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    This was written for a little fanfic challenge on TF_Animated over at LiveJournal. The challenge was to write something about a new character who appeared in the season 3 premiere, so, I chose the guy I've been waiting to see - Perceptor.

    A lot of people don't like his voice, I'm sure. Well, I decided to write about it. I hope you take the time to read, 'cause I think it's worth checking out. XD;


    I am Perceptor. Member of the Autobot Ministry of Science. One might say I am also one of the most brilliant minds on Cybertron, but I digress. This is not a story of glory or heroics, but... a story of loss and shortcomings.

    I take pride in my work. Whether it is to help those around me, or just something I do on the spur of the moment, I am proud of it. This is where I belong. I am not fit for the battlefield, which was proven that faithful megacycle...

    Our commander wanted Red Alert, Wheeljack and I to set up a small research facility on an Energon farm just outside of Cybertron. It seemed safe enough, but we did not count on a surprise attack from a lone Decepticon. He was a fearsome force to be reckoned with, and if it weren't for Wheeljack, I would not be online to this day...

    Once the Decepticon retreated, I was rushed back to Cybertron for some emergency medical assistance. Red Alert was in charge, so I knew I was in good hands. She and I have been friends and allies for many stellar cycles. I would trust her to handle my servos in a nanoclick.

    And of course, Wheeljack was there to save me, so it's apparent we get along very well. He and I have a particular relationship - I believe humans would refer to us as "brothers." He has been my partner in the fields of scientific study for as long as I can remember. I knew I could trust the combined forces of these two to help revive me from the damages that were done.

    I was back online one megacycle later. While Wheeljack was very pleased with these turn of events, Red Alert seemed reluctant to cheer, stating that the operation was not a complete success. I tried to ask her what was wrong, but that was when I realized why she was saddened, and why my operation was not a complete success...

    My vocal processors were completely mutilated, and had to be completely removed from my central processor.

    It was the result of that Decepticons attack. Somehow, one blow I took to the head caused the vocal processors to short out and no longer respond to my central processor, thus making them obsolete. I was completely devastated to hear this news. I had lost the ability to speak. Even more so, we've never dabbled in the study of vocal processing beforehand.

    Red Alert helped me through this dark time. And with her help, we tried our best to create an alternative way for me to communicate. One in particular was a device connected to my central processor, which transmitted my thoughts into a series of audible beeps, which could then be translated into binary code. Clearly... this drove many bots crazy, especially Sentinel.

    Completely lost of inspiration, I saw no other way to create an alternative vocal emitter. That was when Red Alert and I were called to action; A strange organic creature was found at a crash site on Cybertron, and it was in need of medical help. I had to identify the creatures needs.

    The organic was some sort of creature from another galaxy. Once we repaired the creature, I did some final scanning on its internal workings, and discovered something odd; He had no vocal cords. He, like me, was a mute. And yet, for some reason, he could speak. It was... odd. Red Alert had the same instinct I did and asked the creature how it could speak.

    The creature explained to us that his race used a type of device called a voice synthesizer, which was connected to their bodies. This device connected to the brains of their species and generated speech based on what thoughts they chose to emit. Such an epiphany was just what I needed...

    Red Alert asked if we could use such technology on ourselves. The creature, while confused, allowed us to do just that. And so, I worked endlessly to recreate this device in a larger scale, one that could be used on a Cybertronian. Once the final touches were made, it was time for the moment of truth...

    "I am Perceptor. Member of the Autobot Ministry of Science."

    And so, we Autobots soon left a mark in Cybertronian history, the first successful vocal processor replacement surgery. Perhaps, in some way, it was thanks to my loss that we have this breakthrough, but not a megacycle goes by where I do not miss being able to speak without being dependent of this fake processor... Such shortcomings are saddening.

    ... Ah, but we all must make sacrifices in the name of science, and I am no exception. So, I will continue to aid the Autobots in any way that I can. As long as we stand united, I will pull through.

    End logbook.

    Fun facts;
    - The lone Decepticon was originally going to be referred to as Renegade, the Decepticon I made based on GoBots' Cy-Kill, but I decided to leave it out as to avoid putting in fancharacters. Still, if this were a visual story, that is exactly who you would see.
    - Before the idea of an organic creature came to mind, it was going to be an Autobot soldier who lost his vocal processor in battle. However, the alien bit seemed a little less coincidental, but more convenient.
    - No, Perceptor and Red Alert are not a pairing here. Since I barely know anything about them, it's already kind of a stretch to say they're close friends, but it made sense for him to have someone who knew what he needed, so she was like his "voice" in some of this.
    - Sentinel was added for lulz. I was going to call him "Sentinel Prime," but I'm pretty sure he was still a Minor at this point time. Even so, I just made Perceptor call him Sentinel, even if it's a little too informal for him to use.
    - He also calls Ultra Magnus "commander" more than actually saying his name, at least that's how I (would) write him.
    - Lastly, I know, the Energon farm bit is a little lame, but it's the best thing I could think of to lure them away from Cybertron.
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    This was very good and definitely puts Perceptor in a new light.
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    Nice work, there. :)  Good little read.

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