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    Mewni, Remnant, Cybertron
    Transformers: Beyond The Series

    Revilations Part 1

    (A female voice)
    Cybertron, birthplace of the transformers. What was once a beutiful empire is now a barran wasteland. Our home was a marvleous feature that is until the Decepticons ruined the whole planet. The war was endless, many soldiers died. On the day Cybertron whent dark forever news on a discovery had marked the end of the war for Cybertron and the beginning of the war for Earth.

    Autobot Omega Out Post One aka Autobot HQ

    It was a bright and sunny day out. The Autobots where all off doing thier daily things. "Bulkhead I needed that!" Said a voice. "Uh.. sorry Ratchet.." Said another. "Bulkhead that torch was for to repair any open wounds. Do you want to catch an illness that could um I don't know Kill you?!" Said Ratchet. "Um, No." Said Bulkhead. A motercycle comes in with someone on it. "Hey guys." The human says. The motercycle transforms to a robot. "Uh-oh what did you break this time Bulk?" The female robot asked in amusement. "Ratchet's medical torch, Arcee" Bulkhead said in an annoyed tone. Arcee laughs, the male human walks up to the female human. "Hey Miko what you drawing?" The male asked the female. "Bumblebee and Optimus. How is your mom, Jack?" Asked Miko. "Fine, she has been tired since they added hours to her shifts at the hospital." Jack said in a worried tone. "Oh" Miko said.

    A yellow car comes in the base, a human gets out as the yellow car transformed. "Thanks for the ride 'Bee." Said the boy. "Bip beep berrp." Said Bumblebee. "Hey Raf!" Said Miko. "Hey Miko and Jack!" Said Raf. The three kids catch up on their weekend events as the bots talk amongst themselves. A red bot comes in the room. "Autobots I have an anouncement.." The bot said in a leaderly tone. "What is it, Optimus?" Asked Ratchet. "An old friend of mine is comeing to join our team." Optimus Prime said in reply. "Oh, who is he?" Asked Bulkhead. "She is Iceanna Magnus. Ultra Magnus's youngest daughter." Optimus said in reply. Bulkhead tensed up. "A Magnus? Here, on Earth?" Bulkhead said in a nervious tone. "Dude why are you so nervious?" Miko asked her partner. "A Magnus is someone who is very close to Primes. Iceanna is very close to almost everyone here on this planet, bot wise." Bulkhead explained. "So, she is like a secondary leader?" Raf asked. "A Magnus is almost like an advisor for Primes. Ultra Magnus was advisor for both Zeta and Sentinel Prime." Optimus explained.

    The monitor beeped and a voice is heard. "Iceanna Magnus to Optimus Prime," Said the voice. "Optimus Prime here, what's your status?" Optimus asked. "Still going, this galaxy is as huge as Sentinel's temper.." Iceanna said in amusement. "Likewise, when do you plan to land?" Optimus asked. "Now," Iceanna said. Iceanna speeds up as she flies into Earth's atmosphere. She lands on a mountainside, she gets on her comm link. "I am on Earth. I am sending my corrdinates now." Iceanna said. A ship appears above her head and points a cannon at her. "Oh scrap.." Iceanna said as the cannon fired up.

    To Be Continued....

    Disclaimer: All the said Transformers belong to Hasbro.
    Iceanna Magnus belong to me.
    Have A Nice Day! :) 
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    Very nice start Ice! :thumb 
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    Really cool start, can't wait to see what happens next :thumb 

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