Transformers Animated: What its like for the other life forms

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    Authour's note this takes place after the Elite Guard thing in a semi-alternate universe, pretty much I'm not refrancing shows after that point for a while. I will however bring this back to a point where main point of Season 2(the ultmate goal of getting the space bridge and taking over Cybertron) can happen. I didn't kow exactly who is staying on Earth or stuff after the Elite Gaurd leaves so I decide to branch into an AU and make some assumptions myself. This first chapter is more of a set up chapter, the next one you'll see the main plot point come in nfocus. I welcome constructive critisim and comments.

    Chapter 1

    Optimus sighed; it had been a week since the Elite Guard arrived; now Magnus was planning on heading back to Cybertron. There was business to attend there. He decided to give Prime a chance to further redeem himself by letting him lead the recovery operation of the All Spark fragments. There was a condition though, a combat squad would be sent to Earth to give them much needed especially combat trained soldiers. Also Jazz would be staying behind with them. After a discussion between Prime, Jazz and Magnus on if Jazz could remain behind, it was decided he could stay. Currently Bumblebee, Jazz and Sari were going to the town hall to clarify the claim of the new head of Sumdac Systems Company.

    “I see your silent, battle experience starting to get you now? Well it doesn’t get any better, just wait until you loose your first limb.” Ratchet said grumpily holding up his right arm which thankfully the key fixed. Walking up to Optimus who was looking at a screen.

    “No, just looking over the squad we’re getting. There’s something about the female bot in the squad, it lists her as an Academy graduate but she doesn’t actually start serving in combat squads for 150 solar cycles. That and part of her history was classified, even to me with my new rank.” Optimus said.

    “Probably special ops. Or served as an intelligence agent, they classify their service, I found that out after that incident with Arcee.” Ratchet said glancing at a outside monitor noticing two vehicles pulling up, one a gold yellow sports car with blue racing stripes down its top, blue side mirrors and blue tail fin. The other was a black and gold dune buggy that looked a bit odd.

    “Guess the squad’s here.” Ratchet added.

    “I’ll go greet them, get Bulkhead and Prowl; if you can find him, so they can meet their new teammates.” Optimus said, unenthusiastically he walked to the other end of the base to let the two Autobots in.

    “Welcome, come on in. I’m Optimus Prime, I’ll be your CO from now on.” Optimus said, text book greeting and wanted to keep it that way.

    “I’m Kickspeed nice to meet ya. I’m the gunner of the Quick Strikers squad” The sports like car which was more specifically a Hyundai Tiburon from 2006, quite an old model in this day of age said and transformed. Her body was built rather robust for a fembot. She did have a somewhat femmine face though and her vehicle’s front end did the job of forming a chest to a degree. She was rather short, about 13 feet tall. The most noticeable feature of her that jumped out at Optimus was the violet Autobot Insignia on her right shoulder, the exact same color tone of the Decepticon’s.

    “And I’m the gun.” The dune buggy said springing into the air, transforming into a large scoped rifle and then into a short robot mode, about the height of Bumblebee, 9 feet tall.

    “…..This is my brother, Shocker.” Kickspeed said voice sounding as if she was embarrassed of him.

    “A triple changer, huh, interesting.” Optimus said, “Isn’t there a third member of your squad?”

    “Yeah, he’s still alt mode shopping, he said something about an air show and being a Seeker’s alt-mode heaven. Oh yeah and if your thinking we’re the typical combat squad, we’re not. Why else would they send a valuable squad to this piece of early tech trash?” Kickspeed said kicking a soda can across the floor, “You got an organic with you here?”

    “If you do, that would sweet, I’d love to meet one of them. I’ve heard they can be different from us and only live for a hundred years, isn’t that so weird?” Shocker said enthusiastically.

    “It is, but please don’t get over excited and that ‘Organic’ just went through some emotional trauma among other things, so please don’t be rude to her. By the way I’d like to talk to you Kickspeed, about that insignia and your blacked profile.” Optimus said as Bulkhead and Prowl walked into the room with Ratchet.

    “Hello, I’m Prowl and you are.” Prowl said camly.

    “Kickspeed, your newest sharp shooter.” Kickspeed said to the black and gold ninja esque robot.

    “Yeah so sharp you caused my Academy class to……oh yeah can’t talk about that freely.” Shocker said sharply but switched to happy enthusiastic tone again, “I’m you’re new triple changer and my name’s Shocker, pleased to meet ya…”

    “Prowl and this is Bulkhead and Ratchet.” Prowl said pointing to his respective comrades. He made a mental note to try and not to excite Shocker much…..or be around him and Bumblebee at the same time.

    Bulkhead and Ratchet made respective greetings and started talking to him as Kickspeed headed to the nearest room of the base. Optimus asked her where she was going and said to answer any questions, she couldn’t say anything in the presence of Ratchet, Prowl and Bulkhead. After a few minutes of explaining Optimus was sitting on a metal crate tapping a finger on the wall as Kickspeed leaned up against the wall.

    “So that’s pretty much it.” Kickspeed said as if it was nothing.

    “So let me get this straight, you’re an ex bot turned con then turned yourself in. Became a bot again and now you’re disallowed from using sniper rifles and need to wear a Decepticon colored Autobot insignia as a sign of your crimes on top of that 145 solar cycle sentence you served.” Optimus said, this year was getting better and better.

    “Yeah that’s about it. I’ m the asshole Deception who nearly killed Ultra Magnus himself. And let me tell you had I not had that change of heart his head would have been clear off. So in a way I’m a hero,” She said with a smirk, “I saved our supreme commander……from myself.”

    “I don’t know what’s so funny about that, you killed 20 Autobots. You caused the Panic of Icon. You don’t sound that remorseful” Optimus said.

    “Don’t get me wrong I am, it was just my previous statement that I was laughing at. Lighten up I’m 100% Autobot now. Oh and if anyone tells you Decepticons don’t try to recruit and convert on Cybertron it’s a load of slag.” Kickspeed said.

    Optimus sighed for a second time that day, “I almost wish we didn’t talk the elite guard into not leaving Sentinel behind with us…… “

    “Hey cheer up Prime, we’re totally worth it, I mean how many outposts get a squad with a member that knows exactly how the Decepticons think, plan, and attack? Hell I served under Megatron directly. Also you guys could use the Seeker.” Kickspeed said as they left the room.

    ~Detriot Air show.~

    “Can’t use that one machine,” Fanzone said, “Classified.”

    Sky Shark groaned, he hated this day currently, so many planes he couldn’t scan for military secret reasons. After five more minutes of it he had enough. “You know what human. I’m just gonna scan what ever I want, seriously why would we steal you’re outdated tech anyways.” He said very annoyed then shot out a scanning beam from his eye. He selected a F-15 Eagle, F-22 Raptor and a bomber from WW2. In his head he possessed the three scans. He took the body of the F-15, the thrusting jets from the back of the Raptor and the ball turret from the bomber. He then began reconfiguring his body for the alt mode, by this point he had drawn a crowd. His sharp pointed chest/torso become more boxy with a slight rounded cockpit with a pointed nose cone. His wings seemed to grow a bit taking on a more human air craft shape from the F-15. The sides of his chest shifted into an appearance like the underside of the F-15. His legs remained some what blocky like before but two tail fins folded out from the back of his ankles and the rear bottom of his feet slipped up a bit to allow for the long narrow vents of the F-22’s jets to form on the feet. Finally his two arm cannons seem to narrow and get a bit longer on his arms and a ball turrent with the gun facing down formed on his back. His head was the only unchanged thing, it was pointed and steel gray with a violet helmet with three spines going backwards down the center of his back helmet.

    “Hey machine I already told you can’t scan the F-22.” Fanzone yelled.

    “All I did was use its jet engines and everything else is a mix of the F-15, the ball turrent from the bomber and my own tech. So excuse me but I must be going now.” Sky Shark said and transformed. His alt mode looked a little weird but it was the function that mattered, his cockpit was extended a bit allowing for a rear seat to lift up from the ball turrent or down into it. He clicked on his ball turrent’s gun mounted optics and began flying off.

    “I hate machines……especially the talking ones.” Fanzone said.

    “And I hate organics that hate my kind! So screw you no one cares what you think anyways.” Sky Shark yelled back turning his ball turent around to face Fanzone. He didn’t even consider that could look bad to some people, after all his optics on the guns were not visible. He then proceeded to fly to the Autobot base. The planet itself was small but there was something about it he liked. He was slightly disoriented. He hadn’t used his secondary optics in a while so it screwed with him for a while when he saw in a second direction. He decided to do some tests on his way; max climbing speed and angle, force on ball turrent and max speed to safely take a sharp turn on it. After he broke in the alt mode he resumed course for the HQ. When he landed he easily drew the attention of the entire block. Several people at first expected to see Starscream but were surprised the second his spiked helmet head pulled up. His ball turrent stayed on his back between his wings while his rear body flipped down to form legs that extended. The two engines from the Raptor form formed support heels. His front air intakes rotated 180 degrees and flipped down. His nose cone folded in before the nose of the plane locked in place. His torso was slightly longer than most seekers and had a somewhat more blocky and his chin wasn’t as elongated.

    “Whoa……..looks like we have someone to fight Blitzwing in the air if he shows up again.” Bulkhead said.

    “I thought we established that Bumblebee fought him by getting him out of the air.” Prowl said.

    “Yeah but its not the same, Bulkhead has a point.” Optimus said, “I’m Optimus Prime, pleased to meet you Sky Shark. …….um well getting you in here is going to be interesting. You have clearance in the building but the door’s 10 feet too short and a bit too narrow.” Optimus said.

    “I have an Idea, one sec.” Sky Shark said and jumped up and onto the roof with help of his feet boosters. He went to the center of the warehouse did a x ray scan to make sure the room was open enough to fit him. He slid out his right hand for a plasma torch. Looking at the ends of his wings he made two way points and then did one in front of his chest at its far out most part and then then again for his back by turning on his turrent’s optics and rotating it down to face the roof. After that was done he turned them off and rotated the turrent so the guns faced up.

    “Just to let you guys know there’s going to be crashing noises in a minute so don’t be worried.” Sky Shark called out confusing all but Kickspeed and Shocker

    He then began cutting through the roof following the lines his HUD had made between the waypoints. After a few minutes of cautious and the transposing of the way points out a few more inches to give him clearance that he forgot at first Sky Shark had finished his entrance now all that was left was a kick to get the slab in. He pushed his foot into the slab and forced it into the wear house and then dropped in through the hole. it would have to do for now. He called out so they could hear him to come in which they did.

    “What the hell did you…….THE ROOF!” Optimus shouted without a second thought.

    “Now we just need to make a door….and make it a bit more square. It’s a cookie cut mold right now. I have to go in a specific way.” Sky Shark said, “It’s either that or you guys are down a Seeker.”

    “Just no more mods okay?” Optimus said, this month just kept getting better and better.

    Kickspeed was looking at a main screen in the room and saw a text message describing a bank robbery on Main Street, “Um, Prime I think you might want to check this out,” she said firmly. He looked at it for a moment and groaned, they just fixed the city after having half of it get wrecked so who do they call for a BANK ROBBERY, the Autobots.

    “Alright to let you break in your new forms, I’ll give this one to you newbies. Call us if you need help and try to not kill them I’ll have Teletran send the coordinates to your HUD so you can find the bank.” Optimus Prime said.

    “Roger that. Kickspeed, Shocker take the road’s I’ll take the sky. Transform and lets go kick some ass.” Sky Shark flew through the hole he had made while Kickspeed and Shocker transformed into their vehicle forms and speed out the door. Sky Shark transformed and shot towards the bank at 60 mph.

    “All right so anyone here know about what type of fire these fleshlings can take?” Sky Shark said over the team com channel. Silence, a definite no he sent a request into the police to get a description of the get away car. When he got it he came back on the channel and said, “Alright then, Kick speed Shocker it’s a BLUE and BLACK SUV. Number IR20 get behind it and I’ll go ahead we’ll close it in.

    The police sirens wailed down 5th street as they chased after the get away car. From the passenger seat a man fired of an AK-47 at the cops. As Kickspeed and shocker blasted forward they announced their intentions and who they were to the cops to get them to move aside. Meanwhile Sky Shark was right over the SUV he sped up a bit to get to the intersection. He transformed and landed just in time for the SUV to get near the intersection. Shocker did a driving transform into robot mode and the into gun mode. Using thrusters lined on the bottom of the gun he pushed himself into the air aimed for the the left front tire of the SUV and shot it out causing it to spin out and slam into driver side first, into Sky Shark’s foot.

    Sky Shark knelt down and looked into the car. The driver was bleeding and seemed dazed. “The stolen property you have 20 seconds to hand it over or be terminated.” He demanded.

    “If you don’t get this guy to a hospital he’ll die anyways most likely. Besides you’re not even the law you can’t make us do jack shit.” The accomplice with the AK yelled at Sky Shark. Sky Shark twirled the car around with his hand and grabbed the loud mouth human with the gun. The human fired the gun off at Sky Shark as fast as he could.

    “So you like trying to kill people and break the law eh?” The Seeker said, he took his free hand and took hold of the robber’s left leg and pinched, hard. Then the same to the right one. “3 rules: first respect the law, second don’t try to kill, and three don’t screw with someone that can and did just crush every bone in your leg to chunks. Hey cops you guys can take it from here, the driver needs medical attention and this guy here is gonna need a hell of a lot of surgery on his legs. Quick Strikers head for home.”

    “YOU DID WHAT?” Optimus Shouted, at Sky Shark.

    “I crushed the enemy’s legs. So? I neutralized the threat and dealt with the situation.” Sky Shark said with a shrug.

    “Sky, listen. There is a difference between organics and cybernetics, organics die a LOT easier. Why did you deem it was necessary to crush the guy’s legs?” Optimus said, calming down a bit.

    “Well he did fire rounds at the local law and myself, I figured it would be a good way to neutralize the threat.” Sky Shark explained.

    “Yeah also, don’t go at him for the driver. That was pretty much my fault. I was trying to stop him so I shot out his tire which caused him to spin out and slam into Sky’s foot.” Shocker explained nervously.

    “Urg…..okay, this is what we’re going to do. Prowl is going to show you how properly engage humans. I will say this though. You did live up to your name, that only took you 10 minutes,, for us it would have been like 15 or something.” Optimus said, “Secondly, Shocker I’d like you to go to the hospital and apologize for almost killing the driver. We had some issues with the public fearing us after the recent battle and today’s…incident won’t help.

    “Sure thing Prime. I’ll head out now.” Shocker said and transformed and left the building.

    “Does he know where the hospital is…..the closet one that is?” Optimus said.

    “Yeah, we did a complete recon on the organics in the area, biosphere tolerances, genetic/molecular make up, language, culture etc. We might not be ordinary, something you’’ll see from our adittudes….but when it comes to missions we do take necessary steps to ensure success. So……what do guys have for fun here?”

    ~City Hall~

    “What do you mean you can’t find anything on me! This is an outrage, how is it possible that there was no record of me? That just doesn’t happen!” Sari shouted, they were outside the town hall, Jazz and Bumblebee were with her so they had to meet with the mayor outside.

    “Yo cool it Sari, this isn’t gonna get us anywhere just yellin like that. Are you absolutely sure you can’t find anything?” Jazz said smoothly looking at the tall for a human mayor.

    “Trust me I’m surprised as you all are. We’ll let you know if anything comes up but I’m sorry Miss Sumdac, we can’t prove you were ever born.” The mayor said and headed back into City Hall. Bumblebee and Jazz transformed. Sari got into Bumblebee gloomingly.

    In one day she had gone from without a father and running his company to being without a father, a home, and possibly without an official identity. They headed back to the base at medium pace rather than Bumblebee’s usual fast as hell pace, he considered it at first to try excite Sari but figured it wouldn’t be right, although immature he even he could tell when to just step back and let her be for a bit. Upon arrival at the base Jazz and Bumblebee was surprised to see the new Squad watching TV or well, flipping through channels and fighting over what to watch, Bumblebee was surprised how quickly they caught up with the general flow of things in the base.

    “Hey big guy, how the heck did you get in here?” were the first words Bumblebee said to Sky Shark.

    “I made a hole.” Sky Shark said sarcastically, “Oh and nice to meet you too.”

    “I was getting to that….anyways you three the new members of the team?”

    “Yup Quick Strikers here to help in anyway possible. The name is Sky Shark. So what’s your name?” Sky Shark said turning to Bumblebee.

    “My name’s Bumblebee and this is Sari.” Bumblebee said pointing at Sari.

    “Pleasure to meet you name’s Jazz, ever need a groovy tune let me know I’ll probably have something in my data banks for you.” Jazz said.

    “Nice to meet you both...” Sky Shark said, “By the way what’s with the Mini-con here?”

    “Minicon?” Bumblebee said, “Is that supposed to be a short joke?”

    “Not you, Sari, what kind of Minicon is she?” Sky Shark said.

    “Oh her, she’s a human from this planet not a Minicon.” Bumblebee said.

    “Are you sure? I’m getting a weird reading from her….technological” Sky Shark said.

    “Bah who knows for all we know I could be a freaking robot or something but its probably my key. I’m going to bed don’t bug me for a while.” Sari said in an outburst and stormed into another room they had set up for a bedroom for her after Mr. Powel kicked her out of the company tower.

    “Lovely you ticked off the girl who’s just lost everything. Great going.” Ratchet said cynically.

    “Hey all I said was her readings suggested she wasn’t human nothing else. So don’t go ripping me a new one.” Sky Shark said and turned back to the TV flipped through a few more channels until came to a Dogfights show on History Classic Channel next person who reached for the remote got a half jokingly gun barrel to their head. They had finally “agreed” on something to watch.

    ~Meanwhile at Decepticon HQ in an abandoned mine. ~

    “Why must we still hide in this cave lord Megatron? Why don’t we go and smash the Autobots into the ground” Lugnut shouted pounding a wall. He was getting tired or waiting, to fix their injuries.

    “Calm down Lugnut, when the time comes we will make our move and crush the Autobots but we must recover full first. Last time was just a glitch. The next time we fight those Autobots we will crush them.” Megatron said.

    “One problem with that sir. I was reviewing our Energon reserves today and the amount we’ll need to sustain ourselves. It’s not looking good. I say we can run for another three days if we want to fix ourselves at the same time, one week if we stop repairs. I would advise we obtain some soon.” Blitzwing said from his sane, scientific head.

    “You do have a point Blitzwing, Lugnut I will trust you to attend to guarding the base since your arm is not fixed. Blitzwing, go reactivate Starscream, we could use the help and I believe this week of ‘detention’ will quell any thoughts of trying to backstab me again.” We attack Detroit’s solar power plant in 3 cycles” Megatron.

    “Yes lord Megatron, I will defend the base with my very Spark.” Lugnut proclaimed with a bit too much enthusiasm for the situation causing Megatron to groan as he headed to another tunnel to go patch up a few cracks he still had on his cannon and Blitzwing headed to another part of the base to reactivate Starscream.

    End Chapter 1
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    Great story. Cant wait for chapter two
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    Long ass chapter here guys sorry. went from page 9-21 in MS word, I hope you enjoy it. Also just to reaffirm a point, this is set in an alternate universe I am not trying to shoe horn this into the cannon universe between early season 2 episodes.

    Chapter 2

    “MOVE, MOVE!! We gotta get going 10 minutes ago. Megatron, Starscream and Blitzwing are attacking the back up solar power plant.!” Optimus shouted and this is what Sari woke up to. She yawned rushing into the main room seeing everyone scrambling to grab their guns or other equipment that wasn’t attached to them. Optimus quickly went into another room to go grab his fire truck trailer.

    “So that’s where he keeps the trailers.” Sari heard Bumblebee comment.

    “Human, I have a question for you.” Sky Shark said approaching Sari, “From what I understand you are our secondary medic, is this correct?”

    “Yeah I guess, my key can heal you. Why?” Sari said, “How long have I been sleeping anyways?”

    “Three human hours. Good now come with me. Secondly do you get motion sickness?” Sky said grabbing a hold of Sari gently, careful not to crush her.

    “Well I did barf once on the Hurla Twirl when it messed up and went to fast…..but not really.” Sari replied, trying to take everything in, she was still waking up. Before she knew it she was on the roof with Sky Shark and he had transformed into his jet mode.

    “Get in the back seat, press the red button near the right control stick. You’re my gunner.” Sky Shark said.

    “Cool.” Sari said, she was getting to help out in more than just a medic role again and it was making her happy like it always did. She climbed up into the cockpit with a little bit of trouble seeing as Sky Shark didn’t have a latter for her to get up into him and his nose area was curved after all. Once she did she sat down and before she could buckle herself in Sky Shark did it for her. She pressed the red button and the seat lowered down through a door that opened in the floor, letting the seat enter the ball turrent and locked into place

    “To my adorable assistant here’s a quick run down of my turrent system. You may see that I have two guns, both may be fired at the same time, don’t worry they operate on plasma bullet tech, you shouldn’t run out of ammo. The left gun’s joy stick controls the direction you move, left or right, the right controls the pitch a.k.a up and down. Use both at the same time for maximum effectiveness along with the laser dot sight that will appear on the screen between both guns. Don’t worry its simple, you’ll pick up after a few shots.

    “Autobots Transform and Roll Out!” Optimus shouted over their com system and added, “Where’s Sari?”

    Sky Shark clicked on his internal speaker as he took off the roof. Sari heard the click of the radio and said, “Gunning with Sky.”

    “What? Slag it Sky did you listen to me at how fragile humans are?” Optimus spat out.

    “Calm down, I’ll protect her with my life, besides I’m still getting used to flying in this atmosphere, the less things I need to worry about right now the better. This isn’t a permanent thing, unless she’s our next jet ace or something.”

    “Alright but just don’t do anything wreckless.” Optimus said, “Play it safe.”

    “Roger that Prime. By the way, why would the Decepticons be attacking an aging solar plant when this city has a more advanced main fusion plant?” Sky Shark asked as the entire group flew/drove towards the plant at a high speed.

    “Probably cause since the headmaster incident the plant has been heavily, and since we just kicked their soliods the last time we met I believe they may still be ‘licking their wounds’ and need a quick fix to finish them so a less productive Solar Plant under less security would be a better target.” Optimus replied.

    “Also, the lower the rate of Energon flow, the easier it is to dump into cubes, the main fusion plant would be much faster in energy production which means more Energon quickly which increases the risk of a spill and explosion.” Ratchet said over the radio.

    “Ah okay.” Sky Shark said.

    As they got closer they saw some smoke rise from the control room of the solar plant. Sky flew ahead as an advance, shock and confuse attack. “Alright Sari fire a 3 two second burst at the ground as we pass over the Solar Plant, dead ahead, I’m going to do a loop in the air, fire at the ground then hard bank to the left, if you hear any strain on the connector bolts.” Sky said accelerating.

    “Um alright.” Sari said.

    As they passed over Starscream looked at the seeming odd F-15 and ignored it at first, continuing to fill an Energon Cube. As Sky Shark flew over Sari followed his instructions, she ended up hitting a small sack of cubes near Starscream sending him flying five feet face first into the ground. Sky pulled up into a loop and then fired his twin blasters on the undersides of his wings as he came from the apex of the loop and into the descending portion of it. At first the blasters charged up into a blue glowing ball and then a force full bolt fired from the blasters the force pushed him up a bit. The bolts smashed into the ground near a few panels about 20 feet from Megatron. Who was already looking for whoever shot the Energon cubes and screaming at Starscream to get up. The panels shattered as an impact crater formed from both blasts 3 feet wide and deep.

    “It would seem that we are under attack Megatron, it must be those acersid Autobots….” Blitzwing said while he finished compressing a stack of 6 Energon cubes. He turned to look at the sky seeing Sky Shark pull a hard up turn his face spun around to his angry/fighter face, “PERMISSION TO ENGAGE AND ATTACK THE PUNNEY PLANE SIR!”

    “Shut up and leave the dog fighting to me you crazed bot. We all know you can’t fly in a straight line to save your life.” Starscream said then added in an ‘enerst’ sounding voice, “Lord Megatron, please give me the honor of trashing the jet. I only wish to prove my loyalty to you.”

    “Fine; Blitzwing head down the road and ‘welcome the Autobots.” Megatron said, “I will defend the cubes here.”

    “Good job so far.” Starscream thought as he transformed and flew into the sky. Blitzwing nodded transformed into take mode and rolled off. Megatron looked at some of the human hostages they had taken who were tied to a panel away from the Energon cubes but still in a can’t miss range of Megatron and said, “If you think you will be saved you are sadly mistaken.”

    Meanwhile Starscream fired a round of plasma shots at Sky Shark, Sari freaked trying to use the turrent under pressure she rotated it around 3 times making herself dizzy. “Watch it my optics are still on you’re making ME dizzy too.” Sky said firmly, “Also shoot already, you don’t need to ask.”

    “Can’t you shut off your optics there? You’re a robot after all.” Sari said.

    “I forgot about that……done, thanks Minicon.” Sky Shark said as Sari started shooting at Starscream, missing eighty percent of her shots, just trying to keep the sights on him. She was a bad shot, there was no denying that but dog fighting after serving on Cybertron with little combat in a decade had made Sky Shark’s fighting techniques a bit rusty and he needed to get used to flying in an atmosphere on top of that. So he wouldn’t be that good either.

    “You suck Autobot, I mean really. Can’t you even hit me?” Starscream yelled at Sky Shark who did a quick pull into a tight loop above Starscream coming behind him and trying to fire his cannons. After 5 seconds of trying they worked and he grazed Starscream’s tail fin blowing it clear off.

    ~Meanwhile Optimus and the others were fighting Blitzwing and it was somewhat even for once~

    Jazz charged at Blitzwing swinging his nunchucks Blitzwing smacked him out of the way with ease and turned around to spin kick Bumblebee who was trying to jump him from behind. The whole attack plan was an uncoordinated mess. Optimus was trying to coordinate the attacks but it wasn’t working out well.

    “This isn’t working!” Kickspeed yelled as she fired Shocker who was in his rifle mode. He shot 3 round bursts, and they were mostly hitting Blitzwing but not in good spots.


    Kickspeed tossed Shocker up into the air.

    “Shocker, transform and lock on.” Kickspeed said firmly.

    “Right sis.” Shocker said and his gun handle slipped up and facing backwards the cover at the bottom of the handle opened up and trigger flipped up onto the side of his gun form. Kickspeed’s hand slipped into her arm. She grabbed Shocker and put him into her arm socket. She took aim at Blitzwing and fired at his chest. She hit him dead on knocking him back. The gun fire looked more like a sniper laser than a bullet laser.

    “Kickspeed is that a sniper mode on Shocker?” Optimus asked recalling her telling him she was forbidden from using sniper rifles and seeing the one round shot hitting Blitzwing.
    “Technically, no. It’s an integrated gun form. I have a lot more precision when aiming my brother when he’s integrated with my arm. Also I can control the burst and the power of the shot. I decided to make it a one round high power shot. Somewhat like a sniper round but not technically a sniper round.

    “So basically, you’re using a loop hole…” Optimus said. Bulkhead meanwhile swung his ball fist at Blitzwing Knocking him onto his back, “Ummm I think now would be one of those times where we say, what ever works.” Bulkhead said.

    “Just don’t get me in trouble.” Optimus said.

    “Booyah Headshot! Um yeah right sure thing Optimus.” Kickspeed said as she nailed a round off into Blitzwing’s head as he got back up. He got up and his face spun around to his scientific face and said, “Hmm… that voice and tone……it couldn’t be.” Blitzwing was then greeted by Optimus’ axe to his head knocking him to the ground.

    “Alright Autobots move out, we still need to stop Megatron and Starscream.” Optimus said to the group who ran towards the plant. As Kickspeed passed Blitzwing she said, “Seriously, you need help. Why don’t you take any of our advice? Suck it up and get some meds, I hear organics treat Multi-personality people here not just label them nuts and suicide mission material.”

    “What were you saying to tri face?” Bumblebee asked Kickspeed as they raced to the plant.

    “Telling him to get help….I’ve met him before…..can’t say why.” Kickspeed said, “Is that……Megatron?”

    “I’m afraid so.” Bumblebee replied as they got close enough to see Megatron standing cannon pointing off to his side diagonally.

    “Stop Right there Autobots.” Megatron said firmly as they entered the Solar Plant.

    “Why so you can shoot us?” Optimus asked.

    “No, because if you do I will kill the fleshlings.” Megatron said motioning his head to the human hostages.

    “You wouldn’t dare, they have nothing to do with this!” Optimus shouted. Megatron let out an evil chuckle, “Yet they do, see these flesh creatures run this plant, from which we are obtaining Energon. You will leave now and let us finish or they will die for sure. If you do leave we will take what we need and set them free, you have my word.”

    “Why should I believe you you’re a Decepticon after all.” Optimus said.

    Megatron flicked his cannon arm with his other hand causing pieces of metal to flake off and fall to the ground, “Do I look like I’m in a position to be wasting Energon on such pointless creatures? I’m giving you a one time offer, I should slag you for what you did to me the last we met.” Megatron said.

    “Don’t trust him sir, he’s lying I’ve seen him pardon comrades just before blowing their heads off. Even if we turn around He’ll kill one of us at least.” Kickspeed whispered, raising her Shocker wielding arm at Megatron, Don’t worry I’m not attacking or moving, I’m letting my brother detach, he’s the gun on my arm, so we can retreat.” Kickspeed blinked her optic at Optimus.

    “Alright Megatron, we know when we’ve been beat…..NOW!” Optimus shouted

    Kickspeed fired into Megatron’s eye, “Wow I’m surprised he forgot me so easily. I pulled that trick several times even without Shocker using my own guns, I even demoed it to him on a traitor.” Optimus meanwhile ran to the humans and grabbed them off the panel and threw them to Ratchet and Jazz and yelled, “Get them out of here now!” They nodded as they caught the scared humans and transformed driving off.

    Bulkhead was helping keeping Megatron pinned down with his arm till Optimus turned to face him, “Now to deal with you……AH!” Megatron lifted his cannon arm and prepared to shoot Optimus in the gut but before he could fire he was blindsided by Bulkhead’s wrecking ball hand. He crashed to the ground.

    As he got up he saw Kickspeed and all thoughts about shooting Prime had vanished from his head at that moment. Instead he would give the tratoir the treatment she so very well disserved and said, “You should have stayed silent, I might have missed you traitor but I won’t now.”

    Kickspped was shaking, Before she knew what was happening the world seemed to go into slow motion. Shocker detached from her arm. He turned back into robot mode. Megatron shifted his gun too point at her face. He charged it up. Shocker jumped up as the cannon fired, the blast impacted his mid section……..a horrendous scream and explosion snapped her back into real time. Shocker lay on the ground, a gaping hole with dangling circuits showed from his right mid section. He screamed medic.

    “You son of a….” Kickspeed started to yell as she started to run at Megatron. Thankfully for her Optimus had recovered and distracted Megatron by whacking him with his Axe, saving Kickspeed from a very quick death. Everyone else gathered their bearings and joined in the fight.

    Meanwhile Sky Shark and Starscream were still duking it out in the air. Both had taken some damage though Starscream was clearly loosing, his shielding system had obviously been offline for a while, they were not as effective in this battle. Starscream currently was behind Sky Shark and did have a clear shot, he rapid fired his guns right underneath Sky Shark’s thrusters, a weak spot. His armor wasn’t as thick there, his body needed to make a quick cover for the area since his manual addition of the F-22’s thrusters were a different shape than the F-15’s. The blasts impacted sending him into a tail spin, his engines cut out. As he franticly rerouted systems he rolled so the ball turrent was facing up. Starscream transformed, waiting for his opponent to transform so he could make the battle hand to hand. He noticed something odd in the clear glass ball. Zooming in he saw Sari.

    “So that’s why he’d rather take the fall than loose in combat. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to kill the fleshling….it could survive the fall.” Starscream thought and charged up his right arm laser.

    “Um….Sky Shark if you’re trying anything, now would be a good time to do it!” Sari shouted, as she did his right engine kicked back in and he was able to right himself. He heard the medic call go over their com link so he found an area near Shocker, and landed. He manually lifted Sari’s seat into the cockpit and forced her out and then transformed, looking at Starscream diving at him.

    “Sari get your tail pipe over to Shocker and help him I’ll take care of Starscream. Optimus sir how are you doing with Megatron?” Sky Shark said without turning.

    Sari ran toward Shocker jumping onto his chest, he wasn’t moving much but his screaming hadn’t died down, he was in severe pain, he was missing a good third of himself. Sari was worried herself, what if the key wasn’t enough this time, he had never fixed anyone this damaged. Optimus meanwhile was fighting Megatron, it was pretty close due to the assistance of Bulkhead and Prowl, Bumblebee was out cold from a blow to the head.

    “Um….well better than I expected to be.” Optimus said.

    “Kickspeed get up and help me!” Sky Shark said whipping off half of his turrent to fire at Starscream as he got close. Kickspeed had nothing to say, nor did she move, she was in total shock, how close she had come to dying, the screams of her brother brewed rage in her spark but she couldn’t do anything. If she attacked Megatron she was dead and she couldn’t bring herself to her feet.

    Sky Shark mumbled to himself as he was left to fend of Starscream alone. For someone who took a lot of damage in their dogfight Starscream had a lot of fight left into him. He dodged to the right as Starscream fired a blast from his arm blaster at him. Sky Shark then followed up with a kick to Starscream’s mid side section. He caught Starscream mid fall and pointed his gun at Starscream’s wing.

    “Killing you when you entered the fight in such a weakened state would be unfair. Besides I want to have a bit more fun with you later on when you’re at your best. Its not everyday I go up against the most notorious Decepticon jet.” He said before firing a burst of 6 rounds into Starscream’s wing punching holes into it the size of a human hand each. Following that he tossed Starscream to the ground. Following that he shot the Energon cube stacks blowing them sky high….and taking a few solar panels out.

    Megatron saw the act completely. He knew he had lost the battle, but he had noticed one other thing while pushing Optimus off him during their brawl. He saw Sari repairing Shocker with the key, if he couldn’t have the Energon why not just take a much more obtainable, better prize instead. In a single swift movement he whipped out one of his swords slashed Prime and Bulkhead off of him and dashed to Sari and the key. Shocker was almost completely healed, just some external damage near his spark chamber left. Sari didn’t expect a thing; Megatron grabbed the key and forcibly pulled it from Shocker’s chest. The shocked Sari’s hair seemed to stand on end and yell as she tried to cling to the key as a beam of blue light was emitted from shocker and her own chest and merged for a split second as the key separated from his chest and her hands. Sari collapsed out cold.

    Holding the key in hand Megatron turned to Prime who was getting up, “Well you may have, how shall you say won the battle. However I have won the greatest prize of all, the key forged by the All Spark itself!” Megatron shouted and then said over the comlink, “Decepticons, fall back to the base we are done here.”

    Starscream pushed himself up and looked at Sky Shark. “This isn’t over Autobot, next time you won’t be so lucky.” Starscream said as he transformed Along with Megatron and took off, Blitzwing presumably did the same if he was back online yet.

    “Damnit Megatron has the key!” Optimus said stomping his right foot into the ground, “Sky Shark is there any….”

    “Sir if you’re about to ask what I think you are going to ask then the answer is no slaggin way. I’ll get torn apart. I can barely fly right now as it is over 60mph, only one of my engines can even function” Sky Shark said, “Also right now our concern should be the human and Shocker. I got some weird readings their area when the key was removed from Shocker forcibly.

    “Right……what should we do about Sari though?” Optimus asked as he transformed, “Put her in me gently we don’t know what kind of injuries she has.”

    “Um well maybe we should take her back to the base. Ratchet might be more willing to take care of her. After all if I remember correctly human repair services are costly….we got no money.” Bumblebee said, putting Sari into Optimus’ cab.

    Sky Shark looked at Kickspeed she said nothing but got up and picked up Shocker. Holding her bother in her arms she walked ahead with everyone else heading out shortly after.

    ~1 hour later at the base~

    The group waiting impatiently in the main entrance area of the base where they kept the main TV monitors and other equipment like scanners. Kickspeed was pacing back and forth. She looked very agitated and ticked off, but at least she wasn’t in shock they thought.

    “If anything happens to my brother thanks to that organic we’re gonna need a whole lot of cleaning solution.” Kickspeed said angrily.

    “Don’t do anything rash Kickspeed, Sari tried her best to help your bother, if anything goes wrong with him take up with Megatron.” Optimus said.

    “I can’t!” Kickspeed exclaimed.

    “Why not, you just go in vehicle mode and surprise them at their base. You proved you have some serious marksmanship in today’s fight.” Bumblebee said.

    “Because they know me. I wouldn’t get within 10 feet of Megatron before I was slagged. We have a nice rule in the Decepticon ranks. Traitors die, no questions ask no forgiveness. Not even if you were forced to betray the cause.” Kickspeed almost yelled at Bumblebee.

    “Whoa take a chill pill we’re all buds here Kickspeed. Just calm down. Bumblebee does have a point if you are that bent on revenge why would that even apply to you. Also what’s with that ‘we’ thing?” Jazz said leaning up against a wall.

    “We apply to my prior affiliation. For the record, not a word of what I’m about to tell you guys leaves this room. About 250 years ago I was in my senior year at the academy. I was an Energon pub one night with this guy I met there. I had a few too many and started ranting about the annoying protocols and everything so he started talking about this group he was part of. Seeing as the academy’s stance on the Decepticons was that they were no more than a memory I didn’t think much of it. One thing led to another and we ended up staying in contact; till I finished my senior year. He brought to meet one of his superiors to show him my skills. I showed him my expertise in sniping. He was so impressed he immediately moved me to initiation. I had agreed with the groups ideas for a better Cybertron but it wasn’t until the initiation when they used the phrase “Peace Through Tyranny” I realized that I was aligning myself with the Decepticons. But at that point I didn’t see a way out nor did I really want one. I had agreed with what they had said and even began considering the Autobots had been over demonizing them.” Kickspeed explained, before she could continue after pausing she saw everyone except Prime and Sky Shark’s jaws wide open, Bulkhead’s had even fallen off his face.

    Bumblebee luhnged at her after a moment. Prowl and Jazz swiftly grabbed him. He tried to wiggle his way out their grip yelling, “Come on let me at her. She’s the son of a bitch who killed Cliffjumper. You hear me I’m gonna rip you two Decepticon piece of slag!”

    “Hey you didn’t let me finish….Also I’m sorry if I hurt you. I’ve changed Bumblebee. I saw what I did wrong I served my time I bear this mark that forever reminds me of the pain I caused. I can never have a fresh start; my superiors always know what I have done. I can never rise in the ranks. I am not allowed to do what I am best at legally, sniping. What more do you want?” Kickspeed pleaded.

    “To see you suffer! You killed my brother, maybe yours should be dead too! That way you’ll know what its like to see a loved one die before your eyes! Yeah, that’s it I want your brother dead!” Bumblebee shouted.

    Kickspeed was shocked, almost crying it seemed. Sky Shark had enough he was about two nano seconds from grabbing Bumblebee and shoving him into a wall.

    “ENOUGH, cut it out Bumblebee. Let the lady finish and remember she’s on our side now. She’s done her time and punishment so drop it, NOW.” Optimus said strongly and Bumblebee stopped struggling instantly.

    “Listen Bumblebee we’re all a team hear so just hear her out, we’re gonna be working together for a while and its best we’re not at each others throats.” Optimus said.

    “Yeah and if he doesn’t leave her alone he won’t have a throat.” Sky Shark said, “Go on Kickspeed, I’m sure they’d like to hear the end.”

    “Thank you Sky Shark. As I was saying. After that I took simple sniping missions in battles. As I proved my worth I started noticing that my superiors were talking amongst themselves just before calling me in for debriefings. This happened for a Cybertronian Solar Cycle, Cycle and half. After that I was brought to a underground bunker on Charr, I was introduced to Megatron for the first time.

    Apparently I had impressed him, a lot. He gave me a test of skill to see if I was good enough to serve in his personal team. I had to go to Iacon, and snipe 10-15 autobots that would drop in a large crowd from a building. Then escape from Icon city in plain sight. Of course I was allowed use of back alleys to get too and a little bit away from the area I sniped from. I knew the nature of this job and if I failed it would mean capture or death. I had been able to repress most of my guilt of sniping Autobots, possibly former friends by then so it wasn’t too hard for me and I decided to be an over achiever for the boss. I went for thirty but only got twenty, turns out my rifle wasn’t charged completely. I completed the task, with ease and escaped with no one suspecting me, they were too busy in a panic. Probably because I targeted a lot of academy bots too, thought they would draw more attention.

    When I got back to base I provided Megatron my visual memory banks of the mission, he was impressed. From that day on I served under Megatron, and from that day on I began to see the true horrors of the Decepticon army. We were a brotherhood but still, I have never seen such transient friendships in my life. For the next three and half solar cycles I did missions for Megatron, never failed once until I was given the ultimate mission. .Megatron called me to his personal quarters late one night, none of the other Decepticons were told of it, safer that way. I was to attend a speech Ultra Magnus was giving to the graduating Academy class and terminate him. By that time I was torn inside I was loosing myself to their ideas but at the same time I was fighting myself to try and find a way out of it. I accepted the mission, within a nanosecond and headed out to Iacon, the first time I had been there since the panic I caused. When I was preparing to snipe him I saw Shocker in the seats, I had forgotten he was at the academy and I knew Ultra Magnus was his hero…..I just couldn’t do it. I had cracked five solar cycles of that work and killing and the site of my brother is what made me crack. I turned myself into Ultra Magnus, pleaded for forgiveness, that I would do anything for him. I ended up spilling a whole lot of mission plans I had over heard, base locations, troop placement that I knew about. In return I couldn’t operate sniper rifles anymore, had to wear a Decepticon colored Autobot insignia, and I was put in cyber detention for 5 solar cycles. That’s about it. If you guys must know.” Kickspeed said.

    Everyone went silent after she finished. Prowl and Jazz let go of Bumblebee and he didn’t try anything funny. After a moment Ratchet walked out of the room and very crabbily said, “Finally you all decided to stop yelling. Its not easy operating on two people when you have silence, let alone people yelling at each other!”

    “Sorry Ratchet, tension was just a bit high and started to break.” Optimus Said calmly.

    “Well I might as well give you the good news now then, they’re both going to be fine for the most part. Sari had a few fractures to her internal frame, nothing a few spot welds couldn’t take care off. Also her upper rotator socket was a bit warped but I was able to bang it out pretty easily, just a simple remove the arm bang it out reattach thing. Shocker is a bit different he needed some patches on his chest and reconnecting a few wires. One thing though, I need to make him a new shield generator, apparently it was fried when the key was removed forcibly.” Ratchet explained.

    “Its good their okay, but you make it sound like Sari’s a robot. You do know fire hurts organics right?” Bumblebee said.

    “Yes, I didn’t come online yesterday and that brings me to another two points. Sari is…..a technorganic. I’m trying to figure out how we never saw this before but it seems that her spark was either put into a human built robot and then scanned the area for a base form or if a robot using many Cybertronian components was brought online forming a spark and then doing the latter of the first possibility. Also there is one more thing. Kickspeed the person you want to talk to is Sari when you go in and for Sari see Shocker, you’ll know why soon enough.” Ratchet added

    “HAH! I knew the girl was more than meets the eye!” Sky Shark shouted.

    “I think we should limit how many people are in the room at a time for space reasons so I think its important that Prime, Kickspeed and Sky Shark go in first.” Ratchet said.

    The group nodded in agreement Prime walked in first then Kickspeed followed by Sky Shark who had to go in sideways due to his wing span, he made a mental note to reconfigure his alt mode to fold them up or something next chance he got. Kickspeed walked over to Sari who was standing on a med table built for the Autobots so it was high up. She was looking down when Kickspeed said, “Umm…….are you okay?”

    “Ya think I’m okay bolts for brains. I get shot, torn apart, cry in agony for five minutes before the pain goes away only to feel a sharp abrupt pain before blacking out. THEN when I do come to I’m laying on a med table, in an organic body….and worst of all. It’s a girl’s body! You know how screwed up this is sis huh?” Sari body blurted out. Hearing her say this was slightly amusing to Sky Shark and Optimus but they didn’t say anything.

    “So……you’re not Sari are you?” Kickspeed said to Sari’s body.

    “…..I swear to Primus if you haven’t figured out who the heck I am yet I’ll rip you a new one.” Sari’s body said.

    “Shocker.” Kickspeed and Sky Shark said at the same time.

    “So that must make Shocker’s body Sari… did this happen ratchet?” Optimus said.

    “They’re sparks got switched. Something with the key made their bodyies exchange sparks. So now Sari is in Shocker’s body and Shocker is in Sari’s body.” Ratchet replied.

    “Yeah, Mr. I revied Megatron will have a lot of freakin explaining to do on this one…..and I’ll make him personally, I am livid about this situation.” Shocker said.

    (from now on when it is said ‘Sari’ said, she is speaking through Shocker’s body and vice versa)

    “Hey leave my dad alone, he never did anything to you.” Sari replied quickly.

    “Face it kid, you’re dad never told you about your true nature and he revived Megatron……he’s not in very good standing right now….if he screws up one more time he’s meeting Mr. Gun mode when I get my slaggin body back.” Shocker said getting up and jumping down from the table, forgetting about his new body and crumpled into a heap of pain for a moment before getting up and walking it off, “Damn it. I forgot about the height thing. Anything I should know about you’re body?” Shocker asked looking up at his old body.

    “No, just please……stay clean and stuff like that.” Sari said, “So do you always have this annoying filter around the rim of your eyes?”

    “No, you just haven’t gotten used to the computer commands, just think about shutting it off, the HUD is set to standby combat currently. Just set it off. It might take some time but you’ll get the hang of it. Lets see if this body has that ability.” Shocker said and focused for a minute after he shook his head and said, “Nope but I did get your name to display Sumdac Autonomous Robotic Intelligence a.k.a Sari.”

    “Well, that’s interesting to know….Sari, if you need some time to take this in we can always start teaching you how to use your new body later. Umm…..I’m sure your father has a good reason for not telling you and when we find him he’ll explain it all…I promise.” Optimus said.

    “I think I might want to rest… guys do rest or sleep right?” Sari asked.

    “Yeah, ‘cept we call it stasis usually, you might want to just sleep right here till we teach you the basics…..its probably gonna be complicated for ya at first . Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna go make a gun, find out if I can drink Energon and if I can’t find what the humans drink to get intoxicated and then get a large one of either of those as I try and convince myself that I’m not in an organic body.” Shocker said and walked out of the room.

    “Umm…can someone go make sure I have a body to go back too? I don’t think he realizes how fragile a hu….oh yeah I’m not human that’s right.” Sari said gloomily.

    “Actually kid, we do need to tell him. What ever happened after intergration when you were born you’re body integrated organic components into it. However this is a bit different from Blackarchnia’s. We should in theory, be able to find you’re form scan/reset scan component or if we must, make one for you we can give you a more normal Transformer body.” Ratchet said.

    “But I don’t want to be a robot, I want to be what I thought I was, a human.” Sari said with a slight whine.

    “Look kid, face it you’re life is different now, there’s nothing we can do to make you human however we can let you lead a normal life….as an Autobot.” Ratchet said.

    “Ratchet, maybe we should talk about this later, Sari needs time to take this all in and I’m gonna go make sure Shocker doesn’t go kill her body on accident. Sari get some rest we’ll start training you in 3 hours so get some rest, alright everyone move out of here for now let the lady sleep.

    The others left after and Ratchet turned the lights off as he was the last one out so Sari could enter stasis easier.

    End Chapter 2
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