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    Totally new continuity for those about to wonder.


    Since the oldest of Cybertronians can remember, Cybertron always stood out from the rest of the worlds as a great, powerful, knowledgeable, and superior planet. Its inhabitants were unlike most of the other lifeforms seen throughout the universe. Instead of being composed of bones, flesh, blood, or any other organic substance, they were composed of metal, circuitry, a substance known as Energon, and a spark core.

    Lead by the Cybertronian High Council, the Cybertronian Empire stretched across the entire northern quadrant of the galaxy. For millions of years, it seemed as their vast empire would only continue to become stronger, wiser, and biggger.

    That all changed the day after Iacon City was dedicated. There were sightings of malevolent, vicious, and savage Cybertronians reported from the extreme southern city of Kaon. No one knows why the inhabitants there acted so brutal, nor do they know what caused or influenced them to do so. All that we know is once they were discovered, the empire itself

    The armies of Cybertron were sent to Kaon to dispose of the rabid-like Cybertronians, but they were easily tossed aside. Even the High Council themselves had to take matters into their own physical hands when all other options failed. The leader of the council was murdered in an instant by the ruler of the savage Cybertronians. In less than a solar cycle, the savage Cybertronians decimated the metropolis that was Cybertron, and turned it into a death-consumed wasteland.

    Soon after taking dominance of the planet and what little remained of the empire, the savage ruler took control of Cybertron, calling himself Straxus. Ruling with an iron-plated fist, Straxus declared himself Emperor of Destruction, and his enforcers the Decepticons. Four-hundred-thousand years went by as Straxus rebuilt Cybertron into a war world. However, as time passed by, Straxus became irrational, simple-minded, and corrupt. Eventually, Straxus was murdered by his Chief Military General...and his name was Megatron.

    Megatron had different plans than Straxus. Rather than waste time reconquering everything that was once part of the empire with fear, Megatron focused solely on his own homeworld. Those who did not submit to his reign were killed. Those who did submit lived, but only the enforcers were promised freedom.

    More time had passed by. Underground societies were established by slaves and workers as a way to collaborate with one another. Eventually, the societies were linked with one another until they formed a massive think-tank. After living for millenia in harsh conditions, they decided it was time to fight back. But they needed a leader. Leaders of the smaller societies were gathered, but none of them felt they had the abilities to lead such a large force to overthrow Megatron. However, one leader rose up to the challenge on behalf of his fellow Cybertronians. His name was Optimus Prime. In one of his hands, he held a strange device, some sort of container with a shining blue sphere in the center. All he asked for was hope and knowledge of his fellow leaders, and the sphere glew brighter.

    One day, Megatron's palace was attacked by the massive rebellions. Jobs were halted, progress stopped, and Megatron was losing power. Optimus led the rebelions, overthrowing the rule of the tyrant. However, Megatron's forces still held their ground, and the planet was not completely taken back. From then onward, Cybertron was split in two, continously fighting to see who would take the whole planet. One side was for the rebellion, who called themselves Autobots. The Decepticons took the other half of the planet for their own needs. For more than 5 million years the war waged on in a stalemate.

    Chapter 1: Praxus

    Praxus, once a beautiful and attractive city, was now the arsenal of the Autobot forces. Optimus Prime himself and his personal crew fought valiantly against the Decepticon forces. Lifting his bright-orange energon sword in his black hand, Optimus Prime's dark gray face, silver mouth plate, and yellow eyes were reflected off his weapon of choice. Behind Optimus's cherry red torso stood Roadbuster, a green and brown, gun-wielding Autobot who was eager to fight. In front of Optimus stood Hot Rod, a young but brave-hearted Autobot. To his right, Jazz was blasting the heads off Decepticon thugs. To Prime's left, Ratchet, Whirl, and Blaster who were all trying to avoid Decepticon gun fire.

    "We can't just stand here and get blasted!" Ratchet said, "Any suggestions, Prime?"

    "Point. Autobots, Epsilon Formation," Optimus said as Roadbuster and Hot Rod charged head-on into the barricade of Decepticons. Ratchet took cover behind Prime, flipped his hand inside his wrist, pulled out a ion beam, and shot Decepticons moving in from behind. Blaster emitted strange wavelengths from his twin shoulder cannons, causing other Decepticons to short-circuit. Jazz veered off to the left, transforming into his Cybertronian car mode and ramming into walls of Decepticon drones. Whirl transformed into an alien helicopter, and shot torpedo-like objects at the remaining drones below.

    After moments of excitment, the battlefield settled down, and the Autobot crew formed up around their leader. Unfortunately, the battle was not yet over. Instead of drones, recognizable Decepticon warriors emerged from behind the rubble and abandoned buildings. The first figure was tall, bulky, and powerful looking: Tankor. His face was primarily black with one bright-red eye and a silver jaw. A shoulder cannon was perched over his left shoulder, and his arms and legs were made of armor plating and tank-treads.

    The second figure was not quite as tall as Tankor, nor as bulky, but his looks were even more frightening. He sported an arm cannon on his right shoulder, and had dark green armor along most of his body. On his armor were orange tattoos written in some other alien language. His head was shaped similar to that of a human skull, the face itself was pale-white except for the pitch-black gaps. The eyes were a faint gold color, but the warrior's maroon helmet was akin to that of a samurai. After seeing his long, curved sword, it became clear that this Decepticon was without a doubt, Bludgeon.

    Another Decepticon quickly revealed himself, it was unmistakenly Starscream. His light-gray wings shined in the night sky, as he brushed dust off of his blue arms and brick red chestplate. His navy-blue boots stomped on the ground as he aimed his null rays at Roadbuster's head.

    Soundwave came from behind Blaster silently, but Blaster knew his Decepticon brother more than any other transformer did and saw Soundwave coming. Soundwave and Blaster fired their wavelength patterns at each other, causing their systems to go haywire. Soundwave's dark blue armor started to dent as the waves grew stronger and eventually halted. His red eyes and silver mouthplate both expressed anger, and walked slowly toward Blaster.

    The fifth Decepticon zoomed in front of Hot Rod, and grasped Roadbuster in the face. He had silver-gray, streamlined armor, with onyx feet, hands, and head. His bright red face smiled as his Decepticon insignia glew across his chest. From out of his arms popped out four small cannons, two on each arm. They each sparked with electricity, shocking Roadbuster until he fell to the ground. This was unmitsakenably Zapmaster.

    Optimus Prime turned around and saw Astrotrain head right for him. Taking his energon sword, Optimus flipped over Astrotrain onto his back, but the enemy counterattacked with his ion displacer, which fired at Optimus's chest. Astrotrain got back on his feet, and the gray and purple warrior walked closer to the Autobot leader.

    "Hehehe...the Autobots never learn to pick on someone their own class, eh?" Starscream said in his sneery voice, "Such a shame,"

    "Tankor elimate Autobots, Tankor crush them all!" Tankor said as he slammed his fists into the ground, causing Hot Rod and Whirl to fall to their feet.

    "WATCH IT!" Zapmaster screeched as he got back on his feet after the fall, "You're processor defective or something?"

    While Zapmaster and Tankor bickered, Bludgeon saw Whirl take out his blade and fought him. Engaging in a traditional Cybertronian Swordfighting style, Whirl and Bludgeon waged a fair fight throught the damaged sector of Praxus.

    Ratchet looked at Optimus awaiting orders. "Ratchet, watch over the others, this is going to get interesting," Optimus said as he grabbed his battle rifle in one hand and shot Tankor in the chest. Seizing another golden opportunity, Optimus turned around and sliced part of Soundwave's arm plating off. Blaster joined his leader and fired laser rounds at Zapmaster. However, the Decepticon speedster zoomed across the battlefield, knocking Optimus temporarily off his feet.

    Roadbuster and Hot Rod returned to action as they saw Astrotrain and Starscream approach them. Roadbuster took his two large battle rifles and tried to assassinate Starscream. But the Decepticon Air Commander was quick, taking to the skies and shooting down at the Autobot from above. Astrotrain transformed into a type of Cybertronian Ground Transport and rammed right into Hot Rod. However, Hot Rod shot flames from out of the piping on his wrists, spinning Astrotrain out of control.

    Ratchet switched his left hand for his ion cannon again, and fired at Zapmaster. Optimus got back on his feet and sliced at Zapmaster's leg. Although it didn't get sliced off, Zapmaster's left leg was sparking, as major circuitry was cut. Soundwave returned, throwing Blaster into Ratchet. But Ratchet counter-acted by turning his right hand into an EMP laser, shooting it directly at Soundwave's chest.

    "Autobots, move!" Optimus said as he transformed into a Cybertronian Truck. The others followed him, retreating from battle.

    "Decepticons, follow them. We can't disappoint Megatron, afterall," Starscream said zooming towards the Autobots. Zapmaster remained behind, calling for a repair team.
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    your good.
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    Chapter 2: Pursuit (Comments and Suggestions are welcome)

    Hot Rod finally caught up to Optimus Prime as the team of Autobots raced away from the Decepticons. From behind, Roadbuster and Ratchet were constantly veering off to different sides of the metal road to avoid cannon fire from Tankor and Bludgeon. Starscream was closing in on Optimus Prime, but Whirl kept shaking him off.

    "Out of my way!" Starscream said knocking into Whirl. Starscream's engines then emitted blue fire as he closed in on Prime. The air commander unleashed a fury of null lasers on Optimus, causing the Autobot leader to spin recklessly out of control, and knocking Hot Rod out of the road.

    "Hot Rod, watch out!" Optimus said as Starscream decended and transformed.

    "What the?" Hot Rod said as he scurried out of Starscream's way. The ends of Starscream's null-ray cannons turned red hot, and fired upon Hot Rod as he tried to retreat. From behind, Whirl transformed and caught Starscream in a head lock.

    "Optimus, continue on without me." Whirl said as Starscream squirmed around in his lock, "I got him."

    "Alright then. Hot Rod, lets move!" Optimus said as the others were just catching up with them.

    "Let GO!" Starscream said as he headbutted Whirl in the chin. Whirl's head was in pain for a few seconds, but still managed to hold on to Starscream. However, Starscream did manage to break free after digging his sharp fingers into Whirl's thighs. Angry, Whirl took his twin swords made from his helicopter rotors and threw them at Starscream. One of them missed, the other went straight through Starscream's right wing.

    "You're not going anywhere," Whirl said walking over to Starscream, taking his blades and converting them back into rotors, "I've got you right where Optimus needs you,"

    "You're just like the rest, Whirl," Starscream said, "I still don't understand. You would have made an excellent Decepticon, but you refused the offer."

    Whirl became raged with fury once Starscream mentioned Whirl's personality. He took a small pistol, grabbed Starscream's face, and muttered a few words into his audio receptor. "Listen, Starscream. Don't you ever, EVER, compare me to your kind. We're two totally different Transformers." Whirl threw Starscream on the ground, leaving him still with one wounded wing. The Autobot took into the sky, having no sense of grief about what he just did.


    Tankor and Bludgeon were rolling along continuously shooting at Ratchet and Roadbuster. Both of them had Cybertronian tank modes, though Tankor's was larger, bulkier, and covered in onyx and silver armor. Bludgeon's was more a forest green color with orange tattoos and battle scars, and his was faster and less armored.

    "Tankor stay here, I have plans for Blaster," Bludegon said as he accelerated forward. Blaster was in sight, disguised as a recon transport, and Bludgeon took careful aim. His cannon was locked, and Bludgeon fired a long, purple energy beam directly into Blaster's rearside. Blaster skidded on the road, but transformed into his robot mode and fired his wavelengths at Bludgeon.

    "Damn it," Bludgeon said as he became increasingly slower until he could no longer drive. Resorting to his robot mode, Bludgeon leaped forward with his blade in one hand.

    "Woah!" Blaster said as Bludgeon continuously slashed at his shoulder cannons. Looking around and downloading data into his mind, Blaster grabbed Bludgeon's sword at the right moment, although he did receive minor cuts from the blow. Bludgeon's sword was now stuck in Blaster's hands, so the Decepticon shot Blaster with his arm cannon. Blaster was pushed back a few yards, but Bludgeon's sword cracked in two.

    "COME BACK HERE COWAR...." Bludgeon said as he was interrupted by a tranmission.

    "Bludgeon, get back here! I require assistance!" Starscream said.

    "Forget it," Bludgeon said, "Call Megatron, your on your own."

    Ingoring his orders Bludgeon sped faster towards Blaster. However, he was cut off by Tankor's slow moving tank form and a rampaging Roadbuster. The battle-savy Autobot transformed, took out his two most powerful cannons, and opened fire directly onto the Decepticon warrior. In an instant, Bludgeon was pinned down, and knocked out on top of Tankor's black tank body. Ratchet, away from the fighting, pulled over to assist Blaster.

    **Moments later**

    Optimus Prime and Hot Rod came to a halt, they reached an Autobot starport. Hot Rod pulled out two smaller energon swords, which glew a bright blue. Optimus pulled out his orange energon sword, and spotted Soundwave and Tankor approaching. Tankor pushed Bludgeon's unconcious body off of his armor and transformed. Soundwave converted from his cybertronian van form into a somewhat bulky robotic form. Tankor's claw like arm was detached from his wrist, and was hurled at Hot Rod's chest, like some sort of flail. Hot Rod tried to run off, but Tankor's hand hit him hard in the chest, denting the plating.

    Optimus confronted Soundwave head on with his energon sword, but Soundwave activated his wave-disruption cannon, which created high frequency sound waves that slowly fried Optimus's systems apart. As Optimus struggled to hold himself up, Roadbuster arrived just in time to assist his leader. Sneaking up behind Soundwave, Roadbuster was able to avoid the high-frequency waves. The small Autobot then transformed and punched Soundwave in the head with his left fist. Soundwave took a few seconds to recover from the blow, but the high frequency waves were cut off. Seizing a golden opportunity, Optimus got back to his feet and pinned Soundwave to the cold, metal floor.

    "Analysis: Energy Levels Low..." Soundwave said as he became immobile.

    "Stay down, now," Optimus said as he put his sword away.

    "I'm gonna help out Hot Rod," Roadbuster said as he sprinted toward his fellow Autobot.

    In the time Optimus fought Soundwave, Tankor had considerably wounded Hot Rod. However, Tankor had suffered a few injuries himself from getting too close to Hot Rod's twin energon blades.

    "Ugh...back off!!!" Hot Rod said as flames spewed out from the piping on his wrists. Tankor's hands started to blaze, and his armor smelting.

    "Stupid Autobot. TANKOR FINISH YOU!!!" Tankor said as he charged his shoulder cannon. From behind, Optimus took out his battle rifle and shot Tankor in the legs, causing him to lose focus and stop the charge. Tankor turned around and stampeded into Optimus. Trying to hold his own, Optimus grasped Tankor's arms, attempting to slow down his opponent. But Tankor's speed and bulky body were too much for Optimus to handle, and the Autobot leader crashed onto the metal surface of the planet.

    Come on, Prime, Optimus thought to himself, Get on your feet and fight him.

    Optimus tried to rise back to his feet, but Tankor stomped on his chest in triumph. The giant's right claw slowly approached the Autobot Leader's head, as if Tankor wanted to crush it. However, Tankor instead grabbed hold of Prime's head, and forced him to look up. Tankor tried instilling fear into Optimus Prime's eyes, but Optimus stayed strong despite his chest somewhat crushed and his energy readings depleating.

    From out of nowhere, Jazz drove into battle, transforming as he approached Tankor. Grabbing the giant's left shoulder cannon, Jazz spun around it, and slammed his fist into Tankor's metal jaw. Wiggling his mechanical mouthpiece back into place, Tankor growled at Jazz, taking aim with his shoulder cannon. Although Jazz was armed with a only small pulse gun, the Spec Ops Autobot was fast and avoided Tankor's blasts.

    Being predictable, Tankor howled and stampeded towards Jazz. Optimus soon regained strength in his left arm, and was able to slowly lift up his battle rifle. Taking aim at the Decepticon's head, Optimus fired a few rounds of heated plasma at the back of Tankor's head, causing him to fall down unconcious.

    "Thanks....Jazz." Optimus said, as his crippled body tried to get up.

    "Easy, easy," Jazz said, "Ratchet, it's Jazz, do you copy?"

    "Ratchet here. Still workin' on Blaster. What's going on?"

    "Optimus Prime is pretty beat up. Chestplates are cracked, and his arms are starting to static."

    "Send a medical team to take care of Prime. He'll be alright with my medics on the job."

    "Alright then," Jazz said as he ended the transmission, "By the way, where's Hot Rod and Roadbuster?"

    "Right over here," Roadbuster said as he tried reparing Hot Rod's right arm, "It's not up to Ratchet's quality, but it will keep his arm fine for a few hours until we can get him to professional care. How's Prime?"

    "Pretty beat up. I've signaled a team of medics to come to fetch him. Better send Hot Rod along with him."

    "Agreed." Roadbuster said.

    *Hours later - Iacon Hospital*

    On the 8th floor of Iacon Hosptial, Optimus Prime, Hot Rod, and Blaster were lying down in their beds as they awoke from their repairs. Ratchet was standing before a team of medical specialists of whom he trained himself.

    "They should be awaking soon, best not talk to loud around Prime." Ratchet said as his assistants left.

    Jazz and Roadbuster walked into the room, seeing Blaster and Hot Rod fully awake. Prime was just waking up, as they noticed Whirl just walking into the room.

    "What happened with you?" asked Roadbuster, seeing scratches on Whirl's arms.

    "Ran into Starscream, he won't be around for awhile." Whirl said, "Can't believe Megatron hasn't come already. You would think after all his most recent defeats, Megatron would take matters into his own hands."

    "Yeah, whatever happened to Megatron anyway?" asked Hot Rod to Optimus.

    "Megatron just doesn't like doing work he can assign to others." Optimus said, "He'll only do work that, in his mind, no one else is capable of doing."

    "True." Blaster said as silver Autobot walked in.

    "Excuse me, Optimus?" asked the silver Autobot.

    "Go ahead, Wheeljack," said Optimus.

    "I bring you good news about The Ark," Wheeljack said as he started to pace in circles, "So far, all trials have been successful. We just haven't tested it with actual Autobots on board, but all other tests are superb, its virtually flawless!"

    "Excellent, Wheeljack. Once you get the results of the passenger tests in, I will see this new spacecraft of yours myself," Prime said trying to move, "And as soon as my body heals."

    "Understood," Wheeljack said, leaving the room.

    *Much later into the night*

    Starscream walks the now desolate battlefield alone, seeing Bludgeon's unconcious body as he walks down the main road. As it gets darker, he hears a strange clanking sound, which only becomes louder. Starscream turns around, and sees nothing. Turns to his left, also sees nothing. He then turns right, still nothing, but the loud noise gets louder until Starscream notices something right in front of him.

    It is a tall, dark gray goliath, about several yards taller than Starscream. He also bears the Decepticon emblem, but his being in the center of the chest. His face is almost ghost-white, with black lines running down from his eyes to his jaw. His eyes glow a piercing and fearsome scarlet, and his head is shaped like viking helmet. He has two small, gray horns protruding out the sides of his head, as a black triangular shape comes off from his chin. The figure's shoulders and lower legs contain tank treads, indicating he transforms into a Cybertronian tank. Unlike Tankor, the treading stops at his shoulders, as his upper arms, hands and thighs are completely black. His forearms are silver, and he has a large, black fusion cannon sporting from his right forearm. The cannon is covered in scratches and burns, as well as a few small red markings. Starscream cowers at the image of this Transformer, as this is the Decepticon ruler himself: Megatron.

    "So, what are you doing here?" Megatron asked in his dark, deep voice, "Answer me!"

    "We lost sir, my communications link went offline," Starscream said trying to convince his master.

    "Right. Where are the others?" Megatron said as his voice sounded more robotic and tyrannical.

    "Bludgeon is right here sir, knocked out. Zapmaster is wounded, Astrotrain is also unconcious. And Tankor, who knows?"

    Megatron furiously turned around and glared at Starscream in the eye, "I didn't let you borrow my team of elites for nothing, Starscream. I thought I could trust you with such an Elite Squad...even though Tankor isn't as bright as my photoreceptors."

    "I will not let you down next time, Lord Megatron," Starscream said pleading to his leader.

    "There will not be a next time. For once in a long time, I feel as if I should be taking matters into my own hands."

    "Sir?" asked Starscream confused.

    "You're too rash and incompetant to control a team of superiority such as this. It's been too long since I've been out on the playing field, and I'm dying to have that experience once again."
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    Now it's getting good. Chapter One's brief history of Cybertron was interesting. The following battles were a little hard to follow because there were so many players, but it's meant to be frenetic and fast paced. Once Prime and the others are in the med-bay, the dialogue was good. The best part, I think, was your description of Megatron entering the scene. Taking a paragraph to describe his appearance and Starscream's ensuing fear was done well. It created a bit of tension that was needed. Keep building it up and ease up on cramming too much action in one scene and it seems to flow better. Surely, you have spell check. Keep it coming.
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    You wanted a suggestion...

    You should have a big dumb transformer who can't seem to choose a side. Just anybody.

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    I love the images you put in my head, you have a great story-telling ability.
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    To any moderator who sees this, please lock this thread. I have no intentions of finishing it.

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