Transformers: Beyond Season 1 Episode 3

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    Mewni, Remnant, Cybertron
    Transformers: Beyond The Series
    Season 1 Episode 3
    Revelations Part 3

    "Arcee and Bumblebee are related to Megatron?!" Miko shouted in question. "Whoa, that's bad news isn't it?" Jack asked. Ratchet looked at the kids still shocked. "H-how did this happen?" Arcee asked. "Um, I'll tell you that later in private when little ears aren't around." Iceanna said in amusement. Megatron looked at Optimus and then at the rest of the Autobots. "I am so sorry for all I've done." Megatron said and looked down upset. Bumblebee looked at Arcee with a sad look, they knew he was telling the truth. Arcee walked up to Megatron. "I understand if you hate me.." Megatron said. Arcee hugs Megatron, "We forgive you... Father." she then said. Megatron hugs Arcee back. Iceanna watches with a smile on her face. "Let the bygones be bygones." Optimus said. Megatron stood up at that, he takes his Decepticon insignia off and looks at it. Bumblebee looks at Megatron wodering what he is doing. Megatron tosses the insignia in the air and shoots it with his cannon. "Megatronus is back." Megatron said. Iceanna hugs Megatronus happily. Bulkhead smiles. "Finally this war is ending" Bulkhead said. "Bulk, the war has just begun..." Iceanna said in a devious tone. Optimus smiles at the scene, releved that his brother is back by his side.

    Meanwhile in a crashed ship..... "I can't belive you didn't work!" A bot said to a pile of armor. The bot walked over to a computer and typed up some data. "Once I get the power to transform again the Decepticons will bow down to the name of Lord Starscream." The bot said with glee. Starscream reads a family database. Starscream steps back. "Wha- I- How is this possible?!" He shouts as the screen shown his family tree. "I am related to Megatron, Arcee, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Cliffjumper!?" He askes with horror. "That means, I killed my own cousin..." Starscream said in a sad and scared tone. "I almost killed my own family." Starscream said. Starscream looks at the spare spark chambers and energon. "I now know what I must do..." He said as he gathered the supplies. Starscream goes to an abandoned energon mine. He looks around and finds what he is looking for. "Ah Cliffjumper, my mother's cousin." He thought to himself as he approched the body's ruins. He rebuilds the body and places the spark chamber in the chest cavity. He supplies the energon. "Here goes nothing.." Starscream thinks to himself as he takes the energon prod and zaps Cliffjumper's body. The body's optics glow blue, it gets up. "Ugh, I hate taking long naps." Cliffjumper said in an annoyed tone.

    Starscream backs up a bit but knocks a pile of rubish over. There was a loud banging. Cliffjumper looks over at Starscream. "YOU!" He shouts as he tackles Starscream with his guns at the ready. "Ack! Cliffjumper s-stop! I-I've come to revive you!" Starscream pleaded. "Likely story!" Cliffjumper said with a glare. "Please, my intentions are pure and true. I know your cousin, I know your uncle! I know every one of your family." Starscream shouted in fear. "Oh yeah, let me guess you killed them!?" Cliffjumper said with his fist in theair ready to pound Starscream. Starscream covered his head and shouted "NO- I am related to you by decent. I ma the son of Iceanna Magnus!" Cliffjumper stoped his fist right above Starscream. "Wha- You are?" Cliffjumper asked. Starscream uncovered his head and looked at Cliffjumper. "It is true pure as day." Starscream said as he pulled a copy data pad of the family tree. "See take a look." He added. Cliffjumper read the data and gets off of Starscream. Starscream stays where he is at. Cliffjumper looks at Starscream and walks over to him and extends his hand out. Starscream covers his face fast but realises that Cliffjumper is offering a help up. Starscream takes the offer.

    "Welcome to the family." Cliffjumper said with happiness. "Lets go find the other bots before some unexpected help comes." Starscream says as the two bots leave the mine. The bots drive and walk to a mountain side. Cliffjumper transforms and walks over to a corner and peeks at the other side and sees the Autobots talking to Megatronus. "Psst Starscream get over here." Cliffjumper ordered in a hushed tone. Starscream hurries over quietly. "Whats going on?" Starscream asked. "Looks like Megatron is now a goody two shoes now. "Hasn't he benn before?" Starscream asked. "Yeah.." Cliffjumper replied. Cliffjumper looks back over the corner and sees Iceanna gone. "Uh oh she's gone Iceanna's gone." Cliffjuper says as he turns around. He screams. "Hello cousin how was your 'nap'?" Iceanna asked with humor. "Why very pleasent Icey." Cliffjumper said in a sarcastic tone. "Smartaft." Iceanna sid to Cliffjumper. Arcee comes over and sees Cliffjumper. "Cliff!" Arcee said as she hugged her old friend. "Hey cousin!" Cliffjumper said as he huged back. Iceanna smiled at the two bots, she looks at Starscream. "Come on, I have someone for you to meet." She said as she took Starscream over to Megatronus. Megatronus smiles at Starscream. "Nice to meet you... son." Megatronus said in a happy tone. "Lets us all go to the base." Optimus ordered. A groundbridge opens and they all go through it.

    To Be Continued...

    All meantioned Transformers characters belong to Hasbro.
    Iceanna belongs to me.

    Have A Nice Day! :) 
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    Pretty nice! :) 
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    I like the way you set this story up, it's really cool! Keep up the great work :thumb 

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