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    Mar 29, 2010
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    U.S. Only!!!!! Hello its been awhile since i did business on here but i cant shy away at times. I have a few items i either wanna sell or trade. Preferably sell. Send me a private messege to let me know ur interested. I have way way way too many to list and if ur interested in a giant collection of transformers im willing to sell all of it. Also will include marvel legends, gi joe, iron man, marvel universe and all kinds of crazy items included for free if bought. If you live in pennsylvania and are interested im located at penn state, state college area in central pennsylvania. If ur lookin for anything in particular just ask i might have it. I have a right to refuse offers and will not reply crappy offers. Thank u and help a brother out :) 

    Misb Ghostbusters toys r us exclusive 4 pack set including slimer and santa hats variant. Has slimer in middle instead of right side.

    100% complete toys ru us exclusive fans choice marvel legends 2-pack deadpool and warpath in alternate x-force colors (make offer)

    Misb transformers walmart exclusive classics devastator

    100% complete loose walmart exclusive classics devastator

    100% complete loose rotf superion

    100% complete loose rotf devastator ( have box somewhere)

    100% complete loose walmart exclusive rotf legends devastator( have packaging somewhere)

    100% authentic mib fansproject 1st run city commander and will include classics ultra magnus ( make offer)

    100% authentic mib fansproject dia commander and mib g3 trailer and classics optimus prime ( make offer)

    100% authentic mib fansproject 1st run ariel appendage kit with rotf superion (make offer)

    100% authentic mib fansproject explorer and munitioner and 100% complete rotf bruticus with all original limbs swindle and blast off (make offer)

    100% authentic mib fansproject protector and sidearm and 100% complete classics rodimus ( make offer)

    100% authentic mib perfect effect rumble and frenzy( make offer)

    100% complete and authentic seeker lot( make offer)
    Henkei thundercracker
    Classics 3.0 thundercracker
    Henkei dirge ( broken little fin)
    Classics 3.0 dirge
    Henkei thrust
    Classics 3.0 thrust
    Classics 1.0 starscream
    Classics 2.0 starscream
    Classics 1.0 skywarp
    Classics 1.0 ramjet
    Classics 2.0 acid storm
    (make offer on lot)

    100% complete mib reissues stickers unapplied weapons still on sprue
    Tru insecticons classics 2.0
    Tru perceptor classics 2.0
    Tru tracks
    Tru grapple
    Tru inferno
    Tru soundwave classics 1.0
    100% complete loose stickers applied dirge
    (make offer)

    100% complete mib stickers unnaplied weapons on sprue still japanese reissue c-310 god ginrai aka powermaster prime( make offer)

    Misb hftd terradive

    Misb generations darkmount

    ****possible trades if agreed upon****
    what im lookin for

    G1 Predaking reissue or newer reissue
    G1 devastator reissue (no knockoff)
    Rts g2 optimus prime
    Rts perceptor
    Rts wreck gar
    dotm human alliance roadbuster
    Dotm human alliance soundwave

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