transformers animated how should it continue?

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    that is my question

    just my thoughts but i actually think it would be interesting if megatron were to actually create a decepticon warrior that was in every way optimus primes equal but at the same time this decepticon as a clone would be in essence a blank slate in the sense that it would possess optimus's inherent potential to change and to evolve into a a greater being oer time

    that is to say that it would posess to its person in a entirely unknowing subconciose manner all of the positive qualities that makes optimus who he is as a living being

    with this side of the decepticon clone's personal character being akin to second to second nature so to speak

    basiscly the clone would be a nemesis prime character albut one going through a identity crises

    now lets model him after armada starscreams character with nemesis prime going through a long transition from unquestioningly loyal servant over time to questioning his identity as a living being

    one who would over time develope a all too personel grudge due to megatron having used and abused him over time due to nemesis prime struggling to come to terms with his personal loyalties in his desire to understand the so called bigger picture and his place in it

    with his tragic character going from being a person who wants only to destroy megatron in cold blood to being a martyer in the end when it comes to nemesis primes desire to both repent of his past actions and to redeem himself in dying while serving the greater good but with the final moments of his life playing out in such a way that even as his spark is dying it is transferred into the body of a of a protoform with it serving as a way for nemesis to be given a second chance at life with his basic personality in tact but with his having no memories of his past life as a decepticon

    in a manner of speaking this reborn nemesis prime would be a son of sorts to optimus's person over time

    one that would go on to forfill primes legacy over time
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    Just kidding.

    An idea I'm having for how Animated could have continued in a Season 4..might not make a lot of people happy, but ah well:

    Optimus Prime is elected new leader of the Autobots (military side, of course), taking on the role of Magnus. Of course, Optimus is too self-less, and insists people just keep calling him 'Optimus Prime'.

    A warrior from the future arrives and frees all of the Decepticon prisoners, except for Megatron, who he seems to despise. Megatron feels the same way as he sees all the Cons following their new leader while he's left behind rotting in his cell.

    Cyclonus (introduced in Season 3's first episode) turns out to have known this all along, and sides with the new leader, who, of course, is Galvatron. Somewhere in the season(s) it will be revealed Unicron invaded Cybertron in the future, reformatted Megatron..but was ultimately defeated by the Autobots. As a last resort he sends Galvatron back into the past to try and win.

    Optimus Prime bands all the Autobots we've seen so far, along with ones we haven't seen yet, in one big strike force, practically turning it into a big cast of heroes, like G1, instead of a small core cast of approx. 5 characters. His closest friends will still be Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Jazz, though.

    Ultra Magnus does not make it out of his coma, but finally his spark is transplanted into a younger, smaller body. He doesn't really have much memories of his long time as leader, but he knows some small bits, including trusting Optimus. He joins the Autobots as a 'regular' soldier.

    Oh, and then there's the part where Megatron reluctantly has to join the Autobots in order to stop Galvatron (although Megatron obviously does it so he can take back control of the Cons, and nobody knows Galvatron is actually Megatron himself).

    And oh yeah, the incomplete Allspark is now pretty much the Matrix..and on occasions it communicates with Optimus (he will later learn how to control this). In the Matrix/Well of All Sparks, he will be able to talk with ancient Cybertronians who will provide him with information about Unicron, destiny..all that jive. Optimus' guide to these spirits will be (of course) the spirit of Prowl.

    Sari will prove herself to be useful and more of her destiny is unfold. Earth will still take a big role as I just hate the G1 season 3 space opera.

    So yeah..alot aking to G1, but with some small twists here and there to keep it fresh. That would be what I'd like to see.
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    I would had fill in some missing gaps, either make Prime the new Autobot leader with UM's death. Or show UM back to normal and have OP take over for SP. Then for a new season, show a new leader Magmatron who rebuilds the Decepticon forces and renames the group as Vehicons. Take the war to a new level with the Autobot cities under attack.

    I would also try to finish the missing BA and Waspinator story. Maybe mention they were sent into the planet's past and ran into Primal Prime and his Maximals. Then show them hooking up with the Predacons and their leader Galvatron. If that's a hit, do a spin off series. Wishful thinking.
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    I figure the way it would continue:

    - Sentinel "Magnus" decides that "as Megatron was defeated on Earth, we need defenders for Earth. Hey, Optimus, you're good at dealing with the guys down there, deal with it". In other words, it stays Earth based, with Sentinel trying to sweep Optimus out of the way.
    - Megatron would stay in prison until the season 4 finale.
    - Soundwave would rise up to become the new Earth-based Decepticon leader, bringing in the Constructicons under his command.
    - Other Decepticons would come to Earth to either avenge the defeat of Megatron, or to see how tough this robot who was good enough to bring down Megatron really is.
    - Flashback focus episodes on Jazz (who I see taking Prowl's spot on Optimus' team) and Blitzwing (in the form of a psychiatric assessment while he's in prison).
    - Major plot threads on the Autobots dealing with the fact they're heroes but bigger targets now than ever, a sense of "at what price, fame?". For Jazz, a conflict between duty (serving Sentinel Prime on Cybertron) and honour (continuing what Prowl started on Earth).
    - Series finale would involve Megatron breaking out of prison and leading Team Charr in an attack on Earth to bring the humans and the Autobots to their knees, and get revenge on Optimus Prime.
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    I´d like to see Blackaracnia somehow redeemed and with the Autobots on Earth. Proably the romantic interest of Optimus Prime.
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    Not exactly a "season four", but a few ideas:

    Optimus offered a job/promotion as head of the elite guard (by Sentinel or recovered Ultra Magnus, but declines because it means he'd have to abandon Earth. (Maybe Sentinel forces him, but UM revives at the end and reverses the order.)

    Megatron figures out how to run the Decepticon campaign from prison, maybe with the help of a new 'inside man' (Punch/Counterpunch?). Could be the 'season arc', culminating with Megs having all pieces in place for an escape and takeover attempt at the end.

    Blackarachnia shows up after working on her own for a while with new "Predacons" in tow, based on the G1 Preds.

    A Dinobot episode - something is on Dinobot island that the Decepticons want, and Grimlock & co. fight them off (part badass fighting, part "Home Alone")

    Porter C. Powell/Swindle team-up.

    Swindle/Wreck-gar team-up/exploitation.
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    Black screen.
    White letters appear to form words.

    NO MORE.
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    These ideas are very good. I think Blackarachnia could be an ally of Soundwave during this time, who thinks she has her own agenda, but is really being manipulated by Megatron in prison. (Or even Soundwave!) She eventually redeems herself out of care for Optimus and joins his cause. Reminds me of Baroness from the new GI Joe movie.

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