Transformers Animated: Kremzeek Rising

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    Inferno, Streetwise, and Ratchet are working in the laboratory on Captain Springer’s ship. The fully reconstructed body of Nemesis Prime is strapped down to an operating table. He is on dialysis. Optimus Prime, Springer, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Prowl, Sixshot, and Bulkhead are observing the medics at work.

    Sixshot: “…Okay, am I the only one here who thinks that what they’re doing is completely and undoubtedly idiotic in every sense of the word?”

    Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Prowl, and Bulkhead raise their hands. Sixshot crosses his arms and nods his head.

    Sixshot: “That’s what I thought.”

    Optimus Prime: “Okay, I will admit, it is a little…questionable, but Ratchet is one of the best medics on Cybertron, and so are Inferno and Streetwise. They have stellar cycles of experience and have seen just about everything in their careers. Trust me; they know what they’re doing.”

    Sideswipe: “Oh, so I assume they realize that they’re trying to resurrect a Decepticon weapon of mass destruction that almost slagged us all, had it not been for the girl blasting him into smithereens with the Matrix of Evil?!”

    Sixshot: “That was my idea, by the way.”

    Streetwise: “Yo, why don’t y’all just chillax, fools?! We can’t be workin’ wit all dis nizzoise, ya heard?”

    Sixshot: “Sorry for the interruption, Dr. Dre.”

    Inferno: “Trust us, we’re professionals. We already did a triple check to make sure everything is working properly. The final preparations have been made. All we need now is a source of power.”

    Ratchet walks over to the main control panel and inserts an All-Spark fragment into the power core.

    Bumblebee: “Seriously, did we really need to bring an All-Spark fragment for this? It’s pretty obvious that something bad is going to happen because we brought it here.”

    Prowl: “Extremely obvious, to be exact.”

    Sideswipe: “In all seriousness, I can understand wanting to reprogram Nemesis Prime into an Autobot, but don’t you think that bringing him to life with something as powerful as a fragment of the All-Spark is a little bit too, oh, I don’t know, maybe…dangerous?!”

    Ratchet: “When Nemesis Prime was blasted by the Matrix of Evil, it didn’t kill him. His system was overloaded until it shut down and put him into a stasis lock induced coma. The only thing that can bring him out of it would be to give his spark a jump start, and a fragment of the All-Spark would be more than enough to bring him back to life.”

    Sixshot: “Fine, if you want to condemn this planet to extinction at the hands of a war machine that’s better off dead, that’s fine by me. Just know that I refuse to make the same mistake twice, so I’d rather not have any involvemet with this act of mad science.”

    Springer: “Not that it’s any of my business, Agent Sixshot, but I can’t help noticing that you’ve been behaving very strangely since Ratchet and the Protectobots started working on Nemesis Prime.”

    Sixshot looks down so no one will see his cheeks turn red.

    Sixshot: “Well…yeah…I mean…I helped make the big freak show what he is…and I just…you know…don’t want to live in the past anymore. I’ve gone legit, in case you’ve forgotten. That…and I…kind of feel guilty about being here. It’s just that…the girl…you know…she looks up to me like I’m her father or something, and I…don’t want to disappoint her.”

    Springer: “…I see.”

    Sixshot: “I’d really rather not be here for this, if you don’t mind……sir.”

    Springer smiles reassuringly and salutes Sixshot.

    Springer: “Permission to leave: granted.”

    Sixshot quickly salutes Springer and leaves the laboratory.

    Ratchet: “We’re ready to start, Captain.”

    Springer: “Very well, begin.”

    Ratchet picks up a pair of paddles and rubs them together. Inferno mans his station at the main control panel and pulls down the switch. Ratchet takes the paddles and slams them down onto Nemesis Prime’s open spark chamber.

    Ratchet: “CLEAR!!!”

    Nemesis Prime’s body vibrates from the massive amount of energy surging through his body. The lights in the laboratory begin to flicker. Sixshot stands behind the door and fades into the shadows.

    Optimus Prime: “IS IT WORKING?!”


    Nemesis Prime’s eyes light up. His sparks begins growing larger and larger with each pulse. He lets out a hearty, evil laugh. The power goes out on the entire ship. The power in the ship’s brig shuts down. The cell doors open. Soundwave exits his cell.

    Soundwave: “Laserbeak: Eject. Operation: Jailbreak. Destination: Anywhere but here.”

    Laserbeak flies out of Soundwave’s chest compartment and transforms into a guitar. Soundwave plays a powerful riff on Laserbeak and blows a hole through the wall. He laughs evilly and jumps out of the hole. He escapes into the city. Blast Off calmly walks out of his cell and transforms into a space shuttle. He flies through the hole.

    Blast Off: “At last, victory shall be mine, Sari Sumdac!”

    Bonecrusher charges out of his cell and straight through the hole.


    The ship’s emergency power supply activates.

    Inferno: “Power’s back on!”

    The All-Spark fragment fuses with the main control panel and causes it to burst into flames in a fiery explosion. The explosion sends a burst of energy that travels through Ratchet's paddles and into Nemesis Prime’s spark chamber. Beachcomber kicks down the door and charges towards the main control panel with a fire extinguisher.

    Springer: “Corporal Beachcomber, what are you doing?!”

    Beachcomber: “Like, fear not, dudes! Beachcomber is like, totally going to wipe out this awesomely gnarly bonfire of harshness, man! Cowabunga!”

    Beachcomber sprays the entire room with foam. He puts out the fire. Nemesis Prime rises from the operating table and grabs Ratchet by his throat.

    Nemesis Prime: “Howdy, Grandpa!”

    A strange little creature made of All-Spark energy emerges from Nemesis Prime’s overloaded spark.

    Kremzeek: “KREMZEEK!!!”

    Everyone stares at Kremzeek in astonishment.

    Beachcomber: “Whoa, radical!”

    Ratchet: “What in the world?!”

    Optimus Prime: “Captain, what is that thing?!”

    Kremzeek darts out of Nemesis Prime and overloads almost everything in the laboratory by passing through them. He flies towards Nemesis Prime and dives straight into his open spark chamber. Nemesis Prime short circuits and lets go of Ratchet. He falls backwards onto the ground. Kremzeek jumps out of Nemesis Prime’s unconscious body and laughs maniacally.

    Springer: “Well, whatever it is, it just saved your medic’s skid plate.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek! Kremzeek! Kremzeek!”

    Kremzeek bounces off the walls and passes through Ratchet’s body. Ratchet collapses.

    Bumblebee: “Uh, you were saying?”

    Kremzeek tries to pass through the foam soaked bodies of Inferno and Streetwise. He is unable to penetrate them. He goes after Bumblebee. Bumblebee tries to run away.

    Bumblebee: “Get that freaky little thing away from me!”

    Kremzeek passes through Bumblebee’s body. Bumblebee collapses. The other Autobots try to grab Kremzeek. Kremzeek darts right past them and exits through the door. He exits the ship and disappears into the telephone lines. Sixshot walks back into the laboratory and surveys the scene of chaos.

    Sixshot: “Great, resurrect an evil clone and throw a wild party in his honor. That’s just great. Autobots…”

    Kremzeek travels through the telephone lines and ends up in the office of Professor Sumdac at Sumdac Tower. Professor Sumdac’s phone rings. He picks it up.

    Professor Sumdac: “Yes, this is Professor Issac Sumdac of Sumdac Systems, who may I ask is calling?”

    Kremzeek: “KREMZEEK!!!”

    Kremzeek jumps out of Professor Sumdac’s phone and laughs maniacally. He makes a mess of Professor Sumdac’s office and dives into an outlet on the wall.

    Professor Sumdac: “…Gosh darned prank callers!”

    Kremzeek travels through the tower and into Sari Sumdac’s bedroom...

    To be continued
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    Part Two

    Sari is lying on her bed listening to her MP3 Player. Kremzeek jumps out of Sari’s alarm clock on her nightstand. He jumps into Sari’s MP3 Player and raises the volume to the highest level. Sari sits up and quickly pulls off her headphones. She rubs her ears.

    Sari: “Ouch! Okay, that was a little too loud.”

    Kremzeek jumps out of Sari’s MP3 Player and lands on her bed. Sari and Kremzeek stare at each other, and then scream. Sari transforms her hand into an energy projector and fires multiple energy balls at Kremzeek. Kremzeek bounces off the walls and avoids getting hit by the energy balls. He stops to catch his breath. Sari towers over Kremzeek and fire another energy ball at him. Kremzeek jumps out of the way and backs into a corner. Sari slowly steps towards Kremzeek. She builds up a large ball of energy in the palm of her hand.

    Sari: “All right, you creepy little freak, I don’t know what you are, and I really don’t care. All I know is that nobody and I mean nobody, messes with my tunes!”

    Kremzeek shakes his head and waves his arms desperately.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek! Kremzeek! Kremzeek!”

    Sari: “Well, come on, aren’t you going to attack me?!”


    Sari looks at Kremzeek and sees the fear in his eyes. The fierceness on Sari’s face slowly begins to fade.

    Sari: “Wait, you…don’t want to hurt me?”

    Kremzeek covers his eyes and shakes his head.

    Kremzeek: “Kre…Kre…Kre…Kremzeek!”

    Sari looks back and forth at Kremzeek and the growing energy ball in her hand.

    Sari: “You’re…afraid of me? You think I’m going to hurt you?”

    Kremzeek peeks at Sari from in-between his fingers. Sari has a guilty look on her face.

    Kremzeek: “Krem…zeek?”

    Sari lowers her hand. Kremzeek flinches.

    Sari: “…I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you. I thought you were trying to hurt me. I guess this was all just a big misunderstanding, huh? Sorry about that.”

    Kremzeek: “……Kremzeek?”

    Sari walks slowly towards Kremzeek. Kremzeek panics and starts shaking.

    Kremzeek: “KREMZEEK!!!”

    Sari calmly shushes Kremzeek.

    Sari: “It’s okay. It’s okay. Don’t be afraid.”

    Sari gets down on her knees in front of Kremzeek. Kremzeek calms down and looks at Sari. Sari speaks in a gentle, soothing, almost angelic voice.

    Sari: “Aw, it’s okay, little guy. I’m not going to hurt you. Please, don’t be afraid of me. Nothing bad is gonna happen to you. You’re safe with me, I promise. Don’t worry, I’m friendly.”

    Kremzeek slowly steps towards Sari. Sari smiles innocently. Kremzeek stares at Sari with awe.

    Sari: “That’s it. Come on. You can trust me, can’t you?”

    Kremzeek: “……Kremzeek.”

    Sari holds her hand out for Kremzeek. Kremzeek steps onto Sari’s hand. Sari stands up and gently strokes Kremzeek’s head.

    Sari: “Good boy. See, I knew you could do it.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “Aw, don’t be silly. I’m a nice girl. Come on, why would I ever want to hurt a little cutie like you?”

    Kremzeek looks into Sari’s eyes and blushes. He says his name dreamily.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeeeeeek…”

    Sari: “Hey, what are you, anyway? I mean, do you have a name?”

    Kremzeek comes out of his trance and struggles to respond to Sari’s question.

    Kremzeek: “Uh...Kremzeek!”

    Sari: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

    Kremzeek points to himself.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek. Krem-zeek. Krem…zeek. Kremzeek!”

    Sari: “…Oh, I get it. So, your name is Kremzeek?”

    Kremzeek smiles and nods his head.

    Sari: “Oh, okay, well, my name is Sari.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “No, Sari. Can you say Sari? Sari. Okay, now you try.”

    Kremzeek: “…S…Sa…Sar…Sari. Sari?”

    Sari: “Yeah, that’s it!”

    Kremzeek: “Sari! Sari! Sari!”

    Sari: “That’s very good, Kremzeek. You’re a smart little guy, aren’t you?”

    Kremzeek flies around Sari and lands on her shoulder. He says Sari’s name dreamily.

    Kremzeek: “Saaaaaari…”

    Kremzeek nuzzles Sari affectionately. Sari giggles.

    Sari: “Aw, you are so cute! Say, would you like to be my new friend?”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek! Sari!”

    Sari: “Is that a yes?”

    Kremzeek nods his head.

    Kremzeek: “Sari!”

    Sari: “That’s good. We’re gonna be pretty good friends, huh, little buddy?”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek!”

    Sari: “Great. Speaking of which, would you like to meet some of my other friends?”

    Kremzeek looks down and sighs sadly.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek.”

    Sari: “Aw, hey, don’t be like that. My friends will love you, I promise. Who wouldn’t love a cutie like you? Don’t worry; I’ll be right there with you in case you get nervous. Will that make you feel better, little buddy?”

    Kremzeek looks at Sari. Sari smiles reassuringly and nods her head. Kremzeek nods his head.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek! Sari!”

    Sari giggles.

    Sari: “Good, let’s get going. Autobots, here we come.”

    To be continued...
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    Love it great job
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    Man, your still going strong with your stories o_O , and I'd like to see the Autobot's faces when they see her new friend.
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    kremzeek and a pokemon attempt to communicate.

    [jar jar]dis iz gonna be nutzen[/jar jar]

    boy, i have to start my own fan fic.
    i've had one in mind since...
    or, i'll be lazy and let you guys do all the work!
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    Part Three

    Sari is on her way to Captain Springer’s ship. She is walking down the street with Kremzeek riding on her shoulder. Kremzeek stares at Sari in awe and blushes. He quickly looks away as Sari turns to face him. Sari keeps looking ahead. Kremzeek goes back to staring at Sari and says her name dreamily.

    Kremzeek: “Saaaaaari…”

    Kremzeek quickly looks away as Sari turns to face him again. He whistles casually. Sari thinks for a moment and smiles knowingly. She keeps looking ahead and watches Kremzeek from out of the corner of her eye. Kremzeek stares at Sari once more. Sari quickly turns to face Kremzeek and catches him off guard.

    Sari: “Okay, I caught you.”

    Kremzeek gasps and looks down. His face turns red.

    Sari: “What’s wrong?”

    Kremzeek shakes his head. Sari smiles playfully and speaks in a sing-song voice.

    Sari: “Uh oh, there’s something you’re not telling me. What is it, Kremzeek? Come on, you can tell me. It’ll make me really happy if you do.”

    Kremzeek: “…Sari is pretty girl. Kremzeek likes pretty girl Sari.”

    Sari: “You think I’m a pretty girl?”

    Kremzeek laughs nervously and nods his head.

    Sari: “Awww, that is so sweet! Thank you, Kremzeek.”

    Kremzeek buries his face in his hands.

    Sari: “Aw, don’t be embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with saying that. It was really nice, and it made me really happy, too. Hey, don’t worry, I still like you.”

    Kremzeek looks at Sari. Sari nods her head reassuringly.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “Of course I do. You’re my little buddy, Kremzeek, and nothing could ever change that. Hey, if it makes you feel better, I think you’re cute.”

    Kremzeek smiles and jumps up and down on Sari’s shoulder.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek! Sari! Kremzeek! Sari!”

    Sari laughs.

    Sari: “Okay, okay, settle down, you little cutie.”

    Sari stops in front of a soda machine.

    Sari: “I’m just going to get a soda, and then we’ll be on our way.”

    Kremzeek scratches his head. Sari reaches into her pockets and feels around for loose change. She takes her hands out of her pockets and frown.

    Sari: “Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to pass this time.”

    Kremzeek looks at Sari with sorrow. He jumps off of Sari’s shoulder and flies into the soda machine. The soda machine short circuits and dispenses a ton of soda cans. Kremzeek jumps out of the soda machine and grabs a soda can. He flies over to Sari and hands it to her. Sari absent mindedly takes the soda from Kremzeek. Kremzeek smiles triumphantly.

    Sari: “Wow…thanks! Uh, maybe we should clean this up.”

    The soda machine transforms into a robot and looks around at the soda cans scattered all over the ground. He looks at Sari and growls. Sari slowly steps back.

    Sari: “Oh, slag.”

    Dispensor: "I am Dispensor, master of all canned soft drinks, and you have taken all of these soft drinks without paying.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “Get behind me, little buddy, I’ll take care of this.”

    Sari transforms her hands into energy projectors and takes a step towards Dispensor.

    Sari: “Okay, soda jerk, you wanna go? ‘Cause I’m ready!”

    Dispensor: “Your sassy attitude will be your downfall, human brat!”

    Sari: “Bring it!”

    Kremzeek stares at Sari in awe.

    Kremzeek: “Sari es muy caliente.”

    Sari tosses multiple energy bolts at Dispensor. They hit Dispensor right on target. He shakes the pain off like it’s nothing. Sari growls furiously. Dispensor’s arms transform into cannons.

    Dispensor: “Now it’s my turn.”

    Dispensor fires multiple soda cans at Sari. Sari dodges each shot. Dispensor fires one two soda cans that hit Sari in the head. Kremzeek gasps. Sari rubs her head and sits down in a daze. Kremzeek flies over to Sari.

    Kremzeek: “Sari?!”

    Sari: “I’m okay…I just need to…sit down for a second.”

    Kremzeek looks at Dispensor and turns red with rage. Dispensor reloads his cannons and takes aim at Sari. He laughs evilly.

    Dispensor: “Diet or regular?!”

    Sari closes her eyes and waits for the inevitable. Kremzeek roars with rage and soars towards Dispensor.


    Kremzeek dives straight into Dispensor’s spark chamber.

    Dispensor: “*KZZT* Hey, get out of *KZZT* there, you little *KZZT* drudge!!!”

    Dispensor gags and shuts down. He collapses to the ground. Kremzeek flies out of Dispensor’s spark chamber and laughs maniacally.

    Sari: “Cooooool!”

    Kremzeek flies over to Sari. Sari stands up and rubs her head.

    Kremzeek: “Sari is…okay?”

    Sari laughs softly.

    Sari: “Yes, I’m okay, and it’s all thanks to you, little buddy.”

    Sari holds her hand out for Kremzeek. Kremzeek sits down in Sari’s hand and laughs modestly.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek…not want pretty Sari…to get hurt by soda monster.”

    Sari: “Well, that was very brave of you to stand up to that monster for me. I don’t know what would have happened to me if you hadn’t been there to save me. You’re a hero, Kremzeek.”

    Kremzeek: “Krem…zeek?!”

    Sari nods her head and giggles.

    Sari: “Yes you are, and you’re not just any hero.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “You’re my hero.”

    Sari gives Kremzeek a kiss on his cheek. Kremzeek blushes and passes out in Sari’s hand. He sighs dreamily.

    Sari: “Awww!”

    Sari cradles Kremzeek in her arms.

    Sari: “Well, it looks like someone has a little crush on me. Don’t worry, Kremzeek, you go ahead and get some rest. You’ve earned it. I’ll wake you when we get to Captain Springer’s ship.

    To be continued…
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    Awesome update yet again!! :thumbs2: 
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    1. sari
    2. bumblebee
    3. sixshot
    4. kremzeek
    5. Jimmy
    6. kid on bike
    sari is picking up quite a following, isn't she?:lol 
    and just so you know, kremzeek speaking words in sentences may destroy the universe as we know it.
    but it's OK, we have others:p 
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    Wow o_O , she does have quite a following.
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    Who knows? Maybe even a Decepticon (Sixshot doesn't count) will fall for Sari's good looks...;) 
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    Spoiler Alert? Sweet :D .
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    Part Four

    Sixshot, Optimus Prime, Springer, and Sideswipe exit the ship.

    Optimus Prime: “So, you’re saying this has happened before?”

    Sixshot: “Let me give it to you straight, Fire Convoy, strange creatures await those who mess around with the dark art of mad science. While that little pit spawn may have appeared puny and weak to your untrained optics, I know a lot better.”

    Sideswipe: “What was that thing, anyway?”

    Sixshot: “It was a kremzeek.”

    Springer: “What’s a kremzeek?”

    Sixshot: “Kremzeeks are small, fast, agile, clever, and annoying little buggers that are created when high voltage and unstable spark energy fuse together. They have a dangerous sense of humor, too. Kremzeeks can fly, overload technology, shut down robots, and are attracted to high energy readings.”

    Optimus Prime: “It sounds like you know a whole lot about…kremzeeks. The only question is, how?”

    Sixshot: “Back when I was working on Project: Nemesis, kremzeeks were always being created by accident. It took us a long time to learn about them, and there’s still a whole lot we don’t know about them yet.”

    Springer: “Here’s something to add to the files: Apparently, they can’t penetrate robots if they’re covered in fire extinguisher foam, and after Corporal Beachcomber’s little…um...rescue…I’d say that we’re all sprayed and ready to go.”

    Sixshot: “In that case, let’s transform and roll out!”

    Sideswipe: “Whoa, wait a minute; we’re not seriously going after it, are we?!”

    Optimus Prime: “Of course we are. You heard what Sixshot said, Kremzeek is attracted to high energy readings, and in case you haven’t noticed, Detroit is one big energy reading in itself. That means he could be anywhere, or anything.”

    Sideswipe: “Okay, but how are we supposed to find him in this place?”

    Sixshot: “Leave than to me.”

    Sixshot transforms into a winged wolf. He sticks his nose in the air and sniffs it. He growls and starts running.

    Springer: “Sixshot, what are you doing?!”

    Sixshot: “I’ve picked up Kremzeek’s scent. It’s pretty fresh, too. He might not be that far from here. Follow me, and I’ll take you right to him.”

    Springer: “Very well, come on Autobots, let’s on roll out!”

    Springer transforms into a helicopter. Sideswipe transforms into a sleek silver sports car. Optimus Prime transforms into a truck. The Autobots take off after Sixshot.

    Optimus Prime: “Captain Springer?! How did you…?”

    Springer: “Oh, come on, Prime, did you really think that Jetfire and Jetstorm were the only flying Autobots?”

    Optimus Prime: “Uh...yes, I did, actually.”

    Sideswipe: “Selective misinformation.”

    Optimus Prime: “What?”

    Springer: “The Elite Guard lied.”

    Optimus Prime: “Oh yeah, that’s a first.”

    Springer: “Hey, you’d better watch how you talk about the Elite Guard. They can make you disappear.”

    Optimus Prime: “Right, like anyone on Cybertron would even miss me in the first place…”

    Meanwhile, Sari and Kremzeek are down at the Detroit International Riverfront. Sari is sitting on a bench looking out at the river. Kremzeek is asleep on Sari’s lap. Kremzeek wakes up and yawns. Sari looks down at Kremzeek and smiles.

    Sari: “Hello, sleepy head.”

    Kremzeek: “Sari?”

    Sari: “How was your little nap? Are you feeling all better now?”

    Kremzeek sits up and stretches his arms out.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek!”

    Sari: “That’s good. I hope you don’t mind that we made a little stop before visiting the Autobots.”

    Kremzeek looks around.

    Kremzeek: “Krem…zeek?”

    Sari: “We’re at the Riverfront. It’s a place I like to come to when I want to relax and think about stuff, you know?”

    Kremzeek flies off of Sari’s lap to get a better look at the river. Sari walks over and leans against the rail. Kremzeek and Sari look out at the river.

    Kremzeek: “…Pretty water.”

    Sari: “It is pretty, isn’t it?”

    Kremzeek sees boats out on the river.

    Kremzeek: “Ooh, choo-choo!”

    Sari giggles.

    Sari: “No, those are boats, not trains, silly.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek…”

    Kremzeek and Sari share a moment of silence. Sari sighs. Kremzeek sighs. Sari frowns.

    Sari: “You know, when I was growing up, I used to wonder why I was so different from everyone else. I never got along with other kids, I didn’t have any friends, I hardly ever left my home, and I just felt like I was an outcast. I always felt like my dad was the closest thing I had to a friend, but he was always busy with work, so I hardly ever got to see him. Then came a time when I learned something about myself that I had never known before. I finally realized why I was so different. When I found out, I was scared, confused, and really angry at my dad. You see, he knew all along why I was different, but never bothered to tell me. I hated him for that. I really did. But I couldn’t blame him. He was just trying to protect me, I guess. He wanted me to be safe. I understand that now. It’s been a little while since then, but sometimes I still feel angry. A lot of times, I just feel sad. I’m actually feeling pretty sad right now. You know, sometimes I just feel like…”

    Kremzeek looks at Sari. Tears begin to form in Sari’s eyes.

    Kremzeek: “…Sari?”

    Sari: “…I feel like I’m a freak.”

    Kremzeek: “……Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “Sometimes I wonder why I can’t just be normal like everyone else. I mean, it’s cool that I get to do things that no one else can, like fly and use robot powers, but I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, I’d be a lot better off if I wasn’t techno organic. Then again, I should really count my blessings. I have such great friends who would do anything for me. They’re more than just my friends, you know, they’re like my family, and I could never ask for anything better. If I was normal, I wouldn’t have friends like that. Instead, I would be all alone. I’m sorry for being so upset. It’s just that you’re the only person I’ve ever brought up these feelings to. I’ve felt this way for a long time, ever since I learned the truth about who I really was. Now it just feels great to finally get it off my chest. Do you what I mean, Kremzeek?”

    Kremzeek nods his head.

    Kremzeek: "Kremzeek understand Sari."

    Sari smiles and wipes a tear from her eye. She holds her hand out for Kremzeek. Kremzeek takes a seat in the palm of Sari's hand.

    Sari: "Thanks for listening to me, little buddy. It really means a lot to me. I feel a lot better now that I've finally told someone how I've been feeling lately."

    Kremzeek: "Sari! Kremzeek!"

    Sari laughs softly and gently strokes Kremzeek's head. Kremzeek rests his eyes and sighs.

    Sari: "Does that feel nice?"

    Kremzeek says his name in a calm, relaxed voice.

    Kremzeek:" Ahhh, Kremzeeeeeek..."

    Sari: "You're such an adorable little cutie, aren't you? I might just have to bring you home with me. Would you like that?"

    Kremzeek nods his head.

    Kremzeek: "...Kremzeek."

    Sari: "Good, me too."

    Sari gives Kremzeek a sweet little kiss on his forehead.

    Blast Off: "I say, the child has her own little pet. How very...cute. Yes, that's it."

    Sari gasps and turns around. Blast Off is hovering off the ground behind her.

    Blast Off: "Hello, Poppet."

    Sari: "No..."

    Blast Off: "Yes..."

    To be continued...
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    Part Five

    Sari and Blast Off stare each other down. Kremzeek looks at Blast Off inquisitively. Blast Off glances at Kremzeek.

    Blast Off: “I say, boo.”

    Kremzeek screams and jumps out of Sari’s hand. He hides behind Sari’s leg.

    Kremzeek: “Really…big…rocket monster!!!”

    Sari looks at Kremzeek and smiles reassuringly.

    Sari: “Don’t be scared, Kremzeek. I won’t let the big mean rocket hurt you, I promise.”

    Blast Off: “I hate to be a buzz kill, but you should never really make a promise, if you know you can’t keep it, you see.”

    Blast Off chuckles evilly. Kremzeek puts his hands over his eyes. Sari looks at Blast Off and narrows her eyes angrily.

    Sari: “Only a creep like you would want to scare a little guy like that.”

    Blast Off: “Creep?! I’ll have you know that the Combaticons are the most intellectual, sophisticated, and highly advanced Decepticons in the universe! I should gut you like a sharkticon for your arrogance, you blasted little twit!”

    Sari rolls her eyes.

    Sari: “Oh yeah, you sure are sophisticated. Why don’t you go to some posh country club and play polo or crochet or whatever it is you snobs do, and leave us alone, savvy?”

    Blast Off: “Oh dear, how terribly improper, and here I thought we could settle this squabble without resulting to ruthless barbs. I suppose I was wrong, so very wrong.”

    Sari: “So, what’s it gonna be, energy bolts, hammer, arm blades, fire sword, or would you rather me take you on with my bare hands?”

    Blast Off: “Oh, such a feisty young lady. No, I was thinking more along the lines of conversation.”

    Sari: “What are you saying, you want to talk?!”

    Blast Off: “Yes, of course. After all, I am a proper gentlebot.”

    Sari: “Of course you are.”

    Blast Off: “So, let’s have at it, shall we?”

    Sari sighs and puts her hands on her hips.

    Sari: “Okay, shoot.”

    Blast Off slowly walks back and forth with his hands behind his back. Sari follows Blast Off with her eyes.

    Blast Off: “I must admit, I have been acting so very foolish lately. Power is a dangerous thing. It tends to destroy those who cannot control their curiosity. Unfortunately, my curiosity has gotten the best of me time and again.”

    Sari: “You don’t say…”

    Blast Off: “Oh, I say. Believe you me, I say. My curiosity has driven me to commit unacceptable acts of uncivilized behavior. No one likes a petty bore. I have long been a believer in the miraculous power of the All-Spark. Since the beginning of the Great War, I have believed that the All-Spark can end this all. My intentions are good, but they way I carry them out are anything but.”

    Sari: “…Okay?”

    Blast Off: “Okay indeed, my love. You see, in the extended amount of time I have spent incarcerated in my cell on this grubby little planet, I have had plenty an opportunity to rethink my current situation.”

    Sari: “…Uh-huh.”

    Blast Off: “Unfortunately, many of my comrades are incarcerated back on Cybertron, while I very clearly am walking free. Without my associates to help guide my way, I fear that I am lost, so very lost. I want to find my way back onto the path towards victory, but it is becoming increasingly obvious. It is something that I can deny no longer.”

    Blast Off pauses dramatically. Kremzeek peeks at Blast Off from behind Sari’s leg. Sari motions with her hand.

    Sari: “Well?”

    Blast Off: “Well, what?”

    Sari: “What can you deny no longer?!”

    Blast Off: “Ah, yes, the Decepticons are not winning the war as of late.”

    Sari: “They kind of are, actually.”

    Blast Off: “Yes, but the Autobots are slowly but surely pushing us back. It’s only a matter of time before they completely slag us, and when that happens, I’d rather not be on the side that gets slagged. I want to win, not lose. You appear to be an ambassador to the Autobots, so I was wondering if you would kindly convince them to allow me into their ranks.”

    Sari: “…You want me to get you into the Autobots?”

    Blast Off: “Why yes, thank you.”

    Sari: “......”

    Blast Off: “……”

    Kremzeek: “……”


    Blast Off: “HOW KIND OF YOU TO NOTICE!!!”

    Kremzeek: “KREMZEEK!!!”

    Blast Off glares at Kremzeek.


    Kremzeek goes back to hiding behind Sari’s leg.



    Sari takes a deep breath.

    Sari: “Okay, I’m sorry. You don’t really want to join the Autobots, do you?”

    Blast Off nods his head.

    Blast Off: “Yes, I do.”

    Sari: “But…why?!”

    Blast Off: “Nemesis Prime functions once more. He is more powerful than ever now that he has been resurrected with a sacred All-Spark fragment.”

    Sari: “…Is that what the Autobots have been working on these past few days?”

    Blast Off: “It would seem so. He is near unstoppable this time around, and with the Matrix of Evil destroyed, there is nothing left that can silence him. Nothing that is, except for one thing.”

    Sari: “What?”

    Blast Off: “Get me into the Autobots, and I’ll tell you.”

    Sari: “How do I know you’re not lying to me?”

    Blast Off: “How do you know if I am?”

    Sari: “…Point taken.”

    Kremzeek growls at Blast Off.

    Sari: “Heel, boy.”

    Blast Off: “Your little pet here might be of use as well.”

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?”

    Blast Off: “Yes, quite.”

    Sari and Blast Off stare each other down.

    Sari: “So…”

    Blast Off: “So…”

    Blast Off puts his hand out. Kremzeek flinches. Sari gives Kremzeek a reassuring nod.

    Blast Off: “Do we have a deal?”

    To be continued…
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    Charlottesville, VA
    Words cannot describe how awesome this story is.
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    Part Six

    Sari looks back and forth at Blast Off and his hand. She thinks for a moment.

    Blast Off: “Well?”

    Sari slowly reaches for Blast Off’s hand. She quickly transforms her hand into an energy projector and shoots a bolt of energy at Blast Off’s chest plate. Blast Off looks down at his chest plate, and then looks at Sari. He expresses his pain in a flat, unenthusiastic tone of voice.

    Blast Off: “…Ouch.”

    Sari backs away slowly. Blast Off takes a deep breath and sighs impatiently.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “Did you really think I was going to trust a freak show like you?!”


    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek?!”

    Sari: “I guess we’re both on the same page, then.”

    Blast Off: “So it would seem.”

    Blast Off wields his ionic blaster and aims at Sari.



    Blast Off looks behind him. An armored assault vehicle drives up to Blast Off and transforms into a robot. The robot slaps Blast Off on the back of his head. Blast Off rubs the back of his head and gives the robot the stink eye.

    Onslaught: “How dare you disobey my orders?! You weren’t supposed to attack the adolescent girl until I gave unto you the signal to do so, you feckless couillon!”

    Blast Off: “Oh, do spare me your animadversion, would you kindly, Onslaught? I was attempting to divert the little ducky’s attention with my legerdemain. That is, until you so churlishly critiqued my performance with your usual pestiferous nitpicking. If I may be so bold as to inquire of you, why must you always act like such a malevolent, supercilious fuddy-duddy not only when it comes to leading the team, but when giving orders as well, you nitwit?!”

    Vortex: “Blast Off, how dare you talk back to Onslaught that way, you rebellious ninnyhammer?!”

    A purple helicopter flies down and lands next to Onslaught. The helicopter transforms into a robot. Sari breaks into a cold sweat and gulps.

    Sari: “Great, now there are three of them.”

    Kremzeek: “Three…big…monsters!”

    The helicopter robot crosses his arms and glares at Blast Off.

    Vortex: “You know, I’m actually quite surprised that you are acting this way. You know, since you’re normally such a lugubrious, turbid recreant.”

    Blast Off gasps in offense. He stomps over to Vortex and jabs his finger at his chest plate.

    Blast Off: “How dare you make such a truculent comment?! I swear, Vortex, why must you always be so surly and pugnacious?”

    Onslaught: “Oh, bloody pit, enough with all of this competitive flapdoodle!”

    Blast Off and Vortex get into a slap fight. Onslaught sighs and puts his palm on his face.

    Vortex: “Competitive flapdoodle, you say? Don’t be such a pettifogger, Onslaught.”

    Blast Off: “Indeed. We’re just exchanging a spot of friendly fire, as it were.”

    Onslaught: “Enough of this tomfoolery! I demand it!”

    Blast Off and Vortex stop slapping each other and look at Onslaught.

    Blast Off: “Yes, very well then.”

    Vortex: “Right, I suppose we went too far, eh wot?”

    Blast Off and Vortex shake hands.

    Onslaught: “I say, it gives me the warm fuzzies to see my team getting along so well again.”

    Vortex: “It certainly is great to have the team back together again. That is, with the exception of Swindle and Brawl. It really is a pity that they couldn’t be…”

    Vortex looks at Sari.

    Vortex: “My word, what in the name of Cybertron is that?”

    Blast Off: “Have you not been paying attention, you twit? That’s the sprog with the power of the All-Spark coursing through her anatomy.”

    Vortex: “I see…”

    Vortex slowly walks over to Sari and gets down on one knee in front of her. Sari backs away slowly. Vortex stares deep into Sari’s eyes.

    Onslaught: “Vortex, what the Fallen are you doing?!”

    Vortex: “…Blast Off, you never told me that this grubby little planet held such…intoxicating beauty.”

    Sari blushes. Kremzeek growls at Vortex.

    Blast Off: “SAY WHAT?!”

    Onslaught: “Vortex, you nebbish, don’t tell me you’ve fallen under the spell of this…puny little siren?!”

    Vortex: “I’m afraid I have, Onslaught. In fact, you could say that I’m crazy about this…enchanting creature.”

    Blast Off and Onslaught look at each other knowingly.

    Onslaught: “Is that right?”

    Vortex: “Why yes, it is, and by crazy, I mean……COMPLETELY FRAGGING PSYCHOTIC AND UNHINGED, BABY!!!”

    Vortex laughs maniacally and draws two ionic blasters and aims them at Sari. Blast Off draws his ionic blaster and aims at Sari. Onslaught draws an ionic blaster rifle and takes aim at Sari. The Combaticons box Sari in, leaving her nowhere to run.

    Sari: “Oh, slag…”

    Blast Off: “Victory shall be ours, vile woman!”

    Onslaught: “I’m so terribly sorry, child, but it would seem that you are now slagged.”

    Vortex: “Royally, I might add.”

    Onslaught: “So, I feel that I must inquire of you something, if you don’t mind. Since there are three of us, and only one of you, what, may I ask, are you going to do?”

    Sari: “Uh…”

    To be continued…
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    Part Seven

    Sari: “Hey, come on boys, you don’t really want to hurt me, do you?”

    Onslaught: “What do you think, harridan?”

    Sari: “Aw, come on, you guys are gentlemen, right? Gentlemen don’t hurt girls, right?!”

    The Combaticons look at each other.

    Blast Off: “It’s true, gentlemen don’t hurt females.”

    Vortex: “Yea verily, she does have a point.”

    Onslaught nods his head.

    Onslaught: “Quite. Quite. Very well then, lower your weapons.”

    The Combaticons lower their weapons. Sari smiles and takes a deep breath. Kremzeek wipes the sweat from his brow.

    Sari: “What a relief! So, are we cool?”

    Onslaught nods his head. Blast Off and Vortex look at each other and nod their heads.

    Onslaught: “Oh, yes, we are ice cold. Unfortunately, there’s just one miniscule problem, you see.”

    Sari laughs nervously and frowns.

    Sari: “What’s that?”

    Onslaught narrows his eyes evilly. The Combaticons aim their weapons at Sari.


    Blast Off: “And Combaticons are known the universe over for being misanthropes!”

    Vortex: “It’s our job to eviscerate humanity, not get along with it! That’s how we roll!”

    Onslaught: “We demand satisfaction and what better way to get it right now than by terminating you? Laugh with me, my brothers, yes!”

    The Combaticons laugh diabolically. Kremzeek tugs on Sari’s skirt. Sari looks down at Kremzeek.

    Kremzeek: “We…are going to be…okay?”

    Sari gulps.

    Sari: “…I…I don’t know, Kremzeek. I’m trying to be brave for you, but things just aren’t looking too good right now. I guess I let you down. I’m so sorry. No matter what happens, I’m really glad you could be here with me.”

    Kremzeek: “…Sari.”

    Sari gets down on her knees and smiles. She holds her hand out. Kremzeek floats onto Sari’s hand. Sari cradles Kremzeek in her arms.

    Sari: “I’m scared right now, I’m not gonna lie, but I promise, I’m going to try and be strong for you.”

    Kremzeek: “Sari? Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “…I love you, little buddy.”

    Kremzeek’s eyes widen.

    Onslaught: “Blast Off, would you kindly devastate this miserable whelp?”

    Blast Off steps forward and points his gun at Sari.

    Blast Off: “From Cybertron, with love, you twit.”

    Sari closes her eyes and waits for the worst. Kremzeek jumps out of Sari’s arms and roars. He dives into Sari. Sari’s eyes glow All-Spark blue. Blast Off slowly lowers his gun and stares in astonishment.

    Blast Off: “The All-Spark lives! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

    Sari transforms into super mode. The jewel on Sari’s chest plate glows All-Spark blue. Kremzeek jumps out of Sari and is followed by two other Kremzeeks. Everyone stares in amazement.

    Onslaught: “Primus, save the Queen!”

    Vortex: “Core blimey!”

    Blast Off: “What the deuce?!”

    Sari: “…Kremzeek?!”

    The Kremzeeks point at each other and laugh maniacally.

    Sari: “Oh, here comes that sinking feeling…”

    Kremzeeks: “Kremzeek save Sari!”

    Each Kremzeek flies through one of the Combaticons and shuts them down.

    Onslaught: “Oh, dash it all! Next time, I’m calling the shots…*KZZT*”

    Vortex: “How very morose…*KZZT*”

    Blast Off: “Victory shall be…*KZZT*”

    The Kremzeeks dance around in the air and laugh maniacally.

    Kremzeeks: “Kremzeek save Sari!”

    The two other Kremzeeks fly into the original Kremzeek and vanish. Kremzeek flies down to Sari. Sari pulls herself up. Kremzeek looks at Sari with concern.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek save Sari? Sari is…okay?”

    Sari laughs.

    Sari: “Yes, I’m okay, Kremzeek. You saved my life! How can I ever repay you?”

    Kremzeek sits on Sari’s shoulder and kisses her on the cheek.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek just happy pretty girl Sari is okay.”

    Kremzeek nuzzles Sari affectionately.

    Sari: “Aw, my hero!.”

    Sixshot: “Sari?!”

    Sari: “Sixshot?”

    Sixshot runs up to Sari and transforms out of winged wolf mode and into robot mode. He inspects the unconscious Combaticons.

    Sixshot: “Whoa, looks like three cyber ducks got hit with one stone! I’m impressed, monkey. Did you do this?”

    Sari: “No, it was Kremzeek. He saved me from them.”

    Sixshot looks at Kremzeek.

    Sixshot: “Whoa, get back, kid! That thing’s a monster!”

    Sixshot takes out a circuit trap and slowly walks towards Sari. His eyes stay on Kremzeek.

    Sixshot: “All right, just stay cool, you little yellow freak. Get into the box, and I won’t have to hurt you.”

    Kremzeek covers his eyes with his hands.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek! Kremzeek! Sari!”

    Sari pushes the circuit trap away.

    Sari: “Sixshot, stop! You don’t understand. He’s not a monster. He saved me.”

    Sixshot: “Not a monster?! The little freak is a product of mad science. Of course it’s a monster!”

    Sari: “Mad science?”

    Sixshot sighs impatiently.

    Sixshot: “I guess I have a lot of explaining to do, huh? Okay, let me break it down for you…”

    To be concluded…
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    are you mad!?!
    how kind of you to notice!

    the combaticons: two sides of the same coin.
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    I ,like it!!
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    The Final Chapter

    Sari is sitting on a bench with Kremzeek in her lap. Sixshot has just finished telling Sari what happened earlier in the laboratory on Captain Springer’s ship.

    Sixshot: “And by the time I went back into the lab, the little monster had already escaped into the city. Since Kremzeek’s are attracted to energy, I figured it would come looking for you. You know, since you give off a ton of All-Spark energy like, 24/7. I’m just surprised that the little monster hasn’t sucked the energy out of you like a juice box yet.”

    Sari: “That’s because Kremzeek isn’t a monster, Sixshot, he’s sweet, gentle, and really cute, aren’t you, Little Buddy?”

    Sari pets Kremzeek. Kremzeek cuddles up to Sari and sighs dreamily.

    Kremzeek: “Sari is pretty girl. Kremzeek likes pretty girl Sari.”

    Sari smiles playfully.

    Sari: “Oh really? Well, do you know what Sari likes?”

    Kremzeek scratches his head in thought.

    Kremzeek: “…”

    Sari: “What’s your name?”

    Kremzeek: “Uh…Kremzeek?”

    Sari gasps.

    Sari: “Very good, Kremzeek! Sari likes little cutie Kremzeek.”

    Kremzeek jumps up and down on Sari’s lap.

    Kremzeek: “Sari likes Kremzeek! Sari likes Kremzeek!”

    Sari giggles.

    Sari: “Okay, okay, come on, little buddy, settle down.”

    Kremzeek stops jumping. Sari picks up Kremzeek and cradles him in her arms.

    Sari: “You see, Sixshot? Kremzeek’s not a monster.”

    Sixshot: “Yeah…well, I told you what he did to Bumblebee and the others. Doesn’t that bother you?”

    Sari: “As long as Kremzeek is sorry he did that, I don’t have any problem with it. Are you sorry you hurt my friends, Kremzeek?”

    Kremzeek nods his head.

    Kremzeek: “Kremzeek…is…sorry.”

    Sari: “Good, then I forgive you. Hey, who’s my little cutie? Can you tell me who my little cutie is, Kremzeek?”

    Kremzeek: “…Kremzeek?”

    Sari: “That’s right. You’re my little cutie, Kremzeek. Yes you are.”

    Sari kisses Kremzeek. Sixshot rubs the back of his neck.

    Sixshot: “…You really love that little guy, don’t you?”

    Sari: “Yes, Sixshot, I do. He’s my buddy, and while he may have done some bad things, I believe he deserves a second chance.”

    Sixshot: “…Why?”

    Sari looks at Sixshot and smiles.

    Sari: “The same reason I gave you a second chance, Uncle Sixshot.”

    Sixshot: “……”

    Sari nods her head. Sixshot sighs and walks over to the rail. He tosses the circuit trap into the river. He walks back to Sari. Sari looks up at Sixshot.

    Sari: “Thank you.”

    Sixshot rubs Sari’s head.

    Sixshot: “Sure, Monkey, sure.”

    Optimus Prime and Sideswipe drive up to Sixshot and transform into their robot modes. Springer lands next to Optimus Prime and transforms into his robot mode.

    Springer: “Agent Sixshot, I see you’ve found the Kremzeek.”

    Optimus Prime: “And…Sari?!”

    Sari: “Hi, Optimus.”

    Sixshot: “Don’t bother going after Kremzeek. He’s not evil or anything.”

    Optimus Prime: “Then what is he, exactly?”

    Sixshot: "Would you believe he's Sari’s pet?”

    Sideswipe: “Uh, did I miss something here?”

    Sixshot: “No, now give us a servo with these Decepticons, savvy?”

    Optimus Prime, Springer, and Sideswipe look around.

    Optimus Prime: “What Decepticons?”

    The Combaticons are nowhere to be seen.

    Sixshot and Sari: “Oh, slag…”

    Later, back at Captain Springer’s ship, Captain Springer and his team are getting ready to leave. Optimus Prime and his team are there to see them off.

    Optimus Prime: “Why are you leaving, again?”

    Springer: “Well, Nemesis Prime escaped the ship shortly after we went looking for Kremzeek. Not to mention every prisoner we were keeping in the brig got out, too. Unfortunately, we’re a little outmatched at the moment, and outgunned. There’s no way we can go after them all like this. We’re going to have to return to Cybertron. I’ll see to it that you and your team get reinforcements by the end of the week. Until then, I’m leaving Agent Sixshot with you just in case Nemesis Prime makes a move. It’s been an honor staying on Earth with you, Optimus Prime.”

    Optimus Prime: “Likewise, Captain Springer. Be careful on your way back.”

    Springer and Optimus Prime salute each other.

    Springer: “Don’t worry, we will. Let’s go, boys.”

    Captain Springer and his team board the ship. Beachcomber is the last to board. He turns and waves goodbye to everyone.

    Beachcomber: “Like, aloha, dudes!”

    Captain Springer’s ship takes off and flies away. Optimus Prime walks up to Sixshot. Sixshot turns to face him.

    Optimus Prime: “So, Sixshot, welcome to Earth…again. I want you to know that you’re more than welcome to stay with us back at the plant.”

    Sixshot: “…Are you sure?”

    Optimus Prime: “Yes, I’m sure.”

    Bumblebee: “Look, Sixshot, I know we’ve had our differences, but we want to make it up to you. So, we want you to stay with us, and maybe, you know, get to know each other better.”

    Prowl: “What Bumblebee is trying to say is that we didn’t really trust you when you first came to Earth. When you returned, we still felt like we needed to keep an optic on you."

    Ratchet: "Out of all of us, Sari was the only one who actually trusted you, and that made us even more suspicious of you."

    Bulkhead: "Yeah, so we watched you for a little bit. You know, to make you weren't trying to pull a fast one on us. When it came right down to it, we had nothing to worry about in the first place. Sari likes you, and if she likes you, then we like you, too. Now, come here and give me a hug, friend."

    Sixshot: "Don't push it, Tubby."

    Bulkhead: "Right, my bad."

    Optimus Prime: "The offer's still on the table. So, what do you say?"

    Bumblebee: "Will you be staying with us, friend?"

    Sari taps on Sixshot leg. Sixshot looks down at Sari. Sari nods her head. Optimus Prime and Sixshot shake hands.

    Sixshot: "Sure, friend."

    Sari: “Welcome to the team, Big Guy.”

    Sixshot: “Thanks, Sari.”

    Optimus Prime: “…Hey, that’s my nickname.”

    Sari hugs Optimus Prime.

    Sari: “Aw, I’m sorry, Optimus. I didn’t mean to hurt you feelings. Hey, will you feel better if I call you big Big Guy?”

    Optimus Prime crosses his arms and looks the other way.

    Optimus Prime: “…It might.”

    Sixshot groans in disgust.

    Sixshot: “Geez, kid, are all of your friends jealous of me?”

    Sixshot tries to put his hand on Sari’s shoulder. Kremzeek snaps at Sixshot’s hand and snarls viciously.

    Sixshot: “…I guess so, huh?”

    Everyone except Sixshot laughs.

    Sixshot: “Aw, not another cheesy group laughter moment. I hate these things! Come on, seriously, stop laughing!”

    Later that day, Professor Sumdac is watching TV in the family room.

    TV News Anchor: “And in other news, world renowned archeologist Doctor Michael Bay III has discovered what appears to be evidence that suggests that the Pyramids of Giza were built to, and I quote, ‘contain some sort of awesome flaming alien robot Judas.’ A member of Doctor Bay’s team had this to say…”


    TV News Anchor: “More on this story at eleven.”

    Professor Sumdac: “Evil flaming robot Judas? That’s preposterous! Oh, I know, maybe it talks like that fellow with the pointy ears from that old TV show. I always thought that thing he did with his fingers was funny. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. They should totally make a movie about that!”

    Sari enters the room.

    Sari: “Hi, Daddy.”

    Professor Sumdac turns to look at Sari.

    Professor Sumdac: “Oh, hello, Sari.”

    Sari sits next to Professor Sumdac and kisses him.

    Sari: “How was work today?”

    Professor Sumdac sighs.

    Professor Sumdac: “Trust me, I’ve had better days.”

    Sari: “Aw, I’m sorry, Daddy. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

    Professor Sumdac looks at Sari and smiles.

    Professor Sumdac: “No, I’m just happy to see your smiling face at the end of a long, stressful day. That’s all I really want.”

    Professor Sumdac kisses Sari. Sari smiles and hugs Professor Sumdac.

    Sari: “Thanks, Dad.”

    Professor Sumdac: “Of course, anything for my little girl.”

    Sari: “…Hey, Daddy?”

    Professor Sumdac: “Yes, Princess?”

    Sari: “I brought a new friend home with me. Would you like to meet him?”

    Professor Sumdac: “…It’s not another giant robot, is it?”

    Sari: “Not exactly. Kremzeek, come here, boy!”

    Professor Sumdac: “Kremzeek?”

    Kremzeek flies into the room barking like a dog. Professor Sumdac gasps.

    Professor Sumdac: “Uh……”

    Sari: “So, can we keep him, pleeeaaase?”

    Kremzeek laughs maniacally.

    The end
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