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    Just a short story I wrote. About who Longarm was before Shockwave took on the role.


    The Autobot soldier known as Longarm had just been given a very important mission. Near the end of the war, a new, powerful Decepticon had come about, the one they call Shockwave. Longarm, being something of an Autobot bounty hunter, was given the dangerous task of finding and destroying this new foe. Why was he so dangerous? Shockwave was part of an extremely rare type of Transformers called size-changers, shapeshifting robots with the ability to change their color, voice, shape, and size to almost whoever they wanted to mimic. Oh, size-changers have come and gone before Shockwave. There was Whirl, a member of the Autobot elite gaurd, who died a million stellar cycles ago. But no size-changers had ever been Decepticons before. And that's where Shockwave became a real threat.

    Longarm picked up a transmission from Cybertron.

    "Highbrow to Longarm, are you there?" said the voice of Highbrow, head of Cycbertrob Intel.

    "I think I'm in the area" Longarm replied, "What am I looking for again?"

    "No matter who Shockwave changes into, the bot he is mimicing will always have Shockwave's true eye on his forehead." responded Highbrow.

    As Longarm made his way through the cold canyon of one of Cybertron's moons, he reminded himself that this wasn't for the money. In fact, he asked not to be paid. Shockwave was deadly, and had already killed good bots like Beachcomber, Gears, and the twins, Skids and Mudflap. Taking him offline would be a pleasure.

    Something flew by, as soon as it did Longarm took out his gun and kept on the lookout, for Shockwave, for anything. He saw it again, coming down right in front of him at a dangerous speed. Before Longarm could react, it made impact, causing an explosion that made Longarm fly back. When he got back up, he saw it had already transformed into a tall, menacing bot. It was purple, with long white claws and antlers. His slender, yet muscular shape indicated that this bot was powerful. One thing stuck out to Longarm though, the one eye, it was red and glowing, but in the center of the face. Well, if you would call it a face...

    The bot looked around, whether it was Shockwave or not, Longarm knew it meant to kill him when it made impact. After apparently not seeing Longarm, the bot seemed to change, parts moving around, colors blending together until the once tall and deadly looking robot, had changed to look exactly like the Autobot Supreme Commander Ultra Magnus. Longarm wasn't about to be fooled by him, this Magnus had no hammer, and Longarm knew it was Shockwave by seeing the red eye on Magnus's forhead.

    This is the Decepticon's best soldier? Longarm thought to himself, hiding behind a rock. I've seen Perceptor do better Magnus impressions. This'll be energon cake.
    Longarm decided to play along, he walked out from behind the rock and put his hand on his head.

    "Ow." he said, "Ultra Magnus? Is that you? How did you get here? Did you see what that flying thing was?"

    The Magnus copy suddenly transformed back into the tall and slender Shockwave.

    "Well, that worked quick." Said the Decepticon.

    "What did?" Said Longarm, gun aimed at Shockwave.

    "I knew that you saw me transform into Ultra Magnus, I also knew you would have to be a hero and try and play along with my fake little game." Shockwave said, "I knew that once you came out, that would save me the trouble of looking for you."

    "You knew a lot huh?" said Longarm, firing.

    "More than you ever will, Autobot." said Shockwave, quickly dodging the blast, and firing at Longarm with his own cannon.

    The blast struck Longarm dead-on, making him fly into a wall. Before he could get up, Shockwave picked him up and held him against the wall. Suddenly, an electric current went through the antlers of Shockwave, and a beam went right into Longarm's mind. Longarm did nothing, he struggled, but the beam did not hurt him. Longarm was thrown to the ground. When he opened his eyes again, he was staring at...himself? Only he knew it was Shockwave, with the eye on the forehead. It then transformed to Shockwave, but with Longarm's colors.

    "In case you were wondering, I have just scanned your memories." Gloated Shockwave, "Every last one."

    "Why..." said Longarm, trying to pull himself up.

    Shockwave, stepped on him, keeping him on the ground. "I've got big plans for you Autobot." He said, "Though they don't actually involve YOU I'm afraid."

    Shockwave took his foot off and threw Longarm a sword.

    "Get up, I have time to waste." said the Decepticon, "Might as well make it a little fun."

    Longarm struggled himself up, taking the sword. The tip of Shockwave's cannon retracted into itself, a blade spouting out. Longarm ran toward the Con, slashing his blade wildly in the air. Shockwave jumped and threw his blade midair. The blade hit Longarm's leg, cauising him to finally shout in pain. Once, he hit the ground, he ran over, took his blade out of Longarm's leg, and his sword out of his hand. Before Longarm could react, Shockwave then slashed at his chest with both swords, revealing Longarm's already dwindling spark.

    "You Autobots are pathetic." said Shockwave, "Why can't you see that you are all fighting for a lost cause?"

    Longarm, despite the pain, talked back, "It's you who have started a lost cause, Decepticon."

    Shockwave was finished. Dropping both blades, he punched his hand through Longarm's body, destroying his spark immediately. As soon as the body hit the ground, Shockwave sent a message to Megatron. Step 1 of the mission had been finished. Find a foolish, yet formidable Autobot to scan and copy. Now, step 2 could begin. But first he would have to take care of Highbrow, the only Autobot who knew of Longarm's existence.

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