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    I will start this fan-fic tomorrow, I have a main story line and a few synopses but I won't post 'em here. It'll ruin it.
    The Story takes place after the events of A Bridge Too Close, it alters slightly from the happy-go-lucky ways of Animated and is more dark and evil.
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    May 13, 2006
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    Transformers Nemesis Series: Episode 1 - Enlist Now
    On Cybertron:
    Megatron stands high on a perch giving a speech to his army of warriors.
    Megatron: My warriors, we have conquered the North East of Cybertron, The Autobot insects will be crushed underneath my foot, prepare for war!
    In the crowd three hooded Transformers clutch their cloaks close to them as if to conceal there identities. A Jet flys overhead and stops behind Megatron, transforming he walks forward and looks at Megatron, This guy is huge. Megatron only reaches his knee.
    Megatron: This is the future - Transformers created for the soul purpose of War, Thanks to our deceased friend Starscream we know have the power to clone our own army, You may recognise this Transformer as the valiant warrior Jetfire but he is infact his clone, Yes my warriors we have captured the Autobots warrior and clones him into Jetstorm
    and his ARMADA!
    About 50 jets rise from behind Megatron and Jetstorm Transforms and joins them.
    Megatron: Now go forth my Army and conquer Cybertron!
    The Armada fly forward and Megatron's Army run forth, Down in the crowd the three hooded transformers stay there and quickly throw off their cloaks, Megatron stands tall on his perch but stumbles as he is hit by three large beams of energy. The Warriors then walk forward and their identity's are revealed, They are the Autobot bounty hunters Arcee, Hot Rod and Springer
    Megatron: How dare you come here!
    Hot Rod: You promised us money Megatron but Magnus pays better than you
    Arcee: Sorry Honey but we're gunna kill you
    Megatron walks towards the edge of his perch and laughs
    Megatron: Poor little warriors, so valiant in battle yet so cowardly in open combat, Elites - Attack!
    3 Transformers spring from behind Megatron and land in front of Hot Rod, Arcee and Springer, The group is comprised of the Bounty Hunters Doubledealer, Runabout and Runamuck.
    Doubledealer: Give up Hot Rod, ya can't win
    Hot Rod: Look, DD [DoubleD] we're on the same ship here, you work for Megatron and so do w....
    Hot Rods sentence is cut short as an arrow enters his chest, he falls back and Arcee catches him.
    Arcee: Why the hell did you do that *she looks down at Hot Rod* Why do this?
    Doubledealer: Shut up, Bitch *Doubledealer fires a shot at Arcee and hits her directly in the head.
    Springer transforms into a Tank and fires a blast at the three Elites, they easily move out of the way but when the dust settles Springer, Hot Rod and Arcee are gone
    Doubledealer: Where the hell did they go?
    Runamuck: look, up there! *Runamuck points into the sky*
    High in the sky Springer is flying away with Hot Rod and Arcee in his cargo hold, Springer has transformed into a Cybertronian hovercraft and has flown off into the Autobot zone.

    Just a little teaser for anyone interested :thumbs2: 
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    Autobot HQ:
    Springer's shadow shimmers over the baron landscape of Cybertron, He grows closer to Autobot HQ and as he does he starts to slowly transform, he lands in the HQ with Hot Rod and Arcee in his hands, A group of Autobots standing in the airlock take a look at Springer, they all run over to help, Arcee is taken away and Hot Rod is hooked up to a case and then he is also taken away. Some time later Springer sits in a de-briefing room, Prowl enters and sits down across the table from Springer, he puts his arms on the table and leans forward.
    Prowl: Care to tell me what happened?
    Springer: Look, Prowl. I don't wanna talk about it, O.K?
    Prowl stands up and walks over to the window behind Springer, he glances over Cybertron
    Prowl: It's not alright Springer, you believe that you are invincible, so if you are? Why are Hot Rod and Arcee on the slag heap?
    Springer stands up and grabs Prowl by the neck, Prowl smirks
    Prowl: That will do nothing for you, Springer you must tell us what has happened.
    Springer releases Prowl and jumps out of the window, He transforms into a cybertronian hover craft and flys off into the horizon. Prowl looks down at his communicator and activates it, A 3D hologram of Sentinel Prime's head comes up.
    Sentinel Prime: So, did he say what happened?
    Prowl: No, he ran off
    Sentinel Prime: and you let him? Maybe re-enlisting you in the elite guard was a mistake.
    Prowl: Sorry sir, It wont happen again
    Sentinel Prime: It better not, Soldier
    Prowl closes the com and rips it off his wrist, launching it out of the window.
    Cybertron: Mighty Canyon
    Two Autobots stand, looking into the canyon
    Bulkhead: Its a damn shame.
    Bumblebee: yeah, at least he's somewhere better
    Bulkhead: *smiles* yeah, both servos in the scrap heap.
    Bumblebee: We should leave, Sentinel will be expecting us back soon.

    Just another small teaser, just an introduction to all our old favourites and expanding on the new characters
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    Even more for today!

    Autobot HQ: Intensive Care Unit
    Arcee lays on a iron stretcher with wires attached to her, A Scanner floats above of her, scanning her body for any damage. The Scanner floats away from her and Transforms, Ironhide Walks in
    Ironhide: how is she, she was in pretty bad shape when she got here. They say that she's as good as dead
    Perceptor: I never give up on a patient.
    Ironhide: listen you! Arcee needs to die, She is an evil bounty hunter. She'll probably re-join with Hot Rod and Springer to continue, they could even kill Sentinel Prime!
    Perceptor: So, you haven't heard the news?
    Perceptor: Its not really my place to say, Sir
    Ironhide: I am your superior, you have no choice but to tell me.
    Ironhide knocks Perceptor to the floor and aims a gun at him, he smiles
    Ironhide: Such a shame that a medic should die. Well, not really
    He shoots at Perceptor and hits him directly in the arm, taking it clean off and shutting Perceptor down.
    Ironhide: Now, Lil'Lady!
    Ironhide: Its your time *he smirks at Arcee's body and walks over*
    Perceptor grabs Ironhides leg
    Perceptor: noooooooo.
    Ironhide looks down and aims his gun at perceptor's head
    Ironhide: Such heroic nonsense
    Ironhide fires a shot and kills Perceptor, he fires so hard that it blasts through the floor and Perceptors lifeless body falls to the next floor, shortly followed by an explosion.
    Ironhide: Well, that was annoying.
    He looks up and aims his gun at Arcee but she's disappeared.
    Ironhide: FUCK!
    He slams the stretcher with his fists, creating deep indents in the Iron.

    Cybertron control room:
    Ultra Magnus sits on a chair, high above all the other Autobots.
    Ultra Magnus: Its a shame about the death of our Hunter but I can't deal with that at the moment
    Sentinel Prime rolls his eyes and looks up at Magnus
    Sentinel Prime: Sir?
    Ultra Magnus: Well, With rumours of a Decpeticon army
    Sentinel Prime: They are fake
    Ultra Magnus stares into space as if he's questioning this
    Ultra Magnus: You are right Sentinel, Dis-credit ALL rumours of a 'Con army, I mean everything, Imprison anyone who refuses to stop spreading the rumours
    Sentinel smiles evilly and Nods at Magnus's command
    Sentinel Prime: I would love to do it?
    Ultra Magnus looks down at Sentinel
    Sentinel Prime: I mean....what.......ahh, I've got nothing
    Sentinel walks out of the room and Ultra Magnus looks at his fellow autobots.
    Ultra Magnus: Well, Meanwhile we need to track down that latest where-abouts of the Dinobots, and yes, I've heard the rumours that they've become 'Cons but I assure you all that there is no way that's possible.
    A Autobot looks disbelievingly at Magnus and looks down at his feet
    Hound: You O.K. Trailbreaker?
    Trailbreaker: Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little distracted
    Hound: Hmmm
    Hounds looks back at his monitor and looks at his screen, he stumbles back and looks at his screen horrified
    The Screen shows 10 transformers fighting. Ultra Magnus looks at Hound and then stares at the screen, the screen floats towards Magnus
    Trailbreaker: What's on that screen?
    Ultra Magnus: It's nothing, get back to work
    The Screen shows the 5 Dinobots fighting 5 Constructicons. Ultra Magnus stares at the screen
    Ultra Magnus: Hound was importing a virus into the system, Take him away!
    Prowl and Jazz step forward and grab hound, they drag him away by his hands and Hound screams to Trailbreaker about what he saw
    Trailbreaker: what are you saying? [In his mind: Hound was dragged away for knowing the truth, I can't risk that if I'm gunna bring down the Elite Guard]

    Enjoy guys :D 
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    Ultra Magnus's private conference room:
    6 Transformers sit around a desk, in the middle is a holographic picture of the 9 main deceptcons and their statistics
    Vector Prime: So, Its true The Decepticons are back
    Ultra Magnus: I have chosen to keep it secret from Cybertron
    Alpha Trion: Is that wise?
    Ultra Magnus: Should word get out of a Decepticon army, panic would grip our planet
    Vector Prime: Your decisions seem flawed Magnus. I disagree with your decision
    Ultra Magnus looks around and sighs
    Sentinel Prime: I think Magnus is too old for this Job
    Magnus stands up violently
    Ultra Magnus: How dare you!
    Sentinel Prime: I would like to vote for his immediate stand-down as Supreme Commander
    Ultra Magnus slumps back into his chair
    Ultra Magnus: You can't be serious
    Sentinel: Oh but I am!
    Vector Prime: I second the motion, a vote will be held. I say we should, all in favour say Aye, all opposed Nae
    Sentinel Prime: Aye!
    Alpha Trion: Aye
    Longarm Prime: Nae
    Landmine Major: Aye
    Ultra Magnus looks disbelievingly at the group
    Ultra Magnus: I have served you ALL for hundreds of megacycles and you kick me out like I'm trash!
    Sentinel Prime: Yeah, that's the gist of it
    Ultra Magnus: FINE! I shall dismiss myself from your presence.
    Ultra Magnus walks down the corridor and looks down sadly at his Elite Guard Badge witch he quickly rips off and holds it in his hand, ripping it apart.
    Back in the conference room.
    Sentinel Prime: I appoint myself as Supreme commander
    Longarm Prime: I should be Prime, after all I contribute the most to cybertronian society
    Vector Prime: I agree with Longarm.
    Sentinel Prime: I wish this didn't have to happen.

    Great Canyon:
    Bumblebee: So Bulkhead, what next?
    Bulkhead: I have no idea, we visit this place every second day and we never learn anything.
    Bumblebee: I wonder why its always burning?
    Bulkhead: Some say its Primus others say Unicron
    Bumblebee: What a load of slag
    Bulkhead: you may believe so but others say differently
    A transformer approaches them from behind, he taps Bulkhead on the back
    Bulkhead: huh?
    The figure launches himself up and kicks Bulkhead round the face, making Bulkhead stumble and fall. Bumblebee puts his stingers together but they are cut by a Ninja Star.
    Bumblebee: Why are you doing this
    The figure steps forward and picks Bumblebee up by the neck
    Prowl: I'm sorry, old friend
    Prowl proceeds to throw Bumblebee into the Fires of Cybertron
    Bulkhead stands up and launches his mace for Bumblebee to grab.
    Bulkhead: Hang in there bee, I'm gunna save ya!
    Prowl: I'm sorry
    Prowl kicks Bulkhead off of the Canyon and Bumblebee falls with him
    Prowl grabs a list from his Armour, it has 4 names listed on it. He crosses two of them out
    Prowl: Its a damn shame, we where once all friends.
    Another transformer appears on a lone rock in the middle of the canyon, he raises a Axe and a turbo feature enables him to fly at Prowl with unreal speed. Prowl jumps at the last minute and evades the Transformer
    Prowl: I don't understand, I killed you.
    Transformer: Yes, I guess you did but then again. I'm not who you think I am.
    The transformers launches his Axe again and Prowl narrowly evades it
    Prowl: I don't have time to play any more
    Prowl kicks the Transformer round the head, The transformer looks but doesn't see Prowl anywhere. He looks above himself and sees Prowl using his thrusters to fly off
    Nemesis Prime: I will KILL you, PROOOOOOOOOWL!
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    So far, a good story. You mind checking my fan fiction out? Its called Transformers: Matrix Chronicles.
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    Do you like it or is this shameless advertising?

    I'm joking :p 
    I will check it out and thanks
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    XD No, I'm serious (in all seriousness). Its a great story, loving how Hot Rod is brought into the story. Very creative, using a G1 story-style with animated characters...very nice :) 
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    Trying not to stray from Animated too much, apart from the death of the four main characters, UM getting fired and Prowl killing Bulkhead and Bumblebee plus all three Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Prowl becoming Elite Guards and Prowl becoming Sentinels beatch :p 
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    Sentinels Private Quarters:
    Prowl runs in exhausted.
    Sentinel Magnus: Prowl, what's happened
    Prowl: The mission was successful, Bumblebee and Bulkhead are dead but I had a problem
    Sentinel turns around to face Prowl
    Sentinel Magnus: Who?
    Prowl: You assume its a transformer.
    Sentinel Magnus: Yes, so. Who is it?
    Prowl looks at his feet and quickly jolts his head up
    Prowl: Optimus Prime.
    Sentinel Stares at Prowl and goes berserk, Prowl dodges shrapnel from the damage sentinel is causing
    Prowl: Sir?
    Sentinel Calms down
    Sentinel Magnus: Everyone knows I hate Optimus, people still don't know why.
    Prowl: Sir?
    Sentinel Magnus: He blamed me for Shockblasts inventions, Shockblast was always perplexed by the technology of the Maximals and Predacons, he read there stories for years
    Prowl: The Beast Wars where only a myth
    Sentinel walks over to his desk and picks up a holo-book
    Sentinel Magnus: These books are indeed myths but Shockblast was eccentric about these stories, Blackarachnia became what she is because of him, Optimus changed her data-core to make her believe that She was stranded on a planet and became like one of the inhabitants. We dumped her on that planet, Optimus blamed me for the events. He always came across as valiant, strong and proud but he only looked out for number one, That's why we were so reluctant to believe your story of Decepticons on Earth
    Prowl looks at Sentinel and walks out of the room, he quickly darts to the left as a bullet whizzes past his.
    Prowl: I knew it Sentinel, your just as corrupt as Magnus.
    Prowl darts down the hall, and just as he reaches the out-side his communicator comes on-line.
    Sentinel Magnus: You can run Prowl but now you're a renegade, you will be killed by every bounty hunter on Cybertron!
    Prowl: They'll have to catch me first.
    Prowl rips off his communicator and Transforms, speeding off at the mach 4. He stops suddenly by transforming, he's at the great canyon.
    Prowl: Prime, I know you're here!
    A massive figure jumps down and lands behind Prowl, Prowl turns around and looks at Optimus.
    Prowl: huh?
    Optimus swings at Prowl but Prowl ducks down and kicks Prime in the chest. Nemesis Prime: I will crush you, puny insect!
    Prime stomps down on Prowl but Prowl once again moves, he flys above Nemesis Prime and Throws four Ninja stars, they each stick in a limb, they act as magnets and hold Prime to the floor.
    Prowl: I'm sorry Optimus but you have to listen to me.
    Nemesis Prime's body goes Crimson and burns on fire.
    Nemsis Prime: Cybertron will be engulfed in the flames of war, Cybertron will be engulfed in the flames of war, Cybertron will be engulfed in the flames of war, Cybertron will be engulfed in the flames of war.
    Prowl: What?
    There are three Figures standing behind Prowl, he smirks and flys up
    Breakaway: You will be consumed by the flames of war
    Bugbite: The flames of War will consume you.
    Blackout: I'm gunna take you apart, limb by limb.
    Nemesis Prime stands up and joins his group
    Nemesis Prime: Remember us Prowl, your old team-mates, we will kill you, you will join us, PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWL!
    Prowl: I can't win, I must leave Cybertron and go to Blaster's base on moon-base 3.

    Sentinel Magnus's Conference room:
    Body's lay everywhere, they are all of the Senators that disagreed with Sentinels plans to become leader.
    Runamuck: They're all dead Sentinel.
    Sentinel Magnus: SENTINEL MAGNUS!
    Runabout: Whatever, don't forget we've sworn loyalty to the 'Cons
    Sentinel Magnus: Yet you work for me
    Doubledealer: Until we have to kill you.
    The Three 'Cons laugh at Sentinel, they jump out the window transforming mid way and driving down the cybertronian highway
    A lone transformer stands up out of the Carnage, Its Longarm Prime but He is seriously damaged.
    Longarm Prime: It would be highly illogical to destroy me
    Sentinel Magnus: How do you figure that
    Longarm transforms and reveals himself
    Shockwave: Because I'm more powerful
    Shockwave shoots a blast at Sentinel, knocking him backwards but now destroying him. Shockwave transforms into a Jet and flys off, taking the same path as the Bounty Hunters.
    Sentinel wakes up looks at his chest, he opens it and takes out the Matrix
    Sentinel Magnus: I will become Emperor of the Universe!
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    Interesting, definetly interesting. It's a bit fast paced, imo though, and is a great departure from the Animated story line. It's a bit confusing at times too. Not trying to be a downer or anything, just being honest.
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    Thanks for the honesty, I always like your input when I'm making a fan-fic :D 
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    Cybertronian Dump
    Ultra Magnus sits on a pile of Junk and looks sadly at his surroundings
    Ultra Magnus: I used to be ruler of Cybertron but now I'm a Junkion.
    A transformer jumps up from behind him
    Wreak-Gar: I am Wreak-Gar, I am Junkion!
    Ultra Magnus: Who are you?
    Wreak-Gar: I am Wreak-Gar who are you?
    Ultra Magnus looks sadly at his hand, he's holding a picture of himself as ruler of Cybertron.
    Ultra Magnus: I am Overload. No, I'm OverLORD.
    Overlord stands up and rips off his Autobot insignia.
    Overlord: I am no longer a Autobot
    Wreak-Gar: I am no longer a Autobot
    Overlord looks at Wreak-Gar
    Overlord: Why are you still here?
    Wreak-Gar: I am Wreak-Gar. Why are you still here?
    Overlord: GO AWAY.
    Wreak-Gar: I am wreak-Gar, Me and Junkions No like you.
    About 10 Transformers rise from behind Wreak-Gar, Including Springer, he's holding Arcee and Hot Rod.
    Overlord spots Springer and runs over to him.
    Overlord: Springer?
    Springer: Ultra Magnus, Sir. What are you doing here?
    Overlord: Its Overlord and Sentinel made sure I was overthrown
    Springer: Holy shit.
    Overlord: Indeed.
    Wreak-Gar pops up from behind Overlord
    Wreak-Gar: Indeed.
    Overlord spins around and punches Wreak-Gar
    The Junkions mass behind Wreak-Gar. They all seem to be like him
    Wreak-Gar looks at Arcee and Hot Rid and uses his excess Allspark energy to bring them back.
    Springer: How did you do that?
    Wreak-Gar: Me Wreak-Gar created by Allspark, Me use it to create friends. After all, I need protection.
    5 Transformers emerge from behind Wreak-Gar
    Wreak-Gar: They protecty Bots, they protect me
    Arcee and Hot Rod lay on the floor, functioning but there systems are still initiating
    Hot Spot: We protect him from Autobots.
    The five warriors pull out guns and aim them at Overlord.
    Wreak-Gar: They am friends, you no shoot.
    Overlord sits down and thinks Deeply
    Hours pass
    Wreak-Gar: What'a doin?
    Overlord: Exactly the same as when you asked five minutes ago.
    Hours Pass
    Overlord: I'VE GOT IT!
    Wreak-Gar jumps into the air and falls down dramatically
    Arcee: Why does he continue to do that?
    Springer runs over to Arcee
    Springer: ARCEE!
    Arcee sits up and moments later so does Hot Rod.
    Overlord: We must create a faction
    Everyone looks at him
    Springer: Thats a stupid idea.
    Wreak-Gar: Me draw Logo?
    Overlord: No, you make us powerful
    Wreak-Gar: good idea no follow
    Overlord: Your Allspark energy can improve us.
    Wreak-Gar: Me no understand
    Overlord: Draw us with power
    Wreak-Gar: I draw you?
    Overlord: YES!
    Wreak-Gar picks up paper and pens from his back and starts to draw
    Wreak-Gar looks at Overlord
    Wreak-Gar: Why you no say that in first place?
    Wreak-Gar explodes in a flash of light.
    All the Warriors stand up and brush themselves off.
    Rodimus: This is amazing
    Arcee: Thanks for the upgrade honey
    Retractor: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Time to Kill
    Overlord: Lets Destroy the Autobots
    Wreaker: Me Wreaker help!
    The Warriors stand up and look at each other
    Arcee: When did that Pillar get there?
    They all look up
    Defensor: Hey Guys!
    Overlord: Holy shit
    Defensor detaches into 5 transformers.
    Groove: Well that went well
    The Warriors look at each other
    Retractor: You guys wanna go CRUSH the Autobots?
    Overlord: Yes
    Rodimus: Lets get goin'
    Overlord: WREAK AND RULE!
    The Wreakers transform into their alternate forms and Fly/Roll off into the distance

    Enjoy guys
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    Just as good as your other one pace is not bad its kinda of like watching a Ani. Episode which since this is what you based it off of I'm assuming its what your aiming for.
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    yeah, maybe a bit more dark than Animated though
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    Prowl's location: Deep Space.
    Prowl surges forward towards Moon Base 3 which is located on the head of Unicron, who was destroyed in the last great war
    Prowl's Com: Status indicates that a forcefield guards the moon
    Prowl stops in his tracks
    Prowl: There goes my surprise visit.
    Prowl's com: Contacting Autobot agent Blaster for assistance
    Blaster flashes but on the com
    Prowl: N....hi blaster
    Blaster: Prow, man its been a loooong time since I've seen you
    Prowl: Yeah, can I come in
    Blaster: Whats the password?
    Prowl: What?
    Blaster: The password, what is it
    Prowl: I don't know the password
    Blaster: Then you can't get in
    Blaster's image flashes of Prowl's com
    Prowl: FUCK!
    Blaster's image flashes back up
    Blaster: I'm only joking *laughs*
    Prowl laughs weakly
    Blaster: Come on in.
    Prowl: Thank you
    Blaster: Dat's ok.

    Prowl flies off into the base

    Autobot HQ:
    Sentinel Magnus stumbles up and hoists himself up with his hands
    Sentinel Magnus: What the hell was that?
    Sentinel picks up a communicator and calls in his Elites
    Sentinel Magnus: they better be here soon.
    Longarm Prime: So what's the story
    Sentinel jumps up to his feet and shoots Longarm in his chest, sending him flying into a wall
    Sentinel Magnus: I don't take kindly to treachery
    Sentinel Magnus: You should never of come back after flying off!
    Longarm transforms into Shockwave
    Shockwave: Like you have any power!
    Shockwave: Oh so valiant leader of the Autobots, I have watched the Autobots become more and more corrupt and YOU Sentinel PRIME are the worst.
    Sentinel Magnus: MAGNUS! Sentinel Magnus!
    Shockwave: Ya see Sentinel, The Omnicons and I, we don't like what you're doing!
    Sentinel Magnus: Omnicons?
    Magnus is thrown the floor and Doubledealer steps on his back
    Doubledealer: Yeah, Omnicons
    Doubledealer: Runamuck, Runabout. Guard the door
    Runamuck/Runabout: Yes sir!
    Shockwave walks up to Magnus and picks him up by the throat
    Shockwave: I've waited a looooooong time for this
    Shockwave raises his gun but as he does the Elite Guard burst through the door firing blindly at the Omnicons
    Shockwave: Omnicons, Take NO Prisoners!
    The robots fight for about half an hour but soon the elite guards power overwhelms the Omnicons and pushes them into a corner of the room
    Sentinel Magnus: Any last words?
    Shockwave: only, look behind you
    all the Autobots turn round but nothings there
    Shockwave: You are all fools!
    The Omnicons open fire on the Autbots taking out a good number of their troops.
    Shockwave: you will......
    Shockwave's speech is cut short as a giant fist crashes through the roof, in the hand is a warrior
    Overlord: WREAK AND RULE!

    Oooh, a cliffhanger :p 
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    Cybertron Command.
    Sentinel jumps back and commands his troops to retret
    Sentinel Magnus: Autobots retreat!
    Ironhide: We're have to stay Magnus

    Ironhide and his Elite-Guards pick up their weapons and start firing at Defensor
    Defensor: Puny Autobots, you feel like bee stings!
    Defensor Steps back and separates into 5 transformers
    Hot Spot: Wreak and Rule!
    Sentinel looks at Defensor confused
    Sentinel Magnus: Wasn't Ultra Magnus in his hand
    Ironhide: Autobots, protect our leader!
    Mirage: We're being pushed back, we need to retreat
    Bluur: *whispering* Mirage, you and I can get out of here fast
    Mirage *Whispering* No, we must protect Sentinel Magnus1
    Bluur: Your loss

    Bluur transforms and drives into the hole created by Defensor
    Groove: One of 'ems gettin' away!
    Hot Spot: Oh, no he's not, Arcee: Snipe!

    Arcee pulls out her arrow and aims at Bluur
    Arcee: Huh, sorry honey but it has to be done *She smiles*
    Arcee files a blast and hits Bluurs rear wheel, pinning him to the ground
    Arcee: He's still functioning!
    a helicopter zooms over arcee's head and transforms just above Bluur, landing right next to him.
    Retractor: Hey bitch, going AWOL?
    Bluur: Please, don't kill me

    Bluur transforms and aims his gun at Retractor
    Bluur: Come any closer and I'll shoot
    Retractor: Chill out, you don't need to do anything

    A arrow hits Bluur in his hand and he drops his gun
    Bluur: *looks at Arcee* Huh?
    Bluur shudders, Retractor has lifted Bluur up by a sword and puts Bluur's head close to his
    Retractor: The Autobots will fall. Starting with you
    Retractor grabs Bluurs head and pushes it down, meaning the Sword cuts him in half from his torso to his head. Bluur's lifeless body falls to the ground and Springer transforms
    Moonbase 3:
    Blaster: So Prowl, how can I help you
    Prowl: you have a powerful telescope, yes?
    Blaster: Well sure but you can't use i
    Prowl: Why not?

    Blaster looks at his control pannel
    Blaster: Prowl, We're friends but I can't let you do this
    Prowl: I understand, Its fine
    Blaster: Cool, why you're here do ya want a little motor oil?
    Prowl: *smiles* yeah, that would be great, thanks

    Prowl and Blaster sit at a table drinking Motor Oil together
    Blaster: So, do you remember that battle on Mars?
    Prowl: Oh yeah, When Barricade, Blackout, Bonecrsher and Brawl tried to conquer the planet?
    Blaster: Yeah, as I seem to remember you almost got slagged by Brawl
    Prowl: No I didn't
    Blaster: Hell yeah you did, He transformed into an artillery unit and aimed a missile at you
    Prowl: And you the big "hero" jumped in heroically and span the missile into a near by crater *smiles as if mocking him*

    Blaster: to be fair that crater wasn't their before
    Prowl and Blaster laugh
    5 hours later
    Prowl: I gotta go Blaster
    Blaster: Cool, I missed you old friend, don't be a stranger
    Prowl: I won't I promise.

    Blaster walks out of the room but falls to the ground as a shuriken slices off his head
    Prowl: Sorry Blaster but In war sacrifices must be made
    Prowl walks over to the controls and uses the telescope
    Prowl: Time to find out what's happening
    Prowl uses the Telescope to view the cybertronian great canyon

    He views in even more but the canyon starts to glow, it fires a massive beam at Moonbase 3 and creates a hole in it, knocking it out of orbit
    Prowl: Holy shit
    Prowl falls over and rolls out of the hole
    Prowl uses his thrusters to stabilise himself, he turns around and moonbase 3 crashes into him.
    Prowl: Its going to destroy cybertron
    It starts to enter the atmosphere
    Prowl's body starts to burn up in the atmosphere but the light from the canyon focuses on him and starts to pull him in to it.
    Prowl: Let me GO!
    Eerie Vioce: No
    Prowl: WHO WAS THAT!?

    Cybertronian base:
    Sentinel Magnus: We've got them on the ropes
    Mirage runs back
    Mirage: Sentinel Magnus, the Omnicons has gone!
    Sentinel Magnus: yes, and the wreakers have moved back
    Setinel turns around and opens the door but in the doorway stands Overlord
    Overlord: Magnus?
    Sentinel Magnus: Why are you here?
    Overlord shoots all of the surrounding Autobots but leaves Magnus alone.
    Overlord: Come with us, or die. What will it be?
    Sentinel Magnus: I'll go with you
    Retractor appears behind Magnus and picks him up. He transforms and Magnus is clipped to the bottom of him and they all fly off, Overlord also transforms and all of the wreakers fly off, leaving the entire Elite-Guard dead.
    On the roof stands four transformers.
    Shockwave: hmmm, the wreakers seem to have a great amount of Energy.
    Doubledealer: Should will kill them now?
    Shockwave: Logic indicates that that would be a bad move
    Doubledealer: Fine, what now?
    Shockwave: Now Doubledealer. We watch cybertron fall
    Doubledealer: Shockwave?
    Shockwave ignores him and walks over to the edge of the roof

    To be continued
  20. knook

    knook Let the Virus Consume You

    May 13, 2006
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    Shockwave stands on the edge of the roof of the Cybertronian Council Building
    Shockwave: For centuries It has been told that Unicron would defeat the inhabitants of Cybertron, In the great war Unicron was destroyed, becoming a floating head, circling Cybertron. To me it has always looked like a vulture circling cybertron, waiting for his chance, just one chance it was written that this chance would come when Cybertron was at its most feeble, I assumed that this would happen when I realised the trouble our planet was in.
    Doubledealer walks over to Shockwave
    Doubledealer: So that means that Cybertron will one day fall
    Shockwave: Yes
    Doubledealer: What are you worried about
    Shockwave: Nevermind
    Doubldealer grabs Shockwave, swings him round and pins him to a wall, he aims his gun at Shockwave, placing it neatly under his chin
    Doubledealer: I'm tired of your shit, TELL ME
    Shockwave: You are a fool, The Gathering on Earth has completed, Ultra Magnus has been thrown out of power, The Dinobots and Constructions have been fighting, destroying LARGE amounts of land. There are 6 factions, when do you think it will happen?
    Doubledealer falls back
    Doubledealer: NO! I will not die
    Shockwave walks off into the Command tower and transforms into Longarm Prime

    Cybertronian Command:
    Longarm walks in
    Longarm Prime: In this sea of crisis I appoint myself as Leader of the Autobots
    Everyone turns and looks at him

    This was a teaser for the next few chapters :D 

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