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    I'm rewriting the Transformers Armada to include characters that were in the toyline and the 2004 Transformers Game (PS2) but were absent in the series itself. It will still follow the canon storyline though. Questions, comments, and constructive criticism are excepted.

    Here are the Characters


    Optimus Prime (Semi-Truck)
    Hot Shot (Sports car)
    Red Alert (Ambulance)
    Jetfire (Space shuttle)
    Smokescreen/Hoist (Crane/White backhoe)
    Cheetor (Transmetal Cheetah)
    Airazor (Transmetal Falcon)
    Rhinox (Transmetal Rhinoceros)
    Blurr (Sports car)
    Scavenger (Bulldozer)
    Sideswipe (Sports car)
    Overload (Tractor Trailer)


    Megatron/Galvatron (Tank)
    Starscream/Thundercracker (Modified Sukhoi Su-35 Jet Fighter)
    Cyclonus (Helicopter)
    Demolishor (Missile Tank)
    Tidal Wave (Ship/3 Ships)
    Thrust (F-35 Joint Strike Fighter)
    Wheeljack (Car)
    Terrorsaur (Transmetal Pterodactyl)
    Predacon (Transmetal T-Rex)
    Skywarp (Cybertronian Jet)


    Bradly "Rad" White
    Carlos Lopez


    Nemesis Prime (Semi-Truck)
    Sideways (Motorcycle)
    Unicron (Planet)

    Partnered Mini-Cons

    Autobot side

    Sparkplug/Corona Sparkplug (Lamborghini) - partnered with Optimus Prime: Super Mode/Jet Optimus
    Over-Run (Rifle/Jet) - partnered with Optimus Prime: Super Mode/Jet Optimus
    Jolt (Helicopter) - partnered with Hot Shot
    Longarm (Crane) - partnered with Red Alert
    Comettor (Lunar Rover) - partnered with Jetfire/Jet Optimus
    Liftor/Refute (Forklift/Mobile Car Crusher) - partnered with Smokescreen/Hoist
    Cliffjumper (Pickup Truck) - partnered with Cheetor
    Nightscream (Sports Car) - partnered with Airazor
    Armorhide (Snow Plow) - partnered with Rhinox
    Incinerator (Dragster) - partnered woth Blurr
    Rollbar (Dune Buggy) - partnered with Scavenger
    Nightbeat (Motorcycle) - partnered with Sideswipe
    Rollout (Heavy Duty Truck/Overload's Head) - partnered with Overload/Optimus Prime: Super Mode/Jet Optimus

    Decepticon side

    Leader 1/Clench (Assault Truck) - partnered with Megatron/Galvatron/Burning Megatron/Burning Galvatron
    Swindle/Zapmaster (F-1 Racer) - partnered with Starscream/Thundercracker
    Crumplezone (Tank / Helicopter Nose) - partnered with Cyclonus
    Blackout (Radar Truck) - partnered with Demolishor
    Ramjet (Carrier-Borne Jet) - partnered with Tidal Wave/Burning Megatron/Burning Galvatron
    Inferno (Missile Truck) - partnered with Thrust
    Wind Sheer (F-117 Nighthawk) - partnered with Wheeljack
    Ironhide (Dune Runner) - partnered with Terrorsaur
    Skid-Z (Car) - partnered with Predacon
    Side Burn (Car) - partnered with Predacon
    Thunderclash (Futuristic Jet) - partnered with Skywarp

    Other side

    Run-Over (Rifle/Jet) - partnered with Nemesis Prime: Super Mode
    Rook (Sideways' Autobot Head) - partnered with Sideways
    Crosswise (Sideways' Decepticon Head) - partnered with Sideways
    Dead-End (Moon) - partnered with Unicron

    Mini-Con Teams

    Air Defense Team - Sonar (Space Plane), Runway (XB-70 Valkyrie), and Jetstorm (Concorde) - can combine into the Star Saber
    Race Team - Mirage (F-1 Racer), Downshift (Audi R8), Dirt Boss (Rally SUV) - can combine into the Skyboom Shield
    Space Team - Skyblast (Saturn V), Astroscope (Space Station), Payload (Rocket Transport) - can combine into the Requiem Blaster
    Street Action Team - High Wire (Bicycle), Sure Shock (Scooter), Grindor (Skateboard) - can combine into Preceptor
    Land Military Team - Bonecrusher (Missile Launcher), Wreckage (Missile Tank), Knock-Out (Battle Truck)
    Night Attack Team - Scattor (Missile Launcher), Fetch (Missile Tank), Broadside (Battle Truck)
    Destruction Team - Drillbit (Drill Tank), Buzzsaw (Stripmining Vehicle), Dualor (Assault Tank)
    Sea Team - Stormclous (Attack Boat), Oceanglide (Solar-powered Boat), Waterlog (Hovercraft)
    Air Military Team - Terradive (SR-71 Blackbird / Dagger), Thunderwing (B-2 Bomber / Chinese Star), Gunbarrel (C-130 Hercules / Gatling Gun)
    Emergency Team - Firebot (Fire Truck / Missile Launcher), Prowl (Police Car / Bazooka), Makeshift (V-22 Osprey / Vulcan Cannon)
    Adventure Team - Iceberg (Ice Bulldozer), Dune Runner (Assault Buggy), Ransack (Pick-Up Truck)
    Street Speed Team - Oval (Saleen S7), Backtrack (Cadillac XLR), Spiral (Mercedes C230)
    Dinobots Team - Terrorsuar (Tyrannosarus Rex), Swoop (Pterodactyl), Knockdown (Triceratops)
    Night Rescue Team - Strongarm (Police Car), Divebomb (Apache AH-64D), Firebot (Firetruck)
    Demolition Team - Wideload (Dumptruck), Sledge (Frontloader), Broadside (Tank)
    Dirt Digger Team - Dirt Rocket (Monster Truck), Oil Slick (Muscle Car), Grindor (Dirt Bike)
    Clear Skies Team - Thunderwing (F-14), Steel Wind (A-10), Nightscream (Dragon)
    Predator Attack Team - Snarl (Wolf), Darkwing (Eagle), Overbite (Tiger)

    Special Mini-Con Teams (Unicron Battles only)

    Red Team

    Lock-On - Homing Missiles
    Slapshot - Grenade Launcher
    Highgear - Dash Ability
    Skirmish - Heavy Blaster
    Smackdown - Super Melee
    Jumpstart - Heavy Arc Gun

    Blue Team

    Claymore - Proximity Mines
    Hawkeye - Thermal Vision
    Hailstorm - Quad Rocket Launcher
    Twister - Energon Tornado
    Covert - Invisibility
    Aurora - Heavy Ribbon Beam
    Highjump - Jump Upgrade
    Stronghold - Heavy Armor
    Shockpunch - Force Field
    Shieldwall - Missile Shield

    Green Team

    Pressurepoint - Melee Upgrade
    Flashbang - Dual Rocket Launcher
    Lookout - Sniper Rifle
    Buildup - Automatic Repair
    Knockdown - EMP Cannon
    Tractor - Tractor Beam
    Bulletproof - Medium Armor
    Kickback - Reflecting Shield
    Corona - Super Ribbon Beam
    Aftershock - Super Cannon

    Gold Team

    Deflector - Energy Shield
    Sparkjump - Arc Gun
    Firefight - Super Blaster
    Fullspeed - Super Dash
    Purple Team
    Watchdog - Limpet Mines
    Slipstream - Glider Adapter
    Airburst - Flak Cannon
    Comeback - Auto Resurrection
    Discord - AI Scrambler
    Shepherd - Mini-Con Finder


    Light Unit
    Medium Unit
    Heavy Unit
    Command Unit
    Guerilla Unit
    Rollarm Unit
    Spider Tank
    Jet Snipers/Jet Lasers
    Artillery Unit
    Sentry Drone

    Warning: will contain Rad/Alexis pairing, some swearing (not alot), mild Adult content (including mild nudity), and some of the events will differ it from the canon storyline.
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    Years ago in a galaxy far, far, away. There was a peaceful planet where a race of robotic beings know as the Transformers reside; the planet is called Cybertron. There was peace on Cybertron, until one day the evil Decepticons led by Megatron began a war against the Autobots led by Optimus Prime and both sides were in an evenly matched stalemate.

    However in an unseen occurance smaller Transformers known as Mini-Cons entered the war and both sides began a strugle to posses them and their power-enhancing abilities. Eventually the Autobots transfered all of the Min-Cons into a spaceship which was sent through time and space until it arrived to the planet Earth.

    Just then the ship crashed onto the Earth's Moon and eventually on Earth itself. The Mini-Cons themselves were then scattored across the entire planet and they remain dormat for millions of years.


    Autobots HQ

    “Optimus sir! All of the Mini-Cons have safely left Cybertron” said Red Alert.

    “Thank the matrix, let’s hope the Decepticons won't be able to locate them” said Optimus knowing that the Mini-Cons.

    “We won’t be ablr to locate them either Optimus” said Hot Shot.

    “I know” said Optimus.

    Hot Shot looked at the ground in sadness thinking about someone. “I’m sorry that I coulden’t save you Wheeljack. But I promise I do what ever I can to help bring an end to this war” he said silently.


    Meanwhile in Decepticons HQ

    “Slag! Curse you Optimus Prime!” yelled Megatron who is in a foul mood about the Mini-Cons being sent away.

    “What do you suggest we do now sir!” asked Starscream

    “We must prepare ourselves for battle, Optimus and the rest of those damn Autobots will regret the day they launched the Mini-Cons into space” ordered Megatron.

    “Yes sir!” replyed Starscream.

    Little did both sides know, they have not seen the last of the Mini-Cons.

    End of Prolouge
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    Ehr... and then?
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    Sounds interesting. Armada had a lot of potential I don't think it lived up to, so I'd like to see what you can do with it.

    One piece of advice would be to reread your entries before posting them to proofread them. You can usually catch all the mistakes that way. Also, try writing it first in a word processing program so you can use the spellcheck.
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    First Encounter

    Warning! Billy and Fred may be a bit out of character.

    First Encounter

    Earth (2010, Present)

    A young teenage boy without a care in the world was riding a bike was on his way to school. Bradly “Rad” White was accompanied by his friend Carlos Lopez who was riding a skateboard, but Rad and Carlos didn’t know but something was about to change their lives forever.


    Once at Lincon middle school, Rad and Carlos put their gear and backpacks into their respective lockers and noticed their friend Alexis getting ready for class.

    “Hey Alexis” asked Rad.

    “Morning Rad” said Alexis.

    “So how are you doing?” asked Rad.

    “I’m doing just fine” said Alexis.

    “Carlos and I were just wondering if you wanted to come with us after school, we’re heading up the mountain to scope up this wicked cave we found” said Rad as he noticed that Alexis was leaving.

    “Look Rad, I’ve got a math test and I told my mom I’d come straight home. So for the last time the answer’s no” said Alexis. Rad started blushing furiously when she said that.

    “Is it just me or do you get the distinct feeling that Alexis just diss us big time? She is kind of cute though” said Rad not knowing the slip of his tongue.

    Alexis heard what Rad said and blushed. “You do realize I heard that Rad!” she called to Rad causing him to blush once again.

    “Oh I get it, you like Alexis” Carlos teased.

    “No I don’t Carlos” said Rad.

    “Yeah right” Carlos teased again.

    “Well what do we have here?”

    Rad and Carlos turned around to see Billy and Fred. “I heard that you might be crushing on Alexis is it true Rad?” asked Billy.

    “No it isn’t Billy!” yelled an annoyed Rad.

    “How come you guys never invite me and Billy along?” asked Fred.

    “Now that’s a stupid question” said Rad. “And don’t try to get any ideas that I like Alexis” he warned.

    “Whatever” said Fred as the school bell rang.

    “Shit, we better get to class” said Rad as he and the other boys went to their class.


    Meanwhile somewhere in space near

    “The Mini-Cons have been sent away from Cybertron or should I say from Primus, no matter I only need nine specific Mini-Cons to awaken my master from his dormancy” said a mysterious voice from out of nowhere.

    “Even Optimus Prime and Megatron don’t know about what is to come and that will be their own downfall. Soon the Autobots and the Decepticons will perish and Unicron will rule the universe”

    “But I can’t go looking for the Mini-Cons if I don’t know where they are, so I will wait until a signal will determine their unknown location”

    Back on Earth, school was done for the day. Rad and Carlos ride their bike and skateboard as they race towards the mountain; however they were followed by none other than Billy and Fred.

    Meanwhile Rad and Carlos got to the cave. “Well here we are Carlos” said Rad.

    “Sweet” said Carlos.

    “So are you ready?” asked Rad.

    “Yeah” Carlos answered. With that said, the two began to explore the cave to see what they could find exciting.

    “Boy this place is even creepier than I thought, you just make sure that we can find our way back” said Rad after turning on his flashlight.

    “Don’t get freaky on me everything’s under control, all we have to do is follow this rope and we’re out of here” said Carlos.

    “Great, let’s get going” said Rad. And they went deeper into the cave with Carlos leaving a long rope trail so they can find their way back if they make a wrong turn. Unfortanutely Carlos ran out of rope to use for the trail.

    “Now which way Carlos?” asked Rad.

    “Bad news, we have to go back because we just run out of rope” said Carlos.

    “Damn” thought Rad before he noticed something. “Wait a minute, I just got it. We mark our route with rocks, pretty cool huh?” he said while making an arrow out of small rocks.

    “You’re a regular genius Einstein” said Carlos.

    “I’m starting to wonder why I even bother” said Rad.

    “Rad, you’re just jealous because I’m better looking” said Carlos

    “In your dreams pal” said Rad as he and Carlos continued their exploration of the cave. Carlos suddenly heard some voices.

    “Did you hear that Rad?” asked Carlos.

    “Probably just water dripping, or maybe it’s just you overactive imagination” said Rad.

    “But I could have sworn I heard Billy and Fred’s voices” said Carlos.

    “Whatever” said Rad.

    They continued exploring the cave until Carlos heard Billy and Fred screaming. “There’s that noise again and it seems closer” said Carlos.

    “You must be losing it” said Rad.

    “Let’s go scope this out okay?” said Carlos wanting to know where Billy and Fred are.

    “Hey, where are you going?” asked Rad as Carlos took a step back and the ground below them broke off and began sliding down a tunnel. After several minutes, Rad and Carlos found themselves in a lower part of the cave.

    “Hey Carlos, are you okay?” asked Rad.

    “Yeah, but what the hell just happened here? It’s like we just opened up some hidden shaft and ended up in this old chamber” said Carlos.

    “Let’s check it out” said Rad lighting a blow torch and saw what appears to be pieces of a ship on the wall. “Holy shit, what in the hell is that?” he asked in surprise. “I don’t think we were the first ones down here”

    “Whatever it was, it sure doesn’t look like it’s from Earth. But the good thing is, it looks like it’s been stuck in this cave for a while” said Carlos.

    “Yeah” said Rad looking around seeing more parts of the ships. “You think anyone lived here”

    “I don’t really know” said Carlos before going further with Rad. “Whoa, something really bizarre happened down here” said Rad as he and Carlos looked around seeing more and more of the wreckage.

    “Yeah, look at these rocks. They’re all melted” said Carlos before noticing something not too far. “Hey check it out, a staircase”

    “This is getting stranger by the minute, come on let’s keep looking” said Rad.

    “Do you have any clue what happened down here Rad?” asked Carlos.

    “I wish I did” said Rad.

    “It almost looks like some kind of UFO crashsite” said Carlos.

    “No kidding” said Rad.

    “Hey Rad, do you think these stairs are safe?” asked Carlos going down the stairs.

    “Carlos, be careful” said Rad following his friend until he caught up with him. Just then Rad saw a small green glowing object on the ground. “Hey, look at this”

    “Please Rad, be careful okay?” said Carlos as Rad went towards the object.

    “Oh man, what is it?” asked Rad.

    “I don’t know, but it sure looks radioactive to me” said Carlos as Rad went closer to touch it. But once he touched the object, it began making a silent noise and engulfed both Rad and Carlos in light

    The light faded and Rad was shown holding the glowing object as an earthquake had begun earlier after he touched it. “Come on Rad, let’s high-tail it out of here!” yelled Carlos as the remains of the ship began activating. “Now what’s going on?” he asked.

    “It looks like what’s left of the strange ship is activating” said Rad.

    “Rad let’s go!” yelled Carlos.

    “I’m coming” said Rad as he followed Carlos while holding onto the strange object. Outside three different colored beams of light shot into the sky as everyone wondered what was happening. A green beam hits a chunk of the ship on the moon and smaller green beams were shot in several paths towards the Earth.


    On Planet Cybertron, the Decepticons once again battle against the Autobots. Unfortunately due to the sheer numbers of the Decepticlones; a massive mindless drone army, the evil Decepticons nearly conquered all of Cybertron and are overcoming the resistance.

    Meanwhile Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots confronts Megatron the leader of the Decepticons in combat. Optimus fought hard but was nearly defeated.

    “I would have waited an eternity for this. It’s over, Prime” said Megatron as he was about to kill Optimus. However the pink and red beams appear above Cybertron and were detected by both the Autobots and the Decepticons.

    “Decepticons! Trace those energy waves to their origin” ordered Megatron as a small hole was formed and showed an image of the Earth.

    “Autobots! We must stop Megatron, roll out!” said Optimus.


    Back on Earth, Rad and Carlos were running as fast as they can while looking for a way out of the cave. “Oh man, we are totally lost” said Carlos.

    “Just keep running” said Rad.

    “Hey wait a sec, this is starting to look familar” said Carlos as they found the path with the rope. “Hey check it out, the rope” said Carlos.

    “Alright, you the man” said Rad.

    After a few minutes, Rad and Carlos were out of the cave. “Fresh air” said Carlos relieved that they were finally out of the cave alive.

    “Would you keep going, cause this whole place could still blow. Come on” said Rad running to where his bike was.

    “Yeah, I’m right behind you” said Carlos following Rad.

    Just then small pink colored particles began going towards each other. “It started to get freaky again” said Carlos as the pink particles formed a purple ball in the sky and descends to the ground.

    “What is that?” asked Rad.

    “No clue” said Carlos.

    The ball vanished and revealed a transformer inside. It was none other than Megatron. “Listen to me guys. Whatever you do, do not panic” said Alexis who had come to where Rad and Carlos were after the earthquake earlier.

    “Alexis, no” said Rad shocked that Alexis had arrived.

    “Don’t move Rad” said Alexis as Rad ran towards her.

    “Stay back” said Rad.

    “Stop, that thing might come after you if you do. I told you to stay put” said Alexis.

    “What the hell are you doing here?” asked Rad before tripping on a rock and dropping the green object. Rad went to pick up the object despite the protesting from Carlos.

    Megatron began walking towards the three teens like he was prepared to kill them. Just then the green object glowed, Rad dropped it and it changed into a human sized robot. The small robot looked around itself seeing the teens and Megatron, then it scans Rad’s bike and transformed into a replica of it instantly. The robot began beeping to the teens.

    “I think it’s trying to tell us something” said Carlos.

    “He wants us to jump on” said Rad.

    “Yeah, like you can understand him” said Alexis.

    “I know this is gonna sound strange, but I can” said Rad.

    “Then let’s go for it guys, he just might be our ticket out of here” said Carlos.

    Rad, Carlos, and Alexis got onto the small robot and it began moving as fast as it can. During the ride, Rad started blushing when Alexis held onto him from fear of falling off.

    “Let’s just hope that our friend can stay one step ahead of that robo-monster” said Alexis.

    “I bet that metal head is on his way home by now. Besides, there’s no way he can keep up with us” said Carlos in excitement.

    “You were saying Carlos” said Alexis as Megatron came towards them. “Can’t he run any faster?” she asked. The small robot beeped.

    “I hope that’s a yes?” asked Rad.
    “I thought you could understand him?” asked Alexis. Just then Megatron shot a rock to stop the teens and the small robot in their tracks.

    “You have something that belongs to me” said Megatron.

    “We have what?” asked Alexis not knowing what Megatron was talking about.

    “Give it to me immediately or you shall die” said Megatron.

    “Oh great” said Rad before noticing something in the sky.

    “I have given you your chance” said Megatron as he tried to grab to teens and the small robot.

    “Stand down Megatron” said a voice Megatron is too familiar with. It was Optimus Prime and he was ready to fight Megatron to protect both the teens and the small robot.
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    “What is going on Rad?” asked Alexis.

    “I don’t know” said Rad.

    Optimus Prime and Megatron were now engaging each other in hand-in-hand combat. “Give it up Megatron!” threatened Optimus to which Megatron smiled an evil grin.

    “Did you really think I came here alone Optimus Prime?”

    Just then, another robot formed from purple colored particles. “Welcome Starscream” said Megatron.

    “What the hell is that?” asked Rad.

    Another Decepticon emerged from a purple portal. “Targets locked!” said Starscream noticing the Mini-con and was about to fire at the kids.

    “I don’t think so!”

    Two red portals were formed and out came Hot Shot and Red Alert. “Looks like they’re about to have a showdown!” said Carlos.

    “Let’s go!” said Alexis.

    “I know where we can hide!” said Rad.

    “Dammit!” cursed Starscream as he was about to go after the kids but was intercepted by none other than Hot Shot.

    “If you want them, you’ll have to go through me first!”

    “Gladly” said Starscream before beginning his fight with Hot Shot while Red Alert fought against the Decepticon known as Demolisher. “This is not over Prime” said Megatron as he and his Decepticons make their retreat.

    “That was quick” said Hot Shot. “Where did they go?”

    “Hot Shot, Red Alert, front and center!” ordered Optimus.

    “Yes sir! Are you okay?” asked Red Alert.

    “Yes but this planet and its inhabitants are now in great danger! We can’t let Megatron capture the Mini-cons!” said Optimus.

    “I know, plus they probably brought their Decepticlone army and they’re using short warp equipment! So they must have a base somewhere around here” said Hot Shot.

    “The only question is where?” asked Red Alert. “Unless, they’re on the moon”

    “The moon?” asked Hot Shot in disbelief.

    “It is the only place for the Decepticons to set up their base and they are most likely securing the moon” explained Red Alert.

    “In the meantime, we must make sure the kids and the Mini-con are alright” said Optimus.

    “Yes sir!”

    In space, dozens of ships begin arriving on the moon. “Welcome back Megatron!” said Cyclonus saluting to his leader as he, Demolisher, and Starscream had just warped into the base.
    “Sir, were you able to get the Mini-cons?” asked Cyclous. “Megatron Sir?”

    “Shut the Inferno up you incompetent fool!” yelled Megatron. “Starscream, were you able to locate the rest of the Mini-con ship?”

    “No sir, it might have been destroyed” said Starscream. “Maybe Cyclonus would have better luck finding it”

    “Well Cyclonus” said Megatron.

    “Sir, trust me. I’ll be able to pin point the exact location of the other Mini-cons” said Cyclonus.

    “Very well Cyclonus” said Megatron.

    “Thank you sir! I won’t let you down” said Cyclonus.

    “For your life, you better not” threatened Megatron. “By the way, have the Decepticlones arrived?”

    “Yes they have, they’re already securing the entire the moon” said Cyclonus.

    “Perfect” said Megatron with an evil grin.

    Back on Earth, two red portals formed and two robots emerged near a zoo. The robots remained hidden from the public and they each scan a cheetah and a rhino respectively.
    “Let’s hope we’re not too late” said one of the robots.

    Meanwhile, Rad and his friends were inside of the cave. “Hey Alexis, are you okay” said Rad.
    “I’m fine” said Alexis looking at the ground.

    “Don’t worry, hopefully we’ll be safe down here” reassured Rad.

    “I’m sure” said Alexis.

    “Where are you going Alexis?” asked Rad after seeing that Alexis was getting ready to leave.

    “Rad, those giant robots are eventually going to come looking for us” said Alexis.

    “They will?” asked Rad.

    “Positive” said Alexis.

    “What would they want with us anyway?” asked Rad.

    “They want the robot” said Alexis pointing to the small robot.

    “You really think so?” asked Rad.

    “Yes, I’m pretty sure of it” said Alexis. “Are they after you?” she asked the robot.

    The robot responds with beeping and other robotic sounds.

    “I think he likes you Alexis” said Rad. “So do you understand what he said?”

    “I have absolutely no idea” said Alexis.


    The robot began making the beeping sounds again, trying to get the attention of the kids before running off to the left. “Now where is he going?” asked Rad before he and his friends followed the robot.

    “Hey come back!” called Alexis.

    Eventually the robots led the kids to a part of the cave where there is a green substance on the walls. Alexis was the first to notice. “What kind of cave is this?” she asked.

    Just the doors began to close on the kids and the Mini-con. “The doors are closing! We won’t get out of here if that happens” said Alexis.

    “If we can’t get out, then maybe the giant robots can’t get in” said Rad.

    “Rad” said Alexis with a crossed expression.

    “Well its true Alexis” said Rad.

    “Yeah but we’ll still be trapped” said Alexis.

    “Our mechanical friend wouldn’t lead us to a trap” said Carlos.

    “I hope you’re right Carlos” said Alexis.

    The doors behind the kids and the Mini-con began opening. “What the hell is that?” thought Alexis in surprise. There is a base hidden inside of the cave.

    “A spaceship!” said Carlos in excitement.

    “Carlos, wait for us!” called Alexis. “Oh my God”

    “This is where the robot was leading us to, he really is from outer space!” said Rad. “I bet he came from some distance galaxy millions of years ago, to escape from those big robots! Maybe they used small robots like him to increase their power or something! His ship must have crash landed on Earth and now they’ve tracked him down!”

    “You think so?” asked Alexis.

    “It’s the only reason I could think of why those giant robots would come after him” said Rad before walking to the computer. “Let’s see if I can get more information on the ship’s computer”

    Rad pushed a green button and the hologram of Megatron appeared. “It’s one of the robots” said Carlos in a bit of fear.

    “It’s says that his name is Megatron and that he is the leader of the Decepticons?” asked Rad.

    “The Decepticons?” asked Alexis.

    The Mini-con was beeping and Rad pushed another button. This time a hologram of Optimus appeared. “That’s Optimus Prime and he’s the leader of the Autobots!”

    “Oh yeah, I remember now. He tried to help us” said Alexis.

    “The Autobots, their goal is peace in the universe for everyone” said Rad.

    “I saw that symbol on the yellow and orange colored robot earlier” said Alexis.

    “Are you sure?” asked Rad just as the Mini-con bugged out for some reason.

    “What’s gotten into him?” asked Carlos wondering what was wrong with the Mini-con.

    “Something is wrong, he might be going haywire” said Rad.

    “I wonder what he’s looking for?” asked Alexis.

    The Mini-con pointed to a door near the computer. The door opened, revealing two panels which resembled the one that the Mini-con was sealed in. “Amazing” said Alexis putting her hand onto one of the panels, which activated it. Carlos did the same and the second panel glowed as well.

    The panels changed into two small robots. One is orange while the other is blue with a little yellow.

    “Are there more of them out there?” asked Rad in disbelief.

    “Not sure” said Alexis as the two Mini-cons went to her and Carlos respectively. “Hi little guy” she said to the orange Mini-con who complies by robotic sounds. “Hey guys, I think he understood me!”

    “Are you sure, this one doesn’t seem to react to anything I do or say” said Carlos. “He must have low batteries, maybe he needs to be recharged or something”

    After a few minutes, Billy and Fred had managed to get out of the cave. “What the hell happened here?” asked Fred noticing a mark where Megatron was thrown to earlier.
    Suddenly a robotic sound was heard. “What was that?” asked Billy as two giant robots came towards them.

    “Well what do we have here?”

    Back in the ship
    “What’s with him?” asked Alexis as the blue Mini-con began moving its head really fast.

    “Maybe its juice is back up” said Carlos.

    A minute later the Mini-con transformed into a skateboard which resembled the one Carlos had in his hands. “Check this out” said Alexis in excitement as she showed the orange Mini-con her scooter.

    The Mini-con did the same thing other one had done before, a minute passed and the orange Mini-con transformed into an electric scooter.

    “Those little robots totally rock!” said Alexis.

    “Yeah, somehow I got this feeling that they might come in handy” said Carlos.

    “Hey, let’s take them for a test drive!” said Rad.

    After an hour, Rad, Carlos, and Alexis were outside of the cave and they tested out the vehicle modes of the three Mini-cons.
    “Guys aren’t these Mini-cons the best?” asked Alexis.

    “I never knew Alexis was such a speed demon!” said Carlos. Although Rad wasn’t paying attention at first, he was busy staring at Alexis. “Rad!” yelled Carlos.

    “What is it?” asked an annoyed Rad as Carlos repeated what he said. “Oh yeah, you want to see me eat my dust!”

    The three kids were having so much fun with the Mini-cons; they didn’t notice that they were being watched. After going through the forest, riding through the ocean, and riding up the cliff they end up face to face with none other than the evil Megatron. “Oh my God!” said Alexis in shock as she and the boys tried to make their escape.

    “Not this time! Transform!” said Megatron as he changed into a tank.

    “He transformed” said Rad before hearing Alexis’ screaming. “Rad look!” she said pointing to the other three Decepticons.

    All three transformed into their vehicle modes (Cyclonus is the Helicoptor, Demolisher is the missile tank, and Starscream is the Modified Sukhoi Su-35 Jet Fighter) at the same time and went after the kids. “We’re trapped!” said Rad as the Decepticons surrounded him and his friends in all corners. Just then a red truck crashed right into Megatron, forcing everyone to stop.

    “What the Inferno is this?” asked Cyclonus transforming back to robot mode along with Starscream.

    The red truck then turned towards the kids and opened its door. “Quick get inside!” said the truck as the kids were shocked that it was talking and that no one was driving it. Alexis noticed the Autobot insignia on the trailer. “It can’t be” thought Alexis. “Let’s go!” she said going into the red truck with the orange Mini-con. “Alexis!” yelled Rad as he and Carlos felt tremors. Demolisher who had changed back to robot mode went after the two boys.

    “Let’s go!” Rad, Carlos, and the other two Mini-cons entered the truck before it closed its door and drove off. Demolisher blocked the way and grabbed the front of the truck. “I got you!” he said.

    The truck produced a gatling laser-cannon and fired at Demolisher until he was forced to let go, the truck runs over Demolisher as it makes its escape with the kids. “Damn you!” cursed Demolisher groaning before changing to vehicle mode to chase after the red truck, but was intercepted by a yellow sports car.

    The red truck stopped and lets the kids and the Mini-cons off. “Transform!” the red truck was really a transformer, but it’s not just any transformer; it was Optimus Prime.
    The yellow sports car joined and changed to its robot mode as well; it was Hot Shot. Just then an ambulance car arrived at the scene and it too transformed to robot mode; Red Alert has joined the fray.

    “Amazing” thought Rad before noticing the Decepticons coming towards them.

    “Optimus Prime, Super Mode!”

    Optimus change into a torso with no legs and no head and the trailer transformed into a pair of legs as the torso attached itself on it, revealing a new head popping up onto the torso.

    “Don’t worry Highwire, you and the other Mini-cons are going to be okay” reassured Optimus.

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