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    Hey everyone,

    for some of us, Transformers Animated was the one defining thing that made us love the Transformers lore. Sure, in my case, the Movies were what introduced me to Transformers, but it was Animated, with all of it's little (and big) nods and references that really got me interested in all of the past versions of the Transformers franchise. So, here is my task to all of you Animated fans: Post your ideas for the Animated universe if it would have continued. It could be a character, an event or just a little nod that characters could reference.

    I will start with my idea for the thirteen original Cybertronians:

    The thirteen will not be the original Transformers, like they are in most continuities. Instead, this honor goes to Primus, who would go on to become Primacrons assistant, and the Covenant (Covenant - Transformers Wiki), who were residing on Protos with Primacron. However, in his quest to create the ultimate being, Primacron created Unicron, the destroyer. Unfortunately for Primacron, Unicron rebelled against his master and destroyed him along with the original Transformers. Primus was able to escape to an unknown organic planet. There, Primus went to work.

    He converted the planet into an technological masterpiece named Cybertron and created the Allspark, the device that brings the Transformers to life, and Vector Sigma, where all the knowledge of the Transformers is storaged (Vector Sigma went on to do double duty as the life bringing device for the Transformers when the Allspark was jettisoned into space). He then went on to create the first Cybertronians (the thirteen original Transformers we now know) as "security" if Unicron would ever return, which, of course, he did. The thirteen and Primus fought against Unicron and managed to beat the gigantic Transformer and drive him away from Cybertron. After the battle, Primus conscius joined with the core of Cybertron, and his original body was stored in a special chamber, ready to return when his children need him most (which created the legend of the last Autobot in later times).

    The thirteen helped build the first Cybertronian society, with some setbacks (the Fallen and Liege Maximo come to mind. The Fallen is on a quest to find and revive Unicron). And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Alright, your turn guys. Can't wait to hear what ideas you can come up with.
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    I always imagined Megatron being brought to the high council court on Cybertron at the start of season three. The High Council of the Primes consists of 3-4 older Primes (Zeta, whoever, it doesn't matter). They only appeared in an episode or two, but they were all voiced by previous Optimus voice actors; Garry Chalk, Neil Kaplan and Peter Cullen. And design-wise, they all bore slight resemblances to the previous Optimus Prime incarnations. They would sentence Megatron to imprisonment and Megatron would be held captive in a ridiculously secure prison cell. And of course, he'd break out after Soundwave/Blackout/Swindle engineer an escape.

    That's the first idea of mine that comes to mind.

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