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    Ok, here is my idea for the opening to transformers animated season 4 is it happened, a lot of ideas from this are from the ideas Hasbro had when planning season 4 which are in the Allspark Almanac 2. This is a 3 part opener to TFA season 4…

    It is a very short time after optimus' team has returned to cybertron; megatron and his decepticons are locked up and prime's group are heroes. On earth, starscream is brought back to life by another allspark fragment, thanks to slipstream, soundwave, and laserbeak. The regrouped Constructicons have repaired the lugnut supreme crashed on dinobot island, though it can't transform into robot mode, it is now a fully functional ship. The decepticons highjack the ship and leave the constructicons stranded, though are unaware that the three worker bots have hid in the cargo bay.

    On cybertron, there is a lot of arguing going on between sentinel, optimus, and the autobot high council concerning the fate of the allspark matrix, the magnus hammer, and leadership of the autobots. The council considers impeaching sentinel in favor of optimus and sentinel storms out. After sentinel runs into and has it out with jazz, he sneaks of to his private lab. He has been building a secret, powerful weapon to rally the autobots behind him and scare the council into making him permanent magnus. Meanwhile the autobots from earth are dealing with all their own affairs, all the while being treated as heroes by the populace. Each one handles things in their own way, as well as the loss of prowl. Sari is overwhelmed by it all; trying to learn about her origins and being judged by the other cybertronians. Optimus arranges a eulogy and cremation for prowl with a massive turn out for the fallen hero.

    Within trypticon prison, megatron meditates on recent events and what lies before him. In space, on the lugnut supreme, which starscream has renamed "The Seeker", they have picked up the wandering skywarp and thundercracker(all of the clones actually have their names now). Starscream wishes to go take control of the scattered decepticon legions, but is out numbered when the others decide they will rescue megatron. In prison megatron tries to find a weaknesses in the prison, the other cons are little help. He is visited by optimus and the two have an exchange of quips and views, and even share an awkward moment of understanding before he must leave.

    Sentinal's weapon is finished and he prepares to embrace his future. The Seeker has arrived and is waiting around one of cybertron's moons. They send laserbeak to the planet and he eventually finds megatron, stasis cuffed, in the prison court yard, which the guards did to tease him with the fact that freedom lied before him but he couldn't reach it. Laserbeak lands on his shoulder then opens a radio link between starscream and him. Starscream reveals to him the escape plan which will take place that night during the public Autobot debate.

    That night, laserbeak sabotages the prison alarms and disengages the laser cell doors. Megatron kills the guards, which were the ones that mocked him, then leads lugnut, shockwave, blitzwing, sunstorm, ramjet, and a few others though prison. Ramjet, sunstorm, and most of the other prisoners are subdued and recaptured, while the others continue to the courtyard. Sentinel, running late to the debate, hears the alarm from the prison and heads there, believing that using his weapon to kill megatron would be even better for him. He is at the gate of the prison when the decepticons exit the prison into the courtyard. Sentinel unveils his weapon, The Requiem Blaster, and shoots a massive blast at megatron. Megatron stands his ground but realizes to late how powerful the blast is and freezes, until lugnut pushes him aside and takes the blast. The blast blows a large hole clear through his body. Everyone, including the other decepticons and autobots who were watching the situation on video monitors, are in shock. Megatron goes to lugnut, who continues to praise his master with his dying breath then turns grey. Megatron then charges at sentinel in a rage. Before the autobot can aim and fire, megatron punches his fist right into sentinal's chest, and the only reason megatron doesn't tear sentinel apart is because optimus and autobot reinforcements are almost there, plus blitzwing and shockwave are pulling him away. As the decepticons escape the prison, with the requiem blaster, megatron gives shockwave directions to a secondary objective. Shockwave goes underground while megatron and blitzwing fly up and meet the seeker, which has flown in and destroyed the planetary defenses, and retreats once they are on board.

    Optimus gets to sentinel, who is fading fast and begs optimus' forgiveness. He tells optimus about his plan to become magnus but asks that he not tell anyone. As he begins to turn grey and slip away, he admits that what happened to elita-1 was his fault and with the last of his strength apologizes for ruining optimus' life. Optimus respond that he didn't, because it resulted in him becoming a stronger bot. Sentinel smiles when he hears this and dies with the smile on his face and optimus clutches his body.

    On the seeker, megatron has finished being repaired, with the requiem blaster modified as his new arm cannon. The cons have a moment of silence for lugnut then proceed to get acquainted/reacquainted. In the wake of lugnut's death, Megatron and starscream share some words of respect/insult towards each other. Starscream takes his place as second-in-command again but is clearly already planning treachery. He also notices that with lugnut and shocwave not around, soundwave begins brown nosing megatron, which strascream finds interesting.

    On cybertron, the autobots have just finished sentianl's burial. To everyone's surprise, optimus has lugnut honored with him, stating that he was just a bot who fell under megatron's spell. The council make optimus the supreme commander and name him Optimus Magnus and give him the hummer. Optimus declares that ultra magnus will keep his title and his weapon as the allspark Matrix will now act as the symbol of leadership. He inserts the matrix into his chest and its power makes him slightly larger and bulkier, making him looks similar to ultra magnus.

    The autobots discover that the seeker's flight path shows that it is heading back towards earth. Optimus intends to follow them on omega supreme and so leaves the autobot council in charge of cybertron while he is gone. Due to bulkhead being the greatest spacebridge expert on cybertron, optimus request that he stay on cybertron and makes him a member of the council. He then sets out after the cons in omega supreme with ratchet, bumblebee, sari, jazz, arcee, jetfire, and jetstorm. They are also accompanied by ironhide and wheeljack, who volunteered to come as well.

    Hidden in a lower level of cybertron, shockwave arrives at his second objective, a secret decepticon base. Inside is the small militia of reflector and team chaar. The decepticosn will subtly and over time cause trouble and panic on the planet so it will be in chaos when megatron eventually returns to conquer it.

    looking for opinions, not ideas.
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    I like it bra keep going with it no matter what!!!!!
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    its good was hoping to read more but im unfortunately guessing youve stopd writing :( 

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