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    hey guys this is what i have for sale and i only ship within the US sorry internationals lol these are all loose unless stated


    Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime (missing missle)- 35
    Transformers Movie Voyager Ratchet- 14
    Transformers Movie deluxe barricade (missing frenzy)- 12
    Transformers Movie deluxe bumble bee (2008)- 12
    Transformers Movie deluxe wreckage (missing 1 blade)- 12
    Transformers Movie Voyager starscream (no missles and is missing 2 of his upper wings)- 12
    Transformers Movie Voyager Megatron- 20
    Transformers Movie Voyager blackout-24
    Transformers ROTF deluxe wheelie- 14
    Transformers DOTM deluxe scanner series sideswipe- 14
    Transformers DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime- 16
    Transformers Starscream Polystone Mini Statue- 55


    Captain America movie verse (in box but box has been opened a little and there is minor damage to the box)- 12

    Destro- 5
    Storm Shadow-7
    Plo-Koon- 5
    Darth Vader #2 (removable hand, two faces, missing cape)-7
    MIB War Machine (IM2)- 15

    Game Cube video games
    Mario Party 6- 25
    Wario Ware Inc.- 10
    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door- 25
    Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble- 7
    Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2- 6

    Xbox 360 video games
    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter- 8
    X-men 3- 7
    Sega Superstars tennis- 2
    LEGO: Bionicle Heroes- 6
    The Outfit- 5
    Call of Duty 2- 11
    King Kong- 8
    Kameo: Elements of Power- 5
    Viva Pinata- 8
    Blue Dragon- 8
    Tenchu Z- 12
    Kung Fu Panda- 9
    Naruto: Rise of a Ninja- 12
    Spider-man 3- 12
    Time shift- 4
    CrackDown- 3
    Perfect Dark Zero- 5
    De Blob 2-11
    The Orange Box- 20
    resident evil operation raccoon city limited edition (codes have not been used)- 58

    Rockband 1- 10
    Rockband: beatles- 11


    i have tons of LEGO sets and mini-figures from starwars to batman ( check my store out on my store name is StarTours Inc.)

    PM if intersted, i am open to offers

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