Transformers Armada/ Reissue Figures for sale Plus a Hot Toys War Machine

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    Hear are some items I'm currently selling on ebay. I know I should have just posted it on here. If you're interested in them feel free to email me.

    Armada Unicron, Starscream, and Scavenger Lot
    Transformers Armada Unicron, Scavenger, Starscream 100% complete lot | eBay

    Aramada Preceptor
    Transformers Armada Preceptor 100% complete | eBay

    Team Skyboom
    Transformers Armada Race Team Skyboom 100% complete | eBay

    Thundercraker and Skywarp Reissues
    Tundercraker Sky Warp G1 Reissue Commemorative Series III & IV 100% complete | eBay

    None Transformers
    Hot Toys WarMachine
    Hot Toys Iron Man 2 War Machine 1:6 12" Figure 100% complete | eBay

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