Transformers Animated DVDs, S1, S2, and Pilot.

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    Probably should've posted this sooner, but I'm selling off my DVD collection for TF animated in 2 auctions (one for Season 1 + Transform and Roll Out, One for Season 2). They've only been watched once and remain in great condition. The Auction ends tomorrow.

    Transformers Animated - Season Two (DVD, 2009, Multi... - eBay (item 140449392476 end time Sep-09-10 15:34:14 PDT)

    Transformers Animated: Season 1 Plus Pilot DVD - eBay (item 140449389506 end time Sep-09-10 15:22:36 PDT)

    For now, as far as I can see, these auctions are the cheapest on the web for the authentic seasons. A lot of ebay buy it now and Amazon sellers are really upping the price on these since they're OOP.

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