Transformers and Parts for trade (have list)

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    Reissue Inferno:new (near mint) in box but missing instructions,(i also have a G2 Inferno,comes with his gun and his fists,you choose who you want if you wish,.I'll keep one Inferno,i'll trade the second)

    Vortex:figure only,total paint wear on cockpit glass (black color),sticker wear,c6-7

    Brawl:figure only,heavy white discoloration,c5-

    Thundercracker:missile launchers x 2:good condition overall but not sure if the eject mechanism works,c7

    Bruticus fists and feet(*check Hun-grrr at want list first*):c8-9

    Optimus Prime Hero:body only,c8


    Astro squad:complete,one or two scuffs on plastic per figure,otherwise c9

    Metro squad:incomplete,missing the extend part of Road Burner,one or two scuff marks on plastic per figure,otherwise c7.5-8

    Military patrol:incomplete,missing Tracer and his blades,one or two scuff marks on plastic per figure,otherwise c7.5

    Constructor squad:complete,one or two scuff marks on plastic per figure,otherwise c9

    Tanker Transport: Pipeline only,c8

    Autobot Headquarters:Overflow only,c5,looks dirty

    Erector:Erector c8,trailer c5 (only main trailer,good for parts)

    Action Master Rad:missing left arm,paint wear,good for parts

    Air raid:for parts only

    Fireflight:for parts only

    Mega-octane+paperwork(RID version of Oslaught,legs have g1 parts):figure c8

    Mega-octane's chest shield (RID version of Oslaught):c5-6 due to plastic being removed from the back


    Energon Starscream:Complete,c8-9 but missiles have been cut to fit the launchers,paperwork included


    Hot Shot:complete,c9

    Sludge box:c7+

    my want list is here:

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