Transformers Animated: The Last Predacon

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    Now, I really should try to finish the two other fanfics I'm currently writing, whenever I get a new idea I have to jot it down. Well, this is an idea I had for a while and have begun writing it. As the title suggests it takes place in the Animated universe and is not related to the future episode featuring Predacons. For now, until the episode airs, they'll be called Predacons. Regardless, this is about the last of their kind fighting to acheive what they strived for since before the end of the Great War. Freedom from their life debt. This is only the beginning to what will most likely be a short story (Short for the way I write at least). Hope you all like it:

    Transformers Animated:
    The Last Predacon

    By: Cyberwolf1980

    As his ship descended in the atmosphere of this unknown world, where he hoped his long journey for freedom would end, he recalled the final words of his master. "The life debt must be repaid. We must not fail."

    Predacons were a stubborn group. Originally an offshoot faction for Decepticon warriors, as time passed, their idealogy expanded well beyond that of their brethren. Their master, Obsidian, an expert military strategist, was well versed in hand to hand and ranged combat, but, always prefered melee. Perhaps it was the dangerous risk of making wrong move only to be impaled with a bladed weapon, or crushed by one that's blunt. Maybe it was even just the sadistic enjoyment of watching your enemy go offline in front of your eyes. Regardless, he was one of few before the Great War. As tensions rose between Autobot and Decepticon he decided to create special unit of front line soldiers. But rather unskilled cannon fodder, they be expert survivalists, well rounded in all forms of combat, but preference in melee. Megatron was pleased with the idea and so began the rise of the Predacons.

    As the name suggested, they were predators. They were like stalkers. While you were busy defending against one, others would move in from the sides and strike for the kill. Many would strike from behind for a quick death. Megatron saw this potential and took advantage. His mind was made up on the decision to conquer Cybertron, however, key figures would need to be eliminated before the first attacks could begin. The Predacons were used as assassins. Their targets were elders, politicians, generals, some even Decepticon. With them out of the way, no one would be able to stop him from ruling Cybertron, and eventually, the universe. However, little did he know the tools of his rise to power, would be his undoing.

    At first Obsidian was content with being Megatrons attack dogs, but as time wore on he began to see the inconsistencies of Megatrons goals. He did not see a tyranny as a logical legacy to his empire. With time there would be uprising. At the same time the Autobots hopes of galatic peace wree equally flawed, as with free will evil will always rise. The only way to rule justly is through a harsh, but fair order. Crime would be severely punished, with hardwork well rewarded. There would be no room for deceptions, or activism. Change would not be an option. Change opens the hole to weakness. A society of justice, of honor.

    When the Great War began, as originally intended, Predacons were the frontline soldiers, but Obsidian no longer tolerated the backstabbings. The Autobots deserved an honorable death. One on one combat only, no interventions unless being attacked by another Autobot. If one looks as if he is to go offline, let him die honorably. Might becomes the right of life. Predacons were highly successful. They would break through the Autobots front defenses before falling back and letting the Decepticons unleash their vicious slaughter. Obsidian took pity on the powerful Autobot warriors who feel victim to Decepticon tactics and brutal destruction. A dishonorable death by a dishonorable faction. However, the Predacons were in the best position to suceed with their ideals with the Decepticons. Or so Obsidian thought.

    As time wore on, their idealogy evolved. Bonds were formed between units and soon they began fighting like Autobots. Protecting endangered brethren, teamwork to bringing down a powerful foe. Mercy was even shown at time when death did not seem necessary. Not that it would matter. Decepticons usually would move in and slaughter them all anyway. When the war started there were very few Predacon casualties, but in future battles one would be considered highly skilled to be able to destroy a Predacon. However, Autobots took notice and while still enemies they respected Predacons. If only they knew what was to come.

    During one battle Megatron had zeroed in on the Autobots leader, Ultra Magnus. This battle is what many, Autobot and Decepticon, thought would be the final battle. Predacons ripped through Autobot defenses which surprisingly Ultra Magnus was involved. Obsidian took him on directly. Ultra Magnus was powerful, but so was Obsidian. They seemed perfectly matched. Neither wanted to give in. Obsidian held his own until the defenses were breached, however, they weren't called back. Within kliks of the walls of Iacon being breached Decepticon missles made their way for the remaining forces. Megatron had seen the threat the Predacons posed and wanted them wiped out with the Autobots.

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