Transformers Animated Nemesis Prime SDCC 2008 Special (New)

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    Nov 8, 2011
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    Hi all,

    I stumbled upon this when buying from a company selling end of line products. I had no idea of the value or collectability untill I scanned it with Red Lazer (iPhone) and it brough up prices of around £70 - £80.

    Turns out is was an exclusive at the SDCC 2008 and is quite rare. They are selling on eBay for up to £80ish

    The box is in good to very good condition and the toy is new and unopened.

    Here's the thing, i'm not interested in turning a big profit from it as I paid next to nothing. I bought it as a small cheap additional gift for my son for Xmas.

    After reading up on it, there's no way it deserves to be destroyed by a kid so I want to pass it to a collector.

    I still want to gain a present for my son out of it so... If anyone would like to swap it for a New Boxed Transformers Ark, and a New Megatron Voyager Class Figure... The ark is about £30 and the Figure is about £15 so you're getting a bargain.

    Don't want to mess around with posting etc so this offer is only open to anyone willing to travel to Bury Greater Manchester (UK) If you are serious, please ring me on 07743 456 542

    Here's a Pic [​IMG]
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    That's classics Nemesis Prime.

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