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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by frenzyrumble, Jul 28, 2007.

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    I am curious to see what the population here believes is Hasbro's target audience for Transformers. I broke this into G1, Post G1, and TF: Movie.

    Having a 5 year old with ZERO interest in Transformers, and myself only loving them at about age 8 or so +....I am curious to know other people's thoughts.

    Please post your opinion, because it seems that although the toys says 'recommended age 5+', I clearly remember kids my age in the 80s only loving TFs and even 2 years younger...liking an entirely different toy/cartoon line.
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    First time I watched G1 I was 9 years old, and loved them ever since. Yes the package says 5+, but I think 8 years and older is the proper demographic for transformers. I got my first VCR (I mean my family) when I was 7yo, and I also watched with my parrents everything except horror-movies, so I don't think I would have cried or something watching 1986 movie.

    Anyway toywise, I also think 8+ is minimum. I got my first tf toy also when I was 9yo, and still in the next fw years I managed to bust up some of my G1 tfs playing. I know the new ones are more kid friendly ie. they don't brake as easily, but on a down side their joints get worn down pretty easily.

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