciaBlast said as he shot as well. The rest of the Autobots arrive while shooting. Clockworth got hit with many of the shots as he backed up. 'Decepticons! Retreat!" Clockworth shouted as he flew away. The Decepticons flew away as well. "Thanks," Iceanna said as she helped Megatron up. "No problem Iceanna," Kaji said in reply. 'Autobots, it is time to go home. All of us." Optimus said happily. Iceanna smiled, for the first time in a long time she had a home to claim. The Autobots bridged back to the base.

    Iceanna walked into her room and got out a data pad and started writing. "Dear Jazz, I have found Optimus Prime's crew and I am happy to say that we have a home here on planet Earth. It is beutyful with tons of features you'll love. I just wish that we didn't have to be so far away. I miss you cousin, we all do. I hope that you and the Dinobots can come here soon. On the plus side I have now made some new friends and patched a few holes in my spark, ones that I can never reopen. I am now Megatronus's partner. Or wait should I say Megatron? Oh well, I don't care. I got my best friend and love back. I also got my two sons and my daughter back as well. You will love Starscream, he has gotten so big from the small baby I once held in my arms. Bumblebee is a tough soldier, even when he lost his vioce I think he still has a good attitude. Arcee is like you, me, and our late friend Prowl. A cyber-ninja at birth. Well I have to recharge now so goodnight cousin. Signed, Iceanna Magnus." Iceanna hit send and went to bed.

    The End

    Disclaimer: All meantioned TF's belong to Hasbro
    Iceanna, Kaji, GarciaBlast, and Clockworth belong to me.
    Have a nice day! :) 
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