2D Artwork: Transformers Animated: Smallfoot

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    "Believe in yourself, even if no one else does!"

    SMALLFOOT got her name in Autoboot Camp, where no one gave her a chance to succeed. She aced with flying colors, and joined Cybertronian Intelligence, serving under NIGHTBEAT MINOR. Her determination, combined with an impressive array of sensors and keen intelligence, help her find the truth every time, even if LONGARM PRIME keeps her team on unimportant assignments. She's one of the bravest AUTOBOTS to roll off the assembly line, but she can easily get in over her head. Still, those in Cybertron's underworld would just as soon not have SMALLFOOT on their trail!

    Galactic Powers and Abilities:
    o An impressive array of almost every piece of scanning equipment known to Cybertronians.
    o Hand based concussive blasters can knock back even the toughest DECEPTICON.
    o Off road vehicle mode can operate even after severe damage.


    This was my commission from The Boo, a tremendously talented artist who worked on the Transformers Animated comic, among other projects. When I signed up for my commission, I knew who I was going to get: Smallfoot, in Animated style. I absolutely love the way this turned out, and had to try my hand at coloring it. Hopefully I did the artwork justice!

    (For those curious, the scanners are a nod to her power suit from the original Gobots cartoon, while the "tough vehicle mode" is taken from her original alt mode, a Toyota Hilux, which survived considerable abuse on the TV show Top Gear and kept on running.)

    If you like, you can check out the image on DeviantArt as well.

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